-2W: Hello, Harvard. I’m calling to tell you I can’t go to the party tomorrow. M: What’s the matter, Lily? W: My sister has a sore throat. A sore throat can give her a fever, so I should stay at home.
第一部分 听力
M: Where are your parents? W: They are at work. (C B)
模拟试题听力材料 (一) Ⅰ、听小对话,选择正确的图片。
  1. W: I prefer quiet music to loud music. M: I think so. Loud music makes me nervous.
  2. W: What a heavy rain! It has rained for two days. M: But the radio says it will be cloudy tomorrow.
  3. W: Did you use to go home at seven, Mike? M: Yes, but I went home one hour later yesterday.
  4. W: What delicious fruit! Shall I have another one?
听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 13-15 三小题。 W: How do you usually get to work, Simon? M: Well, first I walk to the bus stop. Then I take a bus to the bus stop near our bank. Finally, I walk. W: Oh, my god. How long does that take? M: About 60 minutes. You know I live 30 miles away. Ⅳ、短文理解。 It will be my life in ten years. I think I’ll be a good doctor.With the help of robots, I can help many people. I will live in Hangzhou, because it’s a beautiful city. There will be more trees and less pollution. I will go to work by bus, because there will be fewer cars. I think I’ll live in an apartment near the West Lake. I’ll live with my friends, because I don’t like living alone. I’ll go walking every day and sometimes I’ll go fishing with my friends. During the week I’ll look cool, and probably will wear a suit. At weekends, I’ll be able to dress more (B B B)
M: Sorry, Sandra. I haven’t got any apples now. Would you like some strawberries? W: No, thanks.
  5. W: Do you know where Jim is? I haven’t seen him for a long time. M: Oh, he’s gone to Australia with his family. Ⅱ、听小对话,回答问题。
  6. W: Lily has studied in the college. M: Yes. Her dream has come true. Q: What was Lily’s dream?
  7. W: It wasn’t easy to win the match. No.4 Middle School was really a strong team. M: But your team is even stronger. I knew you would beat them because you played so well in the league match. Q: What are they talking about?
  8. W: What film is on today? M: Not One Less. W: Great. Two tickets, please. Q: Where are they now?
  9. W: Excuse me, Mr. Hill. How often do you exercise? M: Every Wednesday afternoon. Q: How often does Mr. Hill exercise?
  10.W: Jim, How do you usually go to school? M: By bus. And sometimes I go in my father’s car. It’s far from my home. I never walk. Q: How does Jim usually go to school? Ⅲ、听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 11-12 两小题。 第 1 页 共 25 页 (C A B A A) (B A C A C)
casually. I think I’ll go to Hongkong on vacation and one day I might even visit Hawaii. (二) Ⅰ、听小对话,选择正确的图片。
  1. W: Which subject do you prefer, English or math? M: Neither. My favorite subject is Chinese.
  2. W: Do you often have fish for dinner? M: No, I often have some vegetables for my dinner.
  3. W: Excuse me. Where is the bookshop, please? M: Go along this street, and then turn right at the first crossing. It's just on your left.
  4.M: Excuse me, but what’s the date today? I’m thinking of booking an air ticket. W: Oh, today is June 21st.
  5. W: What pet did you buy yesterday? M: I like birds, but I bought a goldfish yesterday. Ⅱ、听小对话,回答问题。
  6. W: Is Mr. Green in a white shirt, Xiao Ming? M: No, he is in a black one. Q: Is Mr. Green in a white shirt?
  7. W: What would you like to drink, tea or coffee? M: Neither. Just a glass of water , please. Q: What does the man want to drink?
  8. W: Hi, Peter! Shall we go to Beihai Park this Sunday? M: I’d like to, but I have decided to Kunming Lake with Kate. Q: Where will Peter go this Sunday?
  9. M: Alice, what did the doctor say to you? W: He said I would be well soon. 第 2 页 共 25 页 (A A C A B)
(C A B B C)
-3Q: What happened to Alice?
  10. W: Have you ever been to London? M: I know nothing about London, but I’ve been to New York with my mother and brother. Q: Which city has the man been to? Ⅲ、听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 11-12 两小题。 W: Can I help you? M: Yes, have you got any books on Internet? W: Sure, we’ve got a lot. Here are some. M: How long can I keep them? W: About two weeks. M: Thanks. Good-bye. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 13-15 三小题。 W:Good morning. Can I help you? M: Yes, I’d like to have a room for two nights. W: Well, we still have rooms on the third, the fourth and the seventh floor. M: OK, I’d like to live on the third floor. How much should I pay for one night? W: 80 dollars. M: Do you have hot water in the room? W: Yes, 24 hours. M: What time are the meals served? W: Breakfast begins at 7:00, lunch 11:30 and supper 5:30 p.m. M: Can anyone show me to my room? W: Look, that boy over there will. M: Thanks. Ⅳ、短文理解。 Donny worked in a factory, and at the end of last month he got his money in an envelope. He opened it and found it was wrong. He got sixty more dollars. He put the money carefully in his pocket and kept silent about it. A month later, he got his money again. He found it wrong again this time. There was not enough money in his envelope. Then he went to see the manager. “That’s right,” said the manager after Donny told his story. “ I made a mistake last month. For the first mistake, I can say nothing. But for the second, I can’t. Thank you, Donny. I’ve known you already. I have to choose another man instead of you. I think you should know what to do in the future.” (C C B B B) (三) Ⅰ、听小对话,选择正确的图片。
  1. W: Can I make a phone call here? M: Yes. There is a pay phone on Park Street.
  2. W: Shall we go to see the tigers first? M: No. Let’s go and see the lions first.
  3. M: Excuse me. May I borrow a story book Harry Potter? W: Sure. Here you are. 第 3 页 共 25 页 (A A B) police station. W: Thanks very much. Q: Where’s the woman going?
  9. W: How much is the orange juice? M: It’s one and a half dollars a cup. W: And what about the coffee? M: It’s two dollars and a half for each cup. Q: How much are two cups of coffee?
  10.W: Is it serious, doctor? (B B) (B C A A B)
  4. W: Hello, where’s Rick?
M: Sorry, he isn’t at home. He’s running on the playground.
  5. W: What can I do for you? M: I’m looking for a mouse for my computer. Ⅱ、听小对话,回答问题。
  6. M: Hi, Jenny. What are you looking for? W: I don’t know what to buy for Tom’s birthday. M: Well, I’ll buy him a pencil-box, so why don’t you get him a book? W: Yes, that’s a good idea. I will. Q: Where does the dialogue most probably take place?
  7. M: What are the children doing in the room? W: Tom is painting a picture, Jim is getting on line, and Kate is playing the piano. They’re all busy. Q: What is Jim doing?
  8. W: Excuse me, where is Ningbo Foreign Language School? M: Please go along this road, you will see it on your left. It’s between a post office and a (B A C A B)
M: No. Take two pills after each meal. You'll be all right soon. Q: How many times does the man need to take the medicine in a day? Ⅲ、听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 11-12 两小题。 M: Are you going to be free this evening, Miss Brown? W: Yes. Why? M: I have got a few questions about my computer study. I’d like to discuss with you this evening. W: OK. What time will you come to my home? M: Could I come over at about eight? W: By all means. Why won’t you come earlier and have supper with me? M: Thanks. I’d like to. But I’m afraid I can’t tonight. I’ll be over about eight. W: Well. See you later, then. M: Yes. So long. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 13-15 三小题。 W: Hey, Richard, is that you? M: Yes, Marisa, it’s great to see you again. 第 4 页 共 25 页 (A B) (B A A C A)
-5W: It’s seven years since we left school. You’ve changed a lot. M: Really? How? W: You used to be short and thin. But now… M: Now I’m so huge, right? You have a great memory. W: And you used to wear glasses. That’s why I didn’t recognize at the first eye. Ⅳ、短文理解。 Charlie is friendly to his friends and they all like him. His friend Andy likes drinking. Charlie often tries to stop him doing it. Sometimes Andy listens to him, but sometimes he does not. One evening, when Andy had drunk much in a restaurant, he drove his car home. He drove so fast that he hit a big tree and hurt himself. He was sorry for it and decided to give up drinking. But soon after that he forgot it. One afternoon he hit an old woman who was crossing the street. Hearing this, Charlie became angry. He said he would not be his friend unless he stopped drinking. Of course Andy wouldn't lose his best friend. He decided to keep all the laws and rules and stop drinking. And it made his friend happy. One Sunday afternoon it was hot. Andy was going to swim in the river. He changed his clothes, entered his car and started. When he was coming near the crossing, he suddenly remembered something and got off at once. He began to push his car in the street. It made the policeman surprised and asked, “ what's the matter with your car, sir?” “Nothing, sir,” answered Andy. “But why are you pushing it?” “Because I've left my license at home! ” (B B A) Q: What was the woman doing at the party?
  9. W: Hey, Jim. How was your summer holiday? M: Oh, I did nothing but study. Q: What does Jim mean?
  10.W: What kind of movies do you want to see?
M: I like thrillers best. But my brother asks me to watch an action movie tonight. Q: What kind of movies does Li Ming like best? Ⅲ、听长对话,回答问题。 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 11-12 两小题。 W: Hello, Billy. What’s your favorite sport? M: Swimming. I can swim very well. W: Do you want to join the swimming club in our school? M: No. W: Why not? You can swim well. M: I want to join the Chinese Kung Fu club. I like it. It’s very interesting. 听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 13-15 三小题 W: What’s the matter, young man? M: I have a stomachache. W: When did it start? (四) M: Three days ago. W: Oh, that’s too bad. You shouldn’t eat so many ice creams and drink so many colas. M: Should I ask for a leave? W: No, you can go to school and don’t forget to take this medicine. Ⅳ、短文理解。 You want to hear my life story? I’m from Beijing Victory Horse-training Center. Mother said that I was chosen immediately after I was born because of my strong legs. I am well fed because my masters want me to win all the races. I’ve been feeling tired for years. Mother says this kind of life is not too bad. At least we don’t have to worry about making a living. But I never feel that way. I know where my elder friends have gone. They are now sleeping outside the training center and will never wake up again. It was our masters that sent them there. And I know some day I’ll be there with them, too. I can see no reason why I can survive. No hope at all. That’s why I wish my children would never grow up. (C C A A B) Ⅰ、听小对话,选择正确的图片。
  1. M: Be quick, the lift is leaving. W: Oh, no, wait for me, please.
  2. W: What did the boy do last night? M: He read some books.
  3. W: Why do you like Sitcoms? M: Because Sitcoms usually make people laugh.
  4. W: Can I help you, young man? M: I’d like to buy a present for my mother. She likes sports. W: What about a pair of sports shoes? 第 5 页 共 25 页 第 6 页 共 25 页 (五) (A B C C A) (B B B) (A B) (A B C B C)
  1. W: Did Antonio love talk shows? M: No. Antonio can’t stand talk shows.
  2. W: Is that a key on the bag? M: It’s not a key. It’s a ruler.
  3. W: It’s fine today. Let’s go swimming, shall we? M: That’s a good idea.
  4. M: When is your birthday? W: Tomorrow. Can you come to my party, Bob? M: I’d love to. But I’m afraid I will be a little late. I must have a guitar lesson first.
  5. M: Grandma, I’m hungry, but nothing is in the fridge. W: Oh, dear, I’m going to buy something to eat. Ⅱ、听小对话,回答问题。
  6. M: You’re late, Stella. W: Sorry, Sir. On my way to school, my bike was broken. I couldn’t mend it. So I walked to school. Q: Why was the girl late?
  7. M: How many people are there in your family, Jane? W: Let me see. My grandfather, my parents, my brother and I. Q: How many people are there in Jane’s family?
  8. M: Did you notice whom John was talking to at the party? W: I was too busy greeting all the guests.
-7M: I’m not sure what size she wears. This red sweater is nice. I’ll take it.
  5. W: Excuse me, sir, is this your car? M: Yes. But, what’s wrong? W: Look at the sign. You can’t park your car here. M: Sorry, I won’t. Ⅱ、听小对话,回答问题。
  6. W: Did you watch or play table tennis yesterday evening, Peter? M: Neither. W: What did you do then? M: I did my homework with my little sister. Q: What did the boy do yesterday evening?
  7. W: Jack is tall. And he has short hair. M: Oh, just like his father. Q: What’s Jack’s father like?
  8. M: What are you going to be when you grow up? W: Well, I



   -1- -2W: Hello, Harvard. I’m calling to tell you I can’t go to the party tomorrow. M: What’s the matter, Lily? W: My sister has a sore throat. A sore throat can give her a fever, so I should stay at home. 中考听力难点 第一部分 听力 M: Where are your parents? W ...


   2009 学年第二学期五年级英语科期末质量检测试 听力材料及参考答案 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词相符的图,把它的编号填在左边的括号里。 听录音,选出你所听到的单词相符的图,把它的编号填在左边的括号里。 每小题只读一遍) (10 分,每小题只读一遍) 1. spring 2. play the piano 3. write an e-mail 4. catch butterflies 5. swing 答案:CBACA ( 每小题只读一遍) 二、听录音,选出你所听到的选项,把它的编号填在左 ...


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   Unit 1 how often exercise skateboard hardly ever shop once twice time surf Internet program 多久一次 v. & n. 锻炼;运动 v. 踩滑板;参加滑板运动 adv. 几乎不;几乎没有 adv. 曾;曾经 v. 购物 adv. 一次 adv. 两次 n. 次;次数 v. 在……冲浪;在激浪上驾(船) n. 网络;互联网 n. 节目;表演 high school most no result a ...


   初中三年英语动词习惯用法归类总结 1. allow sb to do sth 允许某人去做某事(后接动词不定式) My father allowed me to go out for a walk after finishing my homework. allow doing sth. They don't allow smoking here. be allowed to do sth. Students are allowed to choose their own clothes. ...