词汇考查: 词汇考查:
A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 A).用括号中词的正确形式填空。 用括号中词的正确形式填空
  1.On our way to school we saw an old man lying (lie) on the ground.
  2.The film is very interesting, we are interested all (interest) in it.
  3.When the teacher came into the classroom , all the students stopped talking (talk).
  4.(luck), the Class 3 students won the race in the sports meeting. yourselves
  5. “Help (you) to some fish, children.” Said Mrs. Smith. B).根据汉意提示补全单词 B).根据汉意提示补全单词。 根据汉意提示补全单词。
  6. After dinner, talking a walk can healthy keep you(健康). you(健康 健康).
  7.We hope the 2008 Olympic Games will be held (成功) (成功 successfully 成功) in Beijing.
century 世纪),
  8.In the 21st (世纪), I believe (世纪 our country will have great changes and big progress.
  9.The man is impolite and treats the rudely 粗鲁地). poor boy (粗鲁地). (粗鲁地 surprising 惊奇)
  10.It’s (惊奇) that they (惊奇 came home earlier than before.
  11.My sister isn’t afraid to speak in public 公共的) (公共的 (公共的)
politely 礼貌)
  12.He asked me (礼貌) where (礼貌 the post office is .
  13.Can you give me several pieces of advice 建议) (建议 (建议) on how to learn English well ?

  1. a winter morning, Tom fell C the ladder onto the ground. A. In ; off B. At ; down C. On; off D. On ; of

  2.Would you please the windows? A I’m feeling a little cold. A. not open C. not to open B. don’t open D. no open

  3.All of us surprised that a little D boy can eat much food. A. so ; such C. so ; so B. such ; such D. such ; so

  4.The door is too small for the elephant to
B go it.
A. across B. through C. over D. up
  5.The number of the students in Class 3
A too big, so a number of them
going to be sent to Class 1 or Class
  2. A. is ; are C. are ; are B. are ; is D. is ; is

  6.Could you tell me the way to the
  6.Could nearest post office? . . B A. Yes, I could B. I’m busy now. C. I’m sorry, I’m a stranger here. D. You can ask the policeman.
  7.Do you mind if I smoke here?
  7.Do D . . A. Yes, I do B. You are welcome C. No, I don’t D. please don’t . It’s a no smoking car.

  8.I’m fourteen. My friend is sixteen. So D I am him. A. as old as B. not younger than C. not so young as D. two years younger than D
  9.Let’s go and play football, ?
  9.Let’s That’s wonderful. That’s A. will you B. do you C. won’t we D. shall we

  10.How often __ the Olympic Games C ? Every four years. Every A. does ; hold B. was ; hold C. is ; held D. did ; hold B
  11.the text is not very long and there are few new words in it, it’s not easy for us to understand. A. Because B. Though C. But D. So
  12. long the bridge is ! Let me drive you over it. A. What B. What a C. How D. how a
  13. Where have you been, Tom ? C your mother for you the whole morning. A. is looking B. have looking C. has been looking D. looked

  14.I the computer for half a year. D A. bought B. have bought C. buy D. have had
  15.My brother likes playing B football __ and violin. A. the ; the B. / ; the C. the ; / D. a ; the B
  16.The boy a white shirt is waiting for you outside. A. on B. in C. wear D. of

  17.Could you tell me when ? A In ten minutes. In A. the bus will leave B. will the bus leave C. the bus has left D. the bus had left
  18.The speaker raised his voice so A that he could make others him. A. hear B. to hear C. hearing D. heard

  19.Did your parents go to the movies yesterday evening? No, we stayed at home at No, B watching TV. A. both B. all C. either D. none
  20.Could you tell me which city will hold the National Sport Games? Sorry, I can’t answer your Sorry, C questions. I know about it. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little
  21.The boy is only six years old he knows a lot about China. A. so B. but C. or D. if A
  22. Children should get on well with. A. be taught how to ; others B. be known ; another C. teach how they ; another D. taught to ; the other
  23.The thing about he is talking is very important. A. which B. that C. if D. what
  24.When the famous singer started to sing, everyone began to shout very. A A. loudly B. loud C. heavily D. high A
  25.Mike finished the work quickly,. A. so did Tom B. so Tom did C. so was Tom D. Tom did so
动词考查: 动词考查: A)选择填空 A)选择填空
  1.Where is your father? I haven’t
  1.Where seen him for a long time. He England. He D A. is going to B. goes to C. has been to D. has gone to A
  2.John come to see us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet. A. may B. must C. has to D. can
  3.His grandma for two years. A. was dead B. has been dead C. was died D. has died A
  4. The teacher always asks us with fire. A. not to play B. to not play C. didn’t play D. not play A
  5.The teacher told us the sun in the east. A. rises B. rose C. risen D. rise
B) 根据句意,用所给词组的正确形式填 根据句意, 空。 get dressed is famous for grow up learn …by heart come up with
come up with
  1.Think hard, and you’ll
a good idea.
  2.The boy is too young to get dressed .
  3.I want to be a teacher when Igrow up .
is famous for
  4.France its wine and seafood.
  5.These new words is so important learn by heart that you must them .
句型转换: 句型转换:

  1.Bruce bought a dictionary yesterday. (否定句) 否定句) Bruce didn’t buy a dictionary yesterday.

  2. “Don’t make such a mistake again, Mike ” Mr. Brown said (合并句子) (合并句子 合并句子) not to Mr. Brown told Mike make such a mistake again.
  3.This kind of computer is 5,000 Yuan. Yuan. (划线提问) 划线提问)
What price is the of this kind of

  4. “Where will you wait for me?” she asked me.(改为间接引语) me.(改为间接引语 改为间接引语) She asked meWhere I wait would for her.
  5. We should water the young trees every two days.(被动语态) days.(被动语态 被动语态) The young trees should watered be every two days.

  6.I hear you had a good time in Harbin last month.(同义句) month.(同义句 同义句)
enjoyed yourself I hear you
in Harbin last month.
  7.Jim found the key. I lost it yesterday. (定语从句) 定语从句)
lost Jim found the key which I

  8.I have just lent her the dictionary. (同义句) 同义句) She has just the dictionary borrowed from me.
  9.There is hardly any milk in the is ?(反意疑问句 there 反意疑问句) bottle, ?(反意疑问句)
  10.I don’t know how I can get there. (同义句) 同义句) to get I don’t know how there.
A: The world’s population is so large. shops are full of people on Sundays. B: There will be a lot more people next century.The earth will be full of people. and there will be standing room only. A: That will be a terrible problem. How to solve the problem? B: .
A: Look up into the sky. what can you see? B: Of course, I can see the moon and stars. A: Oh, yes, the moon is the satellite of the earth. Maybe man will fly to the moon and I will live on the . moon one day. B: I beg your pardon? A: I mean , man can fly to the moon. .
B: I think so. But man can’t live there because there is no air, no water , no life on the moon. How can we live there? A: Yes, Man can’t live there before solving these problems.

  1.当别人犯错误时 不要嘲笑他们。 当别人犯错误时, Don’t laugh others when at they make mistakes.
  2.现在越来越多的人意识到保持身体 健康十分重要。 健康十分重要。 More and more people find it healthy important to keep .

  3.我们很长时间没有见面了。 我们很长时间没有见面了 met It’s a long time since we last.
  4.这件工作太难了 我自己做不了。 这件工作太难了, that It is Such a difficult job I can’t do it all by myself.
  5.多亏了你的帮助 多亏了你的帮助, 使用计算机。 使用计算机。 Thanks your help, I know how to to use the computer now.


  1.Under your help, I can finish the
  1.Under work on time. time.
  2.I haven’t finished the work, and you haven’t, too. haven’t, too.

  3.May be you should go home now.
may bemaybe

  4.He was seen enter the building ten minutes ago. ago.
enterto enter

  5.The apples on the tree are hard to
  5.The reach them. them. them去掉 去掉
  6.Lucy did badly in the test, I did test, badly. much more badly.
more badlyworse

  7.He told me light traveled faster than sound.

  8.You’d better to phone Jenny and say
  8.You’d hello to her.
to phonephone

  9.Would you please don’t make any
  9.Would noise ?

  10.Can you tell me how long you have bought the book?

  11.We will go shopping if it won’t rain tomorrow.
won’t raindoesn’t rain

  12.I really don’t know if he will come or not tomorrow.
拥有一个干净、优美的学习环境非 拥有一个干净、 常重要, 常重要,我们应该保持校园环境的清 洁.请你以 “How to Make Our School Clean and Beautiful” 为题,写一篇60--为题,写一篇60--吐痰), 80词的话。提示词: spit(吐痰), public 80词的话 提示词: spit(吐痰 词的话。 places(公共场所 places(公共场所), throw rubbish(扔垃 公共场所), rubbish(扔垃 environment(保护环境 保护环境). 圾), protect the environment(保护环境).
参考范文: 参考范文:
How to Make Our School Clean and Beautiful Our school is like our home. We should love it. It’s our duty to keep it clean and beautiful all the time. so we Should plant more trees and flowers in it. We shouldn’t spit in public places, such as in the library, in the classroom. We should neither draw pictures on
the wall nor throw any rubbish around us. If everyone tries his best to protect our school environment , I’m Sure our school will be more beautiful.
  2) 书面表达(
很多父母希望孩子把时间花 在学习上. 不让做家务; 在学习上.如:不让做家务;不 许看电视……谈谈你的想法 许看电视……谈谈你的想法 用英语表达出来. 用英语表达出来.词数六十左 右.
Yesterday afternoon, I went home after school. I wanted to help my father to sweep the floor, but he said, “You needn’t do that. Do some reading!” later ,When I was watching TV, my mother came and turned off the TV and shouted to me, “ You shouldn’t waste your time ! Go to study !” I wonder if I should spend all the time on my study. There are many other things for me to learn too.



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