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The land on the Rhine
For Junior 2
山东师大第二附属中学 房 静
German Chancellor
German emblem
German flag
21st Century
Curriculum focus

  1. What is the passage mainly about?
  2. How did Germany become China’s friend?
  3. What do you think of the program in the passage?
  4. Practice using the comparative clause.
21st Century
Scan the story and find the answer to the question:

  1. What is the passage mainly about? It’s about the friendship between China and Germany.
  2. What are the purposes of Merkel’s second visit? ? Working together on trade. ? Working together on the environment and global warming. st
21 Century
Read the passage carefully and find the right answers:

  1. How many times has Merkel visited China in two years? A. Once B. Twice C. Three times D. Four times
  2. In Germany, one in every seven people . A. likes to write fairy tales B. is in a soccer club C. works for a car company D. has a car st
21 Century

  3. How long has Germany been China’s biggest business partner in Europe? A. 10 years. B. 42 years. C. 30 years D. 66 years.
  4. China is the __ largest exporter to Germany. A. first B. second C. third D. fourth
21st Century

  5. Some people say Germany has more than 1,000 kinds of . A. sports clubs B. cars C. film festivals D. sausages
  6. What is NOT true about the “German and China ? Moving Ahead Together” program? A. It was opened by Merkel. B. It will last three years. C. It will show German artistic and cultural works in China. D. It will show Chinese artistic works in Germany.
21st Century
Tick (√) the things that belong to Germany ?
  1. Berlin International Film Festival. √ √ ?
  2. Carmakers like BMW and Audi ? √
  3. The stories of the Brothers Grimm. √
  4. The famous composers Bach and Beethoven. ? √ ?
  5. Famous soccer team.
21st Century
Grammar focus
Read the sentences and find their common points:

  1. Germany is nearer than you think.
  2. For 30 years, Germany has been China’s biggest European business partner.
  3. China is the third largest exporter to Germany.
  4. It is said to be the largest and longest program to show German culture in a foreign country.
21st Century
Grammar: 形容词的比较等级
  1.定义:形容词的比较等级分为比较级(即 定义:形容词的比较等级分为比较级( 定义 两者之间比较)和最高级( 两者之间比较)和最高级(继三者或更多 比较)。 比较)。
  2.构成: 构成: 构成 在词尾加-er, -est: tall-taller-tallest; ①在词尾加 双写再加-er, -est: big-bigger-biggest; ②双写再加 以辅音字母加y结尾的 结尾的, 再加-er, ③以辅音字母加 结尾的,变y为i再加 为 再加 -est: happy-happier-happiest;
21st Century
? ④以e结尾的直接加 结尾的直接加-er, -est: able-abler 结尾的直接加 -ablest 多音节词在词前加more, the most: ⑤多音节词在词前加 beautiful-more beautiful-the most beautiful; 不规则变化: ⑥不规则变化 good/well-better-best; bad/ ill-worse-worst; many/much-more-most; little-less-least; far-farther/further-farthest/furthest; old-older/elder-oldest/ eldest.
21st Century
Fill in the blanks with the proper forms:
  1. Tom is than Jim, so Jim is older elder Tom’s brother. (old) colder
  2. Today is (cold) than yesterday. the most careful
  3. He is (careful) student I’ve ever seen. the fastest
  4. Jack is (fast) of all. busier
  5. My father is much (busy) than my mother.
21st Century
Pair work
? Suppose you are a journalist and and you talk to Premier Wen Jiabao. Make up an interview about the relationship between China and Germany.
21st Century



   小学英语口语教学方案 学习语言的目的是为了更好地应用, 在小学英语教学中培养学生的听说 能力成为当前小学英语教师的主要任务。 “说”是人之天性, 特别是小学生, 求知欲 强, 老师说什么他们都想跟着说。 而传统的英语教学大多侧重在“听”、 “读”与“写” 上, 认为能“听”会“读”就一定会“说”, 从而忽略了“说”的重要性。在小学英语教学 中利用有限的资源开展生动有趣的活动, 让学生主动地参与口语训练, 已是对小 学英语教师提出的更高要求。我们应该把握好儿童的心理、生理特点, 在课堂中 通过 ...


   小学英语教育学 指教:盛礼萍 联络方式:7227806 联络方式:7227806 slp406@yahoo.com.cn Learning aims Understand the practical aspects of teaching English. Know the methodological basis for teaching English. Grasp the practical and real-life activities realand techniques as ...


   东华小学英语工作计划 2006~2007 学年度第一学期 东华小学英语教学、教研工作计划 (2007-2008 学年度第二学期) 一、指导思想 2007?2008 学年度东莞市东华小学英语将以市教研室和我校教导处 2008 年工作计划为指导, 围绕提高课堂教学效益、 提升师资队伍的素质和水 平、改革和完善教学质量的评价方式等几方面具体做好教学和教研工作。 二、工作要点 1、 参加人教版《PEP》小学英语教材《Read and Write》的教法培训。 2、继续探讨《儿童英语》的有效教学策略 ...


            影  视教育 /MOV IEL ITERATUR E   英文电影赏析 在大学英语教学中的作用 ■李   (重庆科技学院 , 重庆  401331 ) 曦 [摘   ]   要 随着教育现代化的发展 , 在多媒体教学环境下的今天 , 如何有效地提高大学生英语听说能力和培养大 学生跨文化交际能力已成为广大英语教师面临的一个重大课题 。而英文电影作为一种直观 、形象 、生动的方式越 来越受到学生们的青睐 。本文通过英文电影赏析课程的优越性来阐明它在英语学习中的重要作用 。 [关 ...


   本文由zzxiong1990贡献 ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P3U3A PLC Overview 第三部分第三单元A 第三部分第三单元 PLC概述 概述 A PLC概述 1.课文内容简介:主要介绍《PLC控制技 ...


   July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P3U5A A first Look at Embedded Systems 第三部分第五单元课文A 初识嵌入式系统 第三部分第五单元课文A A 初识嵌入式系统 1.课文内容简介:主要介绍嵌入式系统的概念,特性, 应用,好处和未来前景等内容. 2.温习《嵌入式系统》中绪论的内容. 3. 生词与短语 embedded s ...


   本文由zzxiong1990贡献 ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P5U1A Automation Networking Application Areas 第五部分第一单元课文 A 自动化网络的应用领域 A 自动化网络 ...


   July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P6U1A Recent Advances and Future Tends in Electrical Machine Drivers 第六部分第一单元课文A 第六部分第一单元课文 电机传动系统的最新进展和未来趋势 A 电机传动系统的最新进展和未来趋势 1.课文内容简介:本文是一篇综述性文章,主要介绍了电机传动 领域 ...


   July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P4UIA A Process Control System 第四部分第一单元课文A 第四部分第一单元课文 过程控制系统 A 过程控制系统 1. 课文内容简介:以热变换器为例,形象地介绍《过程 控制系统》中典型的三个基本操作:测量(M ),设 定(D )和执行(A ). 2. 温习《过程控制系统》中绪论的内容. 3. ...


   July 28, 2007 自动化专业英语教程 教学课件 Email : wanghongwen@hebut.edu.cn http: // www.hebut.edu.cn P3U4A Fundamentals of Single-chip Microcomputer 第三部分第四单元课文A 第三部分第四单元课文 单片机基础 A 单片机基础 1.课文内容简介:主要介绍《单片机原理与控制技 术》中单片机的只读存储器(ROM),读/写存储 器(RAM),中央处理单元(CPU),并行输入/ 输出 ...



   On a hot summer day an elderly gentleman faints in the street. A small crowd immediately gathers around him. "Give the poor man a glass of brandy," advises a woman. "Give him a heart massage, " says someone else. "No, just g ...

[小学英语][三年英语]Unit 6 Lets eat第五课时

   [小学英语 三年英语 小学英语][三年英语 小学英语 三年英语]Unit 6 Lets eat 第五课时 重点:单词:water, milk, juice, Coke, coffee, tea. 难点:饮料句称的区别;Let’s do 内容的理解和动作的模仿。 教具准备: 按住 ctrl 键 点击查看更多小学资源 l.教师准备 water, milk,juice,Coke, coffee, tea 的实物、图片、单词卡片。 2.教师准备 Let’s do 的动作图卡、 A 部分单词的词卡和图 ...


   新版小学英语三年级上册 Revision of Unit Five 宝坻区顺驰小学 张桂芝 宝坻区小学英语学科课时备课教案 基本要求( A: 基本要求(听,说,读,写,演,画,唱) B:高级要求(理解和运用) B:高级要求(理解和运用) 高级要求 课题 Unit 5 What colour is it? Revision 学习目标 词 汇 语 音 语 言 目 标 话 题 要 求 任 务 设 计 What colour is it? It’s…. What colour is the…? It ...


   2010 年成人高考专升本《英语》模拟试卷及答案 年成人高考专升本《英语》 Ⅰ. Phonetics(10 Points) Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letter combinations marked A, B, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is differ ...


   新目标英语八年级下册第十单元重点知识小结 一、 forget-leave hope-wish a little-a bit cost-spend-pay-take exciting-excited sometimes-some times-sometime-some time 二、 常用词组 易混词语 high-low weather-whether cross-across-through game-match enjoy-love-like 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ...