中美文化交流词汇 Confucius Institute 孔子学院 sister cities 友好城市 culture shock 文化冲击,文化休克 culture pollution 文化污染 cross-cultural communication 跨文化交流 high culture 高雅文化 counter-culture (上世纪六十至七十年代在西方出现的)嬉皮文化,反传统文化 online courses 在线课程 knowledge-sharing 知识共享 The second Sino-US cultural forum 第二届中美文化论坛 ever-developing era 日益发展的时代 Chinese Overseas Exchange Association 中国海外交流协会 picture shows 图片展 Sino-US Film Festival 中美电影节 education internationalization 教育国际化 Sino-US Higher Education Cooperation & Exchange Forum 中美高等教育合作交流 论坛 China Education Expo 中国教育展 Institute of International Education 国际教育协会 flexible visa policies 宽松的签证政策 overseas study consulting company 海外留学咨询公司
brain drain
intellectual circulation 人才流动 Chinese Culture Week 中国文化周 culture diplomacy 文化外交
national publicity film
Chief Cultural Officer 首席文化官,文化总监 (CCO) cultural icon 文化偶像 cultural information technology system 文化信息技术系统
cultural trap 文化陷阱 local culture 本土文化 mass culture 大众文化 oriental culture 东方文化 multiculture society 多元文化社会 counterculture 反文化 cultural diversity 文化差异
中美外交关系专题词汇 state visit 国事访问
Sino-US ties/China-US relations 中美关系 bilateral tie 双边关系 bilateral cooperation 双边合作 direct contact 直接接触 joint statement 联合声明 in the spirit of the joint statement 本着联合声明的精神
China-US joint communique
top leaders 最高领导人 national interests 国家利益 core interests 核心利益 common interests of the two countries 两国共同利益 personality of the individual leaders 领导人的个人魅力 frequent meetings 频繁会晤 "conflict-dominant" relationship “冲突主导”的关系 start a new era in US-China relations 开创中美关系的新时代 the normalization of US-China relations 中美关系正常化 permanent consultative institutions 永久磋商机制 constructive strategic partnership 建设性战略伙伴关系 overall strategic partnership 全面战略伙伴关系 rapprochement 恢复邦交 Ping Pong diplomacy 乒乓外交
high-level cooperation 高层协作 Strategic and Economic Dialogue 战略经济对话 establish diplomatic ties 建立邦交 highly confidential visit 秘密访问
zero-sum game
mutual trust 相互信任 common prosperity 共同繁荣 peaceful coexistence 和平共处 the situation on the Korean Peninsula 朝鲜半岛局势 resumption of Six-Party Talks 重启六方会谈 high-level visit 高层访问 maintain a low profile 保持低姿态 China will never seek hegemony. 中国永远不会称霸。 strategic suspicions 战略猜疑 build a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship for the 21st century 建 设 21 世纪积极合作全面的中美关系 help restore a positive momentum to the relationship 有助于恢复中美关系积极发展势 头 lay the groundwork for numerous areas of bilateral cooperation 为多领域的双边合作 奠定基础 look at the issue from the higher strategic level 从更高的战略层面看待问题 share common interests in a fair and just international system 在公平公正的国际体系 内共享共同利益 in an environment "characterized by cooperation rather than conflict" 在以合作,而非 冲突为特征的国际环境中 a policy of friendship, security and prosperity 和平、稳定和繁荣的政策 practice robust regional engagement in the Asia-Pacific 加强参与亚太地区事务 build trust between China and the United States 建立中美互信
[ 2011-01-17 17:01 ]
economic restructuring 经济转型/经济结构调整
complementary economic relations 互补的经济关系 as the second largest trade partner of the other 双方互为第二大贸易伙伴 economic development mode 经济发展模式 dumping 倾销 anti-dumping 反倾销 dumping abroad 海外倾销 a dumping field 海外倾销市场
export tax rebate/tax refund
export quotas 出口配额 dependence of the Sino-American economy 中美经济关系的依存度 export dependence 出口依存度 ratio of dependence on foreign trade 外贸依存度 high-tech exports 高科技产品出口 exchange rate 汇率 exchange rate policy 汇率政策
rate fine-tuning
exchange rate system 汇率机制 a floating exchange rate system 浮动汇率机制 pegging the RMB to the US dollar 人民币盯住美元
rate hike
rate cut 利率下调
forex reserve pool
外汇储备库 人民币跨境结算
cross-border settlement
appreciation of the RMB 人民币升值 depreciation/devaluation of the RMB 人民币贬值 exchange rate formation mechanism 汇率形成机制 foreign exchange spot market 外汇现货市场
hot money
trade war 贸易战 unfair competition 不正当竞争
trade deficit 贸易逆差 trade surplus 贸易顺差 trade imbalances 贸易失衡 market economy status 市场经济地位 dollar value 美元价值 global financial system 全球金融体系
subprime crisis
China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade 中美商贸联合委员会
quantitative easing
inflationary pressure 通胀压力
credit squeeze
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军事关系 military hardware development 武器装备发展 fence-mending visit 修好访问 high-level military exchanges 高级别军事交流 armed forces 陆海空三军/武装力量 military/military-to-military ties 两军关系 reduce misunderstanding and miscalculation 减少误解和误判 resolve disagreements 消除分歧 People's Liberation Army (PLA) 中国人民解放军 Second Artillery Corps of the People's Liberation Army 解放军第二炮兵部队
arms sales
mutual trust 互信
national defense policy 国防政策 Asia-Pacific strategy 亚太地区战略 hegemony 霸权 military expansion 军事扩张 arms race 军备竞赛 military confrontation 军事对抗 joint communique 联合公报 in the spirit of "respect, mutual trust, equality and reciprocity" 本着“尊重、互信、对等、互惠”的 原则 safeguard China's national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity 维护国家主权、 安全和领 土完整 武器装备 J-20 stealth fighter jet 歼 20 隐形战机 radar-eluding fighter jet 隐形战机 "anti-access" weapons 反介入武器 test flight 试飞 short-range missiles 短程导弹 surface-to-surface missiles 地对地导弹 missile interception test 反导试验/导弹拦截试验 joint drill/exercises 联合军演
ground training
aircraft carriers 航空母舰 maximum firing range 最大射程 offensive weapons 进攻性武器
missile arsenal 导弹库 anti-ship missile 反舰导弹 fourth generation jet fighter 第四代战机 Patriot air-defense missile systems 爱国者反导系统
[ 2010-05-26 16:48 ]
China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue 中美战略经济对话 opening ceremony 开幕式 closing remarks 闭幕辞 high-level dialogue 高层对话 Chinese currency Yuan 人民币汇率问题 currency rate/exchange rate reform 汇率改革 foreign exchange rate mechanism 汇率机制 external pressure 外部压力 rebalance global growth 重新平衡全球发展 currency appreciation 货币升值 currency flotation 浮动汇率
currency manipulator
climate change/energy 气候变化 能源 气候变化/能源 alternative energy 可替代能源 clean energy 清洁能源
lower carbon economy
economic cooperation 经济合作
government procurement
hi-tech goods 高科技产品 hi-tech export 高科技出口 high-end manufacturing 高端制造业 energy-saving products 节能产品 intellectual property rights/IPR protection 知识产权保护 market access barriers 市场准入障碍 supply chain 供应链 European debt crisis 欧洲债务危机 anti-protectionism in international trade 反对国际贸易保护主义 global economic recovery 全球经济复苏 full market economy status 完全市场经济地位 open trade and investment regimes 开放的贸易和投资体制 outcome 成果
MOU/memorandum of understanding
Framework for EcoPartnerships 生态合作框架 credit agreements 贷款协定 reach consensus 达成共识 bear fruit 取得成果 revised agreement 修订协议 outcome statement 成果声明 produce concrete results 取得实效 long-term reforms 长期改革 bilateral forum 双边论坛 bilateral ties 双边关系
mutually-beneficial and win-win cooperation 互惠和共赢的合作
[ 2010-03-05 17:40 ]
。 Report on the Work of the Government 政府工作报告 income distribution 收入分配 reform of household registration system 户籍制度改革 fiscal revenue 财政收入 per capita disposable income 人均可支配收入 net per capita income 人均纯收入 the central government's public investment 中央政府公共投资 technological upgrading projects 技改项目 actual utilized foreign direct investment 实际利用外商直接投资
defense budget
registered unemployment rate 登记失业率 rise in the CPI 居民消费价格涨幅 balance of payments 国际收支状况
income gap
收入差距 收入分配 低碳经济 产业结构调整
income distribution
low-carbon economy
industrial restructuring
local government bonds 地方债 local government budgets 地方财政预算
precipitous rise of housing prices 房价过快上涨 basic need for housing 基本住房需求 property hoarding 捂盘惜售 new old-age insurance system for rural residents 新型农村社会养老保险 new type of rural cooperative medical care system 新型农村合作医疗 rates for individual contributions 个人缴费标准 fostering new areas of economic growth 培育新的经济增长点 tourism and leisure industry 旅游休闲产业 economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) 两岸经济合作框架协议



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   呵呵 我有一点小小的心得,大家一起分享吧 我买了很多英文原版词典和英汉和汉英词典,还有国内出的许多习语和短语等各种的词典和百科全书,目前大概有150多本吧,(花了我几万人民币)而且数量还在稳步增加。用词典学习步骤是这样的:用红笔在词典内你需要注意的部分上直接划线(自己的词典,不用心疼)或者抄写其中的单词或短语的英语解释和例句,(我抄写了一段时间,实在太费时间,所以改为用红笔划线,但本人还是认为抄写一遍更好!)一定要有所选择性的和目的性,比如你发现你自己的词汇不够大,而又因阅读材料难度加大而需要 ...


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   电器电子英语词汇(D) 育龙网 WWW.CHINA-B.C0M 2009 年 06 月 03 日 来源:互联网 育龙网核心提示: 育龙网核心提示: d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字 核心提示 模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage area 损伤区 damage probability d/a converter 数字模拟转换器 da 设计自动化 dac 数字模拟转换器 dacq 数据采集 damage 损伤 damage ...


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大学英语综合教程3的翻译 by唐茂皓

   PASSAGE A 1 How did the war ,which brought terrible disasters to mankind,impact on such a poet. 2 Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children which will cause the children to make the same mistake again. 3 As a new immigrant ...