计算机专业英语 一、填空

  1.A bus that provides a path for moving data between system modules is called ( data bus )
  2. A display screen is divided into a grid of
  3. (pixels and ). logic for ) unit arithmetic

  21. Data and program instructions are stored in (memory ).
  22. External devices are linked to a small computer system through (interfaces ).
  23.. Each cell of a worksheet can hold (one piece of data ).
  24. External devices are linked to a small computer system through (control units ).
  25. HTML stand for (Hypertext Markup Language secondary storage device
  27. how data are represented inside a computer system in electronic states called (bits )
  28. How many basic units do today's digital computers consist of? ( 4 ) )
  29. LCD is based on
  30.Memory’s TFT are ). contents )
  26. hard disk is a magnetic

  43. To prevent user programs from interfering with the proper operation of the system, the hardware was modified to create two models: (User mode and monitor mode )
  44. The software which acts as an interface between a user of a computer and the computer hardware is (operating system )
  45. The processor fetches and executes (instructions system is (CPU
  47. The (seven ) layers ). ) mode has ).
  46. The “brain” of a computer ISO/OSI

  24.主存 (Main memory ) ) ) )

  26.可编程只读存储器 (PROM
  27.数据库管理系( DBMS )
  29.多媒体 (Multimedia ) ) )
  30.虚函数 (virtual function
  34.工具条( toolbar )
  35.统一资源定位符( URL
  36.统一资源标识符 ( URI
  37.人工智能 ( Artificial Intelligence )
  38.计算机 ( Computer
  40.图形用户接口 ( Graphical user interface
  41.中央处理器 ( CPU ) ) ) )
  39.面向对象 ( Object Oriented ) )
executes instructions
  4.Another name primary storage is (RAM (software ).

  31.超文本标记语言( HTML ) )

  5. A Web browser is a piece of
  6. A bus that connects major computer components is called (system bus start with ) (an equal sign ).
  7. All functions in spreadsheets
  8. An E-mail server can be considered as a (powerful operating system
  9.A computer information into ( data ).
  10. A location in memory is accessed by its (address ).
  11. A small piece of code that can be transported over the Internet and executed on the recipient’s machine. The sentence describes (applet )
  12. A protocol is a set of (regulations ).
  13. A computer system has input, output, storage, and (CPU ).
  14. All Intranet related documents are written in ( HTML )
  15. A program instruction or a piece of data is stored in a specific primary storage location called an (address ) )
  16. A collection of interconnected networks is called an (Internet
  17. A computer system has four parts, they are output, storage, processing (input ) components and processes

  48. The source of a computer’s logic is (software
  49. The WWW is based on client-server model standards
  50. The Central Processor has only two fundamental sections (the control unit and the arithmetic and logic unit )
  51. The waveform repeats the same shape at regular intervals and this portion is called a (period )

  42.计算机网络 (computer network )
  43.国际互联网 ( Internet )
  44.计算机辅助制造 ( CAM )
  45.软件工程 (software engineering)
  46.视频压缩 (video compression
  47.算术逻辑部件 ( ALU
  48.计算机应用 (computer application
  50.虚拟现实 ) ) )
  49.电子商务 (Electronic Business (virtual reality ( FDD ) )
  52.图形用户接口 (Graphical user interface
  53.应用编程接口 (API
  54.视频点播 VOD
  55.搜索引擎 (search engine ( TCP/IP )
  57.万维网 ( WWW ) )
  58.地理信息系统 ( GIS
  59.封装 ( encapsulation )
  60.只读存储器 ( ROM )
  61.系统软件 ( system software )
  62.磁盘操作系统 (DOS )
  63.结构化查询语言 ( SQL )
  64.虚拟专用网 ( VPN
  66.个人数字助理 (PDA
  68.带宽 (bandwidth
  70.结构化编程 (Structured programming
  72.短信消息服务 ( SMS ) )
  71.复杂指令集计算机 ( CISC ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  65.开放式系统互联 ( OSI
  67.可移植性 (transportability
  69.集成电路 (integrated circuit )
  56. 传 输 控 制 协 议 / 互 联 网 协 议 ) ) )
changed when it is (written

  31.Once a user starts an IRC client, the server on the IRC service provider side will provide the user a (channel ).
  32.Programs are known ). collectively as (software
  34.Primary storage programs and data
  35. The way each object combines its member data and member functions into a single structure is called (Encapsulation )
  36. The basic output device on a small computer is a (display screen ).
  37.TheOpenSystemsInterconnecti on (OSI)reference model is based on a proposal developed by ( ISO )
  38. The computer component that actually manipulates the data is (the processor ).
  39. The physical components of a computer are collectively called (hardware ).
  40. The part of an instruction that tells the processor what to do is the (operand stored in ( ). the ROM )
  41.The permanently useful data is
  42. The interference that distorts electronic signals transmitted over a distance is called (noise ).

  52. WWW stand for World Wide Web

  33. Programmers write (source code ). provides the CPU with temporary storage for

  1.class hierarchy 类层次
  2.XML 可扩展标记语言
  3.Intranet 内部网
  4.data bus 数据总线
  5.Operating system 操作系统
  6.CAD 计算机辅助设计
  7.Neural Networks 神经网络
  8.ODBC 开放数据库连接
  9.ISP 因特网服务提供商
  10.Expert System 专家系统
  11.Web site 网站站点
  12.WAN 广域网
  13.network communication 网络通信
  14.FTP 文件传输协议 系统总线
  15.system bus

  18. A data model is a collection of conceptual tool for describing (data, data relationship, data semantics, data constraints )
  19. A multiprocessor system has (more than one CPU )
  20.CPU has only two fundamental sections: the arithmetic and logic unit and (the control unit ).

  16.primary memory 主存 只读存储器 programming
  18.object-oriented 面向对象编程
  19.virtual reality 虚拟现实
  21.Hard disk
  23.RAM 超文本标记语言 硬盘 数据库 随机存储器
四、 判断

  1、ALU is one of the components of CPU.( T )
  2、An OS is the software which acts as an interface between a user and a computer. ( T )
  3、A CPU includes the ALU and the controller. ( T)
  4、A U-disk belongs to the output device.( T )
  5、A scanner belongs to the output device. ( F )
  6、A buffer's capacity is low and price is high, and it runs as fast as a RAM. ( F )
  7、A cache runs as fast as a RAM. ( F )
  8、Both the user names and the passwords must be unique for E-mail accounts.( F ) 9 、Buffering is an approach to improving system performance. (T )
  10、Cache memory is much faster than RAM. ( T) 11 、 Cache memory is more expensive than RAM.( T)
  12、CD-R recorders are used to duplicate CDs ( T ) 13 、 C is an Object-Oriented programming language. ( F ) 14 、 Cache memory is less expensive than RAM.( F)
  15、 CD-R recorders can be used to duplicate CDs( T )
  16、Cache memory is as fast as RAM. ( T )
  17、C++ language is a structured programming language.( F ) 18 、 CD-Rrecorders are used to duplicate CD( 19 、 CPU T ) has only one

  27、Hard disk provides CPU with temporary storage for programs and data. (F ) 28 、 HTTP is used to locate Internet resources. ( F)
  29、HTML is used to write Web pages.( T) 30 、 Hard disks and floppies operate in different ways. ( F )
  31、Internet resources are stored on Web servers. ( T ) 32 、 JAVA is a Object-Oriented programming language. ( T ) 33 、 JAVA is a structured programming language. ( F )
  34、Keyboard and mouse are both the input devices of the computer. (T )
  35、Keyboard and mouse are both the input devices of the computer. ( T )
  36、Linux is an operating system. ( T )
  37、Microsoft SQL server 2000 is an operating system computer. ( F ) of the
52 、 PCI is a popular low-bandwidth bus. ( F )
  53、ROM is the abbreviation of read of memory. ( F ) 54 、 PCI is abbreviation of peripheral component interconnect.( T )
  55、 System bus provides a path for moving data between modules. ( F ) system

  1.A handheld’s constraints(局限 性 ) mean that it’s usually impossible to directly port a desktop application to a wireless handheld device. For the same reasons, it’s difficult to directly access most Web sites with a handheld device. Web applications are traditionally designed based on the assumption that visitors will have a desktop computer with a large screen and a mouse. 手持设备的局限性意味着它通 常不能直接把台式应用程序移 植到无线手持设备上,出于同样 的理由,用手持设备直接访问多 数 Web 站点也很困难。 Web 应用 程序传统上是基于访问者拥有 带大屏幕和鼠标的台式计算机 这样的假设而设计的。
  2.A new concept called the Storage Area Network(SAN)(存 储 区 域 网 络 ) could offer an answer to the increasing amount of data that needs to be stored in an enterprise network environment. By implementing a SAN, users can offload storage traffic from daily network operations while establishing a direct connection between storage elements and servers. 对需要在企业网络环境中存储 数据量越来越大的问题,一种称 之为存储区域网络(SAN)的新概 念可能提供了一个答案。通过实 现一个 SAN, 用户可以在存储设 备与服务器之间建立直接连接 的同时,把存储传输负荷从日常 网络操作中分出来。
  3. A Storage Area Network (SAN, 存储区域网) does not need to be a physically separate network, either. It can be a dedicated sub-network, carrying only the business-critical I/O traffic between servers and storage devices. A SAN, for example, would not carry general-purpose traffic such as e-mail or other end-user applications. This type of net avoids the unacceptable trade-offs inherent in a single network for all applications. SAN 不需要在物理上是一个单 独的网络。它可以是一个专用的 子网,只在服务器与存储设备之 间传输关键业务 I/O 信息。 例如, SAN 不传送通用意义上的信息, 如电子邮件或其它最终用户应 用程序。这类网络避免了单一网 络中固有的不能接受的拆衷

  56、The system clock is the brain of a computer. ( F )
  57、The system clock sends out pulses regularly. ( T )
  58、There 3 main categories of optical laser disks: CD-ROM, DVD and VCD. ( F )
  59、The Web browser is used to display the data stored on the Internet. ( T )
  60、The wide of the bus is also called the "word length". ( T )
  61、 The user name must be unique for E-mail accounts. ( T ) 62 、 The single-sided DVD can store
  6.5GB of data. ( F )
  63、To format a floppy means that magnetic areas are created. ( T )
  64、The CPU is the brain of a computer( T )
  65、URL is used to locate Internet resources. ( T)
  66、VDT stands for video display terminal. ( T )
  67、WWW stands for World Wide Web. ( T ) 68 、 Windows 2000 is the first Windows operating system in a real sense.( F ) 69 、 We can view an operating system as a resource manager. ( T) 70 、 We can view an operating system as a output hardware. ( T) 71 、 We can view an OS as a resource manager. ( T ) 72 、 Windows 95 is the first Windows operating system in a real sense. ( T )
  73、XML is used to write Web pages.( F )
  74、You can connect 120 devices to a computer by USB. ( T)
  75、You can connect 127 devices to a computer by USB. ( T )
  76、You can connect 255 devices to a computer by USB. ( F )
38 、 Microsoft Office 2003 is operating system software. ( F ) 39 、 Microsoft Office 2003 is an operating system software. ( F )
  40、 Microsoft Windows 2000 is an operating system of the computer. (T )
  41、MS-DOSis a Object-Oriented programming language. ( F ) 42 、 MS Windows 2000 is a hardware component of computer. ( F )
  43、MS Office 2000 is the first Windows operating system in a real sense. ( F )
  44、MS-DOS refers to Microsoft Disk Operating System. ( T )
  45、OS is the software which acts as an interface between a user and a computer. ( T )
  46、PROM is the abbreviation of portable read ?only memory. ( F )
  47、Printer is the input device of the computer. ( F 48 、 PCI is ) a popular
fundamental section: the control unit. ( F )
  20、Cache memory is much faster than RAM. ( T )
  21、CD-ROM stands for compact disk read-only memory. ( T ) 22 、 DVD provides CPU with temporary storage for programs and data. (F )
  23、E-mail is a method of sending and receiving messages on the Internet .( F ) 24 、 FTP is a protocol of the computer network. ( T )
  25、FTP is not a protocol of the computer network. ( F ) 26 、 HTTP stands for High Transportation Port. ( F )
low-bandwidth bus. (F )
  49、 Primary storage provides CPU with temporary storage programs and data. (T) for

  50、Printer is the I/O device of the computer. ( T )
  51、 PDA is one of the components of CPU. ( F )

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