中考选择填空 精编 100 题
  1. We’ll do what we can English well this term. It’s high time for you to work hard. A. study B. to study C. be studied
  2. I don’t think your team can beat theirs. D. be studying
. But we could if Lin Tao were on the team. A. No, we can’t B. Yes, we can’t C. Yes, we can
  3. Have you finished your work yet? No, not yet. I think it’ll take ten minutes.
D. No, we can
A. another B. other C. others D. more
  4. Roy made several kites, but of them can fly high in the sky. A. neither B. none C. all D. most
  5. Will you be back five in the afternoon? I’m not sure, maybe later than that. A. in B. before C. for D. until
  6. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting long. Never mind. I here for only a few minutes. A. have been B. have come C. have arrived D. waited
  7. You seem to like sweets. .That’s probably why I’m becoming fatter and fatter. A. So I do B. So do I C. So am I D. So I am
  8. With the help of the computer, information can every corner of the world swiftly. A. get B. reach C. arrive D. return
  9. The children not to play with the fire. A. are often told B. tell C. are telling D. told
  10. May I go out with you tomorrow? If your job by then. A. has been finished B. finish C. will be finished D. will finish
  11. Will you please show me how to operate the new machine? Sure. It’s a piece of cake. Now let me tell you to do first. A. what B. how C. whether
  12. My trousers are . I’ll buy you a new pair. D. which
A. wore out B. worn out C. wearing out D. sold out
  13. What do you think of these two books? of them are interesting. And I’ve read them several times. A. Both B. Neither C. None D. Either
  14. The artist has got much work to do that he hardly has time to help his wife with the h ousework. That’s true. Even on Sundays he is busy with his work. A. too B. so C. very D. such
  15. How long you a fever? Ever since last night. A. have, got B. have, had C. have, caught D. did, have
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  16. I think he lives No.386 West St. Are you sure ???? that? You’d better make sure. A. at, / B. in, of C. in, about D. at, of
  17. The rain came to a stop the night before. The fields are still full of water. It for nearly a week. A. has rained B. had rained C. would rain D. was raining
  18. He seems ill. Shall we take him to the hospital right now? I don’t think it matters. Maybe he’s caught a bit of a cold. A. terrible B. terribly C. even D. to be terrible
  19. Would you like some fruit? No thanks. I don’t feel like anything now. A. to have, to eat B. having, to eat C. having, eating D. to have, eating
  20. This is really a wonderful party with interesting people and great food. I’m glad you are . A. liking it B. enjoying yourself C. at the party D. are loving
  21. You’ve dropped “s’’ in the word “acros’’ Oh, letter “s’’ should be doubled like this “across’’. A. a, a B. an, a C. a, the D. an, the
  22. The pen writes well though it doesn’t cost much. Let me have a try. So . A. it is B. it does C. does it D. is it
  23. The smell in the room is really terrible. You said it. Let’s keep all the windows . A. closed B. open C. opening D. to open
  24. the Internet in your school? Yes, but the computer in our office has often broken down. A. Is, used B. Is, using C. Does, use D. Has, used
  25. Do you often get on-line? Yes. I most of my time on it .It’s a good way to kill time. A. cost B. spend C. pay D. take
  26. Did Tom’s parents go to the meeting yesterday? Yes, of them did, but spoke. A. each, none B. both, none C. neither, both D. both, neither

  27. I eat vegetables and meat than I did last year. That’s why you’re getting fatter. A. fewer, more B. more, less C. least, more D. many, much
  28. is the population of the town? Over 20,000 .And a third of the population workers of the car factory. A. What, are B. How many, are C. What, is D. How many, is
  29. I tried to make Kate her mind, but I found it hard. Well, I saw you that when I went past. A. change, do B. changes, doing C. to change, do D. change , doing
  30. Sorry. I am late. It doesn’t matter. The meeting for just several minutes
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A. has begun B. has started
  31. I feel tired and sleepy. Why not stop ?
C. has been on
D. had been on
A. to work B. to have a rest C. having a rest
  32. Did you notice the boy come in? No, I didn’t because I a film.
D. to go on with your work
A. had watched B. have watched C. was watching D. am watching
  33. Could you tell me ? I must find him. Sorry, I have no idea. But he was here just now. A. where Tom was B. where has Tom gone C. where can I find Tom. D. where Tom is
  34. Shall I tell Mike about it? No, you . He’s already been told. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. don’t D. needn’t
  35. Alice, why didn’t you come here yesterday? I , but my son suddenly fell ill and I had to take him to the hospital. A. had B. did C. was going to D. didn’t
  36. I’m in what you. Well, don’t follow suit. Just do what you like. A. interesting, interests B. interested, interests C. interest, interests D. interest, interesting
  37. I’m too busy to my family often. Why not call them instead? A. writing B. to write C. written D. write
  38. present you’ve bought for me! I’m glad you like it. A. How a B. What a C. How D. What
  39. This is no-smoking zone. Can’t you see the sign? Oh, sorry. I it. A. haven’t seen B. won’t see C. don’t see D. didn’t see

  40. Will you please let me have a look at the photos taken in the States? Sure .I’ll them here to school tomorrow. A. take B. carry C. get D. bring
  41. Look at animal. It’s interesting. Which one do you mean? black one with a long tail? A. an, The B. an, An C. the, The D. the, An
  42. What happened to Tom? He was crossing the street a motorbike hit him from behind. A. while B. when C. until D. because
  43. Dad, what’s the sea like? Well, it’s large and full of water. It covers about of the earth. A. one third B. three quarter C. three-fourth
  44. Go and ask the waiter how much. Don’t worry. It has been . D. three quarters
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A. does the meal cost, paid for C. the meal spends, paid
  45. Does the child need any help?
B. the meal costs, paid D. the meal costs, paid for
No. He is old enough to himself. A. put on B. wear C. dress D. take care
  46. There can be no life on the earth without water. That’s right. Water everywhere. A. needs B. is needing C. is needed D. needed
  47. Were you late the meeting? No, I arrived there ten minutes the meeting started. A. for, before B. at, before C. for, till D. at, after
  48. Excuse me, but I don’t think you can take photos here. Sorry I this is no-photo zone. A. don’t know B. didn’t know C. have no idea D. haven’t known

  49. How many English words had you learned the end of last term? Around 2000, but I’ve forgotten most of them. A. by B. at C. to D. on
  50. Are you learning art now during your spare time? No. I’ve stopped Chinese medicine instead. A. to learn B. learning C. learn D. studying
  51. What did you just now? I you if you could follow me. A. say, said B. speak, asked C. speak, said D. say, asked
  52. Do you like a teacher? Sure. But my parents me to be a doctor when I was a young girl. A. to be, hoped B. being, hoped C. being, wished D. to be, wish
  53. Mom, I’ve got a fever. So. How did you catch it? A. have you B. you have C. have I D. did I
  54. Something must be done to stop the farmers cutting down the forests. I agree with you .If we , a lot more good land will be gone with them. A. won’t B. aren’t C. don’t D. mustn’t
  55. Did you the first place of the league match? Of course we did. We all the other teams. A. beat, beat B. beat, won C. win, won D. win, beat.
  56. Why not borrow some money from your friends? But I know of the people here except you. A. either B. none C. all D. no one
  57. What he enjoys great and interesting. Yes, it’s dangerous. A. sounds, but B. to sound, but C. sounds, so D. to sound ,so
  58. What are you going to do tomorrow? I’m not sure. I make a trip to Hangzhou with my girl friend. A. may B. maybe C. will D. must
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  59. Did you finish the book? Yes, I did. Thanks your dictionary, I had a better understanding of it. A. reading, for B. reading, to C. to read, for D. to read, to
  60. How is it from here Ningbo to Xi’an? It’s about two flight. A. long, hour’s B. far, hour’s C. long, hours’ D. far, hours’
  61. Why did you come back so late today? Because it heavily when the meeting was over. We had to wait until it came to a stop. A. was raining B. is raining C. rained D. rains
  62. Would you like to give us a talk sometime next week? Sure. But what subject should I ? A. talk B. talk about C. talk with D. talk to
  63. People never use Mr, Mrs or Miss before their first names, do they? --, they only use them before their family names. A. Yes, they don’t B. Yes, they do C. No, they don’t
  64. Are your parents living with you in China? here with my family. Yes. They A. are all B. are both C. all are
  65. May I go out and play this afternoon? No, you . Work comes first A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. won’t
  66. What happened to him? Oh, he off his bike and his legs. D. No, they do
D. both are
D. don’t
A. falls, hurts B. fell, hurt C. felt, hurt D. fell, breaks
  67. Would you like some tea, please? Yes, I prefer tea sugar. A. to B. for C. with D. than
  68. Would you please make the child any more? Well, I just wanted him not to play with the chalk. A. don’t, cry B. not, to cry C. don’t, to cry D. not, cry
  69. What useful book ! Yes, it is. But I find it difficult for me to read. A. an, very B. a, too C. an, too D. a, quite
  70. Maths isn’t as as Chinese. I agree with you. I think Chinese is than any other subject. A. easy, easier B. easier, easier C. easy, easiest D. hard, the most difficult
  71. Mum, will you take me to the park tomorrow? If it rainy. A. won’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t D. won’t be
  72. Did you stop hello to Mrs Smith ? No, I didn’t see her when she went past. A. saying B. said C. say D. to say
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  73. Why don’t you go to the lecture-room and listen to the talk? I hear there isn’t A. something new in it. B. new anything C. anything new D. nothing new

  74. I did badly in the long jump. --. A. Congratulations B. That’s great
C. Well done
D. Bad Luck

  75. Miss Liu asked Tom to read the new words and students to listen to him. A. other B. the others C. others D. the other
  76. Do you know the result of the race? Yes. The winner is a boy Lin Feng from Class
  4. A. 100-metres, called B. 100-metre, calling C. 100-metre, called D. 100-metres, named
  77. The weather here is quite different that of my hometown. A. from
  78. My father B. with C. than D. as me to be a doctor, but my mother doesn’t agree D. wants, to him.
A. wishes, to B. wishes, with C. hopes, with
  79. Don’t play the dangerous game any more. Sorry! I A. can’t do it again. B. don’t C. won’t
D. mustn’t

  80. English is difficult subject. I even want to drop it. it. You’d better not. I’ll help you A. quite a, with B. a quite, with C. a very, for D. very a, with
  81. Does the man need operation at once, Doctor Li? Yes, only A. an, a small one. But the sooner, the better. B. a, a C. an, the D. ×, × of them

  82. I hear a traffic accident happened yesterday. Was it terrible? Yes. A car fell over and all the people in it were badly hurt. But luckily, were killed. A. neither B. none C. every D. both
  83. You can hardly swim, can you? --. But my mother says she’ll teach me during my summer holiday. A. Yes, I can’t B. No, I can C. No, I can’t D. Yes, I can
  84. Do you think there are Yes, that’s right. I’ll new words in this unit ? first.
A. too much, look them up B. too many, look up them C. much too, look them up D. too many, look them up
  85. You must what I have done for you before you leave. Well, how much does it ? Is 100 dollars enough? A. pay for, cost B. pay, spend C. spend, pay for D. pay, cost
  86. Excuse me, where’s the West Hill Farm, please? Go the forest and the foot of the mountain you will find



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