2010 2010 高中招生考试 英 语 试 卷
注意: 卷的答案做在答题卡上, 注意:全卷分为第 I 卷和第 II 卷,第 I 卷的答案做在答题卡上,第 II 卷的答案做 卷试卷上。 在第 II 卷试卷上。
从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,并把答题卡上对应题目的答案 标号涂黑。
  21. There is a picture my family on the wall. A. of B. up C. after D. to
  22. Something is wrong with my . I can’t see anything around me. A. nose B. ears C. eyes D. mouth
  23. Alice, is this your dictionary? Let me see. Oh, no. is in my school bag. A. Myself B. Me C. My D. Mine
  24. Last Sunday my aunt at home with me. We were watching TV all day. A. was B. were C. is D. are
  25. Must I clean the room now? No, you . You can do it tomorrow. A. mustn’t B. must C. needn’t D. need
  26. Are you good at history, Rose? . But I will try to study it well this term. A. That’s all right B. Not very good C. No problem D. Quite well
  27. Jane, please turn off the lights you leave the classroom. A. after B. before C. until D. but
  28. have you been away from your hometown, Janet? Since 5 years ago. A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often
  29. Who did English homework better, Leo or Nick? Leo was more careful. I think Leo did Nick. A. as good as B. as well as C. better than D. worse than
  30. I got a beautiful bike on birthday. I like it very much. A. fifteenth B. fifteen C. my fifteen D. my fifteenth
  31. The radio that there will be another heavy rain in Guangdong. Too bad. It has rained for the whole week. A. tells B. talks C. says D. speaks
  32. James, I’m too tired. Let’s stop a rest. A. having B. have C. to having D. to have
  33. They came here to have a meeting on time, ? A. didn’t they B. did they C. don’t they D. do they
  34. Look! It’s raining heavily. take a raincoat with you? Well, I’ll take one right now.
A. Why not B. Why don’t C. Would you mind D. Would you like
  35. Mark, please don’t play basketball on the road. It’s very dangerous. . I am going home at once. A. Have a great time B. Sorry, I won’t do that C. I’d like to D. OK, with pleasure
  36. I don’t have enough money. This watch is too expensive. Look, there are some more over there. They’re and nice. A. big B. old C. small D. cheap
  37. If you to the 2010 Shanghai Expo next month, I will go with you. A. go B. has gone C. will go D. are going
  38. Hello, this is Tina speaking. Is that Sam? Sorry, he isn’t here at this moment. ? A. Can I take a message B. What are you saying to Tina C. May I speak to Sam D. Who’s that speaking
  39. David, look at the man in white over there. Can you tell me ? He is a doctor. A. Who is he B. who he is C. what is he D. what he is
  40. Steven, could you help me when the plane will take off on the Internet? I’m sorry, my computer doesn’t work. A. get on B. find out C. look for D. look after III. (每小题 2 分,共 20 分) III.完形填空。 根据短文内容,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出一个能正确填入相应空格内的最佳答案,并 把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。 Wang Ling, a middle school girl, felt angry with her parents after getting a boy’s just a few phone call. “A classmate called me to discuss homework. We talked 41 minutes before my parents got mad,” said the girl. “They asked whether I liked the boy. I said I didn’t, 42 they wouldn’t believe me.” Wang’s trouble is not strange at all because puppy love (早恋) becomes a big headache for 43 parents and schools. They worry that puppy love will be bad for 44 . Her school makes it a rule not to allow any talk or any physical contact (身体接触) 45 one boy and one girl alone. Many students say they understand 46 parents and teachers are so nervous about puppy love. But some think they are going too far. “We have our own thoughts and we know what to 47 with it,” said Wang Ling. Another girl, Jiang Ting, liked making friends with boys. “Boys and girls can learn from each other,” she said. “My mother asks me to study hard. However, she 48 stops me from making friends with boys.” Once Jiang told her mother she might fall in love with a boy. Her mother let Jiang make 49 own decision. Soon Jiang found that she didn’t like him any more because the boy was not as 50 as what she had thought before. And she did worse and worse in her subjects because she spent much on it. At last she
understood the
  41. A. for
  42. A. because
  43. A. both
  44. A. game
  45. A. during
  46. A. how
  47. A. play
  48. A. never
  49. A. its
  50. A. good
worry from schools and most parents B. in C. with D. B. if C. but D. B. none C. either D. B. study C. match D. B. between C. around B. what C. who D. B. live C. do B. already C. ever B. my C. his D. B. bad C. heavy D.
about puppy love. to and neither housework D. about why D. fill D. just her thin
(每小题 2 分,共 30 分) IV. 阅读理解。 阅读下列材料,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳答案,并把答题卡上对应题目的答案标 号涂黑。 A Traveling is one of the most important activities and people have been interested in it for many years. Modern traffic develops fast, so traveling to different places has become much easier than before. Staying healthy while traveling can make your trip happier. But do you know how to keep healthy during a trip? The following information may be useful for you. Before leaving: Wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunglasses. Take some necessary medicine with you. They can be used when you get sick or have other problems. If you do lots of sports like walking or climbing on your trip, you should do some exercise for weeks or months before you leave. While traveling: Be sure not to eat dirty food or bad fruit. Have enough time to take a rest during your trip. Tap water(自来水) is not safe, so drink bottled water and always clean the cover on the bottle.
  51. You should before you leave your home for a trip. A. get some medicine B. clean the cover C. drink much water D. wear warm clothes
  52. You had better not while you are having a trip. A. wear sunglasses B. be too tired C. wear a hat D. take a rest
  53. If you while traveling, your trip will be happier. A. walk fast B. eat too much C. keep healthy D. climb the mountain B As we know, Chongqing has changed a lot. Most of the people feel much safer now.
More and more trees are being planted in the city. And every day you can see many old people play sports everywhere. The change makes the people in the city live a happy life. The small survey below is from the people who live in Chongqing. One hundred persons were chosen to answer the questions last week. What they want Health 52% In a quieter place 15% What they think of working in the city Whether they plan to change their living places Bad 8% Yes 39% Safety 33% In a busier place 5% Good 80% No 41% Food 15% In a greener place 80% No idea 12% Difficult to say 20%
Where they like to live

  54. From the survey, of the people in Chongqing care about health. A. 41% B. 80% C. 39% D. 52%
  55. Most people think working in Chongqing is . A. bad B. good C. hard D. sad
  56. From the survey, we know most people want to live . A. in a busier place B. in a quieter place C. in a greener place D. on the mountain
  57. According to the passage and the survey, we know that . A. most people plan to change their living places B. in Chongqing all the people have a lot of food C. the people in Chongqing don’t like planting trees D. the change in Chongqing makes people enjoy living there C When you see the girl for the first time, you may think she is a boy. She is very outgoing(外向). Who is she? Wang Meng, the Chinese top skater. On the evening of February 26th, 2010, Wang Meng first got to the finishing line in 1 minute and
  29.213 seconds in the women’s 1000 meters short track speed skating final (短道速滑决赛) at the Vancouer Olympic Winter Games (温哥华冬奥会). After she succeeded in the 500-meter and 3000-meter races, she won her third gold medal this time. With this one China won four gold medals in the women’s short track speed skating. That helped China first win the team gold medal in Winter Olympics history. Just before the final race Wang Meng caught a bad cold and coughed terribly. With the words of “You can, you can do!” she won at last. She said, “I really feel these three gold medals belong to my team, to China. It was with the help of my team that I won the prize.” Though Wang Meng is only twenty-four, she has been the most successful Chinese
skater. Chinese are proud of her and her team. We hope she will be faster in Sochi Olympics in 20
  58. China won gold medals in the women’s short track speed skating. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5
  59. It took Wang Meng 1 minutes and
  29.213 seconds to finish the short track speed skating final. A. women’s 1000 B. men’s 1000 C. women’s 500 D. men’s 500
  60. In Wang Meng’s opinion, made her win the prize at last. A. a strong body B. a bad cold C. her team’s help D. much exercise
  61. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Wang Meng is very outgoing like a boy. B. Wang Meng is the most successful Chinese skater. C. Chinese people are proud of Wang Meng and her team. D. China has got the team gold medal twice in Winter Olympics history. D One morning, Wu Liang discovered that her classroom had changed. She found that the desks were no longer in rows, but pushed together to make eight bigger desks. She was too excited about it for the first two days and she couldn’t listen to the teachers carefully. But soon she and her classmates got used to this new classroom arrangement (安排). “Now our class is quieter,” said Wu. “What’s more, we can come up with our own ideas and learn more through discussion. It’s a better way to study.” Li Yu liked it, too. He said, “Group members first discuss, and then show ourselves in front of the whole class. It makes us believe in ourselves.” It was part of a reform (改革) at Li’s school. The school made this reform because they wanted to provide students with easier ways to study and more chances to discuss. “Our school hopes it can improve students’ abilities (能力) to study by themselves and work in groups,” said Zhang Ming, an English teacher. However, the reform has demanded (要求) more from teachers. Now they have only 15 minutes to give the lesson which should be taught in 45 minutes before. It is difficult to teach in such a short time. The teachers have to find better ways to teach more effectively. effectively The reform demands more, but I’m sure it is helpful,” added Zhang Ming.
  62. After the new classroom arrangement it was easier for Wu Liang and her classmates to in class. A. discuss with each other B. sit in the classroom C. push desks together D. teach a lesson
  63. The school made the reform in order to provide students with to study. A. noisier classes B. easier ways C. more seats D. fewer chances
  64. The Chinese meaning of the word “effectively” in this passage is . A.简单地 B. 明确地 C. 有效地 D. 认真地

  65. The best title of this passage may be “”. A. Students’ Friendship B. Teachers’ Hope C. Discussion in Class in Class
D. New Look
得 分
(每空 1 分,共 10 分) V.完成句子。
  66. There were many students in this school last year. (改为否定句) There many students in this school last year.
  67. The kid is playing the piano at the school music club. (对划线部分提问) is the kid the piano?
  68. More and more people speak Chinese in the world. (改为被动语态) Chinese by more and more people in the world.
  69. My cousin usually walks to school every morning. (改为同义句) My cousin usually goes to school every morning.
  70. 他太累,在公交车上睡着了。(完成译句) He was tired he fell asleep on the bus.
得 分
VI.口语应用。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) VI
阅读下面对话,从方框内 7 个选项中选择 5 个恰当的句子完成此对话,并将其番号填入题 前括号内。 A. I’ll take them. B. Can you go to other shops? C. I feel sorry about it. D. May I have a look at other shoes? E. How much are they? F. I’d like a pair of shoes for my daughter. G. She likes white and black. ( ( ( A: What can I do for you? ) B: 71 A: For your daughter? Look, the shoes are really nice. Do you like them? ) B: Yes. But I’m afraid my daughter doesn’t like the color. 72 A: Sure. There are different kinds of shoes over there. What color does she like? ) B: 73 And black is her favorite.
( (
A: What size does she need? ) B: Size
  9. Let me see. Um, this pair of shoes must fit her. 74 A: They are not expensive, only 199 yuan. Here is the money. Thanks very much! ) B: That would be fine. 75 A: You are welcome. 得 分 评卷人 VII.短文填空。



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