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英语口语考试复习题??回答问题 英语口语考试复习题??回答问题 ??
  1.What do you think is the most helpful invention? The computer / car / plane / light bulb….
  2. What are cars used for? They are used for traveling.
  3. How do you study for a test? By reading the textbook.
  4. What is your favorite way to learn more English? To read original novels / talk with foreigners.
  5. What kind of volunteer work do you think to do? I want to cheer sick children up.
  6. What job will you have in 15 years? I think I will have a job as a doctor / a teacher.
  7. What will happen if you often help other students? We will feel really happy and we will become good friends.
  8. What kind of music do you like? I like music that is quiet and gentle.
  9. Which is your favorite music band? …China Philharmonic Orchestra is my favorite band.
  10. Did you use to eat gum all the time? No, I didn’t. / Yes, I did.
  11. What rules do you have at home? I can’t watch TV before I finish homework. I should go to bed before 10:30 pm.
  12. Would you like to go somewhere educational on vacation? Yes, I’d love to.
  13. Where would you like to visit? I’d like to visit Hong Kong / somewhere
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  14. What are the bikes used for? They are used for traveling / exercising.
  15. What will you do if you don’t have any homework to do? I will play tennis with my friends.
  16.What is the best present you have ever received for your birthday? A bike / computer.
  17. Are you good at football? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
  18. What sport do you like to play? Why? I like to play basketball because I like team games / to play with friends / I’m good at playing it.
  19.What should you do if a friend says something you don’t like? I would have a talk with him.
  20. What kind of friend do you like best? I like a friend who can listen to me all the time.
  21.What kind of singer do you like? I like a singer who writes his own songs / sings songs clearly.
  22. Do you make your bed by yourself? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I’m old enough to make my bed by myself. / No, I don’t. I don’t have enough time to make bed in the early morning.
  23. When did you start to learn English? Eight years ago / When I was seven years old.
  24. How do you study English? By Listening to tapes and working with friends.
  25. Who do you like best? I like my English teacher / my mother / Wei Fang
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  26. Who’s your idol? Why? Liu Xiang is, because he has won lots of world medals these years.
  27. How was your last weekend? It was wonderful / relaxing.
  28. What did you do last weekend? I went to visit some of my friends.
  29. What are you going to be? I’m going to be a pilot.
  30. Who do you like most in your class? Why? I like … because she always helps me when I am in trouble.
  31. What animal do you like best? I like pandas / monkeys / penguins / kangaroos / bears best.
  32. How can you take care of a pet? I can feed him, take a walk with him, play with him and clean his house every day.
  33. When you grow up, are you going to be a scientist, a musician or an artist? An artist.
  34. If you want to be a scientist, what are you going to do now? I’m going to study science harder.
  35. Do you usually play sports at the weekend? How often do you play sports? Yes, I do. Three times a week.
  36. Do you like doing chores at home? Yes, I do. / No I don’t.
  37. Do you like eating banana smoothie? Yes, I do. / No I don’t.
  38. How do you make fruit salad? First cut up two bananas, two apples and an orange. Next put the fruit in a bowl. Then put in two teaspoons of honey
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and a cup of yogurt. Finally mix it all up.
  39. I have a sore throat. What should I do? You should drink some hot tea with honey.
  40. What should students eat for breakfast? They should have a cup of milk, two eggs and some bread.
  41. Are you funny or serious? I’m serious.
  42. Who’s more outgoing, you or your friend? Who’s funnier? My friend is more outgoing and he is funnier than me.
  43. Do all students walk to school? No, of course not. / No, they don’t.
  44. How do you get to school? I get to school by bus / car / bike / on foot.
  45. How often do you eat in school? I eat in school five times a week. / almost every day.
  46. What will you do if you have a lot of money? I’ll give some to charities to help homeless children.
  47. What is TV used for? It is used for entertainment or knowing more about the world.
  48. Where would you like to visit? Why? I’d like to visit Hong Kong because I like to go somewhere warm.
  49. Where would you like to go on summer holidays? I’d like to go to Canada.
  50. Would you like to go somewhere educational on vacation? Yes, I’d love to.
  51. What CD did you listen to recently? I listened to Yu . Quan’s CDs.
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  52. What did you use to be afraid of? I used to be afraid of snakes.
  53. What are you going to do this winter vacation? I’m going to travel in the south of China.
  54. What did you use to be like? I used to be quiet / shy / outgoing / wild / really mad.
  55. What are you doing for your next vacation? I’m taking dancing lessons / traveling abroad.
  56. What kind of writers do you like? I like writes who write funny /
interesting stories. 话题作文-任选下面两题中的一题,作口头作文。
  1. 根据表格,谈谈 Carmen 和 Xu Fei 对音乐的爱好。 musicians play different kindsreally loud and energetic of music write their own songs quiet and gentle
  2. How often do you speak English? Do you often read English books? Tell us something about your English study. Are you a good English student?
  3. 李蕾一家寒假要出去旅游,假如你是某旅行社的工作人员,请你根据他们提出的 条件,给他们提供 Weather Activity 一至二个旅游地 点.
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oreign city
interesting 星沙英语

  4. How often do you exercise? How do you keep healthy? Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Tell us something about your daily life.
  5. 对以下旅游地点任选两个进行评论,并说出你决定去哪里及给出理由。
  1). Hong Kong / very crowed / great entertainment
  2). New York / wonderful galleries
  3). Singapore / beautiful views / lots of museums / good place for shopping
  6. Are you more outgoing than before when you became a middle school student from a little child? Do you study harder? Tell your changes after you
became a middle school student.
  7. 用适当的语言表达自己选择音乐和择友的三个重要标准。
  8. What were you doing at this time yesterday? The timetable of Jim --7:30 11:00 1:00 3:30 (April 3rd)
morning exercises English class in McDonald football
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  9. 请描述下列所提示的内容,适当使用短语 by the time. Last Sunday …. go shopping, forget to bring the shopping list go back home, go to the shop with the shopping list, forget money go back home, take the money to the shop, pay for the things go back home, realize, forget the things at the shop
  10. 说说周六周日你都做了什么,并说出你做事情的感受。可参照所给的词和短语, 也可以自己适当添加。注意使用过去时态。 hang out with my friends, sleep late,watch TV, help mom and dad, e an English class, go camping, go to the movies… Example: I had a good time last weekend. On Saturday morning, I went fishing with my parents. It was very relaxing. On …
  11. 周末,我校的志愿者俱乐部要组织志愿者到敬老院和幼儿园去服务,请根据自 己特点,谈谈你能做些什么?
  12. 请描述某一天早晨,你去上学,由于起床晚了,没有时间吃早饭、没赶上公共 汽车、 忘记带作业…等一系列非常狼狈的场面。
  13. 读下面名人档案,说一说他的生活经历。Jackie Chan Jackie
was born in Hong Kong before 7 years old lived in Australia at the age of 7 went back to Hong Kong
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when he was 7 in 1995
became a student at a strict school became a Hollywood Movie Star

  14. 介绍 Mary 在学习英语的过程中,常用的学习方法及存在的困难,请你针对 Mary 的问题给出合理的建议并说明原因。 Notes on Mary Learnt by: reading English aloud/ making conversation with friends difficult: Found difficult pronunciation/ grammar Likes: watching English movies/ listening to pop songs Suggestions Suggestions & reasons: 请根据 Mary 的爱好并结合 Mary 的问题提出建议。
  15. 寒假,你要去澳大利亚度假一个月,但是家里的小猫没有人照顾。现在你要拜 托老师帮你的忙照顾小猫咪。You may begin like this: I’m going to Australia in the winter vacation. …
  16.你上周末做了哪些家务?你喜欢做吗?平时你喜欢做那些家务?不喜欢做哪些 家 务?请说出你的喜好并说明原因。
  17.谈一谈你和你两个好朋友的梦想。要有目标和措施。You may begin like this: I am going to be a … I am going to … My good friend is … He/She is going to …
  18.阅读下列表格,以“我变了”为题目,总结自己与过去相比成熟的地方,完成 口头作 文。 used to
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less homework be afraid of
too much homework
speaking in front of a be not group large shy less time
d time playing lot ofwith a games time friends

  19.阅读下列表格中学校或班级的规章制度,表明你自己的观点(如是否该穿校服 等)并 说明理由。以下规章制度是否需要修改,请阐述你的观点及理由。 should (not) be allowed to reasons do choose popular clothes choose favorite subject get part-time job get ears pierced young people should look smart interesting can get good experience show personalities

  20.读下面名人档案,说一说他的生活经历。 Michael Jordan
was born in New York became a student of his university became a NBA player became a member of “NBA’s 50 greatest players”
  21.假想你和你的同伴有一笔意外的收入,请利用下列图表的信息,说说你和他将 如何使用这笔钱。 would do your partner
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buy some snakes
buy a new house
put it in the bankput it in a small box give it to charities it to parents give
  22. Talk about one of your family members or good friends. Do you often do the same things? Is he/she like you? Tell the same things you share and tell the differences.
  23. 根据提示语,用适当的语言阐述 A 学生存在的问题和所担心的问题,并根据所 给的语言材料,提出合理的建议。 Student A is going to an old friends party but she doesn’t know if she would buy a present and what to wear. Problems: I don’t know if I would buy a present. I don’t know what to wear. I don’t know how to start a conversation with strangers. Suggestions: could buy a small present and put it in the pocket, if others give presents, you can take it out. If not, keep it in the pocket. Can wear favorite clothes Can talk about the weather
  24. 设想在同学们上体育课的时候,班上的一名同学拾到一个钱包,请你根据所提 供的材
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料,进行推测分析,看钱包有可能是谁的。 所提供的线索: There is only 5 yuan in the purse. There is a photo of Jay (Who is a famous singer, his Chinese name is Jay (周 杰伦) in the purse. There is a hair band in the purse. Mary likes Cheng Long very much has short hair has a credit card Maria likes Jay very much has long hair has little money

  25. 手机、电视机、电脑、汽车等都是近代的发明,请你选其中一项发明,谈谈它 给人们生活带来的利与弊。
  26. 到 2008 年你就成年了,你就可以成为奥运会的志愿者了。请你根据自己的特长 和特点,谈谈你能为奥运会做点什么?
  27.根据你的成绩单,谈谈老师对你的评价。 Report Card Chinese teacher: Math teacher: can do better hard working good at listening lazy student
English teacher: P.E. teacher: Music teacher:
should do better

  28. 请根据表格简单介绍下列物品发明的时间、国家和用途。 3
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Traveling Keeping away from raining
umbrella 4,000 years ago

  29. 设想你在寒假要和家人外出旅游,请介绍你要去的地方的相关情况及你要准备 带的物品。 (提示:地点、气候、交通等等)星沙英语 www.rr3

  30. 请阅读下列表格,根据表格内容,对你自己或 Tom 的学习方法进行评价。 3 Ways of learning English successful way /reasons /reasons unsuccessful way /reasons
yourself 请根据你自己的实际情况回答问 请根据你自己的实



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