单项选择( 单项选择(15 分) ( )
  21. What do we need to buy? A. else B. others C. other D. the other thing ( )
  22. He enjoys with his friends. A. to chat B. chats C. chat D. chatting ( )
  23. Madee’s house is the river. A. on B. in C. over D. above ( )
  24. There are more than two students in our school. A. thousand B. thousands of C. hundreds D. millions ( )
  25. Which floor does he ? A. live B. lives C. lives on D. live on ( )
  26. Why leave now? A. not to B. don’t to C. don’t D. don’t you ( )
  27. There a football match at our school next week. A. is going to B. will have C. is going to have D. will be ( )
  28. We are looking forward you at the party. A. to see B. seeing C. to looking D. to seeing ( )
  29. That coat belongs to . It’s . A. Lucy, Lucy’s B. Lily’s, Lily C. Lucy’s, Lucy D. Lily’s, Lily’s ( )
  30. yellow coat is .[来源:Z&xx&k.Com] A. A, mine B. The, mine C. A, my D. The, my ( )
  31. Don’t make so much . Your father is sleeping. A. voice B. sound C. noise D. sounds ( )
  32. Keep your eyes , Kate. A. close B. closed C. closing D. to close ( )
  33. Mike didn’t tell me yesterday. A. something interesting B. important anything C. anything important D. any interestings thing ( )
  34. Look, Daniel there . A. sitting, quietly B. is sitting, quietly C. sits, quiet B. is sitting, quiet ( )
  35. my way to school, I Simon this morning. A. On, see B. In, saw C. On, saw D. In, looked ( )
  36. ? you go to Beijing last week? ?Yes, I did. I there. A. Did, flied B. Do, flew C. Did, flew D. Do, fly ( )
  37. His mother often him. A. takes good care of B. looks after him good C. take care of him well D. looks good after him ( )
  38. you fond football? A. Do , of B. Are, of C. Do, for D. Are, at ( )
  39. I met sandy last Monday. I was to see him. A. surprise B. to surprise C. surprised D. surprising ( )
  40. There is only water in my glass. Could you give me some? A. a little B. little C. a few D. few
When you arrive in a new city, it is always difficult to find your way around. There are so many things to do and see when you are a tourist(游客), but you do not have time to do everything. Han Mei and Ma Wei are in London. London is the capital of the UK and is a very big city. Han Mei and Ma Wei want to visit Buckingham Palace(白金汉宫). They want to see the changing of the guard(换岗). However, Han Mei and Ma Wei are lost(走失的). They try looking at their map but they do not know where they are. So it is useless(无用的). ‘Oh no,’ cries Ma Wei. ‘What shall we do? What do people do when they are lost?’ ‘I know,’ says Han Mei. ‘We should ask some one.’ SO, Han Mei and Ma Wei both ask people on the street. Everyone they ask does not speak English. ‘They are all tourists like us!’ says Ma Wei. ‘What do we do now?’ Luckily for Han Mei and Ma Wei, a policeman walks past. ‘You two look very lost,’ says the policeman. ‘Can I help you?’ Ma Wei explains that they want to go to Buckingham Palace and the police man gives them directions’. Han Mei and Ma Wei watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and enjoy the rest of their stay in London.[来源:Zxxk.Com] ( )
  51. Han Mei and Ma Wei want to Buckingham Palace. A. visit B. walk away from C. learn about D. talk about ( )
  52. What do Han Mei and Ma Wei do first when they are lost in London? A. Go to the information centre. B. Look at their map. C. Call a friend. D. Ask the policeman. ( )
  53. The people on the street do not help Han Mei and Ma Wei because . A. They are all very busy B. they are not friendly C. they do not speak English D. they are useless ( )
  54. Why are the people on the street like Han Mei and Ma Wei? A. Because they want to go to Buckingham Palace too. B. Because they want to watch the changing of the guard too. C. Because they are lost too. D. Because they are tourists too. ( )
  55. Who help Han Mei and Ma Wei? A. A tourist. B. A policeman C. A guard D. doctor 一、补全对话(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 选用方框中的适当句子填空,完成对话,并把它的字母代号填入下面的横线上。 A: What do you want to do tomorrow? B: 61 . A: Well, What about going shopping? B: Oh. 62 . A: 63 . B: The films are boring. A: well, let me see. What about riding bikes in the country? B: Good idea. But 64 . A: What about 7 a.m? A. When shall we start? B: Ok, But where shall we meet? B. I don’t know. Do you have any idea? A: Er, 65 . C. Why don’t we go to the cinema? B: All right. See you tomorrow. D. Let’s meet at the school gate.
  63. E. We do that every Saturday.
  65. 二、单词拼写(5 分)

  62. We (决定) to buy the bike the next day.
  63. Did you take any (照片) during National Day?
  64. Anna is a very (勤奋的) student.
  65. Neil is walking (穿过) the road.
  66. You are too tired. Please stop (工作). 句型转换(5 分)
  72. I did some shopping last Saturday.(否定句) I shopping last Saturday.[来源:学#科#网 Z#X#X#K]
  73. Turn right at the second turning. (同义句) the second turning the right.
  74. It took me two hours to do my homework yesterday. (提问)[来源:学|科|网 Z|X|X|K] it you to do your homework yesterday?
  75. I like going to school on my bike. (同义句) I like going to school .
  76. I know something about dinosaurs. (一般问句) you about dinosaurs? 英语句子翻译练习
  1. 将来人们会有机器人吗? people have ?
  2. 我应该做什么? I do?
  3. 当飞碟到达时你正在干什么? you when the UFO ?
  4. 他说我学习努力. He said I .
  5. 如果你去参加聚会,你会过得很开心. If you go to the party, you’ll .
  6. 你收集贝壳有多久了? have you shells?
  7. 你介意把音乐声关小一点吗? Would you mind the music? 看图填空: A: E _ 1me. H _ 2 can I get to the station, please? B: The station, the station… Let me see. L_ 3 look at this drawing (图) Go straight on u_ 4 you come to a cinema. Let’s see now that’s the second turning on your r 5 . The cinema is on the corner. Turn right at the cinema and you’ll b 6 in Bridge Street. Go a 7 Bridge Street for a few minutes and then t 8 the first turning on your left. The station is right in f 9 of you . A: So that’s second right and first left. Thank you very much. It’s very k 10 of you. B: Don’t mention it.



   中考英语模拟试卷【名词专练】 一. 单项填空 1. Where have you been, Tim? I’ve been to . A. the Henry house B. the Henry family C. The Henry’s home D. Henry’s 2.In England, if is in the middle of the day, the evening meal is called supper. A. food B. lunch C. breakfast ...


   2009 年中考英语模拟试卷 (满分:110 分;考试时间:120 分钟) 第Ⅰ卷 听力测试 听对话选图或能回答问题的最佳答案.( 共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分 ) 第一部分 听对话选图或能回答问题的最佳答案 在本部分,你将听到使个对话,每个对话为一问一答,对话听两遍.听完对话后,请选 择与对话内容相符的图画或选出能回答问题的最佳答案. ( ) 1.What is the time now? A. B. C. ( ) 2. What sign are they talkin ...

2011年中考英语模拟试题汇编(一) 短文填空

   2009 年中考英语模拟试题汇编(一) 年中考英语模拟试题汇编( 短文填空 (一) 词汇与改错(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,计 20 分) 词汇与改错 (A) 根据括号中的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。 61. In China there are some important ( 节日 ), and people celebrate them in different ways. 62. When you talk with your parents, don’t always ( ...


   Passage 1 There are stories about two U. S. presidents, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, which attempt to explain the American English term OK. We don't know if either story is true, but they are both interesting. 这是关于两个美国总统:安德鲁. 杰费逊和马丁. 范布郎的故事 ...


   最有效的减肥药|减肥药排行榜|淘宝减肥药排行榜|什么减肥药最好|有效的减肥方法| |淘宝最有效的减肥药 |最有效减肥药排行榜|最有效的减肥方法| 减肥药排行榜 http://www.ty138.com 友情提供资料 20062006-2007 年扬州市中考英语模拟试卷 第一卷 (共 60 分) (将答案按序号填在答卷纸上) 将答案按序号填在答卷纸上) 一、听力(共两节,计 20 分) A、根据每小题所听到的对话,从所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选择符合题意的图画(每小 题听一遍)(每小题 1 ...


   2011 年广东省初中毕业生学业考试 试 室 号 一 1-25 得 分 座 位 号 说明:1.全卷共 8 页,考试时间为 90 分钟(其中听力考试时间约为 15 分钟) ,满分 120 分(其 中听力部分 25 分) 。 2.全卷包括第一卷和第二卷,第一至第四大题为第一卷,第五、第六大题为第二卷。 3.答卷前,考生必须将自己的姓名、准考证号、学校按要求填写在密封线左边的空格内。 4.答题可以用黑色或蓝色钢笔、圆珠笔按要求写在试卷上,但不能用铅笔或红笔。 ( )5.What him worri ...


   2011 年广东省初中毕业生学业考试 试 室 号 一 题 号 1-25 座 位 号 得 分 26-45 46-55 56-70 71-80 81-86 二 三 英语模拟试卷(一) 英语模拟试卷( 模拟试卷 四 五 六 合 计 说明: 1.全卷共 8 页,考试时间为 90 分钟(其中听力考试时间约为 15 分钟) ,满分 120 分(其中听力部分 25 分) 。 2.全卷包括第一卷和第二卷,第一至第四大题为第一卷,第五、第六大题为第二卷。 3.答卷前,考生必须将自己的姓名、准考证号、学校按要求 ...


   Practice makes perfect! 高考英语作文 Grace Wang 目录 话题作文模板 2 应用文模板 写作句式句型 话题作文??个人见解型作文模板 个人见解型作文模板 话题作文 个人见解型 结构框架 结构 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 简述问题,引出自己观点、看法 陈述自己观点、看法 过渡句 理由一 举例说明理由一 理由二 理由三 引出自己的建议,并表达建议一 建议二 建议三 结束语 第二段 第一段 段落划分 3 个人见解型作文经典范例 陕西卷】 个人见解 ...


   模拟题六 第一部分: 第一部分:交际用语 此部分共有 5 个未完成的对话,针对每个对话是未完成的部分有 4 个选项,请从 A、B、C、 D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并用铅笔将答题卡上的相应字母涂黑。 A1. It looks heavy. Can I give you a hand? . A. No, thanks B. Yes, my pleasure C.No ,never mind D.Yes ,I do A 2. -- Could you be so kind as ...


   单项选择( 单项选择(15 分) ( )21. What do we need to buy? A. else B. others C. other D. the other thing ( )22. He enjoys with his friends. A. to chat B. chats C. chat D. chatting ( )23. Madee’s house is the river. A. on B. in C. over D. above ( )24. There ar ...



   旅行 journey, trip 旅游 tour 旅行推销员 commercial traveller (美作:traveling salesman) 旅游者 tourist 旅行指南 itinerary 旅行路线 route 游览 pleasure trip 商务旅行 business trip 出境游 outbound tourism; outbound travel 出境游客 outbound tourist 背包旅行者 backpacker 自由行 free walker 环程旅行 ...

考研英语7选5 技巧及样题讲解

   1. 7 选 5 的命题分析 词的文章, 本题型的内容是一篇总长度为 500~600 词的文章,其中 段空白, 段文字, 有 5 段空白,文章后有 6~7 段文字,要求考生根据文章内容 个答案, 从这 6~7 段文字中选择出 5 个答案,分别放进文章中 5 个空 白处。 白处。 此题型所考文章不仅长度上长于阅读理解 A 节中的文章 阅读量大, (每篇约 400~450 词),阅读量大,而且在文字难度和做题要 节中的文章是完整的, 求上也都高于 A 节。A 节中的文章是完整的,在通读文章或 查 ...

总结打印版 4页考研英语作文专用词汇

   考研英语作文专用词汇 考研英语作文专用词汇 专用 教育类词汇 文凭 diplomas and certificates 考研热 the craze for graduate school study 应试教育 the examination-oriented education 义务教育 compulsory education 复合型人才 interdisciplinary talents 文化底蕴 the rich cultural deposits 大学生创业 the universi ...


   大学英语四级听力历年常考句型汇总 1.肯定句 . That's true (1991/8) Yes, thats about everything. (1993 01/1) So did I (1993 01/7) Yes, indeed. Im planning to……(1994 01/5) Yes, and he liked it so much that……(1994 01/10) Take it easy ,Things will work out (1995 01/1) Yes, ...


   英语听力( ) 英语听力(1)期末复习提要 2006 年 7 月 1.课程的性质和任务 课程的性质和任务 本课程是一门英语听力技能训练课。 课程从简单的辨别易混淆的因素开始, 逐渐过度到 单词的辨音, 通过一系列循序渐进的训练, 使学生最终能够听懂英语国家人士的一般交谈和 简短对话、理解大意、抓住要点和有关细节、进行推理、分析说话者真实意图、能用英语记 录要点并做简要概括。 本课程重在通过专门系统的听力技能训练, 为培养学生全面的英语交 际能力奠定良好的听力基础。因此在课程的实施过程中,应以 ...