名词是英语中一种重要的实词,同时也是每年中考英语试题考查的一个热点 ?本文拟就最近两年全国部分省市的中考英语试题中的“单项选择”题对名词的 考查作一归纳,供同学们学习时参考?(备选项下面划横线的为正确答案)
一? 对可数名词与不可数名词的考查

  1. How many are there in the international village? A. Chinese B. Russian C. American(2006 年汕头市)
  2. The restaurant is so popular here. Look, there are so many here. A. food B. dish C. people D. waiter(2006 年徐州市)
  3. ?Can I help you? ?I’d like for my twin daughters. A. two pair of shoes B. two pairs of shoe C. two pair of shoe D. two pairs of shoes(2006 年滨州市)
  4. Mrs Jenny gives us on how to learn English well. A. some advices B. many advices C. some advice D. an advice(2005 年天津市)
  5. ?Are there any on the farm? ?Yes, there are some. A. horse B. duck C. chicken D. sheep(2005 年吉林省) [考点归纳] 这类试题要求考生区分可数名词与不可数名词以及修饰可数名 词与不可数名词的常用词语,并掌握将可数名词由单数形式变为复数形式的基本 方法,还要熟记 dear, sheep, Chinese, Japanese 等单复数形式相同的名词, 以及一些不规则名词的单复数形式,如 childmchildren, policemanmpolicemen, manmmen, womanmwomen, footmfeet,
toothmteeth, stomachmstomachs 等?
二? 对名词所有格的考查

  1. The computer on the desk is. A. twins B. the twin’s C. the twins D. the twins’(2006 年孝感市)
  2. Mrs Black is a friend of. A. Mary’s mother’s B. Mary’s mother C. mother’s of Mary D. Mary mother’s(2006 年资阳市)
  3. It is over from Shijiazhuang to Beijing. A. three hours’ drive B. three hour’s drive C. three hours’ drives D. three hours drive(2006 年河北省)
  4. Today is September 10th. It is Day. A. Teachers B. Teachers’ C. the teachers’ D. Teacher’s(2005 年常德市)
  5. ?Do you know the woman over there? ?Yes. She’s aunt. A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily’s and Lucy’s C. Lily’s and Lucy D. Lily and Lucy’s(2005 年济南市)
  6. After playing football for more than half an hour, the students took rest. A. a few minute’s B. a few minutes’ C. a little minute’s D. a little minutes’(2005 年天津市) [考点归纳] 这类试题主要考查名词所有格的构成及其用法?名词的所有格 一般在词尾加“‘s”,这种形式的所有格主要用于有生命的名词以及表示时间? 距离等名词的后面?注意:如果名词本身以表示复数意义的 s 结尾,构成所有格时 直接在词尾加上“‘”即可?另外,注意“A’s and B’s”型名词短语所有格表 示两者分别拥有某物,而“A and B’s”型名词短语所有格表示两者共同拥有某 物?
三? 对名词作定语的考查

  1. There are three assistants in that shop. A. women; shoe B. woman; shoe C. woman; shoes D. women; shoes(2006 年孝感市)
  2. ?Where are the? ?They are playing football on the playground. A. boys students; the B. boy students; the C. boy students; × D. boy student; ×(2005 年乌鲁木齐市)
  3. Bill said they would have holiday. A. a two-month B. two-months C. two-monthes D. two-month’s(2005 年天津市) [考点归纳] 一般情况下,名词作定语修饰主体名词时,常用单数形式;主体 名词为复数形式时,作定语用的名词一般用单数形式,如 boy friends?但以 man, woman 等名词作定语修饰主体名词时,若主体名词为复数形式, man 和 woman 也要变为复数形式,如 men doctors?由“基数词 + 连词符号 + 名词”或“基 数词 + 连词符号 + 名词+ 连词符号 + 形容词”构成的复合词作定语修饰主体 名词时,复合词中的名词只能用单数形式?
四? 对易混名词的考查

  1. At the foot of the hill you could hear nothing but the of the running water. A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound(2006 年天津市)
  2. Beth has a beautiful. Listen! She is singing very well. A. voice B. look C. sound D. smell(2006 年杭州市)

  3. ?What happened to you this morning?
?The teacher asked me for my when I was late again. A. meaning B. idea C. excuse D. answer(2006 年武汉市)
  4. ?Oh, there isn’t enough for us in the lift. ?No hurry. Let’s wait for the next. A. floor B. ground C. room D. place(2006 年黄冈市)
  5. Tom regards Nanjing as his second because he has been here for over ten years. A. family B. room C. house D. home(2005 年南京市)
  6. Football is a popular around the world. A. match B. goal C. game D. play(2005 年安徽省)
  7. Excuse me, waiter. We’re leaving. Can you bring me the, please? A. money B. note C. bill D. list(2005 年杭州市) [考点归纳] 这类试题主要考查一些语义相近而极易混淆的名词?考生在平 时要注意积累?掌握一些常见易混名词的用法区别,如: family, home, room, house; problem, question; match, game; note, bill; door, gate, entrance 等?
五? 对名词所表示的相关意义的考查

  1. Once upon a time we Chinese made the first kite. People used kites to send to other places, because they didn’t have telephones, computers, or even radios. A. languages B. newspapers C. messages D. magazines(2006 年临沂市)
  2. Heilongjiang is in the of China. A. northeast B. northeastern C. northwest D. northwestern(2006 年天津市)
  3. Lao She is the of Tea House(茶馆).
A. doctor B. actor C. scientist D. writer(2006 年陕西省)
  4. ?I want to go to different places, but I don’t know the. ?A map is helpful, I think. A. price B. way C. time D. ticket(2006 年江西省)
  5. Thomas Edison never gave up. During his lifetime, he had 1,0
  93. A. instructions B. competitions C. inventions D. injections(2006 年盐城市)
  6. The TV on Channel Five are about sports. A. experiences B. performances C. programs D. problems(2005 年天津市)
  7. ?Please give me a when you get to Beijing. ?All right. I’ll tell you everything when I get there. A. newspaper B. ticket C. present D. ring(2005 年宁波市) [考点归纳] 这类试题常常涉及其他学科的知识和日常生活常识,主要考查 考生的综合素质?只要考生能读懂句意,把握语境,一般不难作出正确的选择?
六? 对含有名词的固定短语的考查

  1. ?Sorry, Jane. I took your school bag by. ?It doesn’t matter. A. hand B. mistake C. bike D. heart(2006 年盐城市)
  2. Brian is so kind that he often gives me a when I’m in trouble. A. reply B. seat C. hand D. reason(2006 年安徽省)
  3. There will be many kinds of shoes this Sunday. I’ll go and buy a pair for my daughter. A. on duty B. on show
C. on business D. on watch(2005 年南宁市)
  4. We should have in ourselves and we will make it if we have a try. A. success B. confidence C. progress D. knowledge(2005 年大连市) [考点归纳] 这类试题主要考查考生对一些含有名词的固定短语的构成和意 义的掌握情况,这就要求考生在日常的学习中熟记一些固定短语的结构和意义, 如: by mistake“错误地”; on show“展览”; on business“因公”; on duty“值班”; give sb a hand“帮助某人”; have confidence in oneself“相 信自己”; after a while“过一会儿”; in the end“最后”; make room for“给……腾出空间“; make faces”做鬼脸“等?
一.将方框里的名词按要求分类 School water vacation money kid watch trouble supermarket honey people pet advice fun teaspoon luck hamburger bread kite meat weather How many: How much:
  1. Computer animal
  2. Bus box
  3. Baby story
  4. Video photo
  5. Knife leaf
  6. Man woman
tutor match charity piano scarf child
CD sandwich country tomato thief deer
  1. The doctor has saved many people's.(lifes/lives)
  2. They go to many every year.(parties/partys)
  3. How many are there on the desk.(radios/radioes)
  4. There are hundreds of on the hill. (sheep/ sheeps)
  5. They are(Germen/Germans). They aren't(Englishmen/ Englishmans) 四.选择填空 ( )
  1. How manyare there in the kitchen. Only two. A. bag of rice B. bags of rice C. bags of rices
( ( ( ( ( ( (
  2. I likevery much because there are many beautiful pictures in them. A. books B. these books C. this book )
  3. The little baby has twoalready. A. tooth B. tooths C. Teeth )
  4. We have a lot of to do every day. A.work B. works C. Job )
  5. He has threeunder the bed. A. pair of shoes B. pairs of shoe C. pairs of shoes )
  6. There are two and threein the room. A. American, Japanese B. Americans, Japanese C. American, Japaneses )
  7. I'm hungry. Will you please give meto eat? A. two pieces of bread B. two piece of breads C. Two piece of bread )
  8. I was late for school this morning because my was broken. A. computer B. pencil C. bike
  1. We have threefor dinner. One is small, the other two are big. ( potato)
  2. There are about twentyin the zoo. ( monkey)
  3. How many are there in your school?(class)
  4. Mr Brown has two, a son and a daughter.
  5. The guests come from different.( country)
  6. Flowers never laugh atthough they are more beautiful. (leaf)
  7. Shanghai is one of the biggestin the world. ( city)
  8. There are fewin the fridge. Let's go and buy some peas, carrots and onions. (vegetable)
  9. Come on, Neo. You 've spent one and a halfin such a small shop. (hour)
  10. Two (Australian), three(Frenchman)and five(Japanese)will come to visit our school. 二.选择填空
  1. It was terribly cold. There were onlypeople walking down the street. A. a little B. a few C. few D. Little
  2. Linda, I've bought many. Now let's make the birthday cake. A. fresh eggs B. chocolate cake C. frozen food D. rice dumplings
  3. The sweetestin the world is birds' singing, I think. A. cry B. noise C. sound D. Voice
  4. The school bus is full of students. There for the teachers. A.is no room B. are no rooms C. isn't a room D. aren't any rooms
  5. The two desks here are. You may use the desk over there. A. Tom and Joe B. Toms and Joes C. Tom's and Joe's D. Tom and Joe's
  6. milk does your cat need? .
A. How many, Just a little C. How much, Just a few
B. How many , Just a few D. How much, Just a little
三.用方框中所给词的适当形式填空 Candle tooth minute month factory tree T--shirt key policeman
  1. must be planted in spring.
  2. The in that shop are quite good and aren't very expensive.
  3. There were no , schools , hospitals in my hometown fifty years ago.
  4. I like that ring very much. It looks nice.
  5. Here are some flowers for you, with our best .
  6. Tom's father and uncle are both
  7. Kate needs two moreon her birthday cake.
  8. We should brush ourafter meals.
  9. The post office isn't too far. It takes a few to walk there.
  10. There are twelve in a year.



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