练习题及答案 【阅读专题】首字母填空 练习题及答案 阅读专题】 (A)
There are
  1. t many accidents in cities. Accidents often happen when
  2.c the roads or streets. Read the passage
  3.c and learn to be careful later on. Be careful when it is
  4. r. Many accidents happen on rainy days. People are in a
  5. h because they don’t want to get
  6. w . They often cross the roads quickly. Often they can’t see 7 c as they hold their umbrellas in front of themselves .Remember that cars take longer time to stop when the roads are wet. When it is raining, we must be more and more careful, not less careful.
Most American families are smaller than the families in other 1 c .
Children in the US will 2 l their parents’ homes. When they grow up, they usually live 3 f from their parents because they want to 4 f good jobs. They often 5 w to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to 6 v their parents on holiday. Parents usually let their children choose their 7o jobs. Americans think it important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves. Children are asked to do some work around their houses. And in many families, Children are paid for doing some housework so that they can learn how to make money for their own use.
Someone says: “Time is money,” but I think time is 1 e more
important than money. Why? Because when money is spent, we can get it back. However, when time is 2 g , it will never 3 r . That’s why we mustn’t waste time. It goes without saying that the 4 t is usually limited(有限的). Even a second is very important. We should make full use of our time to do 5 s useful. But it is a pity that there are a lot of people who do not know the 6 i of time. They spent their limited time smoking, drinking and 7 p . They do not know that wasting time means wasting part of their own lives . In a word, we should save time. We shouldn’t leave today’s work for tomorrow. Remember we have no time to lose.
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