A)用括号中词的正确形式填空。 A)用括号中词的正确形式填空 用括号中词的正确形式填空。
  1.We were surprised (surprise) at what he said.
  2.It is impossible (possible) for an ordinary to fly to the moon.
  3.I want to learn how to eat healthily (health).

  4.Everyone says the novel is worth (read) because it is very reading interesting.
  5.What a fine day it is today ! What
going about (go) swimming ?
B).根据汉意提示,补全单词。 B).根据汉意提示,补全单词。 根据汉意提示
developed 发达的)
  6.America is a (发达的) (发达的
country, but India isn’t.

  7.Many people think it’s better to give than to receive 收到). (收到 (收到).
  8.We often get information by reading magazines 杂志) newspapers , (杂志) (杂志 and all kinds of books. proud 自豪)
  9.My mother was very (自豪) (自豪 of me when I got the prize.
  10.You’re notallowed 允许) to drink (允许 (允许) until you have to be 18 years old.

  1.How far is it from your home to
  1.How the school? C It’s about . It’s A. 10 minute’s walk B. 10-minutes walk 10C. 10 minutes’ walk D. 10 minutes walk
  2.My sister likes playing __ piano, but D I like playing chess. A. / ; the B. the ; the C. / ; / D. the ; /

  3.The weather in Guangdong is hotter than in Qinghai. B A. this B. that C. these D. those A
  4.We found necessary to protect the environment . A. it B. this C. that D. what
  5.Be quiet ! I have to tell you. B A. anything interesting B. something interesting C. interesting something D. interesting anything

  6.Remember this, children. D careful
  6.Remember _ you are, __ mistakes you will make. A. The more ; the more B. The fewer ; the more C. The less ; the less D. The more; the fewer B
  7.Jim runs to catch the early bus. A. enough fast B. fast enough C. enough fastly D. fastly enough
  8.The film for five minutes. Why are you so late? A. began B. has began C. was on D. has been on
  9.There a football match on
  9.There B TV this evening. Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, A. are going to be D. is going to be C. is going to have D. will have

  10.I feel tired and sleepy ? Why not stop a rest? Why B A. having B. to have C. have D. had
  11. How many people will come to How Beijing for the Olympic Games in 2008? It’s hard to say. people , I B think. A. Million of B. Millions of C. Two millions of D. Two million of

  12.It’s very nice you to give me A the chance. A. of B. for C. to D. at B
  13.Study hard, you are sure to have a good result in the exam. A. or B. and C. for D. but
  14.Do you know I could pass the B exam? Sorry, I’ve no idea. A. that B. whether C. what D. which

  15.You have never been to Nanjing, have you? __. But I will go there next week. __. D A. Yes, I have C. Yes, I haven’t B. No, I have D. No, I haven’t

  16.Is this your Chinese teacher?
C No, He teaches maths. No,
A. our B. we C. us D. ourselves

  17. The dinner didn’t start all the C friends arrived. A. when B. while C. until D. whether
  18. Yao Ming is a famous basketball B star is playing in the NBA? A. whose B. who C. what D. which
  19. I usually go to bed late at night, I and you? . . A A. So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am

  20.Would you like to go out for a walk with us? C , but I must finish my , homework first. A. Of course not B. That’s all right C. I’d love to D. Yes, I do
  21.I’m not sure when I’m free, but B let’s meet next week. A. some time B. sometime C. some times D. sometimes

  22.Don’t make any noise , your father is sleeping. . . A A. Sorry, I won’t B. It doesn’t matter C. Excuse me , I’m wrong D. Certainly, I won’t
  23. How long have you had the bike? How B 20
  01. A. In B. Since C. For D. After

  24. I’m flying to Beijing for my I’m holiday this weekend. C Great !. Great A. I hope so B. With pleasure C. Have a good time D. Why not I ?
  25.Which do you prefer, milk or tea? B , thanks. I’d like some coffee. , A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None

  1.Mr. Li told us not to copy (not copy) homework. to get
  2.I don’t know how (get) to the post office.
  3.The bridgewas built (build) in 19
  4.Have you ever (hear) from heard your parents ?

  5.What were you doing (do) when the teacher came in?
  6.If I were (be) you, I would say sorry to her. not leave
  7.You’d better (not leave) at once.
  8.My father decided to give up (smoke). smoking
  9.Our teacher told us that the earth goes (go) around the sun.
  10.You(not pass) the won’t pass exam if you don’t work hard.
选择方框中动词词组的适当形 式填空
find out graduate from try our best was pleased with agree with
  1. I want to be an astronaut like Yang Liwei when Igraduate from college. the
  2.We shouldtry our best to be happy in the future

  3.It took him a long time to find out who stole his bike.
  4.The smile on the teacher’s face showed that he was pleased with our answer to the question.
  5.Do you think Art is as interesting
  5.Do as music? No, I can’t agree with you. No,

  1.How long have you been here? Could you tell me ? (宾语从句) (宾语从句 宾语从句) you Could you tell me how long have been here ?
  2.He said that his favourite food is dumplings.(同义句 dumplings.(同义句) 同义句) He said that helikes dumplings best .

  3.You can’t solve the problem. I think. (合并句子) 合并句子)
don’t can I think you solve the
  4.Your friend said something bad about you. (否定句) (否定句 否定句) Your friend didn’t say anything bad about you.

  5.Mr.Li teaches English in our school. (被动语态) 被动语态)
is taught English by Mr. Li
in our school.
  6.The mother told her son, “ Don’t read in bed”.(合并句子) bed”.(合并句子 合并句子) The mother told her son not to read in bed.

  7.Alice said , “ I don’t have a pen pal” (改为间接引语) 改为间接引语)
she didn’t Alice said that have a
pen pal.
  8.My parents prevent me from playing computer games.(同义句) games.(同义句 同义句) My parents don’t me allow to play computer games.

  9.When I get to Beijing, I’ll make a telephone call to you at once.(同义句) once.(同义句 同义句) I’ll make a telephone call to you as I get to Beijing. soon as
  10.She did very well in her English exam.(一般疑问句 exam.(一般疑问句) 一般疑问句) Did do she very well in her exam ?
A: Please answer my question, young man. What skills do you have? B: Let me see. I am able to sing songs English , I think. else A: Anything ? B: I canplay the guitar and piano well. A: Are you able to do everything carefully?
B: Yes, I am. can A: Congratulations ! You have the job. B: Thanks.

  1. Mary在上学途中捡到了一个钱包。 Mary在上学途中捡到了一个钱包 在上学途中捡到了一个钱包。
on Mary picked up a purse her
school. way to
  2.他的梦想是长大以后当个老师。 他的梦想是长大以后当个老师 His dream is to be a teacher when he
grows up .

  3.你应该学会与人相处。 你应该学会与人相处 You should learn how to get on with others.
  4.昨天 我们没有呆在家里, 昨天, 游泳了。 游泳了。 instead of We went swimming staying at home yesterday.
  5.据说Bill Gates 是世界上最富有的人.
  5.据说 据说Bill 是世界上最富有的人. Bill Gates is the It’s said that richest man in the world.

  1.The boy name Jack comes from Canada. Canada. namenamed
  2.There is important something in today’s newspaper.
important somethingsomething important

  3.Beijing is one of the oldest city with a long history. citycities

  4.Mr. Green has arrived in China for nearly two years.

  5.Although it began to rain heavily, heavily, but they didn’t stop the match.
but 去掉

  6.Have you ever read such interesting
  6.Have a book before? suchso
假如明天是星期六, 假如明天是星期六,你班将组织一次野 外徒步旅行,请你拟一份78 外徒步旅行,请你拟一份78句的口 头通知。通知包括下列内容。 头通知。通知包括下列内容。 活动时间:明天(星期六) 活动时间:明天(星期六) 活动内容:野外徒步旅行(hike 活动内容:野外徒步旅行(hike on one’s field trip); 登山(mountain)顶、 登山(mountain)顶 在山上野餐。 在山上野餐。
携带物品: 带些食物饮料,穿结实的鞋. 携带物品: 带些食物饮料,穿结实的鞋. 集合时间: 早上七点半, 集合时间: 早上七点半,要按时到 集合地点: 集合地点:校门口 要求:语句通顺,语意连贯,要点齐全, 要求:语句通顺,语意连贯,要点齐全, 书写清晰,紧扣主体,适当发挥. 书写清晰,紧扣主体,适当发挥. Attention, please ! That’s all. Thank you.
Attention, please. Tomorrow is Saturday. We are going to hike to the top of a mountain. Please wear strong Shoes and bring some food and drink with you. We are going to have a picnic on the mountain. We’ll meet at the school gate at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Don’t be late. That’s all, thank you.



   词汇考查 ead 1.Look ! The dog isn’t d. It’s still moving. 2.Tina is a little w in Chinese , eak but she is good at English. 3.People think we look the same, but I can see that we have a few small ifferences d. 4.Mum, if Harry is not well enough to do t ...


   一、词汇 A.根据句意及所给首字母提示或汉意 根据句意及所给首字母提示或汉意 提示完成单词。 提示完成单词。 hance 1.I have never had a c to talk with him since I came here. xcept 2.Everyone is here e Jim because he was ill in bed. 3.How many (西红柿 西红柿) tomatoes 西红柿 would you like? warns 警告 not 4.The t ...


   词汇考查 A)用括号中词的正确形式填空。 A)用括号中词的正确形式填空 用括号中词的正确形式填空。 1.We were surprised (surprise) at what he said. 2.It is impossible (possible) for an ordinary to fly to the moon. 3.I want to learn how to eat healthily (health). 4.Everyone says the novel is worth ...


   词汇考查: 词汇考查: A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 用括号中词的正确形式填空 1.On our way to school we saw an old man lying (lie) on the ground. 2.The film is very interesting, we are interested all (interest) in it. 3.When the teacher came into the classroom , all ...

2011届高考英语二轮专题复习课件:第13讲 名词性从句

   第13讲 13讲 just for a change? 名词性从句 例① ? How about camping this weekend, C ? OK, you want. A. whichever C. whatever B. however D. whoever 解析] 本题考查引导词。 句意: [ 解析 ] 本题考查引导词 。 句意 : “ 这个周末 野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?”“好啊 好啊, 野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?”“好啊,按你的意思 吧!”句子缺少宾语,故用whatever。 ...


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   高考英语全面 复习五Nelson Mandela?a moderm hero 纳尔逊?曼德拉?一位当代英雄 考纲知识预览 重点单词 1. quality n. 质量;品质;性 . 质量;品质; 质→ quantity n.数量 . 2. generous adj. 慷慨的;大方 慷慨的; . 的→ generously adv. 3. devote vt. (与to连用 献身; 连用)献身 . 与 连用 献身; 忠实的; 专心于→ 忠实的 专心于 devoted adj.忠实的;深爱 的→ ...


   英语六级全面复习方法 词汇的练习就是做真题, 因为六级词汇的复现率确实太高了. 建议大家做 20 套真 词汇 题词汇题,实际上重复的有三分之一,大家做的也就是 14 套左右,也就是 420 道左右 的不相重复的题目.在这些题目学习的过程中,一定要将词语的英文意思,搭配和用 法拿下来,特别是被选中的"主角"更要如此.许多"配角"是有潜力变成"主角" 的,这些也要吃透;对于基本上永远不会成为"主角"的词语,如果没有能 ...


   英语六级全面复习方法 词汇的练习就是做真题,因为六级词汇的复现率确实太高了。建议大家 词汇 做 20 套真题词汇题, 实际上重复的有三分之一, 大家做的也就是 14 套左右, 也就是 420 道左右的不相重复的题目。在这些题目学习的过程中,一定要将 词语的英文意思、搭配和用法拿下来,特别是被选中的“主角”更要如此。 许多“配角”是有潜力变成“主角”的,这些也要吃透;对于基本上永远不 会成为“主角”的词语,如果没有能力,学习的力度可以小一些。这 600 道 题大家的分配可以是前三周九十道,后六 ...



   Unit1 p5......但我相当健康。我每天都锻炼,锻炼的时间通常是在我放学回家的时候。 我的饮食习惯相当好。 我努力吃大量的蔬菜, 并且每天我都吃水果、 喝牛奶。 我从不喝咖啡。 当然,我也喜欢吃垃圾食品,我每周吃二至三次。噢,而且每晚我睡 9 个小时。所以你看, 我是在关注我的健康。 我健康的生活方式帮助我取得好成绩。 好的食品和锻炼帮助我学习得 更好。 Unit2 P11 一些健康的生活方式,中国的方式 传统中医认为我们要保持身体的阴阳平衡,这样才能健康。比如,你经常感到虚弱和疲倦 ...


   一、听力应试技巧与策略 1.调整心理,稳定情绪,进入状态 听力测试也是对考生心理素质的检测,过于紧张焦急的情绪容易产生恐惧心理,影响 听力水平的正常发挥。发试卷前最好做一做深呼吸或闭目片刻之类的放松活动,放松自己 的情绪,使自己处于平静状态。树立必胜信念,心慌意乱于事无补,集中精力、临场不惧, 才是明智之举。另外,听力试音的语速和音质与正式考试一致,因此,一定要听好试音, 调整心态,尽早进入考试状态。 2.快速抢读试题,积极进行预测,带着问题去听 高考的听力问题和选项都印在试卷上,试卷发下后 ...


   2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编?冠词 年高考英语试题分类汇编? (10 福建) 21. It’s good feeling for people to admire the Shanghai World Expo that gives them C. the, a D. a, the21. 答案:B pleasure.A. 不填, a B. a, 不填 考点:冠词的使用 解析:good feeling 并非特指,故用 a;pleasure 是抽象名词,无需冠词。句意为“人们喜欢上 海世博会 ...


   英语中考作文经典范文 假期利弊 ★ 范文 2008 年政府取消了“五一”黄金周(“May golden week”),但是,最近有些人又提出要 恢复 7 天的长假。同学们也在校园网的“自由论坛”上展开了激烈的讨论。请你选用下面表格 所提供的信息, 写一篇短文, 谈谈恢复长假的利与弊, 并简述你的观点, 给出一至两条理由。 AdvantagesDisadvantages have a good rest spend more time …with … …cause a lot of troub ...


   英语四六级常见的单词 英语四六级常见的单词 四六级 注:下面的内容是由能飞英语学习网站(www.langfly.com )收集提供! 亲属称谓 表姑 Second cousin 表叔 Second cousin 表兄弟 Father's sister's sons; male cousin 表兄弟 Maternal male cousin 表侄 Second cousin 表姊妹 Father's sister's daughters; female cousin 表姊妹 Maternal ...