Unit 3
? Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes
Go for it J9
Section A
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1a-2c 1a-
I want to play with my friends. But my father doesn’t allow. I think teenagers should be allowed to go out to play with their friends.
Parents should allow teenagers to go out with their friends.
Teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends.
Parents should allow six-year-olds to drive.
Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive.
Parents should allow fifteen-year-olds to choose their own clothes.
Fifteen-year-olds should be allowed to choose their own clothes.
  1. They should allow us to have part-time jobs. .
  2. We should allow children to spend time with their friends. .
  3. The teacher should allow Anna to finish the picture. .
  4. Parents should allow children to choose their own friends. .
定义:表示主语是动作的承受者 定义 表示主语是动作的承受者. 表示主语是动作的承受者 构成:助动词 及物动词的过去分词。 构成 助动词be+及物动词的过去分词。助动词有人称、 助动词 及物动词的过去分词 助动词有人称、 时态和数的变化。 时态和数的变化。 含有情态动词的被动语态:情态动词+be+ 含有情态动词的被动语态:情态动词+be+及物动词的 过去分词。 过去分词。 用法:当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者, 用法:当我们不知道谁是动作的执行者,或者没有必要 指出谁是动作的执行者,或者只强调动作的承受者时, 指出谁是动作的执行者,或者只强调动作的承受者时,要 用被动语态。 用被动语态。

  1.规则动词的过去分词: 规则动词的过去分词

  1)一般情况在动词原形后加-ed 一般情况在动词原形后
  2)以不发音 结尾的加
  3)以辅音加 结尾的,
  4)以重读闭音节结尾,末尾只有一个辅音字母, 以重读闭音节结尾 先双写该辅音字母,再加先双写该辅音字母,再加-ed
watchwatched studystudied
practicepracticed stopstopped done do write written go gone

  2.不规则动词的过去分词: 不规则动词的过去分词 am have been is had has are
Finish the sentences The telephone (invent) by Bell in 18
  76. The trees may (plant) in spring. Teenagers should not (allow) to drive. English (speak) in Canada. Math must (study) well. We (need) to learn English.
Listen and check what Kathy thinks. Circle : Agree” “disagree” or “Doesn’t know” to show what Molly thinks.
I think students should be allowed to do homework with friends. Sixteen-year-olds should not be allowed to drive. Do you think sixteen-yearolds should be allowed to work at night?
I disagree. They talk instead of doing homework. I agree. They aren’t serious enough at that age. No, I don’t.
A: Do you think teenagers should … B: Yes, I do. I think … /No, I don’t. I think …
Section A 3a -Section B 2c
Don’t go out on school nights.
I have a lot of rules at my house.
Talk about the rules in your family with your partners. A: What rules do you have at home? B: Well, I’m not allowed to go out on school nights. How about you? A: I’m not allowed to go out on school nights either. But I …
Read the conversation. Then write Sun Fei’s and Wu Yu’s rules in the chart. Use Don’t and You can.
Sun Fei
Don’t Don t go out on school nights. You can study at a friend’s house.
Wu Yu
Don’t Don t go out on school nights.
Talk to other students in the class and find three people who have to follow these rules. Write their names in the chart. Find someone who…
has to go home after school is allowed to stay up until 11:00 pm has to stay at home on school nights. is allowed to watch TV every night has to clean up his or her room every morning
Listen to the conversation between Peter and his father. Match these sentence parts.
School rules
No talking in the library Wear uniform Don’t arrive late for class Keep the classroom clean Don’t listen to pop music
A: What are the school rules, Alex? B: Well, we are not 1 to talk in the library. A: I
  2. I don’t think anybody can talk in the library. B: we must wear school uniforms. A: I
  3. We should 4 5to choose our own clothes. B: We mustn’t arrive late for class and we must 6the classroom clean. A: I know. I think that’s right. B: We mustn’t listen to pop music. A:7? We mustn’t listen to pop songs 8 the classroom, but we 9be allowed outside. B: I 10think this rule is fair ,either.
A: When do you have to get up every morning? B:. A: You are allowed to meet your friends after school, aren’t you? B:. A: Can you watch TV on school nights? B: . A: What can you do on weekends? B:. A: Can you choose your own clothes? B:.
Section B
3a-4 3a-
Is our uniform beautiful? Is our uniform comfortable? Do you like to wear uniform?
Concentrate on… keep…happy each other
be good for… get noisy at present
have an opportunity to
In groups ,talk about our school rules. A: What school rules do you think should be changed? B: I think we should be allowed to wear our own clothes. A: What’s the reason? B: we would feel more comfortable and that is good for studying. A: How about you? C: I don’t think so. I think we should go to school in uniform. A:…
根据以下提示,帮助音乐剧 院写一则公告.
不允许携带食物及饮料入内. 不允许携带食物及饮料入内. 所有观众应衣着整齐,不允许穿拖鞋入内. 所有观众应衣着整齐,不允许穿拖鞋入内. 不允许打开手机. 不允许打开手机. 不允许在音乐会期间拍照. 不允许在音乐会期间拍照. 不允许在剧院内吸烟. 不允许在剧院内吸烟.
Scan the reading to find more examples to place under each heading.
Points show Yu’s parents care about him. His parents worry about his success at school.
Points show that Yu is unhappy with his parents. His parents won’t let him practice when he wants.
With a partner, discuss the time you spend on schoolwork and on hobbies. Imagine you want to show your parents that you can make responsible decisions. Plan a schedule to balance the time needed for your schoolwork and your hobbies.
time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Put these phrases from the reading into sentences of your own.
  1. get in the way of .

  2. (be) serious about .
  3. spend time on .
Write a letter to your parents to tell them your experience of the rules in your family.
Dear mum and dad yours
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