2011 春季
中考英语强化班讲座讲义( 中考英语强化班讲座讲义(一)
I. 单项填空。 单项填空。
  1. The shop sells stationery, pens, rulers, erasers and exercise-books. A.such as B.such that C.and so on D.and
  2. The wind blow. A.hard and hard B.harder and harder C.more and more hardly D.more hardly
  3. Eddie was sleeping deeply Millie was watching TV A.when B.after C.before D.while
  4. The 12th National Sports Games of China in Liaoning in October20
  13. A.is held B.will be held C.will hold D.have been held
  5. The twins often argue what TV programmes . A.with;to watch B.about;to watch C.about;watching D.with;watching
  6. There a number of books on the bookshelf. thinks that the number of booksabout 100 He books. A.are;are B.is;is C.are;is D.is;are
  7. The student speaks English than I. A.much more slowly B.much slowly C.slowlier D.most slowly
  8. Which would you like to drink,juice or milk? . I’m just a little thirsty. A.One B.A11 C.Either D.Both
  9. Hurry up, you will be late for class. A.but B.and C.or D.as
  10. will the concert begin? 7 o’clock. A.How long;Not until B.How long;Until C.How soon;Not until D.How soon;Until
  11. I need a break.I think I'll go to New YorkChristmas Day. A.in B.on C.at D.from
  12. a difficult exam that was! A. How B.So C.What D.Such
  13. I’ m taking an umbrella.It rain. A.must B.may C.has to D.should
  14. This is the book I’ve ever read. A.more wonderful B.most great C.most brilliant D.1ovely
  15. I’ m glad you remembered some tea because I haven’t got any. A.to bring B.brought C.to have bought D. bringing
  16. That boy, father is a footballer, is very good at sports. A.that B.who’s C.whose D. which
  17. Do you know that man standing near Tom is? A.who B.whom C.whose D.who’ s
  18. “Everything in this room is wet.” “I have shut the windows!” A.mustn't B.must C.would D.should
  19. She was tired that she fell asleep. A.so B.such C.enough D.too
  20. By the end of last month the estate agent (房地产经济人) twenty houses. A.will sell B. have sold C.sold D.had sold
2011 春季

  21. Sarah a bike to work,but now she drives. A.used to ride B.had ridden C.would ride D.used to riding
  22. These cakes delicious! Can I have one ? A. tastes;another B.tasting;other C.taste;more D.taste;again
  23. Tasha is a good girl.She her mother with the housework. A.is helping B.had always helped C.always helps D. always helped
  24. Can you please help me to make the cake, Joe? Sorry,I am leaving now. . A. No hurry. B.You are always busy.C. Never mind then. D.Please go.
  25. I didn’t see you in class today.Are you ? I am feeling a little under the weather. Oh,I hope it’s . A. fine;too bad B.ill;gone C.fine;better D.OK;not serious
  26. The 2004 NEPCS all over the country in January. A.will hold B.will be held C.were held D.is going to hold
  27. They have searched the two hours ago. A.TV, since B. Internet;不填 C.radio;for D. Internet;since
  28. Where Lucy? We are all here her. A.is;不填;besides B.has;gone;except C.has:been;with D.did;go;about
  29. Don’ t you know ? A.which is the way to the cinema B.which the way to the cinema is C.what to do it tomorrow D.how to do next
  30. I couldn't his name at the moment, I didn't call his name at the meeting. A.think about; but B.think over;so C.think of;so D.think of;or
  31. If you want to book a double room,you’11 have to 100 yuan. A.pay:more B.cost;another C.spend;other D. pay;another
  32. Yesterday they bought a big bus with an air-conditioner. I think it be very expensive. A.must B.mustn’t C.can’ t D. can
  33. “Tom and Jerry” is one of in the world. A.more popular song B.the most popular cartoons C.the most popular play D.more popular play
  34. Thank you for your beautiful present for my birthday. . A.Don't say so B.Thank you C.You are welcome D.That’s right
  35. Would you mind my smoking here? . A.Never mind B.Yes,you’d better not C.Yes.of course not D.You’re unlucky
  36. Would you like to go shopping with me this afternoon? , but I think I'll be busy this afternoon. A.Yes,let’s go B.Sure,I’d 1ike to C.No, I won’t D. It doesn’t matter
  37. “Her friend has never been to Hawaii before and neither has mine, ” said Bruce. The sentence “neither has my friend” in this sentence means . A.My friend has been to Hawaii, too B.I haven’t been to Hawaii C.My friend hasn’t been to Hawaii,either D.I have ever been to Hawaii
2011 春季

  38. Everyone says he’ s good at talking with all kinds of people and he never puts a foot wrong.The Chinese for“puts a foot wrong”in this sentence is . A.把一只脚放错了 B.说错话 C.放下一只脚 D.步行
  39. It rained in July this year that it caused floods in the street by the river. A. so heavy B.too heavily C.so heavily D.heavily enough
  40. She’s never traveled on a plane, ? A.is she B.isn't she C.has she D.hasn't she
  41. Mother asked me not to smoke, so I stopped smoking a few days later. word “stopped’ in the The ’ sentence means . A.kept B.gave up C.failed D.enjoyed
  42. People came from the four corners of the earth to watch the 2004 Athens Olympics.The Chinese for “the four comers of the earth” in this sentence is . A.天涯海角 B.地球的四个角落 C.地球的南极和北极 D.雅典各地
  43. My mother didn’t know to be angry with for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. A.why B.how C.whom D.what
  44. “Dear, you’d better too much meat.You are already overweigh,” the mother said to her daughter who a little bigger. A.not to eat; looked B.to eat;seemed C.not eat; looked D.eat;seemed
  45. In fact,he is good at English,but of course doesn’t speak his English friend. A.as good as B.more better than C.as well as D. as better as
  46. Jim , go and the TV quickly . The opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics for nearly twenty minutes. A.turn on;has begun B.turn off;has been on C.turn up;began D.turn on;has been on
  47. “The bird flu has killed chickens in some Asian countries jumped to humans,” the WHO said. A. which; million of B. that; millions of C. who; several million D. which; three millions
  48. It’s important you out for a walk after supper. A.of; to go B.to;to go C.for;to go D. for;going
  49. Yang Li-wei, who succeeded in circling the earth, is the pride of the Chinese people, the pride of all the people in the world. A.either:or B.not only;but also C.neither;nor D.not;but
  50. It’s said that the accident happened a Monday morning October. A.in:in B.on;on C.in;on D.on;in
  51. I didn't know which ones were the best,so I had to buy of these socks. A.each B.both C.none D.neither
  52. Mum,may I go out and play computer games? you your homework yet? A.Did:finish B.Do;finish C.Are;finishing D.Have;finished
  53. It’s getting late.I’m afraid I have to go home now. OK. . A.Go slowly B.Take your time C.Stay longer D.See you
  54. Could you look after my baby while I'm away,please?.
2011 春季
A. Thank you B. It’s a pleasure. C. With pleasure D. It doesn’t matter
  55. ? Orange, I think. A. Would you like some fruit B. What is it C. How is the fruit D. What colour do you think it is
  56. Remember me how English words. A.to tell;to remember B.telling;to remember C.to tell;remember D.telling; remembering
  57. Must I return the magazine in two days? No,you .But you mustn’t it to others. A.mustn’t;lend B.needn’t;borrow C.can’t;keep D.needn’t;lend
  58. What’ s that terrible noise? The neighbours for a birthday party. A.have got ready for B.are getting ready for C.are getting ready D.will get ready for
  59. My teacher encouraged up the lesson I had missed to improve my English. A.for me making B.me making C.for me to make D.me to make
  60. The mother together with her sons when the accident happened. A.was watching TV B.were reading papers C.would go online D.has gone out
  61. We can’ t live water air. A.with;and B.without;or C.haven’t:or D.without;and
  62. “Helen,helpto some fruit and sweets,” Mother said. A.yourself B.yourselves C.myself D.herself
  63. Do you know when he? Sorry,I don’t know,either.But when he ,I will telephone you. A. will come; will come B. comes; comes C. will come; comes D. comes; will come
  64. What a lovely mobile phone! But it’s too expensive, I cannot it. A.but;afford B.so:spend C.however;pay D.so;afford
  65. It’s about one year since we the League. A.became B.have joined C.joined D.took part in
  66. If you don’ t know these new words,you canin the dictionary. A.look it up B.look them up C.look for them D.look up them
  67. There isn’t in CCTV news today. A.everything special B.special nothing C.anything special D.special something
  68. The notice on the wall says “Don't enter the room without knocking at the door” The word . “enter” in the sentence means. A.come into B.join C.write down D.1eave
  69. The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team carried the day in Japan in January,20
  03. The Chinese for“carried the day”in this sentence is . A.打发日子 B.大获全胜 C.运送东西 D.激动
  70. have a rest until you finish the book. A.Don't:read B.Not;watching C.Don’t;reading D.Not, see II. 根据所给中、英文提示完成下列句子。 根据所给中、英文提示完成下列句子。
  1. Do you know who the (direct) of the film Harry Potter is?
2011 春季

  2. Many people from (Asia) countries are poorer than those from western countries.
  3. The results will (announce) during the programme and the host will ask questions.
  4. The presentation will be held in Beijing this (come)Saturday.
  5. He hopes (have)a job like Mary when he (finish)schoo
  6. There is a boy (cry)outside,maybe he got(lose).
  7. I enjoy (chat) with my friends after class.
  8. It is incorrect(hunt)for fish there.
  9. It is difficult (walk)through eight country parks.
  10. It’s important for Ben (drink)milk(keep) fit.
  11. The aim of “walk for Children” is (raise)money for the charity called‘UNICEF’.
  12. We are used (go)to restaurants every weekend
  13. I am sure he’d like(help).
  14. You cannot play football until you (finish do) your homework.
  15. The (颁奖式)will be held in Beijing this coming Saturday.
  16. If you get (害怕)easily, don’t watch it.
  17. It shows us the Asian tigers in its natural (栖息地).
  18. Many pop stars will(take part in)the opening ceremony.
  19. If you finish reading the book,you’ll(understand)how important to keep the environment in our country.
  20. The (nine)lesson is the most difficult in this book.
  21. Canada is a (west)country.Of course it is very rich.
  22. I’11 go to meet Mr. Li. I (not meet)him for two years.
  23. I used to (spend)all my pocket money (buy)CDs.
  24. Suddenly I (hear)a big noise,I (feel)afraid.
  25. I wish I (be) a bird.
  26. Jim (dr



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