Today,it is not rare to hear that some universities have lowered their admission requirements for celebrity students,such as a pop singer,a film star,or an Olympic medal Though many people do not approve of the tendency, maintain that it is a wise move on I winner. the part of universities for it will reward celebrities for their contribution to our country, encourage other students to work hard,and enhance the universities’ reputation. Firstly, if a celebrity has made significant contributions to our society or country, it is understandable that a university lowers its admission requirements to reward the individual with the opportunity of receiving higher education. It goes without saying that only after slogging for years can these celebrities rise to fame for brilliant achievements in a certain field. Whether it is breaking a world record in sports or winning an international award in filming, they deserve respect for their accomplishments and the honors they bringing to our country. In this case, when they have proved their potential and apply for a learning opportunity, the universities have no excuses for shutting them out, simply because they lost few more points in the entrance exam. Secondly.celebrity students can be positive role models for their fellow students.There is no denying that successful people are often tough nails with strong personalities.Few celebrities are exceptions:many of them are self?assured,hardworking,and persevering.Their stories of success can stimulate fellow students to follow their example and get ahead in their own chosen fields. ‘take Liu Xiang for example,who won the gold medal in the 1 1 0 meters hurdles of the 2004 Olympics,which has been the first gold medal for Asians in the Olympic track and field.Just imagine how proud you would be if he became your schoolmate and how excited and encouraged you would feel at the thought of learning with him on the same campus.Would you still complain that your university lowered its admission requirement unfairly in that case? Thirdly, universities can also enhance their reputation by enrolling certain celebrity students. For one thing, since celebrities are always the targets of various media, their studies on campus will easily become the hot topic of journalists and this will in return gain publicity for the universities by using their advantages in various competitions between universities. To sum up,bending the rules for the talented candidates benefits the favored individual,the student body,and the university.Therefore,I agree that universities should lower admission requirements for celebrities. 一:药品广告(drug advertisement) reading 提出命题:药品广告所提供的信息都是客观全面的,且病人对药物了解得越多越好
  3.通过广告,病人可以了解到新药的发展,提醒医生 lecture 挑战命题:病人不需要对药物了解太多,因为有时候了解得太多会对非专业的病人产生困 扰,而且广告所提供的信息也不完整全面
  1.广告通常只有宣传好处,对副作用(side effects)一笔带过,病人很难判断
(appropriate) 例文: The speaker raises serious counterarguments against the reading paragraphs by providing drastically different evidences regarding the effects of the advertisement, the impact of self-selecting medication, and the impact of trends in the pharmaceutical industry. First, knowing more information from the ads will not necessarily help the patients make better-informed decisions, as the reading argues. On the contrary, patients, without professional training and knowledge, will be more susceptible to misunderstanding information. For example, they would focus only on the positive sides of a certain medicine while ignoring the serious side effects. In addition, if the patients bear the responsibility of prescribing their own medication, they assume more responsibility to their own health. This makes doctors less liable for potential risks and undesirable consequences. Lastly, as for the new trends' benefits to the patients, the speaker does not challenge the reading directly. Instead, he argues that the new medicine, which will count for most of the ads may not necessarily be the best medicine, even though the patients can inform their doctors about the new products.新航道: 二:网络故事书(web-storybook service) reading 网络故事书的好处
  3.可以代替父母陪伴孩子,为家长节省时间 lecture 反驳
  1.使用时不能和小朋友互动(ask question and get feedback)
  3.父母与孩子一起读书可以增进感情 例文: The speaker rebuts the reading's argument by pointing out the inadequacy of the web-storybook services' interaction with children, the incompleteness of the data pool, and by undermining the assumption that saving parents' reading time is a benefit. The speaker begins by stating that merely pronouncing the words and story for the children will not provide adequate learning experiences. Despite the time saved and pronunciation utilities laid out in the reading, the web services can only respond with "correct" or "not correct". The lack of feedback to children's questions will not create an effective learning process. Then the speaker goes on to argue that the current web-storybook services have a very limited collection of books, thus not being able to save parents the cost of new books as the reading states, because the parents still have to buy many books that the web services do not provide.
Lastly, the speaker challenges the validity of the assumption of saving parents' time to read stories to children. The reading argues that saving the time is a benefit for the parents, but the speaker maintains that the whole point of reading stories is far beyond reading stories alone. In contrast, it is an essential way of communicating and building relationship between parents and children.
三:网络问卷(web based survey) reading 网络问卷相对传统问卷的优势
  1.调查范围更广,所以调查结果就更为准确(逻辑错误:参加人多并不代表范围广,也不 能保证效果好)
  3.成本低 lecture 反驳网络问卷的优势
  1.所取得的调查结果不全面(biased),因为不是所有人都会上网,中老年人上网会比较 少,而年轻人上网比较多
  2.成本并不会低,因为一个好的网络问卷需要一个团队的大量工作(提出新的证据:网络 问卷也需要成本和人力资源)
  3.大多数人对网络问卷都不严肃,会得到不正确的信息,容易混淆视听。 例文: The speaker questions the effectiveness of web based surveys by providing evidences contradictory to the reading. First, he identified the reading's logical flaw in assuming that an increase in the scope and quantity of the survey will automatically translate to greater precision of the surveys. However, if surveys aim to question people over 60 years old, how can these old people conduct surveys online since this group seldom surf the Internet? The web surveys are effective in reaching mainly the young generation. Thus the results cannot be extended to demonstrate the views of the whole population. Second, although the web-based surveys will lower paper cost, they will inevitably incur new costs in web designing, flashy features, and other elements, which will require more costly team work. This evidence effectively attacks the reading's argument that web surveys will certainly reduce the cost of the survey. In the end, many web designers tend to overdo in the webpage and add fancy and flashy features. As a result, many people perceive the web-based surveys as not serious and are thus not willing to respond to the surveys. Unlike physical surveys that draw attention effectively, many web based surveys are simply ignored or even deleted. 四:打分偏高(inflation of marks) reading 老师给学生打的分数越来越高

  3.因为别的老师给的成绩高,如果不跟着给高分,学生出去找工作会吃亏 lecture 解决方案
  3.企业在选拔人才时可以看学生在班级中的排名而不是单纯的成绩 例文:The speaker challenges the reasoning that supports the current inflation in college grading system, and provides very specific alternatives to teacher evaluation timing and employer methodology in judging a student. The speaker first argues that the inflated grades will not enable students to truly know their weakness, not to mention improve upon them. According to the reading, low grades will discourage students. The speaker rebuts this point and argues that the true meaning of education is not just to satisfy students. Letting the students make progress is the purpose and inflated grades will not help students in this way. As for the reading's concerns that low grades will adversely affect teachers' evaluation, the speaker offers a solution. By finishing the teachers' evaluation before the end of the semester, we can sever the connections between the students' grades and teachers' evaluations. Lastly, the speaker argues that the school does not have to follow the trend of inflated grades invariably. The reading argues that if the school does not follow the trend, their students will be discriminated, the lecture says that this problem can be solved by providing a weighted relative score. This score will pinpoint a student's percentile in the whole student body and show the other students' scores, thus allowing employers to clearly position the student among the entire student body.



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