1) As we know, Xiao Shenyang and Liu Qian did wonderful jobs in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Now many people are crazy about these two persons. But how much do you know about them? Xiao Shenyang was born in a poor peasant family which is in difficult family conditions. His real name is Shen He. He is an actor. He is good at Er Ren Zhuan. He learned acts, following Zhao Benshan. During the school life, he was very active in many activities. He looks like a simple man, but he never stops pursuing (追求) his artistic aspiration (渴望). More and more people like his style of performance, and we hope he can make great progress in the future. Liu Qian is a young magician from Taiwan. At the age of 7, Liu saw a cute magic toy in a shop. At that moment he began to love and decided to learn magic. Liu didn’t go to any magic school. he practiced tricks every day to improve his skills, until one day he was able to put on a show for his class. He saw the surprise on everyone’s face, and he felt it was cool. He often does street shows for passers-by, police and farmers. He worked hard at it. Now he is a famous magicia Xiao Shenyang Job How to succeed An actor He learned acts, following Zhao Benshan. During the school life, he
  78.. He looks like
  80.. But he never stops pursuing the artistic aspiration. Liu Qian A young magician from Taiwan He always learned magic
  77. at the beginning. At his show for his class, he found everyone
  79. and he felt it was cool. He often does street shows for people. He works hard at it.

  2) One of the most well-known directors of our time is Stephen Spielberg. He was born in Cincinnati on 18 December 19
  46. His father was an electric engineer and his mother was a performing pianist. His sister, Anne Spielberg, became a screenwriter who wrote the stories for many famous films. Stephen had always wanted to be a director ever since he was a young boy. When he was just 13 years old, he made a 40-minute film. It won a local competition. Three years later, he produced a film called Firelight, which made one hundred dollars’ profit at the cinema in his hometown. Many of the ideas from this film were later used for one of his most famous films called Close Encounters of the Third Kind. When he was 18 years old, he wanted to go to film school so that he could improve his skills and become an even better director. Unluckily, he was unsuccessful in getting a place at this school so he went to a university in California to study English. Even though he had failed to get into the school he wanted to go to, he didn’t let this stop him following his dream to become a great director. Stephen Spielberg has directed many films since his first major film in 19
  76. He now owns many different businesses, most of which are involved in the film industry. Year 1946 1959 1962
  79. 1976 What happened
  76. Stephen Spielberg in Cincinnati.
  77. Stephen Spielberg made a film and it a local competition.
  78. Stephen Spielberg produced a film called, from which many were later used for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Though he to get into the film school he wanted to go to, Stephen Spielberg didn’t give up his dream to become a great director.
  80. Stephen Spielberg his major film. (
  3) A Page From Li Meng’s Diary Thursday, January 23 Sunny Today I was so happy to know that I did quite well in my last week’s science exam. Thanks to Daniel, he taught me a new way of going over lessons. It is called “map idea”.
Because of the map idea, I’ve learned how to find out the main idea in every lesson. And in my mind I can draw a map of all the important knowledge I need to remember. It’s really good. I can remember so much in that way. I never thought of changing the way of my study before. I was always complaining about my poor memory, but now my memory has become good because of the map idea. It made my study much easier and more enjoyable. I realized learning how to learn well is the most important for us students. .
  96. There was a science exam in Li Meng’s class
  97. Daniel taught Li Meng a good way to study. That is .
  98. Li Meng complain about his bad memory.
  99. Li Meng has learned a new way of lessons. 1
  00. It is the most important how to learn well. (
  4) Dear Miss Li, I’d like to thank you for sending money to “Animal Helpers”,an organization set up to help diabled people.For sure you have helped make it possible for me to have "Lucky", who has filed my life with pleasure. “Lucy” is a specialy trained dog for the disabled.It is a good name for him because I feel very lucky to have him. Being blind, deaf, unable to use my hands easily are the challenges I face. "Lucky" helps me open and shut the doors,even answer the telephone.He cheers me up a lot. I’l send you a photo of him if you like,and Icould show you how he helps me too one day.And I thank you again for supporting "Animal Helpers". It is important that this organization does not run out of money. Your donation is greatly appreciated and the money is well used to help disabled people like me. Best wishes, Liz Smith
  71.Liz Smith is aman who isto see or hear.
  72."Lucky" is theof a specialydog.
  73."Animal Helpers" is an organization that wasup tothe disabled.
  74.Liz Smith willMiss Lia a photo of the dog andher how "Lucky" helps him.
  75.LizSmith wrote this letter toMiss Li for herto Animal Helpers. (

  6) Dear Sir,
We joined your Happy Summer Camp, but we are not happy at all! Where are your comfortable rooms? I’m writing this letter in my tent and it’s raining again out there. Water is coming through the tent. Everything is wet. Is this the river? How can we swim in the river? It is so dirty and the rubbish is here and there. What kind of fish can live in it? What about our excellent food? We eat potatoes almost every meal and they were badly cooked! So we aren’t even full enough. Yes, there is a swimming pool, but is it as big as an Olympic size pool? And it is always closed. There are 20 mountain bikes here. But you see most of them don’t work. Everything is bad here??we can’t stay here any longer! Unhappy May 1
  16. May is not when she is writing the letter. 1
  17. May and her friends swim neither in the river nor in the swimming pool. 1
  18. The food in the camp is not well cooked, so that they always feel . 1
  19. May complains about in the camp. 1
  20. They can’t wait to the camp. (

  8) Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday The holiday season is a wonderful time to stay with the family and to enjoy delicious food you like best. But along with the many joys of the holiday, there is also quite a lot of stress (压力). Exercise is an excellent way to fight that stress. Traveling, shopping, and many other exercises as well as eating well are also good for health. Here are some holiday tips that will help you save time for holiday necessities and prevent you from getting weight. Make time for a walk and do some activities every day. Take the stairs instead of waiting for the lift Make time for breakfast. Even a quick breakfast , like fruits or juice, whole-grain cereal and milk, can prevent hunger during the day. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Enough water prevents hunger and tiredness. You can choose good drinks like water, juice and tea. Eat at least five kinds of fruits and vegetables every day. If you want to eat something between breakfast and lunch, pick fruits and vegetables. They are great snacks! Wish all of you a very healthy and happy holiday season! The main idea is about the ways to enjoy a wonderful__
  81. Some holiday tips that are good for your health: Make time for a walk and do some activities. Don’t wait for the lift. Take the82instead. Make time for __83 , even a quick one. Drink at least eight glasses of _84every day. Eat at least five kinds of 85and __86 every day.
任务型阅读答案 任务型阅读答案 阅读理解在一方面考查考生的信息输入能力,另考查考生根据所获得的信息进行信息输出的能力,这种题型正在被各 地广为接受。答案有些在原文中找到,有些可将原文中某些片语的进行加工整合,用一、两个词进行替换。 (
  77. by himself
  78. joined in / took (active) part in / was very active in many activities
  79. (was) surprised
  80. asimple man (
  76. was born
  77. 40-minute; won
  78. Firelight; ideas
  79. 1964; failed
  80. directed/ made/ produced; first。 (
  96.last week。
  97.map idea / Map Idea。
  98.used to。“used to do sth.”可以表示“was/were always doing sth.”的意思
  99.going over / reviewing his100to learn / to know / to study / to realize (
  75.thank;donation/help (
  78. raise/collect
  79. one
  80. ticket
  81. home
  82. special (
  18. hungry1
  19. everything1
  20. leave (
  68. seven/7
  70. feet
  71. left/most



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