初四年级中考一轮复习( ) 初四年级中考一轮复习(
  2) ――六年级下册知识点汇总检查 ――六年级下册知识点汇总检查 【知识梳理】 知识梳理】 一.短语: 1 .be from = come from 来自于
  2. live in 居住在
  3. on weekends 在周末 4 . write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信; 写信给某人 5 . the world 在世界上
  6. in favorite subject 最喜欢的科目
  7.speak English 讲英语
  8.play sports 做运动
  9. across from …… 在……的对面
  10.. next to…… 紧靠…… next to the supermarket 紧靠超市
  11. between……and…… 在……和……之间
  12. in front of…… 在……前面 in the front of…… 在……(内)的前部
  13.. turn left/ right 向左/右拐 on the left/right of…… 在某物 的左/右边
  14. go straight 一直走
  15.. down /along…… 沿着……(街道)
  16. take /have a walk 散步
  17. at the beginning of……在……的开始,前端
  18. have fun=have a good time=enjoy oneself 玩得开心, 过得愉快
  19. have a good trip 旅途愉快
  20. take a taxi 坐 出租车
  21. 到达:get to +地方 get here/ there/ home 到这/那/家 arrive in +大地方 I arrive in Beijing. arrive at +小地方 I arrive at the bank. reach +地方
  22. go across the street 横过马路
  23. go through the forest 穿过树林
  24. be busy doing sth 忙于做某事
  25. in a hospital 在医院
  26. do housework 做家务
  27. talk on the phone 在电话里交谈, 讲电话
  28. at/in the library 在图书室
  29. thanks for = thank you for 为某事而感谢(后接 动 词 要 用 v - ing )
  30. take photos/ pictures 照 像
  31. on vacation 度 假
  32. someothers 一些.....另外一些..... one……the others…….一个....另 一个.... (两者之间)
  33. 7 put on 穿上(动作) wear 穿着(状态)
  34. have a new look 呈现新面貌
  35. go shopping (do some shopping) 去购物
  36. the captain of the basketball team 篮球队队长
  37. be popular with sb 为所喜爱
  38. tell jokes/ stories 讲 笑话/ 讲故事
  39. have fun doing sth 愉快地做某事
  40. remember ( forget) to do sth 记 得(忘记)做某事(没有做的) remember (forget) doing sth 记得(忘记)做过某事(已 做)
  41. one of 中的一个
  42. play +运动 play soccer play tennis play sports
  43. play the + 乐器 play the guitar
  44. play with…和某人\物玩耍
  45. have +三餐 have breakfast \lunch \ supper 二.重点句式:
  1. I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports.
  2. Asking ways: (问路) Where is (the nearest) ……? (最近的)……在哪里? Can you tell me the way to ……? 你能告诉我去……的路吗? How can I get to ……? 我怎样到达……呢? Is there …… near here / in the neighborhood? 附近有……吗? Which is the way to ……? 哪条是去……的路?

  3.Showing the ways: (指路) Go straight down / along this street. 沿着这条街一直走. Turn left at the second turning. 在第二个路口向左转. You will find it on your right. 你会在你右手边发现它. It is about one hundred metres from here. 离这里大约一百米远. You'd better take a bus. 你最好坐公交车去.(You'd better+动词原形)
  4. 职业的特殊疑问词是 what; 有三种主要句式 ① What + is / are + sb? ② What + does/ do + sb + do? ③ What + is/ are + 名词所有格/ 形容词性物主代词 + job? 三.重难点解析
  1.enjoy doing sth 享受做某事的乐趣,喜爱做某事 此外还有:
  2.hope to do sth 希望做某事 I hope to pass this exam. 我希望通过这次考试. hope +从句 I hope tomorrow will be fine. 我希望明天将会晴朗. 注意:
  3. kind of 有点,稍微 Koala bears are kind of shy. 考拉有点害羞. kind 还有"种类"的意思,各种各样的 all kinds of flowers in our school.
  4. 询问天气情况的句式:(横线内容可替换) ① How is the weather in Beijing? (How is the weather today?) ② What's the weather like in Beijing? ( What's the weather like today?)
  5. What does/ do +主语 + look like? 询问某人的外貌特征,看上去什么样? 区分:What is +主语+ like? What do / does +主语+ like?
  6. would like 想要 (表示一种委婉的语气)其用法相当于 want. would like + 名词 would like an apple (want an apple) / 区分:feel like doing
  7. 询问方向: Where's the nearest…?/ Which is the way to…? / How can I get to the …? / Is there a … near here? Can you tell me the way to the …? I don't know/ I want to know. / Could you tell me where …is? ●指点方向: Go/Walk along/across this road/street. / Take the first/second/third turning on the left/right.
如:We have all kinds of beautiful
would like to do sth
It's about…kilometers form here. / The …is along the road on the right. It's over there on the right. / It's quite far from here.
  8. What does she do? 现在的职业:What does sb. do? 将来的工作:What does sb. want to be? 询问对方是谁:Is that…(speaking)? 自我介绍:This is …(speaking). wants you on the phone. 转告的人就在身边:It's for you.或 For you. 请对方稍等:Hold on (the line), please. please.
  10. 感官动词:不论感官动词是动词的什么形式,其后只有两种形式. (
  1)see/watch/hear/notice/find sb. do sth. (
  2)see/watch/hear/notice/find sb. doing sth. 被动结构:
  11. make/let/stay/keep sb. + adj. ●make/let sb. do sth. 被……
  12. arrive in + 大地方 【要点辨析】 要点辨析】
  1. That's right./ That's all right./ All right. That's right 意为"对的",表示赞同对方的意见,看法或行为,肯定对方的答案或判断. "That's right."或 "You're right.""说得对". That's all right.意为"不用谢","没关系",用来回答对方的致谢或道歉. All right.意为"行了","可以",表示同意对方的建议或要求.有时还可以表示"身体很好"
  2. do cooking/ do the cooking do cooking 作"做饭"解,属泛指.do the cooking 特指某一顿饭或某一家人的饭. cooking 为动名词,不能用作复数,但前面可用 some, much 修饰.从 do some cooking 可引出许多类似的短语: do some washing 洗些衣服 do some shopping 买些东西 do some reading 读书 do some writing 写些东西 do some fishing 钓鱼
What am/is/are sb? Sb. wants to be…
What's sb's job?

  9. 打电话给某人:May/Can/Could I speak to…? Who's that? …is speaking.
I'd like to speak to… Who's calling/speaking, please? Hello, …here.
转告某人接电话:You're wanted on the phone. /There's a call/phone for you. /Someone
Hold on for a moment.
Don't hang up,
……某人做了某事 (全过程) ……某人正在做某事 (正在进行)
在被动语态中,省略的 to 要还原. / ●make oneself done 让某人 reach + 地方
●make sb. sth. = make sth. for sb. 为某人做…… arrive at + 小地方
get to + 地方
注意:home, here, there, upstairs, downstairs, abroad 是副词,他们前面的介词要去掉.
从以上短语可引申出另一类短语,不能用 some, much 或定冠词. go shopping 去买东西 go fishing 去钓鱼 go boating 去划船 go swimming 去游泳
  3. other/ others/ the other/ another other 表其余的,别的, Have you any other questions?你还有其他问题吗? others 别的人, 别的东西 In the room some people are American, the others are French. the other 表另一个(二者之中)one…,the other… another 表三者以上的另一个,另一些
  4. be good for/ be good to/ be good at be good for 表示"对……有好处",而 be bad for 表示"对……有害";be good to 表示" 对……友好",而 be bad to 表示"对……不好";be good at 表示"擅长,在……方面做得好", 而 be bad at 表示"在……方面做得不好". 做眼保健操对你的眼睛有好处. Eating too much is bad for you health.吃的太多对你的身体有害. Miss Li is good to all of us.李老师对我们所有的人都很友好. The boss is bad to his workers.这个老板对他的工人不好. Li Lei is good at drawing, but I'm bad at it.李雷擅长画画,但是我不擅长.
  5. each/ every each 和 every 都有"每一个"的意思,但含义和用法不相同.each 从个体着眼,every 从整体着眼.each 可用于两者或两者以上,every 只用于三者或三者以上. each 可以用作形容词,副词和代词;every 只能用作形容词. Each of them has his own duty. 【中考范例】 中考范例】
  1. Hurry up! We're all waiting for you. I for an important phone call. Go without me. A. wait B. was waiting C. am waiting D. waited
  2. Could you help with English, please? A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I
  3. Dr. White can French very well.
  4. English is spoken by people. A. a lot B. much many C. a large number of D. a great deal of 【满分演练】 满分演练】 一. 单项选择
  1. There is some on the plate. A. ride B. riding C. rides D. to ride
  3. Tom usually goes to bed ten o'clock in the evening.
Doing eye exercises is good for your eyes.
They each want to do something different.
A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell
A. cakes B. meat C. potato
D. pears

  2. Uncle Wang wants the machine like a bike.
A. at B. in C. on D. of
  4. picture books in class, please. A. Not read B. No read C. Not reading D. Don't read
  5. The box is too heavy. Let help you to carry it. A. we B. us C. ours D. our
  6. Hurry up, we'll be late for the meeting. A. say B. speak C. tell D. talk
  8. Look! She a kite for her son. A. makes B. is making C. make D. making
  9. These shoes are yours. Please . A. put on them B. put on it C. put them on D. put it on
  10. She often gets very late. A. home B. at home C. to home D. in home
  11. I think the shop is closed this time of day.
  12. I want of meat, please. A. half kilo B. a half kilo C. half a kilo D. a kilo half No. It's .
  13. Is this black ruler ? A. in B. on C. at D. for A. and B. but C. then D. or
  7. People usually "hello" to each other when they make a phone call.
A. yours, his B. your, his C. yours, him D. you, he
  14. book on the desk is a useful(重要的)one. A. A B. An C. The D. /
  15. Grandma is ill. We have to take her to the . A. farm B. post office C. hotel D. hospital
  16. Liu Mei often helps her mother housework. A. does B. do C.doing D. to doing
  17. We watch evening news on at 7:00 in the evening. A. CCTV B. CAAC C. WTO D. MTV
  18. There a box of apples on the desk.
  19. Would you like with me? A. go B. to go C. going D. goes
  20. Sometimes his brother TV after supper. A. watch 二. 填空 A. 根据句义和首字母写出所缺的单词
  1. Kate's glass is empty. She wants a f one.
  2. I think my father can help you m your broken bike.
A. are B. is C. has
D. have
B. sees
C. watches
D. is watching

  3. I have two pencils. One is short, the other is l.
  4. Please open the w. It's getting hot here.
  5. Something is w with my bike. May I borrow yours? B. 根据句意,用括号中所给词的适当形式填空
  1. There are some there, talking loudly. (woman)
  2. This blouse isn't hers. It's . (my)
  3. The people on the farm are very . (friend)
  4. Do you know ? (he)
  5. Tom's uncle can drive cars. He is a good . (drive) C. 选词并用其适当形式填空 work, close, look, have, teacher, pen, eat, China, play, climb
  1. This is our desk. Ours are over there.
  2. Bill has three . One is new and the other two are old.
  3. His uncle very young but he is over forty.
  4. Let's basketball after class.
  5. Look! The cats are up the trees.
  6. The shop isn't open. It's .
  7. My brother some new picture books.
  8. In our classroom there is a large map of .
  9. Mum, please give me something to . I'm very hungry.
  10. Does Mr Green like in this Chinese school? 三. 根据对话内容,从方框中选择恰当的句子完成对话 A: Excuse me, Lin Tao! B: Yes? A: My bike is broken. Can I borrow yours? B: __
  1. A: This afternoon. B: OK. Here's the key. A: 2__. But where is it? B: __
  3. A: What colour is it? B: __
  4. A: I see. I think I can find it. B:
  5. A: All right. See you! 四. 完型填空
A. Please give it back soon. B. It's over there C. Certainly. When do you want it? D. Thank you very much. E. Black and red, and it's not very new.
These days men and women , young and old are 1 the same kind of 2, and a lot of 3 have long hair ( 头 发 ) . We often can't 4whether they are boys or girls, men or women. 5 old man often goes to walk in the park. He is sitting on a chair now. A young person is 6 7 him. "Oh, goodness!" the old man says to the other one. "Do you 8 that person with long hair? Is it a boy or a girl?" "A boy," says the other one. "He is my son." "Oh," says the old man, "Please 9 me. I don't know you are his
  10." "I'm not his mother, I'm his father," says the other one.
  1. A. having
  2. A. clothes
  3. A. we
  4. A. talk
  5. A. An
  6. A. running
  7. A. on
  8. A. see
  9. A. help 五. 阅读理解 (A) Mr Li teaches Chinese in the USA. He comes back to China every year. He gives us a talk. He says," K Day in the USA is very interesting. All children like it very much. It is on March 7th. When you go out on that day, you can see childre



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   武汉工程大学英语角策划书 一、活动主题:colourful hometown 二、活动目的: 进一步提升学校同学的综合素质, 提高同学学习英语的兴趣, 增强同学英语口语 的表达能力,开辟英语学习的好途径;使同学们通过交谈认识祖国不同的风土人情, 增强爱国爱家乡的情感;营造健康向上、积极进取的学习氛围,切实提高同学英语学 习能力, 特别是口语表达能力, 为爱好英语口语交流的同学搭建一个施展才华提高英 语能力的平台。 三、活动对象、时间和地点 活动对象:待定 活动时间:待定 活动地点:待定 四、 ...


   绝密★ 绝密★启封并使用完毕前 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(湖南卷) 英 语 本试题卷分四个部分,共 13 页。时量 l20 分钟。满分 150 分。 Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers. Foreach conversat ...


   时代学习网??职业考试网上辅导的家园 2007 年 12 月大学英语四级考试全真预测试题与解析二 月大学英语四级考试全真预测试题与解析 与解析二 Model Test Two Part I Writing(30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Generation Gap. You should write at least 1 ...


   2010?2011 学年第一学期七年级英语备课组工作计划 ? 2010?2011 学年第一学期七年级英语备课组工作计划 一、本学期教学时间安排: 本学期我校从 8 月 23 号开学,2011 年 1 月 5 日进行期末测试,教育教学时间大约只有 21 周,在这期间我们要授完预备教材及 7A 前 4 单元的内容还要进行多次月考和期中测试。时 间相对紧张。任务重,所以在平时的教育教学中就必须抓好每一分每一秒的时间来进行教育 教学,才能够顺利完成应该完成的教育教学任务。特别是今年的测试次数增多,讲 ...


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