Unit 5 It’s time to change.
(第一课时 第一课时) 第一课时
授课对象为高一年级旅游专业的女生, 英语基础参差不齐, 学习积极性易调动但难以持 久,所以在设计中充分利用这个优点,通过多种课堂组织形式来调动她们的积极性,设计不 同难易度的任务,唤起英语学习的欲望,从而达到教学目标。
  2》 (基础模块 高教版)第五单元的第一课时,本单元主要是关于 生活习惯以及改变不良习惯的话题,该话题与学生的生活联系密切,能引起学生的共鸣。第 一课时的内容包括 Lead-in & Listening and speaking 两部分,主要内容是关于生活习惯及描 述健康状况的形容词词汇和表达习惯爱好的对话。 这些内容为整个单元的学习活动做语言的 必要准备。
三、Teaching Objectives

  1. Knowledge Objectives: (
  1)Students can know and use words describing health “ pale, weak ,fat, thin, sleepy, angry etc”. (
  2)Ss can understand phrases about weekend activities, such as: climb the mountain, do outdoor activities, watch TV, stay at home etc. (
  3)Ss are able to use sentence structures about showing preference: I’d rather…… I prefer to…… I like/love/enjoy……
  2. Ability objectives (
  1)Ss can understand suggestions about cultivating healthy habits while listening. (
  2)Ss are able to use sentence structures “ I’d rather……,I like…, I love…, I prefer to……” to show their preferred living habits.
  3. Emotion objectives Ss know more healthy habits and start to cultivate own healthy living habits.
四.Teaching focus and difficulties

  1. Teaching focus ① Ss can catch the key words and sentence structures about living habits and
suggestions in the listening part. ② Ss manage to talk with others about living habits and give suggestions in the dialogues.
  2. Teaching difficulty Ss can use words or sentence structures related with living habits and suggestions in the real situations.
五、Teaching process
Step One Lead-in
  1. Simple greetings and asking questions to lead-in the topic. Questions: What’s the weather like today? What do you want to do on a sunny/cloudy day? Last weekend, it was sunny/cloudy, too. What did you do last weekend?
Let some students say what they did last weekend, and then the teacher describes what she did last weekend by showing pictures.

  2. Small discussion about teacher’s weekend activities. I did five things last weekend. Do you think which is healthy? Which is unhealthy? If I eat too much ice cream, drink too much beer, what will happen to me?fat If I do too much homework, what will I feel?sleepy
Next, there are four people having problems in their health. Let’s look at pictures and find out what are they? 设计意图: 通过询问周末活动及图片展示,激活学生已有的有关周末活动的词汇知识 已有的有关周末活动的词汇知识; (设计意图: 通过询问周末活动及图片展示,激活学生已有的有关周末活动的词汇知识; 通过讨论不良习惯的后果 回忆一些有关描述健康的形容词词汇,调动学生的积极性 讨论不良习惯的后果, 描述健康的形容词词汇 学生的积极性、 通过讨论不良习惯的后果,回忆一些有关描述健康的形容词词汇,调动学生的积极性、主 动性,同时为后面的用形容词来描述图片做铺垫) 动性,同时为后面的用形容词来描述图片做铺垫)
Step Two Word Study
  1. Matching game Let students choose the right adjectives to describe the pictures on the screen. Students work in individuals and then check the answers together.
  2. Discussion and match Discuss how they can keep healthy. Match the suggestions with the pictures in Activity
Then, explain the meaning of “do more outdoor activities”. For example, climbing the mountain and going boating are outdoor activities. (设计意图: 通过图片与词汇的匹配活动,让学生了解了有关描述性健康习惯的词汇,同 设计意图: 通过图片与词汇的匹配活动,让学生了解了有关描述性健康习惯的词汇, 设计意图 中的人物如何保持健康, 时进一步让学生讨论活动 1 中的人物如何保持健康,为后续的听说活动做好了充分的热身
活动。 活动。 )
Step Three

  1. Pre-listening Asking several students questions about doing outdoor activities: Do you often do outdoor activities or do you often stay at home?
Now, there are two students Tom and Sara talking about what they will do this weekend.

  2. While-listening (
  1)Listen and answer questions Listen to the tape for the first time and find out who will climb the mountain and who will stay at home this weekend. (
  2)Listen and complete Students listen to the tape again and decide whether the statements are true or false. If it is false, find out the reasons. (
  3)Listen and fill in the blanks. Listen again, and fill in the blanks with the words in the box. Then check it though the whole class.
(设计意图:通过此活动,训练学生能根据所提供的信息预测听力内容的能力以及在听 设计意图:通过此活动, 的过程中把握材料的大意、获取主要信息的能力,同时训练将所听信息进行整合后, 的过程中把握材料的大意、获取主要信息的能力,同时训练将所听信息进行整合后,选 择相应的短语补全对话的能力。 ) 择相应的短语补全对话的能力。

  3. Post-listening (
  1)Read and underline. Students read after the tape sentence by sentence, and then underline the sentences showing preferences. (
  2) Let Ss find out these sentences and teacher lists sentence structures in the blackboard.
(设计意图:在句子的跟读中,使学生掌握关于谈论兴趣爱好的重点句型,为后面的说 设计意图:在句子的跟读中,使学生掌握关于谈论兴趣爱好的重点句型, 话做最基础的准备) 话做最基础的准备)
Step Four: Speaking
  1. Practice and act: talk about weekend activities in pairs (
  1) First teacher makes short dialogues with several students. For example T: T: What do you like to do on weekends? Well, I prefer to …. S: I like……, what about you?
  2) Students make dialogues in pairs, following the example. Then some of them act out their dialogue in front of the class.
  2. Discussion and make a report Students in groups of four discuss the activities which are bad for health and talk about the reasons using learned adjectives. Students make a report as follows: Report: I think……is unhealthy, because…….. So I like/love/enjoy/prefer to………
(设计意图:通过对话操练,运用个人喜好的句型;并结合学生的生活实际让其讨论哪些活 设计意图:通过对话操练,运用个人喜好的句型; 动对健康有害 用描述健康的词汇分析有害的原因, 动对健康有害,用描述健康的词汇分析有害的原因,让学生初步意识到良好生活习惯的重 有害的原因 要性。 要性。 )
Step Five Homework
  1. Summarize phrases about the weekend activities.
  2. Each student writes the report down in their exercise book.
(设计意图:归纳总结周末计划活动词汇并加以补充,以复习课堂词汇并扩散学生的思维。 设计意图:归纳总结周末计划活动词汇并加以补充,以复习课堂词汇并扩散学生的思维。 写汇报旨在巩固形容词词汇及句型运用。 写汇报旨在巩固形容词词汇及句型运用。 旨在巩固形容词词汇及句型运用 )


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