阅读技能训练 ?? 猜测词义
How to guess the meaning of words?
A French student goes to London for his holiday. He knows a little English, but he can’t speak it very well. One day he goes to a restaurant. He wants to have some eggs, but he can’t remember the English word for “egg”. He looks around and sees a picture of a hen. He shows the picture to the waiter. “ What do you call her children?” he asks. “Chicks, sir.” “ And what do you call chicks before they’re born?” “ Eggs, sir.” “Very well,” says the French student. “ Give me two eggs and a cup of tea, please”.
If you meet the new words when reading, what will
you do ?
?Pay no attention and continue reading. ?Look them up in the dictionary.
? Guess
the meaning.

  1. I will not make friends with a dishonest person. dis+honest
  2. When the little boy finished, his father was speechless. speech+less 说不出话的
  3. If some athletes use drugs, it is unfair to the others. un+fair 首先要熟悉基本的构词法及其规律, 首先要熟悉基本的构词法及其规律 其 次要掌握一定的词根和词缀。 次要掌握一定的词根和词缀。如:un-, im-, mis-, -less, -ness等。 等

  1. It will be very hard but also very brittle?? that is , it will break easily. 脆的
  2. The purpose of the campaign was to catch “ringers”, students who take tests for other students. 冒名替考者
  3. A calendar is a list of the days, weeks, months of a particular year. 日历 释义常由定语从句或由…is, or, that is 释义常由定语从句或由 (to say), in other words, be called,be , known as等词汇或破折号来表示。 等词汇或破折号来表示。 等词汇或破折号来表示

  1. He replied quickly, but after he considered the problem more carefully, he regretted having made such a hasty decision.

  2. Your ideas are so not clear to me.
nebulous that they are
and , or , such as, like, for example, for instance常连接同义词组 。 常连接同义词组

  1. Although the early morning had been very cool, the noonday sun was tropical. 热的
  2. He had been getting better but during the night his condition deteriorated. 恶化
表转折关系的词常有but, while, 表转折关系的词常有 however, instead of , rather than , unlike, yet, though 等。

  1.The clock is so accurate that it will never lose a second in more than 200 million years.

  2. All his attempts to unlock the door was futile, because she was using the wrong key.
徒劳的, 徒劳的,无效的
常用关联词如: 常用关联词如 because,as,since,for, , , , , so,as a result, so, so … that, such … that , 等表示前因后果。 等表示前因后果。

  1. In the old days, when girls from rich families were married to their husbands, they expected to bring with themselves plenty of dowry. 嫁妆
  2. But sometimes, no rain falls for a long, long time. Then there will be a drought.

  3. The snake slithered through the grass.
爬行, 爬行 滑行
How to guess the meaning of words?
定义 生活 常识 构词法
对比 转折 同义词 因果 关系
Let’s try!

  1. She asked the hairdresser to trim her hair because it was too long. 修剪
  2. Although people in many countries consider raw meat delicious, we Chinese people seldom eat any meat that is uncooked. 未烹饪的
  3. …Yet, shopkeepers may have to spend extra hours to deal with problems, such as shoplifters, who always take away things from the shop without paying for them. 冒充顾客在商店行窃的人
  4. Mark Twain was not the author’s real name; it was a pseudonym. 笔名 化名 笔名,

  5. Bananas, oranges, pineapples, coconuts and some other kinds of fruit grow in warm areas.
  6. The fisherman make their canoes from trees. They go from island to island in these light boats and collect trutles’ eggs.
  7. Finally the enemy surrendered. They threw down their guns and walked out of the home with their hands over their heads.
  8. Jogging has become very popular in some countries. It is believed to be a good exercise for old people.
  1. 椰子
  2. 独木舟
  3. 投降
  4. 慢跑

  9. The shop sells stationery, such as pens,
pencils, paper, envelopes, and so on. 文具
  10. She did not hear what you said because she was completely engrossed in her reading.
  11. This boss wanted privacy because he knew that being alone would help him solve his problem.
  12. The pupils assembled in front of the school hall. They came together to listen to the headmaster announce the results of the sports meeting.
  10. 全神贯注的
  11. 清净
  12. 聚集

  13. He is one of the most loquacious men I know His brother, however, does not like to talk much. 话多的
  14. Man differs most from all the other animals in their ability to learn and use language. …不同 与…不同
  15. The herdsman, who looks after sheep, earns about 650 yuan a year. 牧羊人
  16. Those new comers were not used to the life in the suburbs which was so different from that inside the city. 郊区 城外 郊区,

  17. A stunt person is a man or woman who does all the dangerous bits of acting work in films or on TV. 特技演员
  18. My birthday was a few days ago. It was just like an ordinary day, no presents, no party, no cake… 普通的
  19. The official asked the man what his occupation was. The man told him that he worked as an engineer. 工作 职业 工作,
  20. Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health. 有害的
4 points

  1. The World MUN(世界大学生模拟联合国 is based 世界大学生模拟联合国) 世界大学生模拟联合国 on understanding, compromise, learning and friendship. (06, 福州课改区 福州课改区) A.友谊 A.友谊 B. 理解 C. 和解 D. 屈服
  2. Wang Zhizhi said, “I realized I had made a big mistake. I want to say sorry to my fans and to the Bayi Team(八 八 一队) 一队 which trained me and gave me the chance to play in the NBA. I was too young to make the right decision. I hope I could make up my fault this time and win back my place in the national team. (
  06,广东) ,广东) A. 表现出色 B. 弥补过失 C. 珍惜机会 D. 得到谅解
3 points

  3. I am Peter. In 2007 I got engaged(订婚 But 订婚). 订婚 unluckily I lost my job. Though I got a job again six months later, I was very short of money. One day, I came to your shop to buy a ring. (06, 山西 山西) A.项链 B.耳环 C.戒指 D. 圆环 B.耳环 C.戒指 A.项链
  4. Can a soft-looking girl be tough (坚韧的 inside? 坚韧的) 坚韧的 Taiwan’s pop singer Evonne Xu is like this. If she thinks something is right, she goes out of her way to do it. (07, 威海 威海) A. to get off B. to get in the way C. to go away D. to try one’s best
exchange your scores

  5. You have often looked into a mirror, of course. But you haven’t seen the real picture of your face yet. And why couldn’t you see it? When you look into a mirror, you don’t see your face as other people see it. You see a reversed picture. (06, 杭州 杭州) A.暂存的 B.相反的 B.相反的 C.模拟的 D.虚幻的 C.模拟的 D.虚幻的 A.暂存的
  6. Nowadays more and more people care about the exploitation(开采 of the natural resources, 开采) 开采 such as oil. (07, 哈尔滨 哈尔滨) B.现象 C.资源 D. 污染 C.资源 A. 商品 B.现象
3 points
  7. The life of an ant is usually 45-60 days…Grownup ants cannot eat hard food. Instead they have the juice that they get from pieces of food. An ant has two eyes. Each eye is made up of many smaller eyes. They are called compound eyes.(07,河南 河南) 河南 A. 明亮的 B. 柔弱的 C. 模糊的 D. 复合的
  8. The Venus flytrap is a very strange plant. Its leaves can open and close very quickly. Inside the leaves, there are three small hairs. If a fly touches one of the hairs, the leaf closes quickly. They fly cannot get out. In about half an hour, the leaf presses the fly until it is dead. (07, 安徽 ) A. 挤压 B. 关上 C. 打开 D. 松开

  9. British workers have the longest working week in Europe, with 23 vacation days?the shortest vacation. So they feel overworked, 75% say their weekends or vacations are too short and 40%would sacrifice a day’s pay for one more vacation day. (07, 江西 江西) A. Use up. B. Put up. C. Take up. D. Give up.
  10. We need to stop our discrimination (歧视 against the 歧视) 歧视 migrant workers (农民工 of China! They may not 农民工) 农民工 make as much money as some people in cities, they may not have everything we have, but they are good honest people just trying to survive this game of life. (07 临沂 临沂) A.活过来 B.挺过来 C.活得累 D.活得长 A.活过来 B.挺过来 C.活得累 D.活得长 5 points
How to guess the meaning of words?
  1) 根据构词法猜词
  2) 根据释义猜词
  3) 根据对比和转折关系
  4) 根据同义词关系猜词
  5) 根据因果关系猜词
  6) 根据常识和生活经验猜词

  2. Go over what we learned today. Finish additional exercises.



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