8B Unit 4
Unit 4
A charity show
这些单词你掌握了吗? 这些单词你掌握了吗?

  1. My father will buy me acamera (照相机 before I go to Beijing. 照相机 照相机) event
  2. The terrible (事件 made us so sad. 事件) 事件 public
  3. This is a (公开的 activity. people can see it on TV. 公开的) 公开的 jobs
  4. One of my (job) is to teach the poor children. snowy
  5. My brother was born on a (snow) evening. silent
  6. She lives in a (silence) world because she can’t hear anything. to raise
  7. The purpose of the show is (raise) money for Project rises Hope.
  8. The sun (rise) in the speech east.
  9. Mr Wu made a wonderful (speak) just now. ( ) reak
  10. The students have a ten-minute’s b between two classes. ntroduce
  11. mongI i my best friend to you? May
  12. A all the boys, he is the most hard-working.
It’s your show time!
按时, 按时,准时 多练习 一直做某事 在开始, 在开始,起初 被选为 致力于 制造大量的噪音 在适当的时候 捐钱给…… 捐钱给 参加, 参加,加入 分发它们 为…募集资金 募集资金 组织一次慈善演出 建立, 建立,设立 得到很多支持 保持安静
microphone curtain exit
stage performer seats lights audience
Fill in the blanks according to the text. ousin ost Ricky is kitty’s c. He was the h of a harity aise c show. The show was to r some money for Project Green Hope. He felt very excited when he hosen ervous was c to be a host. But he was also n because of the TV c. Ricky’s job was to ameras i each pop stars. Everything went well. The ntroduce show was a great s. Many people was very uccess g and d money to Project Green Hope. enerous onated And they also had a lot of s from local upport b. Ricky was happy. He hoped more usinesses e like this would be h to raise money vents eld for charities. charities.
任 务 型 阅 读
There will be a charity show called ‘sunshine for girls’ on 25th May in sunshine Park. If you are interested in it, you can come on time. We are organizing the show to r money for Spring Bud Project. It was set up to help the poor young girls r to school in China. ①Only if you spend less pocket money, you can pay for their education. Anyone who takes part in our activity can help us give out the leaflets in the park. We will choose some of you as our volunteers. Thanks for your support.
  1. What’s the name of the charity show?
some of you will be chosen as our volunteers
① r aise return

  4. Would you like to join us? Why?
Passive voice Grammar:
Can you say something about passive voice? be + V p.p
Fill in the blanks.
Have a try! !

  1. What your computer for? (use) is used was built
  2. A new airport in 19
  3. It’s dark. The seats (cannot cannot be found find) easily. were taught
  4. New skills and knowledge (teach) to the workers last year.
  5. The forests should not be turned(should not turn) into building areas. will be cut
  6. His hair (cut) short next week.
  7. Wehave been invited (invite) to join his birthday party twice. will be shown
  8. The new film (show) next Thursday.
More difficult exercises…… Are you ready?

  1. Great changes in my hometown and a lot of factories. A. have been taken place; are being set up B. have taken place; have been set up C. are taken place; had been set up D. had taken place; will be set up
  2. Guo Jingming’s novels , now all his novels out. A.sell well; are sold B. sell good; are sold C. are sold well; have sold D. are sold well; sell

  3. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, the sports meeting in the playground of our school. A. is holding B. will hold C. will be held D. is to be holding
  4. The book for more than a week. A. has been borrowed B. has been kept C. was borrowed D. borrowed
Information to be included: ?name of the show ?purpose ?price ?place ?programme ?date ?time
?Which charity you are raising money for and why
Thank you



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