2010 中考英语作文预测 一、健康问题(热点)
  1. 健康问题是中考常考的话题,出题形式多样,有必要下苦功掌握。 How tokeep healthy /fit? All of us want to be healthy. First First,we should get enough sleep during the night. We can go to bed early and get up early. Staying up late is bad for our health. Second we must have the right kinds of food. We should Second, eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. We should drink a lot of water. We should have healthy eating habits. Third we should do more exercise Third, to build up our bodies. Finally we should be happy everyday. Because Finally, smile will make us younger. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life.
  2.卫生健康饮食:健康一直是人们关注的问题我校要举行以“关爱健康”为题 的主题班会,请根据下表内容谈谈你的看法,写一篇 80 字左右的演讲槁。 (
  1) 保持健康的重要性(
  3)保持健康的结论 9(
  4) 你的看法? How to keep healthy /fit? healthy/fit. Here is my advice about how to keep healthy/fit. As a middle shool student. first you’d better do more exercise such as playing ball games , running, swimming and jumping ropes(绳子). Then you should pay attention to your diet or meals. Don’t eat too much meat or suger ,but more vegetables and fruit.Third you need enough sleep or rest . Next keep Third yourself happy.As people often say smiling makes younger.Last you Last mustn’t drink wine or smoke .They are bad for your health. That is my advice.I hope you are healthy and enjoy your life. 二、关于环境保护问题(热点) 环境保护问题是中考热门话题,出现频率高,难度较大,必须掌握。 1 、 6 月 5 日( June
  5)是世界环境保护日, 我们周围的环境变得越来越糟糕, 污染越来越严重……。假如你是学生 Jone.,你校要进行“如何保护我们的环 境?”专题演讲比赛,要求:(
  1)、举例说明环境存在的问题 1?3 方面;(
  2)、如 何保护好我们的环境, 采取怎样的措施, 举例 1?3 方面进行说明, 字数 80 左右。 As we all know,the environmemt around us is getting worse and worse .In some places, we can’t see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills. Some people even have no clean water to drink. So I think environment. we must do something to protect the environment But what can we do? How to protect our environmemt ?For example ,we can go to school on foot or by bike . we can use shopping baskets not plastic bags when we go shopping ,and we can use both sides of the paper when we write .In a word ,if In attention everyone pays more attention to our environment ,there will be less pollution and our life will be better. “There is only one earth”,I hope protect everyone will protect our environment well.

  2、保护环境 ( 四川乐山) 从 2008 年 6 月 1 日起,国家将禁止商家免费提供塑料袋,掀起全 国“拒塑”的环保运动。假如你是李华,准备以“What Can We Do for the Environment” 为题,写一篇保护环境的英语演讲稿。 内容包含: (
  1).在购物时用布袋子替代塑料袋; (
  2).尽可能地再利用使用过的课本; (
  3). 离开教室应关灯;(
  5).简述理由:保护环境,减 少污染,节约能源等. 参考词汇:布袋子 cloth bag 塑料袋 plastic bag 保护 protect 能源 energy 污染 pollution 课本 textbook What Can We Do for the Environment our environment is becoming worse and worse , what can we do for the environment? I think each of us can do a little bit to help with this problem. do The first thing we can do is to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags when we go shopping. It helps to protect the environment. The second thing we can do is to reuse the old textbooks as possible as we can. We should also never forget to turn off the lights when we leave the classrooms in order to save energy. What’s more it would be better if more, we walk or ride a bike to school. We should try our best to reduce pollution and waste. In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. I believe we can make the world a better place to live in.
  3.为了保护地球有限的资源, 我们应该采取什么措施呢?请根据下面的提示写 一篇约 80 词的短文,短文开头已经给出。提示词;
  1.save water, the source of life , protect drinking water, stop polluting, make full use of it;
  2.save electricity, crucial, turn off, other electric machines;
  3. save forests, useful ,stop cutting down;
  4.recycle useful rubbish, save resources 参考作文: Although the world develops much faster and better, the resources fewer.In on the earth get fewer and fewer. order to protect them,something must be done. water. Save water Water is the source of life. No water, no life. So it’s very important for us to do so.Not only should we protect drinking water and stop polluting it, but also make full use of it. electricity. Save electricity It is crucial. We can’t imagine what the life will be like without it.Everyone should do his best to save electricity. Don’t forget to turn off lights or other electric machines when we finish working. forests. Save forests They are useful .Please stop cutting them down and use recycled paper instead. Make our world a green one to live in.
rubbish sh. Recycle useful rubbish Plenty of rubbish can be recycled like cans,paper, bottles, and so on. We can save resources in this way. I believe we can make the world a better place to live in. 三、语言学习 (热点) 这是中考中的老话题,近几年常考,形式多样。 例文 :请根据以下问题和答案的提示并结合你的实际情况,以“My English Learning”为题写一篇 80 词左右的英文稿件,要求至少涉及其中的三个问题, 并且不能出现你的真实姓名、 校名和县名等。 提示: When did you start learning English? (in … /…years ago) How do you learn English? (listen carefully, study with a group, read English every day…) What is difficult to learn? (listening, grammar…) What other helpful ways do you know to learn English well? (watch English movies, sing English songs…) 参考作文: English is one of my best subjects and I started learning English when I was ten years old. But at the very beginning, listening seemed a little difficult for me. So I have been doing a lot of listening practice, such as listening to tapes, watching English TV programs. And I found it really helpful. In fact, there are some more helpful ways to learn English well. For example, I enjoy singing English songs and I want to join an English club or find a pen pal from English-speaking countries. I believe that nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.
  2、(四川资阳)假设你叫李华,你的英国笔友 Linda 为了来中国参观奥运会而 报名参加了汉语培训班学习汉语。她最近写信向你询问学习外语的建议。请根据 下列提示和你学习英语的体会给 Linda 写一封回信。 参考作文: Dear Linda, I’m very glad that you’ll come to China to watch the Olympic Games. isn’t I know it isn’t easy to learn a foreign language, but I have some ideas Firstly, that may help. Firstly it’s very important to listen to the teacher carefully in class and make some notes so that you can go over your lessons later. Secondly try to catch every chance to practice speaking, both in Secondly, and out of class. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Then try to listen and read more in Chinese. What’s more you’d better plan your time well more, and study it regularly every day. all, don’t Above all you should be confident in yourself and don’t give up difficulties ies. whenever you meet with difficulties. I’m sure you will succeed through your hard work. Best wishes and look forward to meeting you in China.
Yours, Li Hua 四、志愿者工作 (福建莆田)假如你是李华,你从报纸上看到 2008 北京奥运会志愿者的招聘广 告。请你用英文写封简短的应聘信,介绍自己的情况(见下表)表示愿意为奥运 会做一些工作,请组委会给予考虑,并能尽早予以答复,词数:80 左右。 姓名 李华 年龄 16 简历 我市某中学学生 爱好 绘画、体育、唱歌、演讲、英语口语 获奖情况 2007 年 12 月获我市中学生英语演讲比赛一等 奖 身体状况 健康 联系电话 0594--1356666 提示词汇:
  1.志愿者 voluteer
  2.作为 work as
  3.答复 reply to
  4.比赛 contest Sir/Madam, I read your ad. in the newspaper yesterday. I’m writing to tell you that I’d like to work as a volunteer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. My name is Li Hua. I’m sixteen. I have many hobbies, such as drawing, sports, singing, speeches, and spoken English. I am proud that I won the first prize in our city’s English Speech Contest for Middle School Student in December, 20
  07.In fact I’m healthy and strong. If I am lucky enough to become a volunteer, I will try my best to do well. this job well Please reply to me soon. My telephone number is 0594?13566
  66. Yours sincerely Li Hua 五、初中生活的回顾
  1、回顾初中三年成长过程,你一定有很多感受,从学习, 生活,爱好等方面作 出自我评价 ( 毕业 回顾评价) I have studied in my middle school for three years. I have learned a lot. I have learned not only how to make friends but also how to talk to others. I have many hobbies. I like sports. I often play basketball, football and volleyball with my friends. Football is my favorite. Of all my subjects, I do best in English and Chinese. But my math and physics are a little weak. I think I will try my best to learn them well. I hope I can study in No.1 High School.
  2、初中阶段的学习即将结束,回想自己在父母和师长的关爱和帮助下的成长过 程,心中充满感激之情。请用英语给父母或老师写一封 80 词左右的信表示感谢。 范文(
Dear parents parents, Words fail me when I want to express my thanks to you. You have taken good care of me since I was born.When I am in trouble,you always encourage me and cheer me up.Once I argued with my best friend and was upset,you talked with me the whole night and finally helped me solve the problem. With your help,I have become a good student.I am so thankful for your love I that I will work harder and try to do better in the future. Best wishes. Yours, Zhang hua 范文(
  2) Dear teacher teacher, Words fail me when I want to express my thanks to you. You have taken good care of me since I came to this school. When I am in trouble,you always encourage me and cheer me up. You are kind but strict with us, you never allow us to pretend that we know what we don’t know. You often tell us that it’s no use memorizing new words without understanding. With your help ,my English has greatly improved. Thank you for caring about me, I will work harder in the future. Best wishes. Yours, Zhang hua 六、网上购物 Shopping Online With the help of the Internet, shopping is not a difficult job. Just click your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn't step out of the room. It seems easy and quick. But there's always a trap(陷阱) online. If you are careless, it will bring you some trouble. You may find the color of the article is different from what you want, or the size is either too small or too big. If you want to be different, you'd better not buy clothes online. Once you put on the clothes you bought online and go out, you will find many people wear the same clothes in the street. So you must be careful, because everything has two sides.
七、关于中学生使用手机 参考作文: Dear Editor, Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students. Some students think that it is easy to use them to keep in touch with parents and classmates.Also, they can be used to listen to music or take photos. But others think that we don’t need to talk with parents and classmates with mobile phones, because we meet them every day. And mobile phones may influence our study. In my opinion, it’s not wrong to follow the fashion, but the most important thing is how to use the mobile phone in a right way. Yours truly, Wang Lin 八、与父母相处的话题 这类作文难度较大,掌握基本句式,背诵范文非常必要。 (陕西省卷) 假如你是 Han Mei, 下面是一封你的笔友 Alice 给你发来的 e-mail, 请你根据 e-mail 的内容给她写一封回信,与她交流看法,并帮她排忧解难。 提示词语:listen to, mother's love, care about, communicate with, get along with, smile 写作要求:
  1.语句通顺, 书写工整;
  2.可用所给提示词语, 也可以适当发挥;
  3.词数在 60-80 左右 Dear Han Mei, I'm afraid I've got a big problem recently. My mother talks too much to me. She always tells me, "Be careful while crossing the street." "Put on more clothes." "Did you do a good job at school?" and so on. I'm annoyed(烦恼)。What shall I do? Alice 例文 Dear Alice, As a teenager, I met the same problem as you. But now I can get along better with my mother. Here are some ideas for you. Your mother talks much, because sh



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