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  1. English talking: my favourite person

  2. 看图说话
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

  3.语法专项训练 一、写出下列单词的复数形式。(
  5%) 写出下列单词的复数形式。(5 。(
  10. book mango sheep radio yo-yo knife children man Walkman tooth
  5%) 写出下列数词的基数词或序数词。(5 。(
  10. one two three five nine twenty eighty-eight twenty-first tenth ninety-sixth
  3%) 写下列单词的宾格或主格。(3 。(
  6. I she we us him them
  7%) 写出下列单词的形容词物主代词喝名词性物主代词。(7 。( I you he she we they it
  8%) 写出下列单词的比较级和最高级。(8 。(
  1. tall
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中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家

  2. fast
  3. brave
  4. late
  5. big
  6. fat
  7. heavy
  8. early
  9. far
  10. bad/ill
  11. much/many
  12. good/well
  13. careful
  14. beautifully 翻译下列词组。(
  16%) 。(16 六、 翻译下列词组。(
  1. 下午三点一刻
  2. 第四节课
  3. 在第二十层楼
  4. 三个星期前
  5. 35 个学生
  6. 新学期的第一天
  7. 她的手表
  8. 我们的学校
  9. 你的新自行车
  10. 我最喜欢的食物
  11. 他的明信片
  12. 一封电子邮件
  13. 一位老人
  14. 一块英国手表
  15. 一个小时
  16. 一百 填空。( 。(5 用 a 或 an 填空。(
  1. “U”
  2. “F”
  3. “K”
  4. goalkeeper
  5. teapot
  6. apple
  7. ice-cream
  8. umbrella
  9. post office
  10. airport 选择适当的人称代词填空。( 。(8 八选择适当的人称代词填空。(
  1. (He/I) is my father.
  2. (She/They) are Tom’s grandparents.
  3. (We/I) am Jim’s new friend.
  4. Look at that white dog. (They/It) is my brother’s.
  5. Where are (you/he from?
  6. Do you like collecting stamps? Yes, (you
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中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家
/we) do.
  7. (He/I) am a student at Heyang Primary School.
  8. (You/They) are my brother’s English teacher. 用人称代词的主格和宾格填空。 九、用人称代词的主格和宾格填空。(8%)
  1.Don’t pass it to (他).
  2. (她) is watching a running race.
  3. Would you like to go with (我们).
  4. Do you want to join (我).
  5. Tomorrow is my father’s birthday. This present is for .
  6. The ball is Su Hai’s. Please give to .
  7. What are Tom’s sisters doing? are seeing a Beijing opera show. 填入适当的物主代词。(
  10% 十、填入适当的物主代词。(
  1. (他的) coat is black, but (她的) is red.
  2. Whose wallet is this? It’s (我的).
  3. Whose wallet is that? It’s (我的) wallet.
  4. Are these (你们的) skateboards? Yes, they’re (我们的).
  5. I’m a new student. name is Helen.
  6. Nancy is my cousin. eyes are big.
  7. Look, this is his new book. (我的) is as new as his.
  8. What do people usually do at the Spring Festival. They visit relatives and fr iends. 十一、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 十一、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(12%)
  1. I can swim as (fast) as the fish.
  2. Look at his hands. His are as (small) as mine.
  3. Lucy is not as (tall) as the other children.
  4. Does Jim run as (slow) as David?
  5. I’m as (fat) as you, but I’m (heavy) than you.
  6. You have seven books, but Mike is (thin) than me.
  7. I jump (far) than any other children in my class.
  8. In Summer, the days are (long) and the nights are (short). But when Autu mn comes, the days get (short) and nights get (long.) 十二、选择。 十二、选择。(13%) ( )
  1. Who’s taller, ? A. Liu Tao’s or Gao Shan’s B. Liu Tao or Gao Shan C. Gao Shan’s or Liu Tao D. Gao Shan or Liu Tao’s ( )
  2.. fatter, Liu Tao or Gao Shan? A. whose B. who’s C. Whose D. Who’s ( )
  3. Whose dog is bigger,? A. Liu Tao’s or Gao Shan’s B. Liu Tao or Gao Shan C. Gao Shan’s or Liu Tao D. Gao Shan or Liu Tao’s ( )
  4. This is week of this term. A. nine B. the nineth C. ninth D. the ninth ( )
  5. Are there two on the table? A. box B. boxs C. boxes D. bo xse ( )
  6. Here’ some for you. s A. grapes B. hamburger C. glasses of milk D. milk ( )
  7. sun is bigger than moon. A. /, / B. A, a C. the, the D. T he, the ( )
  8. We all had nice time last Friday evening.. A. / B. a C. an
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中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家
D. the ( )
  9. Who is girl behind tree? A. a, a B. the, the C. a, the D. the, a ( )
  10. Look at old man. A. a B. an C. the D./ ( )
  11. There is map of the world on wall. map is mine. A. a, a, A B. a, the, The C. the, the, The D. the, the, A ( )
  12. There’re many on the farm. A. milk B. tree C. rice D. shee p ( )
  13. Are there any in the building. A. fruit B. pianoes C. radios D. childs
中小学 1 对 1 课外辅导专家



   语法专项练习 1. 名词的所有格 在英语中,有些名词可以加's 来表示所有关系,带这种词尾的名词形式称为该名词的所 有格。例如:a teacher's book。下面我们来看一下名词所有格的构成及用法。 (1)名词所有格的构成法 The children's house is near Tom's. 这些孩子的家靠近汤姆的家。 (2)名词+'s a. 单数名词词尾加's,复数名词词尾如没有 s,也要加's。 the boy's bag 男孩的书包 Mike's knife 迈克的刀子 the ...


   讲义: 讲义:初中英语宾语从句小结 一、当由陈述句充当宾语从句时,用 that 引导,that 无词义,在口语或非正式文体中常省 略。如: She said that she would leave the message on the headmaster's desk.她说她会把留言条放在 校长桌子上。 He said that he could finish his work before supper.他说他会在晚饭前完成工作 二、当由一般疑问句充当宾语从句时,用 if 或 whet ...


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   1 初中英语语法专项习题8-数词 初中英语语法专项习题 数词 一)基数词 在英语中表示数目的词称为基数词。 1.基数词的构成 (1)1-20 one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten,eleven,twelve,thirteen,fourteen,fifteen, sixteen,seventeen,eighteen,nineteen,twenty (2)21-99 先说“几十”,再说“几”,中间加连字符。 23→twenty-thre ...


   初三英语期末复习 练习回顾 典型例题 巩固练习 过 去 分 词 见 一 个 背 一 个 1. 今日它仍被视为最伟大名著之一 今日它仍被视为最伟大名著之一. is still thought to be Today it one of the greatest books. 2. 我进不去是因为门锁了 我进不去是因为门锁了. I couldn’t get in because the door . was locked 3. 刚才有人看见一个人进了你家 刚才有人看见一个人进了你家. A man ...


   2009 高考英语语法 16 个专项练习大全(及答案) (一)名词 1.To the sea captain’s surprise,he found that travel could also be quite pieasant. A.earth B.1and C.ground D.plain 2.Some famous singers live on the from their record sales. A.salary B.value C.bill D.income . 3.Man ...


   语法专项练习 情态动词: 情态动词: 1.I wonder how he- that to the teacher. A. dare to say B. dare saying C. dare not say D. dared say 2. When he was there , he go to that coffee shop at the corner after work every day A. would B. should C. had better D. might. 3.T ...


   初三英语专项练习一(听力) 初三英语专项练习一(听力) 一,根据录音,选出听到的句子中含有的单词或短语(10 分) 根据录音,选出听到的句子中含有的单词或短语 1. A. June 24,2001 B. June 14,2000 C. June 4,2001 2. A. the starting line B. standing in line C. waiting in line 3. A. politely B. quietly C. quickly 4. A. hundreds of ...


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   2011 年考研精品资料 ★清风扬帆★收集整理 sail2011@163.com 2011 年徐绽考研英语词汇笔记 第一讲 励志内容(略) 第二讲 理性地看待源远流长的英语词汇学的长河, 会发现所有的词汇不是孤立存在的. 任何一种语 言都是表达思想的载体,在其发展演变的过程中都是有规律可循的. 最早说英语的为公元五世纪的日耳曼人的一支,盎格鲁.萨克孙人<Anglo-saxon>,当时只有 五六万的词汇量,这个阶段为 Old English<古英语>,不成型,只是 An ...


   高考英语定语 从句复习课件 定语从句复习如下: 定语从句复习如下: 1.定语从句的分类 2.定语从句中的注意事项 3.关系词的实质和先行词之间的关系 4.关系代词和关系副词的用法及其容易混用的情况 5.限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句的比较 6.非限制性定语从句和单句的比较 7.as引导的两种定语从句 8.介词加关系代词的情况 9.只能用that 、which的情况 定语从句复习 定 语 从 句 The Non-Restrictive Attributive Clause The Restr ...


   高二英语歌比赛节目串词 ▲1. 0905 班 Auld Lang Syne Wherever we go, we are good friends forever. Time goes by, our friendship won’t change. Now, please enjoy the song “Auld Lang Syne”! ▲2. 0907 班 Scarbafy Love is always around us. No matter how far distance is. ...

2011年高考一轮复习(新人教版英语)知识点梳理课件:选修6 Unit 1

   Book 6 Unit 1 Ⅰ.高频单词思忆 Ⅰ.高频单词思忆 1.What artists do is to paint pictures,make s culptures or design buildings. 2.As a consequence of his carelessness,he addressed the letter to a wrong person. 3.Young Tom was a shadow of his blind mother;wherever she ...