中考英语语法过关测试单项选择 100 题(一)
  1.There is old woman in the car. A./ B.the C.a D.an
  2.We often go to the park Sundays. A.on B.in C.at D.from
  3.My book on the desk. A.is B.am C.are D.be
  4.Which language is ,English, French or Chinese? A.difficult B.the difficult C.more difficult D.the most difficult
  5. book is this? It's Kate's. A.When B.Why C.Where D.Whose
  6.Can you write a letter in English? No, I . A.may not B.mustn't C.can't D.needn't
  7.I my homework when Mike came last night A.do B.was doing C.am doing D.have done
  8.He began to English three years ago. A.learn B.learns C.learned D.learning
  9.Jim is a driver, he? A.does B.doesn't C.is D.isn't
  10."What's wrong you?"the doctor asked. A.from B.with C.for D.at
  11.He is rich, he isn't happy. A.or B.so C.and D.but
  12.Where is Alice? She to the library. A.goes B.will go C.has gone D.had gone
  13."Help to some meat, Mary, "my aunt said to me. A.themselves B.ourselves C.yourself D.himself
  14.We'll stay at home if it tomorrow. A.rain B.rains C.is raining D.will rain.
  15.The students on a farm for ten days. Then they to a factory. Though they back at school, they still remembered those farmers and workers.
A.have stayed; went; were B.had stayed; go; are C.have stayed; go; have been D.had stayed; went; were
  16.John is English boy. We are in the same class A.a B.an C.the D./
  17.Please give the apple. A.me B.I C.my D.mine
  18." old are you?""I'm twelve. " A.Who B.What C.Where D.How
  19."Can you answer this question, Sam?""No, I . " A.can't B.needn't C.mustn't D.may not
  20.They usually have a meeting Monday. A.in B.for C.on D.at
  21.There three balls in the box. A.is B.are C.isn't D.am
  22.Kate was late for school yesterday, she? A.is B.isn't C.wasn't D.was
  23.Who is , Tom, Mike or Jack? A.careful B.more careful C.very careful D.the most careful
  24.Can you English, Li Lei? A.speak B.say C.tell D.talk
  25.Mr Li asked me fishing with him. A.go B.to go C.goes D.going
  26.He in this school since 19
  95. A.study B.studying C.has studied D.will study
  27.English isn't easy, we like it. A.but B.and
C.or D.so
  28.I my homework when my father came in. A.do B.will do C.was doing D.does
  29."How about coming to my party if you have time tomorrow?"I'll ask my mother right away if she me come. A.let B.lets C.has let D.will let
  30."Where are your new shoes?""I've thrown them away, though they only one month. " A.last B.lasted C.were lasted D.are lasted
  31.There are many in the fridge. A.food B.fruit C.eggs D.bread
  32.They usually have the traditional turkey Christmas Day. A.from B.at C.in D.on
  33.Grandma prefers tea coffee. A.about B.to C.on D.of
  34. of the apples in the fruit bowl are soft and sweet. A.Two-third B.Second-third C.Two-thirds D.Second-thirds
  35.Taxi doesn't run as as an underground train. A.fast B.faster C.fastest D.more fast
  36.After a long walk, the old man be tired now. A.can B.must C.has to D.need
  37.A: Is this pocket calculator? B: No. It's . A.your; his B.yours; his C.hers; mine
  38.There are twenty teachers in this grade. Eight of them are women teachers and are men teachers. A.the other B.the others C.others
  39.Yangpu Bridge is one of in the world. A.bigger bridge B.the biggest bridge C.the biggest bridges D.bigger bridges
  40.Shanghai is in east of China. A./ B.an C.a D.the
  41. great day July 1, 1997 is! A.How a B.What a C.how D.What
  42. human beings animals can live without air. A.Not only; but also B.Both; and C.Either; or D.Neither; nor
  43.We are going to have a sports meeting this coming Sunday. Have you any events yet? A.taken part in B.joined in C.entered for D.joined
  44.The old man wondered . A.whether the American pilot had seen UFO B.whether had the American pilot seen UFO C.how had the American pilot seen UFO D.that the American pilot had seen UFO
  45.The museum is quite far. It will take you half hour to go there by bus. A.an; / B.an; a C.a; / D./; /
  46.There is milk left. We have to go and buy some at once. A.a little B.a few C.few D.little
  47.American take-away food is quite different from . A.We B.ours C.us D.our
  48.Wei Fang is young, but she plays ping-pong her mother. A.as good as B.as well as C.as better as D.as best as
  49.How did you make the child while he was crying? A.smile B.to smile C.smiles D.smiling

  50.It is today. The radio says it won't stop raining until next week. A.fine B.wet C.windy D.cloudy
  51.English people use Mr, Mrs or Miss with their names. A.last B.middle C.given D.first
  52.I don't know if she tomorrow. If she , I'll call you. A.comes; comes B.will come; will come C.will come; comes D.comes; will come
  53.When shall we meet, this evening or tomorrow morning? I don't mind time is OK. A.All B.Every C.Either D.Both
  54.Tom's father often has lunch at the factory, ? A.has he B.hasn't he C.does he D.doesn't he
  55.It is quite warm here. You'd better your coat A.take off B.put down C.put on D.take down
  56. do you go to the cinema? Once a month. A.How soon B.How far C.How often D.How long
  57.Hurry up, we'll be late for school. A.but B.or C.and D.so
  58.Don't play with the knife. You hurt yourself A.may B.should C.have to D.need
  59.I haven't milked the cow . A.yet B.already C.never D.just
  60.Beijing is beautiful city. It's capital of China A.a; a B.the; the C./; the D.a; the
  61.Taiwan is the east of China. A.in
B.to C.on D.at
  62. office is much smaller than . A.Ours; yours B.Our; yours C.Theirs; our D.Your; their
  63.Did she go to school when she was young? No. She taught at home. A.her B.herself C.hers D.she
  64.Neither of them a worker. A.am B.are C.is D.were
  65.September is month of the year. A.nine B.ninth C.the nine D.the ninth
  66.How often you to the park when you were in Tianjin? A.do; go B.did; go C.will; go D.have; gone
  67.Mr Zhang felt a little tired, he still went on working A.and B.so C.or D.but
  68.He asked they needed some more tea. A.that B.what C.whether D.which
  69.Everyone must the classroom . A.ketp; cleaned B.keeps; clean C.keep; clean D.keep; cleaning
  70.This work is for me than for you. A.difficult B.the most difficult C.most difficult D.more difficult
  71.It is one o'clock, but his father hasn't come back A.already B.still C.too D.yet
  72.Are those? No, they aren't. They're . A.sheep; cows B.sheep; cow
C.sheeps; cow D.sheeps; cows
  73.When they at the village, it was already eleven o'clock A.arrived B.reached C.got D.came
  74.Her grandma has for three years. A.died B.been dead C.death D.die
  75.May I come in? . A.Yes, please B.No, you couldn't C.Yes, you must D.No, you needn't
  76.The factory in 19
  58. A.was built B.is built C.will built D.built
  77.You are a student, ? A.do you B.aren't you C.are you D.don't you
  78.Meimei went Kate with her Chinese. A.to help B.help C.helped D.helps
  79.Did you hear ? A.what did I say B.what I said C.I said what D.what I say
  80.Bill is English teacher. He likes playing football A.a; the B.an; the C.a; / D.an; /
  81.You are getting too fat. Eating too much is bad your health A.for B.to C.about D.with
  82.Who has picked apples, Jim or mike, do you know? A.many B.much C.more D.the most
  83.Is here today? No, Li Lei isn't here. A.someone B.somebody C.everyone
  84.How far away is the samll village from London? It's about kilometres. A.seven hundred twenty two B.seven hundred and twenty-two C.seven hundreds and twenty-two D.seven hundreds twenty-two
  85.Shall we go out for a walk? Sorry, I haven't finished my homework . A.already B.yet C.still D.ever
  86. do you go to the cinema? Once a week. A.How often B.How much C.How long D.How many
  87.Neither the students nor the teacher here. Where are they? A.is B.are C.was D.were
  88.You usually have a sports meeting every term, ? A.have you B.do you C.haven't you D.don't you
  89.Would you like to come to my birthday party? . A.No, I don't like B.Yes, I'd love to C.Quite well D.Sure. That's right
  90.Whose skirt is it? It may be . A.my sister B.my sisters C.my sister's D.my sisters's
  91.Some people were reading in the library. Miss Yang asked me loudly there. A.speak B.don't speak C.not speak D.not to speak
  92.The flowers every day, or they'll die. A.must water B.should water C.can be watered D.must be watered
  93.Though they had cleaned the floor, there was still rice on it. A.little B.a little C.few D.a few
  94.John the factory since 19
  84. He is one of the oldest workers here now.
A.came to B.comes to C.has been in D.has come to
  95.I'll catch up with Lucy before she the finishing line. A.reach B.is reaching C.reaches in D.will reach
  96.We are going to have a picnic tomorrow. What's the weather like, Mike? Why not the radio and listen to the weather report? A.turn on B.turn off C.take away D.find out
  97.Excuse me. Could you tell me ? Certainly. A.when can I get to the station B.I can get to which station C.which station can I get to D.how I can get to the station
  98.She worked quietly no one knew she was there. A.so; as B.so; that C.too; to D.very; that
  99."Please me your new story-book tomorrow, "Lucy said. A.to bring B.bring C.to take D.take 1
  00.English people often talk about . So when you meet someone in England, you should say, ? A.weather; It's a fine day, isn't it B.age; How old are you C.name; What's your name, please D.time; What's the time now 参考答案
  1. D
  13. C
  19. A
  25. B
  31. C
  37. A
  43. A
  49. A
  55. A
  61. A
  67. D
  73. A
  79. B
  85. B
  91. D
  2. A
  14. B
  20. C
  26. C
  32. D
  38. B
  44. A
  50. B
  56. C
  62. B
  68. C
  74. B
  80. D
  86. A
  92. D
  15. D
  21. B
  27. A
  33. B
  39. C
  45. A
  51. A
  57. B
  63. B
  69. C
  75. A
  81. A
  87. A
  93. B
  3. A
  16. B
  22. C
  28. C
  34. C
  40. D
  46. D
  52. C
  58. A
  64. C
  70. D
  76. A
  82. C
  88. D
  94. C
  4. D
  5. D
  17. A
  23. D
  29. B
  35. A
  41. B
  47. B
  53. C
  59. A
  65. D
  71. D
  77. B
  83. C
  89. B
  95. C
  6. C
  18. D
  24. A
  30. B
  36. B
  42. D
  48. B
  54. D
  60. D
  66. B
  72. A
  78. A
  84. B
  90. C
  96. A






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