专升本中期选拔英语试题训练( 专升本中期选拔英语试题训练(十一)
Part I Vocabulary and Structure (40 points)
  1. This novel is worth reading,because it gives a detailed description of the historical . A) accidents B) cases C) events D) things

  2. Breakfast is in the dining-room from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. at this hotel. A) served B) made C) eaten D) cooked

  3. It’s high time we something to stop road accidents. A) did B) are doing C) will do D) do

  4. Which do you think is important, wealth or health? A) more B) most C) the more D) the most

  5. Most students do have topics which they can speak. A) in B) with C) to D) on

  6. my advise, you wouldn’t have failed the exam. A) Had you followed C) If you followed B) Have you followed D) If you have followed

  7. he could not persuade the other members of the committee, he gave in. A) To see that B) That C) Seeing that D) While

  8. The goals he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him. A) after which B) for which C)with which D) at which

  9. It was essential that application forms back before the deadline. A) must be sent B) would be sent C) be sent D) were sent

  10. Have you any in this medicine? A) trust B) belief C) faith
D) conviction

  11. Robert is reliable, you can him. A) count on B) count up C) count to D) count for

  12. He used to go to school on foot, ? A) didn’t he B) wasn’t he C) used he D) isn’t he

  13. We tried to reach you last night, but your phone was always busy. A) in doubt B) in person C) in hand D) in vain

  14. We should the idea because it is unsuitable. A) rule out B) work out C) think over D) check up

  15. Up to now, we have only discussed the issue of western people. A) in addition B) from the standpoint C) in case D) with regard

  16. Last Sunday was that we took a drive in the country. A) such beautiful day B) so beautiful a day C) such beautiful a day D) so beautiful day
  17. Although very hard,he failed to turnin hisresearch paper. A) worked B) has worked C) works D) working

  18. When the book was first brought it was not well received by the reviewers. A) out B) up C) forward D) about
  19. This letter is so badly written that I can’t what the writer is trying to say. A) call up B) put out C) dispose of D) figure out

  20. you are sure there are no gas leaks, don't light any matches. A) As B) Unless C) When D) If
  21. There are many organizations purpose is to help the elderly and the handicapped. A) of which B) in which C) whose D) which
  22. The manager asked his secretary what when he was away. A) did happen B) was happened C) had happened D) happened

  23. Norman wishes that the editors to publish his article in the next issue. A) could agree B) should have agreed C) will agree D) agree
  24. Computers, alone in networks, are changing the way in which people learn, work, and communicate. A) either ... or B) as ... as C) both ... and D) neither ... nor
  25. She has nothing to do with the murder case. She is not it. A) concerned in B) invovled with C) associated in D) related to

  26. It have rained last night, for the ground is wet. A) will B) can C) should D) must

  27. of the good news, he became happy indeed. A) Informing B) Informed C) Knew D) Known

  28. The soldiers marched down the street, their flags. A) waved B) waving C) being waved D) wave

  29. Scientists can when the spaceship will reach the moon. A) count B) measure C) survey D) calculate

  30. Only after a year to see the result of my experiment. A) I began B) I had begun C) Have I begun D) did I begin
Section B (每题 1 分,共 10 分) Fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets.
  31. John, along with his two brothers, (be) going to the cinema this evening.
  32. Because they (spend) too much time discussing the problem, the students lost the opportunity to catch the last bus to go home.
  33. (Follow) your suggestion, I will start making my position stronger for future possibilities.
  34. What makes the laser, (introduce) only some 20 years ago, so valuable a production tool?
  35. George, (see) that his brother was hurt, ran over to help him.

  36. If she (live) near her office she would be in time for work.
  37. Our society offers those who can play basketball well an education that might (not obtain) by the poor.
  38. The differing communication styles of a culture can cause serious (understand) .
  39. Is it necessary that the task (finish) today?
  40. Nowadays when we come home from work we can turn on the television and find out what (happen) in the world. Part II Reading Comprehension (40points, 每题 2 分) Task 1 When the steam engine was invented in the eighteenth century, it began one of the greatest revolutions that have ever happened in our world. The invention of the petrol engine at the end of the nineteenth century led to another enormous change in our lives. And the computer is almost certainly going to be no less important an invention than these engines were. Just as there was a Stone Age, an Iron Age and so on, we have been living for centuries in a Paper Age, during which almost all information was kept and sent on paper; and so much of it is wasted after it has been used once that enormous numbers of trees have to be cut down every year to provide us with this paper. But now, with the computer, enormous amounts of information can be stored and sent without any paper at all, using small discs or the Internet. Computers have made it possible to do very difficult calculations very much faster than any earlier machine could. Computers also allow one to send information to others anywhere in the world, via the telephone line, and to receive information from them. One can send a very long message more quickly from England to Australia, for example, than from one's house to someone in the garden. Computers are not only used for writing; they can produce diagrams and pictures, and they can be used for playing games. One now sees them at airports and railway stations, in hotels and restaurants; in fact, almost everywhere where people gather.
  41. The author seems to say that the invention of the computer is . A) less important than that of the steam and petrol engines B) far more important than that of the steam and petrol engines C) at least as important as that of the steam and petrol engines D) not so important as that of the steam and petrol engines
  42. According to the author the disadvantage of using paper to keep and send information is that . A) it damages the environment B) there is too much paper around C) it wastes our time D) it is hard to get enough paper

  43. We may infer that the fastest way for the computer to send messages is by using . A) the telephone line B) air mail C) discs D) paper
  44. Which of the following functions of the computer is not mentioned in the passage? A) Offering entertainment. B) Making phone calls. C) Doing office and business work. D) Handling information.
  45. The title that best expresses the main idea of the passage is . A) Computer and Our Daily Life B) Computer and Our Future C) Paper Age and Computer Age D) Computer Age Task 2 Well, sir, opening a bank account is not very difficult. The trouble is finding the cash to put in it. We at Barclays know there's a student problem ― shortage of cash. The monthly cheque from home never seems big enough. We can't make it any bigger but we can make it go a little further. Any student who opens a cheque account with Barclays gets our most important services free. We don't charge you for running your account provided you keep out of the red (有盈余). You'll find you'll be able to budget (预算) far better when you have a current account. And you'll be able to make payments by cheque or standing order. For example you can ask us to pay your rent direct to your landlady. All you need to do is to make out a standing order, and that means we make sure your rent is paid on time, without having to worry about it. You'll receive regular statements to let you know just how you stand. If you have any money problems such as having money sent to you from home our manager will be pleased to help in any way he can. His experience in money matters is sure to be of value to you. I suggest you open your account today. Don't wait until the term starts ― you'll have more than enough to think about then, settling in and starting your studies. You'll be busy arranging your timetable and generally getting used to your new life and new surroundings.
  46. A standing order is . A) a way of notifying a customer how he stands B) an instruction to the bank to make regular payments to someone C) a way of receiving money regularly D) the same as a cheque
  47. The student problem the bank knows about is . A) a student has a lot to do B) a student's income is not high enough C) the need for advice on money matters D) the need for a regular statement
  48. It costs a student nothing to run an account provided that . A) he makes his money go further
B) he opens the account before term starts C) he sees the bank manager about money matters D) he does not pay out more than he has in the bank
  49. The writer of this passage is . A) a banker B) a parent whose son has just gone to college C) the president of a university D) the chairman of the students' union
  50. What is actually offered to the students? A) Cash for those who live on their own. C) Some free financial services. Task 3 Language learning begins with listening. Children are greatly different in the amount of listening they do before they start speaking, and later starters are often long listeners .Most children will“obey”spoken instructions some time before they can speak, though the word“obey”is hardly accurate as a description of the eager and delighted cooperation usually shown by the child .Before they can speak, many children will also ask questions by gesture and by making questioning noises. Any attempt to study the development from the noises babies make to their first spo-ken words leads to considerable difficulties. It is agreed that they enjoy making noises ,and that during the first few months one or two noises sort themselves as particularly ex-pressive as delight, pain ,friendliness, and so on But since these can’t be said to show the baby;s intention to communicate ,they can hardly be regarded as early forms of language ,It is agreed, too, that from about three months they play with sounds for enjoyment ,and that by six months theyare able to add new words to their store This self-imitation leads on to deliberate imitation of sounds made or words spoken to them by other people. The problem then arises as to the point at which one can say that these imita-tions can be considered as speech. It is a problem we need to get out teeth into. The meaning of a word depends on what a word depends on what a particular person means by it in a particular situation; and it is clear that what a child means by a word will change as he gains more experience of the world .Thus the use .at seven months .of “mama”as a greeting for his mother cannot be dismissed as a meaning-less sound simply because he also uses it at another times for his father ,his dog ,or any-thing else he likes. Playful and meaningless imitation of what other people say continues after the child has begun to speak for himself ,I doubt ,however whether anything is gained when parents take advantage of this ability in an attempt to teach new sounds .
  51.Before children start speaking . A.they need equal amount of listening
B) Rent-free housing. D) A prize for those who study best.
B.they need different amounts of listening C.they are all eager to cooperate with the adults by obey spoken instructions D.they can’t understand and obey the adult ‘s oral instructions
  52.Children who start speaking late . A.may have problems with their listening B.Probably do not hear enough language spoken around them C.Usually pay close attention to what they hear D.Often take a long tine in learning to listen properly
  53.A baby’s first noises are . A.an expression of his moods and feelings B.an early form of language C.a sign that he means to tell you something D.An imitation of the speech of adults.
  54.The problem of deciding at what point a baby’ imitations can be considered as speech … A.is important because words have different meanings for different people B.is not especially important because the changeover takes place gradually C. one that should be properly understood because the meaning of words changes is with age. D.Is one that should be completely ignored because children’s use of words is of-ten meaningless .
  55.The speaker implies . A.parents can never hope to teach their children new sounds. B.children no longer imitate p



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