年中考三轮复习英语专题( 2011 年中考三轮复习英语专题(四)
第一部分 Part 听力部分(共计 20 分) One Choose the right picture according to the passage you hear. 1 2 3 4 5
Part Two Match the best choice from A to G according to the dialogue you hear ( ( ( ( ( )
  6. Lisa went to the library and studied all day. )
  7. Lisa slept. )
  8. Bob studied a bit. )
  9. Bob played football. )
  10. Bob went out to eat dinner with his family.
A, on Sunday morning B. on Saturday morning C. on Saturday afternoon D. on Sunday E. on Saturday evening F. on Saturday Sunday afternoon
Part Three Choose the right answer according to the passage you hear ( )
  11.When Alan was young, he A. had a lot of footballs C. played basketball ( )
  12. Alan stopped playing football because A. he didn’t like it any more C. there is no team for him ( )
  13. Alan became fat, for he A. ate too much B. had a lot of sleep B. he became fatter and fatter B. often played football
C. stopped playing football ( )
  14. Alan played tennis A. much worse than another young man and a woman
B. much
better than another young man and a woman
C. best of all the young players ( )
  15. How did Alan feel after the game?
A. He felt angry with girl B. He felt angry with himself C. He felt tired but happy
Part Four Complete the notes according to what you hear
  16. Where (did the old w oman live)
  17. How (was the old woman)
  18. What (was the man’s name)
  19. What (did the old woman ask the man take)
  20. What (did the man gave the old woman ten years later)
第二部分 II.Multiple choice
语言知识运用(共计 50 分)
(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分)
Choose the best answer from A,B,C and D according to the meaning of the sentences. ( )
  21.You must have your hair . A. cutted B. cutting C. cuts D. cut .
( )
  22. Let’s join the music club. A. Good idea. B. That’s right. ( )
  23. Hurry up, A. and B. so
C. I think so. D. It’s relaxing.
you’ll be late. C. but D. or
( )
  24. How long have they this new car? A. bought B. buy C. have D. had
( )
  25. How is the population of the world? A. many ( )
  26. The B. much C. large D. small
is a little difficult for me. B. lesson fifth C. lesson five D. fifth lesson
A. five lesson ( )
  27.Is Jack
on the phone? Yes, he is.
A. talking
B. listening
C. saying .
D. speaking
( )
  28.What does Linda look like?
A. Very kind B.I really like her C. It’s interesting. D. She’s tall. ( )
  29. was the weather there yesterday? It was hot and humid. B. What C. Which I. C. so will I D. neither will I D. When
A. How
( )
  30. If you don’t go hiking, A. so do B. neither do I (
) 31 Can you tell me the way to the post office? A. The person is over there. B. Sorry, I’m not from around here. C. I don’t know you. D. I know your name.
( )
  32.He was very excited and his eyes were tears A. full of B. filled with C. full with D. filled of
( )
  33. I didn’t have A. Some
money for a taxi, so I had to walk back home. C. few D. any for me to get
B. little
( )
  34. I was late for school this morning, because the bus was too_ on. A. awful ( )
  35. B. crowded C. fantastic D. interesting
birthday is
the night of November 8th. C. My …at D. His…/
A. Her …on III. Cloze test
B. She…in
(本题共 15 分,每小题 1 分)
Choose the best answer to complete the passage. The English language is different from any not 37 the same. It is always 36 language. Yet English words do new inventions and new 40 a new way.
38 . People need new words 39
ideas. Different words come into use or older words are used English can 41
by borrowing words from other languages. The word “tomato” was borrowed 42 and so on. Now
from Mexico, the word “coffee” came from Turkey, and “tea” from new space and science words adding two words up of two parts. 43
from other countries, too. New words are also made by
44 . The words “strawberry”, “postman” and “blackboard” are made
Sometimes, new words are
forms of old words. The word “photo” was made from 46 of the long word. The word “plane” was made by 48 “smog” was made by using only the first
“photograph” by cutting off the cutting off the 47
part of “airplane”.
two letters of “smoke” and cutting off the front part of “fog”. And products can become new words. Our “sandwich” was named after a name made up by the company that ( )
  36.A. other B. others B. change B. changing B. of B. on B. changed B. America 50 49 named Sandwich, and “jelly(果冻)” was
made this product. D. else D. use D. changed D. about D. at D. turned D. China
C. another C. stay C. kept C. with C. in C. turns C. Germany
( )
  37.A. leave ( )
  38.A. keeping ( )
  39.A. for ( ( )
  40.A.. by )
( )
  42.A. India
( )
  43.A.are borrowing C. borrow ( )
  44. A. alone ( )
  45. A. longer B. out B. middle
B. are being borrowed D. borrows C. together D. outside C. never C. middle C. front C. When D. short D. front D. end D. as
( )
  46. A. beginning B. end ( )
  47. A. back ( )
  48. A. While B. middle B. During
( )
  49. A. a man
B. a kind of food
C. a company D. a place ( )
  50. A. first B. last C. again D. once
IV Communication (本题共 20 分,每小题 2 分) (A)Choose the best response from A to F according to the sentences given. Each choice should be used only once.(A man and a woman are talking at the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport) M: The airplanes are late, aren’t they?
I never expect planes to be on time.
M: Are you working here or just a visitor? W: A visitor. M: How long have you been here? W: 52 .
M: What places of interests have you been to? W: Quite a lot, like the Great Wall in Beijing, West Lake in Hangzhou. They are really wonderful. M: 53
W: You know, China is a country with a long history and it’s quite beautiful. M: 54
W: Yes, of course. It’s delicious. M: Oh, here is my airplane at last. I must go now. Bye. W: Bye! 55
M: Me, too. Take care.
A. Twice a month. B. Do you think so? C. For one month. D. Do you like Chinese food? E. Nice talk ing to you. F. How do you like China? G. Yes, I think so.
51 52 53 54 55
(B) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences. Jill is not feeling well. So her mother takes her to the hospital. Jill: Good morning, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning. (
  56) Jill:
This morning I had a pain in my head.
Doctor: (
  57) ? Jill: I’m feeling even worse.
Doctor: Let me take your temperature. It’s a cold. (
  58)? Jill: Really? But I don’t feel any better now.
Doctor: Did you eat anything for breakfast? Mother: No. (
  59)? Doctor: Well , take this medicine three times a day. (
  60)? Jill: OK. Thank you. 第三部分 阅读理解(共计 35 分) V:Reading comprehension(本题共 35 分。A,BC 每题 1 分,D,E 每题 2 分) (A) Choose the best choice from A to G according to the meaning of each paragraph. Studying makes you tired? How to deal with the worries and relax yourself? Here is some advice which may add happiness to your life. ( )
  61.Weekends are time for a rest. After a week’s hard work, weekends are the best time for you to relax yourself. Having a nice lie-in 懒觉)is good idea. Besides, good sleep makes sure of your study ( )
  62.If you feel sad, don’t try to hide your feelings. Crying out may help reduce your sadness. ( )
  63.You may have heard about Blog. It means writing online diaries. It’s very popular nowadays. You can write down all that you want to say. That’s a great way to think about and remember life. ( )
  64.It’s not a good idea for a kid to lose weight, so you don’t need To eat less food. When you feel upset, enjoy a big meal. Eating delicious food will make you feel good. ( )
  65.Having a get-together is great fun. Going out with friends for
a picnic or swimming or running will make you happy. And it will also bring you a good sleep.
A. Chat online. B. Blog your life. C. Enjoy a big meal. D. Rest on weekends. E. Express your feelings .F. Take part in more
(B) In most parts of the world, many students help their school make less pollution. They join in “environment clubs”. In an environment club, people work together to make our environment clean.
Here are things students often do: Turn off the water! Do you know that some toilets can waste twenty to forty tons of water an hour? In a year, that would fill a small water! In environment clubs, students mend those broken toilets. No-car day. On a no-car day, nobody comes to school in a car-not the students and not the teachers. Cars give pollution to our air, so remember: walk, jump, bike or run. Use yo ur legs! It’s lots of fun! No-garbage(垃圾) lunches. How much do you throw away after lunch? Environment clubs ask students to bring their lunches in bags that can be used again. Every week they will choose the classes that make the least garbage and report them to the whole school. We love our environment! Let’s work together to make it clean! ( )
  66. After mending the broken toilets, they save A. a small river ( B. a lot of water C. a toilet . D. a year

  67. On a no-car day,
will take a car to school.
A. only students C. both students and teachers
B. only teachers D. neither students nor teachers .
( )
  68. Environment clubs ask students A. to run to school every day C. not to throw away lunch bags
B. to play sports every day D. not to forget to take cars .
( )
  69. From the passage we know that students usually have lunch A. at school B. in clubs C. at home D. in shops .
( )
  70. The write wrote the passage to tell students to
A. join in clubs B. help teachers C. make less pollution D. clean schools
(C) Many years ago, an earthquake happened suddenly. A lot of buildings collapsed(倒塌)。 It killed over 100,000 people in a few minutes. Shortly after the earthquake, a father rushed to the school where his son studied only to find the building had fallen down. He remembered his promise to his son:“No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you!”The tearful father began to dig to look for his son. Some parents felt hopeless and tried to pull him off. But he asked,“Are you going to help me now?”And then he kept on digging. The fireman came. They tried to pull off and said, “Danger! Leave here!” But the father who loved his son deeply, asked,“Are you going to help me now?”The policeman came up and said,“It’s over.Leave here!We’ll do it.” Still he asked again and again,“Are you going to help me now?”He went on alone because he needed to know,“Is my boy alive or is he dead?” He dug for 8 hours…12 hours…24hours… 36hours…then, in the 38th hours, he pulled back a large stone And heard his son’s voice. He cried,“Tom!”He heard back,“Dad? It’s me, Dad! I told other kids you’d save me. I believe you would keep your promise.”“Get out, boy!”“No dad! Let the other kids out first. Because I know you’ll get me out! No matter what happens, I know you’ll always be there for me!” Judge the following sentences true(T) or false(F) ( )
  71.More than one hundred thousand people lost their lives in this earthquake.
( ( ( (
  72.Other parents and fireman did their best to help the father. )
  73.The father knew that his son was alive. )
  74.The boy believed his father would let him out of danger. )
  75.The other kids were saved first. (D) House of Porridge Welcome to Clark’s Porridge House. We have different kind of porridge. We have meat porridge, vegetable porridge, and fruit porridge is our special. It is only RMB 4 for one
bowl. A bowl of meat porridge is RMB
  5.Vegtable porridge is RMB 3 for one bowl, but RMB 5 for two. We have thin pancakes, too. They are RMB5 for ten. Come and taste delicious the food here. If you are too busy to come, call us and we can deliver the food to you in 20 minutes. Fill in the blanks according to the passage Only one word for each blank. The owner of this porridge house is (
  76). The cheapest is the (
  77)porridge. If you eat a bowl of meat porridge and five thin pancakes,you will pay RMB(
  78). (You can explain it either in Chinese or in English.) The word“deliver”in the last sentences probably means(
  79).If you order some good in this restaurant at 6 o’clock, you will probably get it before(
  80) (E) Only Mother Love is true love.It gives everybody everything all his life. When you are a baby, Mother looks after you as well as possible. In your waking hours, she always holds you in her arms.When you are ill, she stops her work right now to look after you.Day and night and forgets about herself. When you are growing up day by day, she feels very happy,
When you are old enough to go to school, Mother still looks after you all the time. On cold winter days, she always tells you to put on more clothes. She always stands in the wind waiting for you back from school.When you hurry to leave home for school with little breakfast, she always feels worried about you at home. She usually knows about your study and spends much money on your school things. When you do well at school, you will see the brightest smile on her face. Mother is alw



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