1. Do you think there will be robots in people’s home? (P
  2) ● Do you think 后跟宾语从句。 ● There be 句型中不能在出现 have/has; There be sth/sb. doing sth. ● 就近原则:There be, Either… or …, Neither…nor …, Not only… but also…,离动词最近的主 语决定动词的单复数形式
  2.At the weekends, I’ll be able to dress more casually.( P
  6) ● be able to 用于任何时态;can 用于一般现在时和过去时态 ● dress + 人: 给……穿衣 His mother dressed him in new clothes. 表示“穿着”的状态时用: be dressed in + 衣服或颜色。 dress up as, dress oneself, be/get dressed in + 衣服、颜色 put on :穿衣的动作 调状态 She was dressed in Russian style. yellow dress today. He is wearing a sweater. Whose that man in a red coat over there? Put on more clothes, or you’ll be cold. Mary is wearing a wear : 穿着衣服的状态 be in + 颜色、衣服、帽子等,强

  3. They might find it difficult to plan things for themselves. (P
  16) ● Sb. find/think/feel it adj. for sb. to do sth. ● plan?planned?planning babysit ?babysat?babysitting

  4. What was the girl doing when the UFO took off? (P
  19) take off : (脱下;飞机/小鸟起飞;事业/经济的腾飞,迅速发展) take+ 时间+off 休假……

  5. Lana said she wasn’t mad at Marcia anymore.(P
  27) ● anymore = any more more = no more ● be/get mad at sb. = be/get angry with sb. 热的
  6. If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time.( P
  34) ● if :在条件状语中是“如果”的意思,在宾语从句中是“是否”的意思。I don’t know if he will come back, if he comes back, please call me . ● 在状语从句中(由 when, after, if, until, unless, as soon as 等引导) ,主句是下列情况之一, 从句用一般现在时表示将来的意思:主句有情态动词;主句是祈使句;主句是将来时)
  7. If you are famous, people will watch you all the time and follow you everywhere.(P
  38) ● famous = well-known ● be famous for 因……而出名 (跟出名的原因) be famous as 以……而出名 生某人的气 be mad about… 对……狂 not … any longer = no longer(谓语用延续性动词) not…any
(跟职业/身份/地位) ● all the time 总是,一直 all the same 仍然、还是

  8. Thanks for sending me the snow globe of the monster. (P
  48) send sb. sth. = send sth. to sb. offer sb. sth.=offer sth. to sb. lend sb. sth. = lend sth. to sb for sb. 当直接宾语是代词时,只能放在间接宾语的前面。如:pass it to me
  9. By the way, what’s your hobby?(P
  48) by the way 顺便说一下 种方式
  10. The more I learn about Chinese history, the more I enjoy living in China.(P
  50) ● The + 比较级,the + 比较级 越……, 就越…… 越来越…… in the way 妨碍、挡路 on the way 在途中 in this way 以这 buy them for her borrow sb. sth.=borrow sth. to sb. buy sb. sth.=buy sth. give sb. sth.=give sth. to sb pass sb. sth=pass sth. to sb.
● 比较级 +and + 比较级 ; more and more + 原级(能加 more 的形容词) .



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