中山市高三级 2010?2011 学年度第一学期期末统一考试 英语科参考答案
  16.gently if
  24.who 26-30 CBCDA 41-45 CADAB
6-10 CDBCB
  20. had returned
  22. the
  25.with 31-35 CCDBA 46-50 CADFB
11-15 DABAC
  18. and
  23.more 36-40 BCBDA
基础写作 The 16th Asian Games were held in Guangzhou, China from November 12, 2010 to November 27, 20
  10. Guangzhou is the second city in China to host the games after Beijing in 19
  90. There were 42 events contested, making the most events ever competed in history of the Asian Games. Nearly one hundred thousand athletes from 45 different countries and regions of Asia participated in the games, tried their best to challenge themselves, and breaking 3 world records and 27 records in Asian Games. With the efforts of all the athletes, coaches as well as guests, we enjoy a wonderful, successful and harmonious Asia Games. 读写任务 The passage mainly tells us the phenomenon that many high school students turn to tutors for help in their study after school and the reasons why tutors are so popular. It goes without saying that after-school tutoring can help some students, especially those who are weak at a certain subject, to some extend. Tutors focus their attention on a student at one time, so it is
easier for them to make their teaching plans flexibly according to the student’s need. However, when students are too dependent on tutors, they may pay less attention to the regular study at school. As tutoring often takes place after school, so it takes up students’ free time, leaving them less time to relax themselves. Personally, I will not turn to tutors for help in my study. I believe if I can make full use of the regular teaching in school, I will do a good job in my study. When I am faced with difficulties in my study, I will try my best to figure them out independently. If they are beyond my reach, I will turn to my teachers for professional guidance.



   中山市高三级 2010?2011 学年度第一学期期末统一考试 英语科参考答案 1-5 BCBDA 16.gently if 21.Placing 24.who 26-30 CBCDA 41-45 CADAB 6-10 CDBCB 17.replied 20. had returned 22. the 25.with 31-35 CCDBA 46-50 CADFB 11-15 DABAC 18. and 23.more 36-40 BCBDA 19. 基础写作 The 16th Asian G ...


   年考研英语( 2011 年考研英语(二)试题客观题部分参考答案 1-5 ACBDD 6-10 BACCA 11-15 DBACA 16-20 CDACD 21-25BBDAA 26-30DBCBB 31-35BDCDB 36-40DCBAC 41-45EDCFG 46 题翻译: 题翻译: 有谁会想到,在全球范围内,IT 行业产生的温室气体跟全球航空公司产生的一样多?占二 氧化碳总排量的 2%. 很多日常工作对环境造成了让人震惊的破坏作用。 根据你查询正确答 案的尝试次数,谷歌搜索引擎会插手 ...


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   2011 年福州市初中毕业班质量检查 英语听力材料 I. 听句子,选择正确的图画。每小题念一遍。 听句子,选择正确的图画。每小题念一遍。 1. Collecting stamps is my little brother’s hobby. 2. Look! Can you see some kites flying high up in the sky? 3. Yang Liwei is a great hero that everyone should learn from. 4. The ...


   年高三质量调查试卷( 三质量调查试卷 宝坻区 2011 年高三质量调查试卷(一) 英语参考答案 第一、 二部分: 第一、 二部分:(Key to 155) 15. BABAC 610. CBACD 1115. ADCBC 1620. ACADC 2125. BDA BC 2630. ADDCB 3135. BCADB 3640. BCDAA 4145. ACCCD 4650. DAABC 5155. CBDCA 第三部分: 第三部分 第一节: 第一节:阅读表达 56. They were a ...


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   满分四六级英语网 www.cetcet.com 独家整理 独家整理提供。 整理提供 本资料有满分四六级英语网 www.cetcet.com 独家整理提供。 更详细的真题, 下载。 更详细的真题,答案解析及听力 MP3 请到 www.cetcet.com 下载。 祝大家顺利通过四级考试。 祝大家顺利通过四级考试。 2001 年 1 月大学英语四级考试试题及参考答案 Part Ⅰ Section A Listening Comprehension (20 minutes) Directions: ...


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   高三英语暑期翻译作业 高三英语暑期翻译练习 150 句 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 这次演出使得他想成为影星的梦想得以实现。(make it possible) The performance made it possible for him to realize his dream of being a film star. 在详细地研究这个问题 ...


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   2011 考研英语作文模板大全:论证观点之情感类 这种类型的文章主要分析论证一些具体的观点。 一般情况下三段的分布为: 第一段描述 图画内容,第二段提出观点、进行理论分析和事例分析,第三段总结观点、表明态度。 情感类模板 1: : As is shown in the picture above, n surmise that . . Obviously from we ca It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the pic ...

英语作文 写法指导

   3. The Pros and Cons of Dormitory Life Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled The Pros and Cons of Dormitory Life. You should write at least 120 works following the outline given below: 1. 很多人认为学校应该要求大 ...


   Foreignization & domestication 异化和同化 The desperate courtiers were unanimous: the flag must go up. But the Windsors hadn't yet sensed which way the wind was blowing. 这些绝望的朝臣们一致同意:国旗不能倒下.但是温莎王朝意识不 这些绝望的朝臣们一致同意:国旗不能倒下.但是温莎王朝意识不到形势将 怎样发展. 怎样发展. The ...


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