the United States of America
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
National Day National Flag National Emblem National Anthem
1776-7-4 starts and strips
The Monarch’s birthday Union Jack
The Star-Spangled Banner
God save the Queen / King
Nickname Official Language Capital The Largest City (nicknames / importance)
Uncle Sam English Washington D.C. New York City the Big Apple the Capital of the World English London London
The City of London & 12 Inner the Headquarter of the United London &20 Outer London Nations
The second largest City (nicknames / importance)
Los Angeles City of Angels (California) Hollywood
Birmingham (Midland, England)
The third Largest City (nicknames / importance)
Disneyland Chicago the Windy City ( Midwest ) Exchange Chicago Stock
Glasgow (Scotland)
Sears Tower (美国最高大楼) Other Important Cities (nicknames / importance)
  1.Boston (Massachusetts) the oldest city Harvard Massachusetts Technology
  2.San Francisco (west) Silicon Valley
  3.Detroit (Michigan) Motor City Institute
  1.Manchester Cottonpolis (England) of
  2.Liverpool (England) River Mersey 河口 Irish Sea 的南侧 Lancashire 工业区
  3.York (England)

  4.Houston (south) 世界石油之都
River Ouse 河畔
  4.Oxford (England) Oxford University
  5.Swansea (Wales) 港口,威尔士第二大市
  6.Landonderry (Northern Irland)
Consists of…
50 states
England: 43 shires(郡) Scotland: 29 shires & 3 特别管辖 区 Northern Ireland: 26 区 Wales: 22 区
Christopher Columbus
Longest River
Mississippi River
Severn River (Thames River is the most important and second longest)
Highest Mountain
Capital Cities of Different Atlanta District (Capital of Georgia) Martin Luther Kin
th 26 Olympic Games
England: London Scotland: Edinburgh Northern Ireland: Belfast Wales: Cardiff
Political System
Constitutional Federal Republic
Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State
Head of Government Congress / Parliament
president House of Representatives the Senate
Prime Minister the House of Lords the House of Commons Generally speaking: every five years In fact: any time
General Election
every 4 years
Republican Party (donkey) Democratic Party (elephant) Green Party Reform Party
Labor Party (第一大党) Conservative Party (主要反对党) Liberal Democrat Party Scottish National Party Plaid Cymru Democratic Unionist Party Social Democratic and Labour Party
Compulsory Education Certifications
Sinn Fein 5月16日
Two-year College (Community
  1.GCSE考试得到中学文凭. College / Junior college): Associate Degree in Arts/Science Four-Year College / University:
  2.GCE A-lever考试(完成预科的 Bachelor Degree of Arts/Science 即 学生) B.A./B.S. Graduate School: M.A/M.S. Doctor
  3.GNVQ考试(职业技校学生要 of Philosophy 考2+
  3) Professional School (已取得学士学 位的学生攻读)
BBC ( British Company)
News Agencies Newspapers The New York Times The Washington Post The Los Angeles Times The Wall Street Journal The Christian Science Monitor The Chicago Tribune Gannett Newspapers Magazines Time News Week U.S. News & World Report Reader’s Digest Business Week TV Networks
Reuters Press Association (PA) Times The Guardian The Financial Times The Daily Telegraph The Observer The Daily Express The Daily Mail The Mirror The Economist The Spectator The New Statesman The Woman’s Own Woman’s Realm
Fortune National Broadcasting System 即 BBC1 NBC Columbia Broadcasting System 即 BBC2 CBS Voice of America 即VOA Associate Press 即PA United Press-International Service 即UPI ITV3 ITV4 (少数群族) News ITV5
American Broadcasting Company (除ITV4外,其余政治中立) 即ABC Cable News Network 即CNN Fox Broadcasting Company 即FOX Holidays Jan. 1-1:New Year’s Day 1-25: Burns Night (苏格兰节日, 罗伯特?彭斯的诞生日) 2-14: Valentine’s Day 3-17: St. Patrick’s Day 3-17: St. Patrick’s Day 每年春分月圆后的第一个星期 天:Easter (Easter Eggs)
Feb. Mar.
Apr. May Second Sunday: Mother’s Day Last Monday: Memorial Day June July Aug. Sep. Oct. First Monday: Labor Day 4th Monday: Veterans Day 10-31: Halloween/All Saints ’ Day (trick or treat) Nov. Dec. 4th Thursday: Thanksgiving Day Third Sunday: Father’s Day 7-4: National Day
4-21: Queen’s Birthday (National Day)
The first week: Eisteddfod ( 威 尔 士的音乐文学戏剧节) 10-31: Halloween/All Saints’ Day
11-5: Guy Fakes Day (in honor of Gunpowder Plot) 12-25: Christmas Day 12-31:Hogmanay (苏格兰,新年 前夜)
Diplomatic with China
Relationship 1979-1-1 1789 “constitution”
Mar-72 No written constitution
Written Constitution
6世纪末,Christianity 传入 Church of England Church of Scotland
Canada The Commonwealth of Australia (The Dominion of Canada / Le Dominion du Canada) 1876-7-1 Canaidan Flag / Maple Leaf Coat of Arms of Canada / Arms of Coat of Arms of Australia / His(her) Majesty in Right of Canada Commonwealth Coat of Arms Advance Australia Fair O Canada God Save the Queen / King 1788-1-26
English and French Ottawa 又名:Ville d’Ottawa (Ontario) City of Toronto 原名:York Hogtown Big Smoke (Ontario省会) Montreal Ville-Marie City of Saints La ville aux cent clochers (Quebec) Vancouver 第二大海港,西部
English Canberra Sydney
10 省 & 3 territories (地区)
6个州 & 2个区
Jacques Cartier(法)
William Dampier ( 何 兰 , 西 海 岸) Captain James Cook ( 英 国 , 东,宣布英国所有)
The Mackenzie River (Saint Lawrence River is also important)
The Murray River (Lake Eyre最大湖) (Great Barrier Reef 世界最大最 长的珊瑚礁区)
Mount Logan
Ontario: City of Toronto
New South Wales (全国第一州, Sydney) Queensland (阳光之州,面积第 二大,人口第三多,Brisbane) South Australia ( 节 日 之 州 Adelaide) Victoria ( 花 园 之 州 , Melbourne) Western Australia ( 野 花 之 州 , Perth) Tasmania ( 假 日 岛 屿 之 州 , Hobart) Northern Territory ( 北 领 地 , Darwin)
Australian National Territory( 首 都领地) Parliamentary democracy with a federal 西方民主制度,行政、立法、司 法三权分立 system of parliamentary government King/Queen King/Queen Governor General (总 理 提 名 、 女 王 任 Governor General (总理提名、女 命) 王任命) 总督任期5年 Prime Minister Senate House of Commons every 5 years Prime Minister House of Representatives ( the Lower House) the Senate(the Upper House) every 3 years
Liberal Party Conservative Party of Australian Labor Party Canada Block of Quebecois New Democratic Party Liberal Party National Party(农村) The Australian Democrats ( 反 对 党)
CBC (Canadian Corporation)
Broadcasting ABC (Australian Company)
Australian Broadcasting Authority
SBS (Special Service)
The Toronto Star The Globe and Mail Le Journal De Montreal
The Australians The Sydney Morning Herald The Age (墨尔本最大) The Australian Financial Review Canberra Times
MacLean’s News Weekly
The Australian Woman’s Weekly
1-26 National Day
7-1 National Day
1970-10-13 Constitution Act of Canada
1972-12-21 Constitution (英国Statute of Westminster使澳 大利亚独立)
Catholicism Christianity
Christianity Catholicism Hinduism Judaism Islam Buddhism
New Zealand
  6(Waitangi Day)
Coat of Arms of New Zealand God Defend New Zealand
The Land of the Long White Could English and Maori Wellington (最南端的国家首都) Auckland City of Sails
The North Island The South Island Stewart Island 12个行政区 Abel Janszoon Tasman(荷兰)
Waikato River (水量最大河:Clutha River) (Cook Strait)
Mt. Cook (最大山脉:South Alps)
Parliamentary Democracy
King/Queen Governor General (总理提名、女王 任命) 总督任期5年 Prime Minister House of Representatives
every 3 years
Labor Party(先执政党) Progressive Party (现执政党) National Party (反对党) NZ First Party ACT New Zealand Green Party United Future NZ Party
6月11日 Primary and Secondary Education
English Language Training
New Zealand Herald Evening Post Auckland Star
2-6 National Day
1972-12-22 No written constitution ( Treaty of Waitangi 划 入 英 国 ) (英国Statute of Westminster使新西 兰独立) Protestantism Catholicism



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   Java 平台由 Java 虚拟机(Java Virtual Machine)和 Java 应用编程接口 (Application Programming Interface、简称 API)构成。Java 应用编程 接口为 Java 应用提供了一个独立于操作系统的标准接口,可分为基本部分 和扩展部分。在硬件或操作系统平台上安装一个 Java 平台之后,Java 应用 程序就可运行。现在 Java 平台已经嵌入了几乎所有的操作系统。这样 Java 程序可以只编译一次,就可以在各种系统中运行。J ...


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   如何自学《英语国家概况》 如何自学《英语国家概况》 关于《英语国家概况》课程方面的辅导材料很少。现在又面临课程改革,薄薄的旧版本 换成了 700 多页的厚本,实在是让人挠头。在这种情况下,我总结了自己的学习思路与具体 的学习方法。 思路共分三步: 第一步:粗读。先看大纲,然后把课本翻看一遍,大纲没涉及的内容也要看。 第二步:精读。要面面俱到,读完每一章后,要做练习册上的题,除此之外,把自己总 结的题也要掌握,然后重读这一章。历史要一字不漏地看,其它的内容可参阅大纲,只抓重 点部分看。 第三步 ...



   中国人学英语都不得不背单词,我这一背就背了12年了,找到点投机取巧的经验,推荐给大家。 Rule No.1 不要背书! 大部分人背书都是背了后面忘了前面,正襟危坐几个小时,其实记住的单词没几个,为什么?因为人的瞬时记忆力只能记忆5-7个东西,比如你妈妈叫你去买菜,七样以内你能记住,要是十几样你就得用笔记了。因此背书没用,那怎么办?就是分组背,记一组,测试一组,再记下一组 Rule No.2 不要用整段时间来背单词 我看过很多人的每日计划,什么几点到几点是背单词时间。这个没用,你 ...

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   年北京市中考英语试题 2009 年北京市中考英语试题 本试卷满分 120 分,考试时间 120 分钟。 第I卷 (共 70 分) 听力理解(共 18 分) 一、 听对话,从下面各题所给的 A、B、C 三幅图片中选择与对话内容相符的图片。每段 对话读两遍。(共 4 分,每小题 1 分) 1. 2. 3. 4. 二、听对话或独白,根据对话或独白的内容,从下面各题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选 择最佳答案。每段对话或独白读两遍。(共 14 分,每小题 1 分) 听一段对话,完成第 5 小题。 5 ...


   考研英语状况分析及应对策略 谭 杰 (攀枝花学院外国语学院,四川攀枝花617000) 擒耍:英语考试一直是许多学生在研究生入学考试中 比较头疼的一个问题。本文在全面解读《考研英语大纲>的同 时.分析了目前考生们在研究生入学考试中存在的问题.并且 提出了一些有效的复习和做题的建议.希望能给广大学子一 些帮助。 (3)主旨大意题和论据例子题。在一篇长度500词的文章 前或后有“7段文字或6_,个概括句或小标题。这些文字或标 题分别是对文章中某一部分的概括或举例。要求考生根据文 章内容.从这“7个 ...


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