1.来吧,孩子们!该吃午饭了。 Come on, children.
  2. 六点钟了,该吃晚饭了。 It’s six o’clock.
  3. 莉莉,七点了,该起床了。 It’s seven o’clock, Lily..
  4. 她遇到了很大的麻烦。让我们帮助她吧。 She is now in great trouble.
  5. 都来了,咱们开会吧。 Everyone is here.
  6. 奥运会快来了。让我们为它做点什么吧! The Olympics are coming . something for them.
  7. 博物馆很近,为什么不走着去呢? The museum is quite near. ?
  8. 干嘛不给他买本英文字典?他太需要了。 him an English dictionary? He is in great need of it.
  9. 今天天气很热, 为什么不和我们一起去游泳呢? It's very hot today. swimming with us?
  10. 我今天没有时间去看望他们。明天怎么样? I have no time to see them today.
  11. 明天是星期天,去参观“鸟巢”怎么样? Tomorrow is Sunday. visiting the Bird Nest?
  12. 我觉得数学和物理一样有趣。 I think maths is physics.
  13.聚会一小时以后开始,孩子们正忙着打扫教室。 . The party will begin in an hour. The children the classroom.
  14.他正忙于备战中考。 He
清华校区:62796677 62798282
to have lunch.
a meeting.
the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
公主坟校区:51921818 51921919 怀柔校区:69628620 69689395
  15.我国体育健儿正忙于准备 2008 年北京奥运会. The Chinese players
  16. 我一到那儿就把这个 MP4 给他。 I’ll give him this MP4I get there.
  17. 你一到上海就给我打个电话好吗? Will you please call me
  18. 我很高兴他昨天一到那里就给我打电话了。 I’m glad that he called me up
  19. 这架照相机太旧,不能用了。 The camera is
  20. 这些孩子太小了不适合看那部电影。 The children are
  21. 昨天因为交通拥堵,他们开会迟到了。 the meeting because of the heavy traffic yesterday.
  22. 林涛昨天上学迟到了。 Lin Tao school yesterday.
  23. 吃太多的肉对你的身体没好处。 your health to eat too much meat.
  24. 尼克,不要睡得太晚。这对身体有害。 Don’t sleep too late.
  25. 多吃水果有益健康。 Eating more fruit health.
  26. 我的电脑坏了,你能帮我修一下吗? my computer. Could you help me mend it?
  27. 我的手机出毛病了,没法用了。 my cell phone and I can’t use it now.
  28. 你昨晚没有去参加聚会。你怎么了? You didn’t go to the party yesterday evening. ?
  29. 你看起来累了。怎么了?
清华校区:62796677 62798282 公主坟校区:51921818 51921919 怀柔校区:69628620 69689395
the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
you get to Shanghai?
he got there yesterday.
see that movie.
your health. You look tired. ?
  30. 今天既不冷也不热,我们去公园野餐吧。 It is . Let’s go for a picnic in a park.
  31. 我每天步行去上班只须 10 分钟. It to office every day.
  32. 昨晚我用了两个小时做作业。 to do my homework yesterday evening.
  33. 直到我到了国家大剧院,才看见我爸爸。 I reached the National Grand Theatre.

  34. 李明昨天直到妈妈回来才上床睡觉。 Li Ming his mother came back yesterday.
  35. 今天早上直到九点他才起床。 He nine o’clock this morning.
  36. 她爸爸非常生气,因为她昨天夜里 11 点才回来。 Her father was very angry because she night.
  37. 我父亲总是把业余时间都花在绘画上。 My father often .
  38.很抱歉让你久等了。 I for a long time.
  39. 这个七岁的小女孩酷爱弹钢琴,以致于她已经坚持练琴两年了。 The seven-year-old girl likes playing the piano for two years.
  40. 他过去玩电脑游戏的时间太多,结果对学习不感兴趣了。 he was not interested in his lessons..
  41. “鸟巢”很美,我们都想尽快去参观。 The Bird Nest is all of us want to visit it as soon as possible.
  42. 我们昨天有那么多的作业,我们用了三个小时才完成它。 We doing it yesterday.
  43. 他对集邮很感兴趣,为此花费了大量的时间。
清华校区:62796677 62798282 公主坟校区:51921818 51921919 怀柔校区:69628620 69689395
11 o’clock last He is
  44. 他到车站太晚了,没有赶上那趟火车。 He reached the station.
  45. 李毅酷爱英语,每逢星期天他都会花很多时间用英语和外国人交谈。 Li Yi with foreigners in English on Sundays. a lot of time on it.

  46. 李老师病情严重,但仍坚持工作。硬要她卧床休息恐怕是不可能的。 Mrs. Li is seriously ill, but she still keeps working. I’m afraid.
  47. 我们每天锻炼一小时很重要。 exercise an hour a day.
  48. 对每个人来说,遵守交通规则很重要。 to obey the traffic rules.
  49. 李雷不但学习好,而且与同学们相处得也很好。 Li Lei.
  50. 如果你想学好英语,你不仅应该多做阅读,而且还应该坚持用英语和别人谈话。 If you want to learn English well, you should in English.
  1. It’s time
  2. It’s time for
  3. It’s time to get up
  4. Let’s help her
  5. Let’s have
  6. Let’s do
  7. Why not go there on foot/Why not walk there
  8. Why not buy
  9. Why not go
清华校区:62796677 62798282 公主坟校区:51921818 51921919 怀柔校区:69628620 69689395
  10. What/How about tomorrow
  11. What/How about
  12. as interesting as
  13. are busy cleaning
  14. is busy preparing/getting ready for
  15. are busy getting ready for
  16. as soon as
  17. as soon as
  18. as soon as
  19. too old to use
  20. too young to
  21. They were late for
  22. was late for
  23. It’s bad for
  24. It’s bad for
  25. is good for
  26. There is something wrong with/Something is wrong with
  27. There is something wrong with
  28. What was wrong with you/What was the matter with you
  29. What’s wrong/What’s the matter
  30. neither cold nor hot
  31. takes me only 10 minutes to walk
  32. It took me two hours
  33. I didn’t see my father until
  34. didn’t go to bed until
  35. didn’t get up until
  36. didn’t come back until
  37. spends all his free time drawing
  38. am sorry to keep you waiting
清华校区:62796677 62798282 公主坟校区:51921818 51921919 怀柔校区:69628620 69689395
  39. so much that she has kept practising
  40. He spent so much time playing computer games that
  41. so beautiful that
  42. had so much homework to do that we spent three hours finishing
  43. so interested in collecting stamps that he spends
  44. too late to catch the train/so late that he couldn’t catch the train
  45. loves English so much that he spends lots of time talking
  46. it’s impossible to make him rest in bed
  47. It’s important for us to
  48. It’s important for everyone
  49. not only does well in his lessons but also gets on well with his classmates
  50. not only read a lot but also keep on talking with others



   完成句子练习 1 汤姆一进房间就看到了礼物。 Tom saw the gift he entered the room. 2 麦克非常喜欢唱歌。 Mike very much. 3 你最好每天运动一个小时。 do exercises for an hour every day. 4 恐怕我得早点起床了。 I’m 5 我认为他的家长不会阻止他帮助我学习英语。 I my English. 6 很高兴你按时完成了报告。 you have finished the report on time. 7 ...


   完成句子练习(Book 1) 1.你叫什么名字? name? 2.见到你很高兴. to you. 3.这是我的妈妈. my mother. 4. Bob 在足球队. Bob is the football team. 5.这个用英语是什么?是一本书. What's this ? a book. 6.我想要一双运动鞋. I running shoes. 7.该吃早餐了. It's breakfast 8. 该去上学了. It's go to school 9.我们周一上历史课. We ...


   重点掌握《大纲》词汇和十种词类. 一,中考中常见的题型 1. 根据句意写单词或根据句意及首字母写 单词. 2. 用所给词的适当形式填空. 3. 完成下列句子. 二,解题方法与技巧 1. 熟练掌握单词的词性与拼写.在中考试题中,对于 名词,应根据语言环境判定用单数还是复数;根据句意 先判断用形容词还是副词,再确定用原级,比较级还是 最高级;对于动词,根据句意先判定用哪个动词,再根 据其他信息来判断用动词的哪种形式;对于数词根据句 意判定用基数还是用序数词. 2. 掌握句子的结构并理解句子的含义 ...


   西城区中考复习指导完成句子: 1.Tony(擅长画画)? 2.Would you like(一些喝的东西)? 3.Do you know (怎么使用数码相机)? 4.It took me half an hour(写完我的英语作业). 5.Could you tell me(你住在哪里)? 6.Mr.Jackson(去英国了).He(走了一个星期了) . 7.Please ring me up (你一回到家). 8.We usually(相处得好)each other. 9.The teac ...


   (一)中考英语完成句子精选 1.来吧,孩子们!该吃午饭了。 Come on, children. 2. 六点钟了,该吃晚饭了。 It’s six o’clock. 3. 莉莉,七点了,该起床了。 It’s seven o’clock, Lily.. 4. 她遇到了很大的麻烦。让我们帮助她吧。 She is now in great trouble. 5. 都来了,咱们开会吧。 Everyone is here. 6. 奥运会快来了。让我们为它做点什么吧! The Olympics are c ...


   完成句子分类练习 A (此练习是用于对 50 个句型中的每一个句型进行专项练习) 1.来吧!孩子们,该吃午饭了! Come on, children. to have lunch. 2.六点钟了,该吃饭了。It’s six o’clock. supper. 3.请关灯,该去睡觉了。Please turn off the lights, . 4.该上课了。咱们走吧! for class. Let’s go. 5.该吃晚饭了。supper. 6.下课了。是我们打扫教室的时候了。 Class is ...


   第一套 完成句子 1. 如果明天不下雨,我们学校将有一场篮球赛。 If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, a basketball match in our school.. 2. 每天早晨大声读英语对学生来说是重要的。 read English aloud every morning. 3. 昨天晚上汤姆花了 1 个小时完成作业。 It his homework last night. Tom his homework last night. 4. 我认为他不喜欢游泳。 ...


   东方英语 1、Nowadays,it is generally/commonly believed that..., but I wonder that... 2、 “如同硬币的正反面,...也有积极的一面和消极的一面。 ” Like a coin has two sides, there is a positive aspect and a negative aspect to... 3、 “近来,...的问题已经成为人们注目的焦点。 ” Currently, the issue of . ...


   第一组: 第一组: 1. 春天来了,该种树了。Spring is coming. 春天来了,该种树了。 plant trees. It’s time to 2.下一个假期,为什么不考虑去巴黎呢? 下一个假期,为什么不考虑去巴黎呢? 下一个假期 why not For your next vacation, consider visiting Paris? 3.你读得越多懂得越多。you read, 你读得越多懂得越多。 你读得越多懂得越多 The more you know. the mor ...


   九年级英语完成句子专项练习 1. 你怕狗吗? Are you dogs? 2. 我父母昨天不同意我的意见。 My parents didn’t me yesterday. 3. 他根本不会游泳。 He swim . 4. 我们上周六同时到达广州。 We arrived in Guangzhou last Saturday. 5. 请把他的东西收拾好。 Please his things . 6. 你应该立刻送他去医院。 You should him the hospital. 7. ...


一些难以启齿的东西 用英语怎么说

   一名中国留学生初到美国,在机场找厕所,问老外:「Where is W.C.?」老外听不懂。一名中国太太到医院生产,洋护士问她:「Did you have a bowel movement?」她却听不懂。还有人学了几十年的英语,还不晓得英语里的「大便」、「小便」、「放屁」真正应该怎么说…… 至于性毛病,更是老中难于启齿、欲语还羞的尴尬。见到洋医生,窘迫万分,不知如何开口才是,真有「犹抱琵琶半遮面」的感受。 以下为一些「禁忌」(taboo)的美语之整理。毕竟这些都是咱们日常生活的一部分,说不定有一 ...


   如何提高学生英语阅读能力 对于中学生而言,提高英语阅读理解能力非常重要。如何尽快提高阅读理解 能力的确不容易, 中学生需要负出艰辛的劳动掌握一些技能技巧才能如愿以偿地 短期内提高阅读理解能力。 下面笔者根椐两年多的中学英语教学经验来谈谈提高 中学生阅读理解能力的一些方法。 首先,快速阅读掌握大意。不管平时阅读还是考试做阅读题,学生们应带着 问题快速浏览从中寻找答案。把握关键词是必要的。通过关键词来推理文章的思 路和作者的态度。 如果阅读文章时, 阅读速度太慢, 就会出现看了下句忘了上句, 对 ...


   ?? ?X APA 格 式 1 APA 格式第五版 林天yP 台北市立^+{?x院W民教育研究所教授兼所?w 在撰[?x位?治幕蜓芯?1告fB必?遵守一定的[x?S性的[胱鞲袷健T诮逃方面 WQg外[x者在撰[胛恼?B }U大多ex以 APA 格式及 Chicago 格式p汗玺? 本文P沤?9 APA 格式\於 Chicago 格式有?趣的sh者可自行S??r手Q? University of Chicago Press. (1993). The Chicago manual of styl ...


   动感英语(201)Action English American slang 美国俚语 watch it 当心 留神 例:Watch it! the car almost hit you! 当心!车差点就撞到你了 例:Babies are very sensitive. You have to watch it when you play with them. 小婴儿非常敏感的,你们陪婴儿玩的时候一定要当心 Classic film clips 经典对白 <1> way to g ...


   第一册 一、 Greetings 问候语 二、Expression In Class 课堂用语 三、Identifying Objects 辨别物品 四、About Belongings 关于所有物 五、Identifying People 辨别身份 六、 About Introduction 关于介绍 七、Year, Month And Day 年、月、日 八、Talking About Objects 谈论事物 九、Talking About Time 叙述时间 十、About Date ...