中考英语总复习专项练习?形容词、 中考英语总复习专项练习?形容词、副词
一、 单选:
  1. ( ) A news website is not as as a TV news show. A. personal B. more personal C. most personal D. personally
  2.( ) Jack is as as Tom. A. taller B. tallest C. tall D. the tallest
  3.( ) This room is not big that one. A. as…. so B. so… so C. as…. as D. as… the same
  4.( ) He studies hard his classmate, Jenny.
A. so… as B. as…. as C. so… so D. the same …so
  5.( ) The boy is too to go to school. A. younger B. youngest C. young D. the youngest
  6.( ) He walked slowly catch up with me. A. too… that B. so… to C. so… that D. too… to
  7.( ) This book is twice expensive that one. A. too…to B. so…. as C. so…that D. as…as
  8.( ) He is a little than me. A. old B. older C. oldest D. the eldest
  9.( ) Doctor Wang likes dancing even than Mr Li. A. better B. good C. well D. best
  10. ( ) This film is far than that one. A. interesting B. most interesting C. more interested D. most interesting
  11.( ) He has a lot books than me. A. many B. much C. more D. most
  12.( )This story is still than others. A. wonderful B. most wonderful C. more wonderful D. more wonderfully
  13.( ) They are studying very . A. more careful B. careful C. more carefully D. carefully
  14.( )The test is quite . A. boring B. more boring C. bored D. more bored
  15.( )You should read this kind of books as as possible. A. less B. least C . few D. little
  16.( ) The sound and video are not so as on TV. A. well B. better C. best D. good
  17.( ) He did his homework badly his sister. A. so… as B. too… to C. so… that D. as… as
  1.( ) Who spoke , he or she? A. loudly B. most loudly C. more loudly D. loud
  2.( ) Which driver drove , this one or that one? A. slowly B. slow C. most slowly D. more slowly
  3.( ) Jenny read than Catherine . A. clearly B. more clearly C. most clearly D. clearer

  5.( ) She acted a lot than her brother. A. more quick B. quickly C. most quickly D. more quickly
  6.( ) This bird sang even than that one. A. beautifully B. more beautiful C. more beautifully D. beautiful
  7. ( ) She feel than me. A. happily B. happy C. more happily D. happier
  8. ( ) Zhao jumped of the three players. A. higher B. high C. highest D. tallest
  9. ( ) This is one of my friends. A. good B. well C. better D. best
  10.( ) The Yangste River is river in China. A. long B. longest c. the longest D. longer
  11.( ) You did the thing of your five. A. bad B. badly C. worse D. the worst
  12.( ) Who got up , you, Jack or Tom? A. late B. later C. latest D. lately
  13.( ) Who studies in your class? A. good B. well c. better D. best
  14. ( ) Which runs , the train, the bus or the car? A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. slowly
  15.( ) He asked questions even than me. A. many B. much C. more D. most
  16. ( ) It’s hard to say which one is , the TV news or the Internet news. A. good B. best C. well D. better
  17.( ) We should read English stories as as possible. A. often B. always C. few D. sometimes
  18. ( )Paragraph 1 is of the six . A. the difficultest B. the most difficult C. the most difficultly D. difficult
  19. ( ) Did you eat as as her? A. many B. much C. more D. most 二. 补全句子(每空一词)
  1.这道题和那道题一样难. This problem is difficult that one.
  2.我的书和你的书一样有趣. My book is as as yours.
  3. 他学习没有我努力. He doesn’t study hard me.
  4. 这套公寓没有那套公寓贵. This apartment isn’t so as that one.
  5. 这部电影和那部电影一样好. This movie is good that one.
  6. 这座山和那座山一样高. This mountain is as as that one.
  7. 这个房间是那个房间的两倍大.
This room is as expensive as that one.
  8. 这条公路是那条公路的三倍长. This road is three times long that one.
  9. 他太小不能参军. He is young join the army.
  10. 我太累了不能继续走. I was tired go on working.

  1. 他比她矮. He is than her.
  2. 我比他学习努力. I study harder him.
  3. Jack 和 Tom 谁学习更认真? Who studies , Jack or Tom?
  4. 哪本书更有意思, 这本还是那本? Which book is , this one that one?
  5. 他是我们班最好的学生. He is student in our class.
  6. 黎明, 李利和魏如意谁学习最好? Who studies , Li Ming, Lili Wei Ruyi?
  7. 这是最难的题之一. This is one of problems



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