1.I received an (出乎意料的)gift on my brithday party yesterday.

  2.It is true that (nature) food is good for our health.

  3.Children need time and (free) to have fun.

  4.Jenny looks(confuse) when she buys something in China.

  5.My manager’s computer is broken,he’ll have it (repair) this afternoon.

  1.( )Cina is a warm girl, so many people like to make friends with her.
A.hot B.strange C.friendly D.heated

  2.( ) Don’t be afraid! No matter what happens,I’ll be behind you.
A.meet B.support C.miss D.change

  3.( )We have been working around the clock to get it done on time.
A.here and there B.up ang down C.day and night D.now and then

  4.( )When a child realizes he should stand on his own feet, he has grown up.
A.stand B.go somewhere C.get up by himself D.depend on himself

  5.( )You have’t played tennis for days, have you?
No.I have got my hands full these days.
A.am busy B.am sick C.am unhappy D.am nervous

  1.( )A:When your mother you that blue dress, Mary?
B:Sorry, I really can’t remember.
A.does;buy B.has;bought C.had;boughd D.did;buy

  2.( )She that same song so many times. I’m getting sick of it !
A.sings B.sang C.will sing D.has sung

  3. ( )A; Hasn’t Betty come yet?
B;No, and I for her for nearly two hours.
A.wait B.waited C.have waited D.had waited
4 ( ) If we continue to be the problem , things are sure to go from bad to worse.
. A.blind to B.interested in C.honest about D.satisfied with
5 ( ) A:Do you know ? B:Sorry, I don’t know.
A.where does Jimmy work B.whrer Jimmy works C.how does Jimmy go to work D.what does Jimmy do
6 ( ) A:Have you seen my glasses? I find them.
B:Sorry, I haven’t seen them
A.can’t B.shouldn’t C.won’t D.mustn’t
7 ( ) A:Nancy, it’s too hot..Put the fish in the fridge ,or it will bad.
A.go B.change C .feel D.keep
8 ( ) A:Hey.Turn it off ! We don’t music in the reading-room.
B:Oh, I’m sorry , madam .
A.like B.hear C.play D.allow
9 ( )A:Are you from America?
B:No, none of us.
A.both B.all C.any D.either
10 ( ) A:May I have another cake ?
B:You ‘d better not .you shouldn’t go swimming on a stomach.
A.hot B.hungry C.fat D.full
11 ( ) A:Peter, I think we need to buy a new car.
B:Oh,no! We are out of money ,you know?
A.Trying B.going C.getting D.running
12( )I bought Chian Daily from a street-cornet machine this morning
A.a page of B.a piece of C.a copy of D.a book of
13 ( ) A:Hurry up ,Jack!
B;Just give me five minutes to put my desk in .
A.time B.line C.order D.shape
14 ( ) A:You mean I have to go there by myself , for you are not free.
A.you mean it B.you think it C.you got it D.you did it
15 ( ) Mary was looking forward to to Kate’s birthday party
A.inviting B.being invited C.invite D.be invited
四..交际运用 (根据对话内容及方框中所给的句子补全对话。选项中有一项是多余选项)
Joe:Hello, Sue! Congratulations!
Joe:You used to be shy when you talked to others. Why did you talk part in the speech contest?
Sue:yeah, I used to be shy.She told me I must have confidence in everything. She encouraged me to do that.
Joe:How could you do such a good job?
Sue:In order to make it good,I had practiced it hundreds of times.
Joe:How did you feel when you won the prize?
Sue:At first, I could hardly believe I was the winner. I could’t
help crying.
Joe:What do you think of the speech contest?
Sue:It changed me a lot.I’m very thankful to all the people
who helped me.
Joe:Thanks for answering my questions.
A.By precticing the speech every day. B.Thank you.
C.And my mother was really worried about it. D.That’s all right.
E.But when I realized it was true,I got excited. F.It made me feel confident.
Thousands of years ago , human didn’t live in towns. Sometimes they would live in caves or build camps in the forest.
Only about thirty peoplein each camp. The men would go hunting while the women and childrenfood from the trees around the camp.All the food was between everone in the group,Every few weeks they moved to another place to find more food. It was a simple life,but people had to be.they had to make everything that they needed,and they had to know a lot about plants and animals.
Nowadays most people live in towns and cities, and they work in offices and factories.Life is than in the old days.There are fewer,but there is less excitement.Some people go excitement?sailing round the would,climbing mountains,or exploring caves.Most people look forword to the,a time when they can enjoy a change from their normal life.For some this means going camping.But camping today is from camping in the past. Gas cookers.,,ready-made food and air-beds mean people can camp much morethan they did in the old times.

  1.( )A.lived B.talked C.came D.danced

  2.( )A.planted B.collect C.watched D.bought

  3.( )A.found B.used C.shared D.sold

  4.( )A.polite B.kind C.careful D.clever

  5.( )A.worse B.faster C.easier D.harder

  6.( )A.dangers B.stories C.people D.animals

  7.( )A.waiting for B.looking for C.tirning on D.putting on

  8.( )A.dreams B.gifts C.meals D.holidays

  9.( )A.away B.different C.free D.far

  10.( )A.slowly B.terribly C.comfortably D.hopefully
Taking away a city’s rubbish is a big job.Every day trucks come into a city to collect it.Most rubbish is made up of things we can't eat or use. If we kept these things we would soon have a mountain of rubbish.
In some cities the rubbish is collected and taken outside of city to a dump. Often the city dump is placed where the ground is low or there is big hole.the kitchen rubbish is broken into small pieces and sent into the sewage system. The sewage system takes away the used water from toilets , bathtubs and other places.
To keep mice and flies away, some earth is used to cover the newly dumped rubbish.Later grass may be planted on the rubbish-filled land .Finally, a house or a school may be built there ,and then you'd never know that this had once been an old rubbish dump.
In other cities the rubbish is burnt in special place.The fire burns everything but the metal.Sometimes the metal can be used again in factories where things are made of metal. The food parts of rubbish are put in special piles where they slowly change into something called humus, which looks like black earth.It is rich with the kinds of things that feed plants and help make then grow.

  1.You can most probably read the passage in.
A.a science book B.a TV guide C.a history book D.a telephone book

  2.The main idea of the passage is.
A.to let us know taking away rubbish is a big job
B.to explain the need for rubbish collection
C.to introduce different ways to treat rubbish
D.to tell people to take useful things out of rubbish

  3.The underlined word “sewage”in the passage means.
A.排污 B.染色 C.洗涤 D.吸尘

  4.According to the passage, the food parts of rubbish can used again.
A.to feed animals B.to feed plants C.to build a house D.to make machines

  5.how should we take care of a used metal box according to the passage?
A.by burning it off B.by putting it in water
C.by throwing it away D.by reusing and recycling it
Many Chinese students think American students enjoy more freedom than them at school.But American schools also have their rules.If the students break the rules ,they will get punishment, too.
On the first day of a new term,128 students of Morton High School were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes.There are altogether 1200 students in the school.Usually only 20 students break the school dress rule every day .SO the headmaster Theresa Mayerik said it was the worst new term she had ever seen.
At Morton High School, students' favorite clothing such as baggy (宽大的)trousers, low-necked shirts and tank tops(紧身短背心)are not allowed in classrooms .Some students think they have the right to choose what to wear ,but the headmaster doesn't think so.”I'd be supportive if half the school was sent home, because 99% will get the massage that our school are for education. " "freedum" dose not mean "free of restrictions".That is to say there no total freedom in the world ,no matter in the US or in China.

  6.Many Chinese student think that .
A.American students are very free at school
B.American students are not so clever as them
C.American students don't love their school at all

  7.128 students of Morton High School were sent home for .
A.not finishing their homework
B.being late for school
C.not wear the right clothes

  8.Some students in Morton High School think that they have the right to .
A.decide when to go to school B.choose what to wear
C.eat and drink in class

  9.What does the underlined word "supportive"mean in Chinese?
A.高兴的 B.支持的 C.害怕的

  10.what‘s the writer's attitude to the school dress rule?
A.agree B.disagree C.not sure
The Development of China's Sports
Sports have developed fast in our country these years.
In 1974,our country first came to the Asain Games.In 1978,in the 8th Asain Games,our country won the second place.Our country has won the largest number of gold medals in the past six Asain Games since 19
In 1984,China competed in the Olympic Games,and won the fourth place with 15 gold medals . In 1988,China won five gold medals in the 24th Olympic Games. In the 25th and 26th Olympic Games,we both won 16 gold medals and ranked fourth .In 2000 ,for the first time ,we ranked third with 28 gold medals.In 2004,we won 32 gold medals and ranked second in the Athens Olympic Games.We felt very proud of our great country.
At the same time ,our country tries to improve the ability of hosting international games .In1990,we hosted the 11th Asain Games successfully.TO our pride ,the 29th Olympic Games will be hold in Beijing and the 16th Asain Games will be held in Guangzhou in 20
  10.It shows our success in sports is accepted by the world.
Clearly , our country has become a powerful country in sports.

  11.our country has won the largest number of medals in Asain Games 19

  12.In1984,our country part in the 23rd Olympic Games and won the place

  13.In2004,we won gold medals as mamy __ we did in the 25th Olympic Games.

  14.we will hold the 16th Games in Guangzhou in two .

  15.From the passage ,we know that China has great progress in so far.
If you have failed in the past to try to make big changes in life,try again now,one tiny step at a time .
Every year it's the same. As December comes to an end , you think about the new year and all the ways you want to improve your life.But as you start to write down your hopes for the new year ,you think about the last year. you excitedly write down all the changed you are going to make ,but by the end of January those ideas get lost in your busy life .
Here's a suggestion:Forget the too big ,hard-to-achieve goals and just think about the small ones ."We often think that we have to do everything in big steps,even though it's so hard for us to reach it,"said Robert Maurer, who recently wrote the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life."what we try to do is to begin with such a samll step that we can't find any excuse not to do it."
"Kaizen",a Japanese word ,is used to mean to change behavior and attitudes. During World WarⅡ,American factory managers were able to increase productivity by trying small, continuous improvements instead of sudden changes.After the war ,the idea was brought to a rebuilding Japan. It made Japan develop fast.The Japanese called it "Kaizen" ,which means "improvement".
Maurer studied the idea and did some experiments with it ."Kaizen"could possibly help people succeed in doing everything.

  16.At the end of December, people usually.
A.fail to make big changes B.plan for the last year
C.think about the new year D.try to lose their ideas

  17. Robert Maurer wrote a book to tell us.
A.we should do everything in big steps
B.how to change one’s life with one small step
C.we should try a lot of sudden changes
D.how to find a small step without any excuse

  18.The underlined part “increase productivity”in the passage mea



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