1.Mr Wang made up his mind to devote all he could his oral English before going abroad. A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. to improving
  2. Everything he has away from him before he returns to his hometown. A. took B. had been taken C. has been taken D. had taken
  3. Before he went abroad, he spent as , much time as he could English. A. learning B. learned C. to learn D. learn

  4. You can never imagine what great difficuly I have your house. A. found B. finding C. to find D. for finding
  5. The person we spoke to no answer at first. A. Making B. makes C. make D. made
  6. The person we talked about us a report tomorrow. A. giving B. will give C. gave D. give

  7. The days we have been looking forward to soon. A.coming B. will come C. came D. have come
  8. The person we talked about our school last week. A.visiting B. will visit C. visited D. has visited
  9. The man whose songs we are fond of in our city next week. A.singing B. to sing C. will sing D. sang

  10. ? What do you think made the woman so nervous?? weight. ? A. As she put on B. Put on C. Putting on D. Because of putting on
  11. Time should be made good use of our lessons well. A. learning B. learned C. to learn D. learn
  12. It was only with the help of the guide . A. was the mountain climber saved B. then the mountain climber was saved C. when the mountain climber was saved D. that the mountain climber was saved

  13. It was the old clock that the old man spent the whole morning at home. A.repair B. repairing C. to repair D. in repair
  14. Is this hotel you said we were to stay in your letter?. ? A.that B. where C. the one D. in which
  15. Please tell me the way you thought of the garden. A. take care of B. to take care of C. taking care of D. how to take care of

  16. A fast-food restaurant is the place , just as the name suggests, , , eating is performed quickly. A. which B. where C. there D. what
  17. ? Where do you think he the computer?Sorry, I have no idea. ? , A. had; bought ; B. has; bought ; C. did; buy D. 不填; bought 不填; ;
  18. In New Zealand, I made lots of , friends a very practical knowledge of the English language. A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

  19. I’m busy now. I’m sorry I can’t help the flowers. A.watering B. watered C. waters D. to water
  20. Who would you rather have the report instead of you? ? A. write B. to write C. wrote D. written
  21. We must stop pollution longer. A. living B. from living C. to live D. live

  22. ? Was it under the tree you were away talking to a friend? ? ? Sure. But when I get back there,the , bike was gone. A. that B. where C. which D. while
  23. We’ll be free tomorrow, so I suggest , to the history museum. A. to visit B. visiting C. we should visit D. a visit
  24. I like swimming, while what my , brother enjoys . A. cooking B. to cook C. is cooking

  25. Thank you for the trouble you have to help me. A. paid B. taken C. had D. asked
  26. Who is it up decide whether to go or not? ? A. to to B. for for C. to for D. for to
  27. We keep in touch writing often. A. with B. of C. on D. by

  28. ? How long have you been here? ? ? the end of last month, , A. In B. By C. At D. Since
  29. He insisted that the sky clear up the following day. A. would B. should C. 不填 D. be
  30. Mr Smith is a good teacher we all respect. A. such;that B. such; as ; ; C. so;that D. so; as ; ;

  31. __ nice,the food was all eaten up , soon. A.Tasting B. Taste C. Tasted D. To taste
  32. You haven’t been to Beijing,have , you? ? . And how I wish to go there again! A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven’t , , C. No, I have D. No, I haven’t , ,
  33. He was sentenced to death what he has stolen from the bank. A. that B. since C. because D. because of



   专题复习 形容词 Adjective Yingjie School Qiao Lingyan cute/young thin/tall Xiao Xing heavy Tom much younger/… Xiao Xing is than any other one. Tom is of all. the thinnest/… the heaviest/… Jim is of all. J im funny/short/tall/calm/handsome/…… funnier than/ ...


   连词在句中的作用 是把词与词、 是把词与词、短语与 短语、 短语、句子与句子连 接起来。 接起来。它不能在句 中单独作句子成分。 中单独作句子成分。 并列连词和从属连词 的用法: 的用法:连词是连结单 短语、 词、短语、从句或句子 虚词, 的虚词, 在句子中不单 独作句子成份。 独作句子成份。连词按 其性质可分为: 其性质可分为: 1、并列连词 如:and, or, but, 、 for, 等, 连接并列的词与词,短 连接并列的词与词, 语与短语,句子与句子。 语与短语,句子与句子。如: R ...


   九年级上 九年级上册 7 页 1. The Changjiang River is about 6,300 kilometres A. wide B. tall C. long D. high 2. One of the wonders of the world is the pyramids in Egypt. A. oled B. natural C. modern D. ancient 3. For my homework I have to write a(an) about the ...


   小学英语语法 小学英语语法 名词复数规则 况 , 加-s, :book-books, bagbags, cat-cats, bed-beds 2. s. x. sh. ch结 ,加-es, :bus-buses, box-boxes, brush-brushes, watch-watches 3. “辅 y”结 ,变y为i, 加-es, :family-families, strawberry-strawberries 1. 小学英语语法 4.以“f或fe”结尾,变f或fe为v, 再加-e ...


   英语学习基础 语音部分 写 在前面 语音是语言学习的重要内容.掌握好 语音是学好一门语言的关键,是学习单词, 记忆单词,朗读句子,进行听说的基础. 因此,每一个想学好外语的人,应该在起 始阶段扎扎实实地打好语音基础,并在一 定时间内有意识地进行强化,以保证在今 后大量的英语单词记忆中和英语的听说读 写训练中熟练运用. 语 音 知 识 音素, 音素,读音的最小单位 (共48个). 个 音标,音标是音素的书写形式. 音标,音标是音素的书写形式. 元音, 元音,发音时声带振动而气流在通道上不受阻碍 ...


   ●英语学习● 用PPT课件提高学生学习英语诗歌的兴趣 孟喜华 (商丘师范学院外语学院。河南商丘476000) 摘要: 目前多媒体教学手段已在各高校被普遍运用到了英语诗歌的教学中。可是学生对于英诗的兴 趣并没有得到有效地提高。要使英诗教育摆脱这一困境,高校英语教师就需要充分利用PPT课件在多媒体 教学中的重要地位,用诗化的文句展现英诗的语言美,用诗意的图片构筑英诗的视觉美,用充满诗情的诵读渲 染英诗的音乐美。 关键词: 多媒体教学PPT课件I英语诗歌I大学教学 中图分类号:G642文献标识码: ...


   专题复习 形容词 Adjective Yingjie School Qiao Lingyan cute/young thin/tall Xiao Xing heavy Tom much younger/… Xiao Xing is than any other one. Tom is of all. the thinnest/… the heaviest/… Jim is of all. J im funny/short/tall/calm/handsome/…… funnier than/ ...


   Take Me To Your Heart Hiding from the rain and snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart beat So many people all around the world Tell me where do I find someone like you girl Take me to your hea ...


   Can we play it in the classrooms? No, we can’t . 在外面) 在外面 But we can play it outside. (在外面) Don’t play sports in the classrooms. Can you fight in school? No , we can’t. Can you fight with others? fight No, we can’t. Don’t fight . Don’t eat in class ...

高中英语新课标(人教版)优秀课件 必修五 5.3《 unit 5 语法课件---名词性从句》(可编辑PPT课件)

   新课标人教版课件系列 《高中英语》 必修5-5.3 His success in the competition made us happy. That he succeeded in the competition in the game made us happy. 从句在复合句中充当名词使用, 从句在复合句中充当名词使用,从句又叫 名词性从句。 名词性从句。 名词性从句可以表示:事实和问题。 名词性从句可以表示:事实和问题。 连接词有: 连接词有: that ,whether 和 if ...



   www.TopSage.com 大家论坛-英语专业考研版-真题+资料汇总 http://club.topsage.com/thread-2407892-1-1.html 大家论坛--英语专业考研--资料汇总--希望能对您的英语学习有帮助! 鲜花送人,留己余香。如果您觉得资料好,请您转发给需要的人??英语专业考 研者没时间找资料的同学和朋友。 英语专业在校大学生希望获得本专业信息的 人。 谢谢您!如有打扰,请包涵! 更多考试经验的帖子在:大家论坛-英语专业考研版 http://club.top ...


   曲刚英语说文解字 正版转让(有 12 套) 含第二代快步英语所以资料 每套仅需 360 元 欲购从速 联系 QQ 16 5660 5630 ...


   1997年重点词汇   阅读理解部分:   1. parliamentary adj. 议会的 2 .territory n. 领土, 版图, 地域   3 incurably adv.治不好地, 不能矫正地   4 convincing adj.令人信服的, 有力的, 令人心悦诚服的   5 flashed vi.闪光, 闪现, 反射, 使迅速   6 pick up v.掘地, 捡起, 获得, 使恢复精神, 加快, 看到, 随便地认识, 加速   7 bulletin n.公告, 报告   ...


   ○ 外语研究 2006年8月号下旬刊 牛津英语语法教学的几点尝试 崔红梅 ( 华东师范大学 教育科学院课程与教学系, 上海 英语语法教学的现状 语法学习一直是英语教学的重要组成部分, 是贯穿于 基础英语教学的一条主线。 法是掌握英语的一种途径, 一 语 种辅助手段。 习语法不是目的, 而我们在教学中往往将掌 学 握语法规则当作最终目的, 从而忽略了掌握和运用语言本 身。实际上, 一般英美人在日常生活的听说读写中, 常见的 语法也就是中学英语中所列的十几个基本句型。教师在教 学时可以先把语法规 ...


   剑桥少儿英语预备级(A)Unit 1 Greetings 一、Teaching aims and demands: 1)can use simple English greet others 2) can say“Good morning!” “Good afternoon “Good evening” 3) Can read the new words about letter A a 4) can speak out the sentences of part 7 二、Important ...