1.Alice asked me (礼貌地) to (礼貌地 politely 礼貌地) put the things away.
  2.Don’t be afraid to talk with foreigners. It’s a good (机会) to practise (机会 chance 机会) your spoken English. English.
  3.I don’t want to watch TV this evening. evening.
instead 代替) I’ll listen to music (代替). (代替

  4.I don’t want to make a wrong decision 决定) (决定 (决定) and regret it later.
  5.After dinner, taking a walk can keep healthy you (健康). (健康 健康). B).用括号中单词的正确形式填空 B).用括号中单词的正确形式填空。 用括号中单词的正确形式填空。 luckily
  6.(luck) the man in the car wasn’t badly hurt. planting
  7.The girls are busy (plant) flowers now.
  8.I think this dictionary is ( help ) for your study. twelfth
  9.December is the (twelve) month of the year. death
  10.The doctor’s (die) made all of us sad.

  1.What’s the matter with you?
  1.What’s A I caught bad cold and had to I stay in bed. A. a ; / B. a ; the C. / ; a D. the ; /
  2.The population of China is much D larger than of India. A. this B. those C. it D. that

  3.Would you like a cup of tea or
  3.Would coffee? coffee? A . I’d like a glass of water. . A. Neither B. Both C. None D. Either C
  4.Mr.Smith is teacher that all of us like him. A. such good a C. so good a B. a so good D. a such good

  5.Mary hasn’t been to London. B I haven’t . A. also B. either C. too D. already

  6.Don’t worry, sir. I’m sure I can run to catch up with them. C A. quick enough C. fast enough B. enough slowly D. enough fast

  7.Mum, I play computer games?
  7.Mum, B Yes, you can. But you have to Yes, finish your homework first. A. must B. may C. will D. need
  8. There a concert this evening. There B Yeah. Exciting news. Yeah. A. are going to be C. will have B. is going to be D. is going to have

  9.How clean and tidy your room is!
  9.How A Thank you. It every day. Thank A. is cleaned B. was cleaned C. was cleaning D. is cleaning
  10.All the children like Mr. White very much because he often makes B them. A. laughed B. laugh C. laughing D. to laugh

  11.David has made many friends since A he to China. A. came B. comes C. has come D. will come B
  12.The man was made for ten hours a day. A. do B. to do C. doing D. done
  13.Yao Ming is a great basketball A player, we are proud him. A. of B. to C. for D. at
  14.Work hard, you’ll catch up with your classmates soon. A. or B. but C. and D. yet D
  15. heavily it is raining ! A. What a B. What C. How a D. How
  16.I like to live in a house is big B and bright. A. that B. which C. how D. why
  17.Do you know ? A. if it will be fine tomorrow B. where did they see her C. when shall we have a picnic D. which would you like
  18.Now more and more Chinese D people are enough to buy cars. A. happy B. poor C. weak D. rich
  19. does your teacher look like? He is tall and thin. He A. What B. where C. Who D. Which
  20.Which of the following can you find in a meeting room? A I know , sir. It’s . I A. NO SMOKING B. NO PARKING C. NO SHOOTING D. BUSINESS HOURS
  21.This book is a bit hard. read something easier? All right. All A. Why not to B. Why don’t C. Why not D. Why not you B
  22.? I’m looking for a sweater for my I’m daughter. A. what do you want B. What can I do for you C. what do you want to see D. what about this sweater

  23.Would you like to go out for a walk with us? . ,but I must finish my . C homework first. A. Of course not B. That’s all right C. I’d like to D. Yes, I do
  24. Don’t make a noise! Your father Don’t is sleeping. . . A A. Sorry, I won’t B. It doesn’t matter C. Excuse me , I’m wrong D. Certainly, I won’t
动词考查: 动词考查: A)选择填空: A)选择填空 选择填空:
  1.Jeff borrowed a book from his friend. C He it for a week. A. has borrowed B. has lent C. has kept D. lend
  2.What’s wrong with that boy?
  2.What’s A He by a car yesterday. He A. was hit B. hit C. is hit D. hits
  3.Don’t worry. I the note to him as soon as he comes back. A. will give B. gave C. would give D. give C
  4.The earth is our home. We must it clean. A. change B. sweep C. keep D. build C
  5.It’s too hot. Would you mind __my
  5.It’s the door? Certainly not. Please do it now. Certainly A. open B. opened C. opening D. opens
B).根据句意 B).根据句意,用所给词组的正确形式填 根据句意, 空。 eat up catch up with take care of find out be full of
  1.Please when the train will find out arrive.
  2. Be careful ! The cup is full of hot water.
ate up
  3.He was so hungry that he all the food on the table.
  4.Work harder, and you’llcatch up with the others. Taking care of
  5.our environment is our duty.

  1.He wrote to his mother once a month. month. (划线提问) 划线提问) How often did he write to his mother?
  2.It’s exciting news.(感叹句) news.(感叹句 感叹句) exciting What news it is !
  3.Mike broke the window yesterday. (被动语态) 被动语态) was broken The window by mike yesterday.

  4.I don’t know French. She doesn’t know French, either.(同义句) either.(同义句 同义句) Neither nor She I know French.
  5.It’s ten years since I came to this city. (同义句) 同义句) I in this city for two years. have been
  6.We found that it was difficult to do the work if there was no help. (同义句) 同义句) it We found __ difficult to do the work without any help.

  7.Tom knew something about it only after you told him.(同义句) him.(同义句 同义句) until Tom knew about it nothing you told me.
  8.The stone is so heavy that I can’t lift it up.(同义句) up.(同义句 同义句) such that It’s a heavy stone I can’t lift it up.

  9.They prefer this kind of fruit to that kind.(同义句 kind.(同义句) 同义句) They like this kind of fruitbetter than that kind.
  10.This is an interesting book written by Charles Dickens.(同义句) Dickens.(同义句 同义句) This is an interesting book which was written by Charles Dickens
单句改错: 单句改错:
  1.There is little orange juice in the
  1.There bottle, isn’t there? there? isn’t is

  2.Sorry, I can’t hand in my exercise book now, because I forgot it at home. home. forgotleft
  3.The higher you climb, the more
  3.The farther you’ll see. moremuch

  4.I wondered when could I come back Could II could home.
  5.It’s very dark that I can’t see the words on the blackboard clearly. clearly. veryso
  6.Have you ever read such interesting
  6.Have a book before? before? suchso

  7.I like hamburgers because they taste very well. wellgood
  8. Sam’s bedroom is dirtier than his sister. sister. sistersister’s
  9. The new building where my younger sister works in was built a year ago. wherewhich
  10. Not only Jack but also Jim are good at painting. areis
S: Good morning, madam ! Can I help you ? W: Good morning ! I’m looking for a sweater. S: is it for you ? No, it’s for my son. W: ? S: What size does he wear?
Size M W: . S: What colour? How about this blue one? . W: It looks nice. How much is it ? S: 50 Yuan. W: OK, I’ll take it.

  1.天黑了,你最好回家吧。 天黑了 It’s dark now, you’d better go home.
  2.我今天没有时间去看望他们。 我今天没有时间去看望他们 怎么样? 怎么样? I have no time to see them today. tomorrow? what about

  3.刘翔和姚明一样闻名全国。 刘翔和姚明一样闻名全国 Liu Xiang is as famous as Yao Ming all over China.
  4.你想出的注意好极了。 你想出的注意好极了 You’ve come with a good idea. up
  5.你认为这部电影怎么样? 你认为这部电影怎么样 What do you the film? think of
假定你叫黎明,昨天因游泳而感冒。 假定你叫黎明,昨天因游泳而感冒。今天去了 医院,医生看后建议你休息两天。 医院,医生看后建议你休息两天。你因此向陈 老师请假。请用第一人称写一份请假条。 老师请假。请用第一人称写一份请假条。 参考词汇: 参考词汇: catch a cold, have a headache / a high fever, see a doctor , look over , take my temperature, advice sb. to do sth, ask for two days’ leave. May 20, 2009 Dear Mr. Chen, Yours Li Ming
May 20, 2009 Dear Mr. Chen, I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t go to school. I’ve caught a cold because I swam in the river yesterday. This morning, I had a headache. My mother took me to see a doctor. The doctor looked me over very carefully. He took my temperature
and said I had a high a fever. He gave me some medicine and advised me to stay in bed for two days. Now I’m writing to you to ask for two days’ leave. Yours Li Ming



   一、词汇 A.根据句意及所给首字母提示或汉意 根据句意及所给首字母提示或汉意 提示完成单词。 提示完成单词。 hance 1.I have never had a c to talk with him since I came here. xcept 2.Everyone is here e Jim because he was ill in bed. 3.How many (西红柿 西红柿) tomatoes 西红柿 would you like? warns 警告 not 4.The t ...


   词汇考查: 词汇考查: A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 用括号中词的正确形式填空 1.On our way to school we saw an old man lying (lie) on the ground. 2.The film is very interesting, we are interested all (interest) in it. 3.When the teacher came into the classroom , all ...


   词汇考查 1.Alice asked me (礼貌地) to (礼貌地 politely 礼貌地) put the things away. 2.Don’t be afraid to talk with foreigners. It’s a good (机会) to practise (机会 chance 机会) your spoken English. English. 3.I don’t want to watch TV this evening. evening. instead 代替 ...

2011届高考英语二轮专题复习课件:第15讲 特殊句式

   第15讲 特殊句式 例① If you have a job, yourself to it A and finally you'll succeed. A. do devote B. don't devote C. devoting D. not devoting 解析]考查谓语动词的强调及“祈使句+and+ [解析]考查谓语动词的强调及“祈使句 将来时句子”的固定搭配。句意为: 将来时句子”的固定搭配。句意为:“如果你有了 一份工作,付出努力去做它,最后你定能成功。 一份工作,付出努力去 ...

2011届高考英语二轮专题复习课件:第13讲 名词性从句

   第13讲 13讲 just for a change? 名词性从句 例① ? How about camping this weekend, C ? OK, you want. A. whichever C. whatever B. however D. whoever 解析] 本题考查引导词。 句意: [ 解析 ] 本题考查引导词 。 句意 : “ 这个周末 野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?”“好啊 好啊, 野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?”“好啊,按你的意思 吧!”句子缺少宾语,故用whatever。 ...


   三年级到六年级重点句型 四年级下册 1. This is my computer. 这是我的电脑. That is your computer. 那是你的电脑. 2. Is this a teacher’s desk? 这是讲台吗? Yes, it is. 是的,它是. 3. What time is it? 现在几点钟? It’s two o’clock. 现在两点. 4. It’s 9:45. It’s time for math class. 现在九点四十五.该上数学课的时间了. ...


   北京地区成人本科学士学位英语统一考试:www.ruccet.com 010-62519136 第一节 复习计划 日期 示例 9 月 22 日 非谓语动词 日期 复习内容 复习情况小结及改错情况 复习内容 复习不定式(指南 XX 页) 习题 1-20 复习情况小结及改错情况 不定式作状语用法不清 已改错(P3 6 P4 20) 知识点解析 非谓语概述 非谓语动词:在句子中充当除谓语以外的句子的动词形式叫做非谓语动词。非谓语动词不能单独作 谓语,没有人称和数的变化,但仍保留动词的某些特征,可以有 ...

高考英语全面 复习五

   高考英语全面 复习五Nelson Mandela?a moderm hero 纳尔逊?曼德拉?一位当代英雄 考纲知识预览 重点单词 1. quality n. 质量;品质;性 . 质量;品质; 质→ quantity n.数量 . 2. generous adj. 慷慨的;大方 慷慨的; . 的→ generously adv. 3. devote vt. (与to连用 献身; 连用)献身 . 与 连用 献身; 忠实的; 专心于→ 忠实的 专心于 devoted adj.忠实的;深爱 的→ ...


   英语六级全面复习方法 词汇的练习就是做真题, 因为六级词汇的复现率确实太高了. 建议大家做 20 套真 词汇 题词汇题,实际上重复的有三分之一,大家做的也就是 14 套左右,也就是 420 道左右 的不相重复的题目.在这些题目学习的过程中,一定要将词语的英文意思,搭配和用 法拿下来,特别是被选中的"主角"更要如此.许多"配角"是有潜力变成"主角" 的,这些也要吃透;对于基本上永远不会成为"主角"的词语,如果没有能 ...


   2005年湖南高考英语写作 2005年湖南高考英语写作 题目要求:假设你是李平, 题目要求:假设你是李平,最近参加了由某电视台举办 的中学生英语演讲比赛并获奖, 的中学生英语演讲比赛并获奖,该台准备组织获奖者去 北京参加一次英语夏令营活动,现就有关事项, 北京参加一次英语夏令营活动,现就有关事项,征求你 的意见.请根据下表所提供的信息, 的意见.请根据下表所提供的信息,用英语以书信形式 给予答复. 给予答复. 注意: 注意: 15日 22日或 日或8 7月15日-22日或8月 1选择适合你的 ...



   1. 能源危机: energy crisis 2. 民族自豪感: national pride 3. 经济和技术的进一步发展: further advances in economy and technology 4. 设法对付压力: manage one’s stress 5. 非常流行: be very prevalent 6. 采取行动: take action 7. 保持积极的态度: keep a positive attitude 8. 实现诺言: keep one’s promi ...


   2010? 崇德高考复读学校 2010?2011 年高考英语模拟试题 第I卷(三部分,共105分) 卷 三部分, 分 听力(共两节, 满分30分 第一部分 听力(共两节 满分 分) 英语知识运用(共两节, 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.Why do you eat all the vegetables but leave meat untouched? I’m on diet. A.a; the B ...


   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. ag=do,act 做,动 agri=field 田地,农田(agri 也作 argo,agr) ann=year 年(ann 也作 enn) audi=hear 听(audi 也作 a ...


   第一法 VOA Special English 节目内容题材广泛,如果能坚持长期学习,你不仅能扩充知识面,增加词 汇量,提高阅读能力,还能在潜移默化中提高写作水平。那么你是怎么样使用 VOA Special 总结出一 English 来学习提高英语水平的呢?这次讨论的目的在于发现常见的错误的学习方法, 套行之有效的最佳 VOA Special English 学习方法,欢迎大家积极参与讨论! 最佳实践一:用 VOA Special English 练听力 网站上提供的 VOA Special ...


   Ningbo Yinzhou Zhengshi Middle school Wang Yong 教 材 背 景 分 析 教 学 目 标 教 学 内 容 教 学 原 则 教 材 任 务 与 安 排 评 价 手 段 与 操 作 方 式 1. 学生背景分析 2. 单元背景分析 1. 语言知识 2. 语言技能 3. 情感态度 与文化意识 I. II. III. IV. 学习与science 和scientists有关的词汇 学习与 有关的词汇 了解一词多义现象与合成词的构成 如何就某一事物给予指导与 ...