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8 将 masses 改为 mass。 mass 可指“大We use language every day. We live in 量的物质”,而“the masses”特指 a world of words. Hardly any moment passes with someone talking, What is a black hole? Well, it is “劳动群众”,用在此处不妥。 9 将 ideas 改为 idea。 “idea”在表达writing or reading. difficult to answer the question, __1__ as the terms we would normally use to“印象”时,为不可数名词,不可以用 Indeed, 复数。 languages is most essential to describe a scientific phenomenon 10 将 no 改为 any。分析便知,任何在 mankind. Our lives increasingly __1__ 黑洞附近的东西都会被吸进去。 depend are adequate here. Astronomers and on fast and successful use of scientists think that a black hole is language. Strangely enough, we __2__ know __2__ a region of space which matter has more about things around us than on fallen and from which nothing can 专八模拟试题(改错篇
  9) 专八模拟试题( ourselves. For example, __3__ language __3__ escape?not even light. But we can’t see a black hole. A black holeWhenever you see an old film, even is species specific, that is, it is language that differs human one made as little as ten years __4__ from __4__ exerts a strong gravitational pull before, you can’t help being strucked by the __1__appearance of animals. However, we do not know yet and yet it has no matter. It is only space?or thus we think. How can thisthe women taking part. Their hair how exactly we inquire __5__ styles and make-up look date; theirlanguage happen? __5__ The theory is that some stars explodeskirts look either too long or too and how it is possible for us to perceive through language; nor __2__short; their general when their density increases __6__ appearance is, in fact, slightly we to a particular point; they ludicrous.The men taking part, on understand precisely the “collapse” and sometimes a combinations between language and other hand, are clearly recognizable. supernova occurs. __7__ __3__There is nothing about their thought, The collapse of a star may produce a language and logic, or language and appearance to suggest that they “White Dwarf” of a belong to an entire different age. culture; still less, how and when “neutronstar”? a star which matter is so dense thatThis illusion is created __4__by language started. One reason for if continually shrinks by the forcechanging fashions. Over the years, this inadequate knowledge of the great minority of men __5__ havelanguage of __6 its own gravity. But if the star issuccessfully resisted all attempts is that we, like language users, take to make it change their __6__style oftoo many things for very large, this process of __8_ dress. The same cannot be said for granted. shrinking may women. Each year,a fewer so-called _ be so intense that a black hole top designers in Paris and London layLanguage comes to every normal results in. Imagine the earth down __7__on the law and women aroundperson so naturally that a reduced to the __7__ few __9__ size of a marble, but still having the world run to obey. The the same masses and a stronger __88__decrees of the designers are of us stop to question what language is, much less do we feel the gravitational pull, and you have unpredictable and some ideas of the force of a black dictatorial.Sometime they decide necessity to study it. Language is far more complex than most people arbitrarily,that skirts will be hole. __9__ have probably imagined and the And no matter near the black hole isshort and __9__waists will be height; hips are in and buttons are out. necessity to study it is far greater sucked in. __10__ than __10__. some people may have assured. Linguistic is a branch of science 答案: 答案: which __10__ 1 将 as 改为 since 或者 because。 在表1 strucked 改为 struck 或者 stricken。 takes language as its object of 示原因的连接词中, 只有 as 引导的原因过去分词形式有误。strike 的过去式是investigation. 状语从句不能位于主句之后,只能位于 struck,过去分词为 struck 或者 stricken。 句首。 参考答案: 2 将 adequate 改为 inadequate,或者 2 date 改为 dated 或者 outdated, 在 are 后加 not。从逻辑上分析,因为 3 on other hand 改为 on the other 我们拥有的科学术语“不充足”,所以 hand
  1. with 改为 without。”hardy any 4 才无法回答这个问题, 所以用否定形式。 entire 改为 entirely,副词修饰形容moment passes without someone…” , 3 在 which 前加 into。 这是一个定语从词 different,并与 different 一起修 两个否定: without 和 hardly,意思是 句,意思是“黑洞是太空中物质可以掉 饰 age。 “每一时刻有人……”。 进去的地方”,所以定语从句应该为 5 minority 改为 majority。 从上下文 “into which matter has fallen”。 以及常识判断,多半男性成功地抵制了
  2. fast 前面加 the 因为 fast and 4 将 but 改为 so。 上文已提到“连光改变他们服装款式的企图,即多年来, successful use 这个词组后边有一个 都无法从黑洞中逃出”,所以我们根本 男性大服装款式跟女性服饰相比没有多 前置词短语 of language 修饰 use,所 无法看到黑洞。这里应该是因果关系, 大的变化。 6 it 改为 them,them 指代 the great 以被修饰的词前面加定冠词。 而不是转折关系。 5 将 thus 改为 so。 这句话的意思是“那majority of men。 7 fewer 改为 few, 此处没有比较的意味。 than on ourselves 改为 than
  3. 只是空间?或者我们认为它只是空 间”。so 做 think 的宾语,thus 只能8 去掉 on。lay down 为习语,表示“规things on ourselves。在这里比较的是 定(规则,原则,法规等)”。 两件事:things around us and things 做连词,不能做宾语。 on ourselves(我们周围的事物和我们 6 将 which 改为 whose。这个定语从句 9 sometime 改为 sometimes。 10 第二个 things 不能省略, 的意思是“它是一颗星, 其密度非常大, height 改为 high。形容词作 be 的 自身的东西)。 否则引起误解。 由于自身的引力,它在不断地收缩”。 表语。 matter 属于 star,所以关系代词应该 用 whose。
  4. differs 改为 distinguishes。语言 7 去掉 in。 result 为不及物动词, 意为 区分人与动物,differ 是不及物动词, “形成了”,而“result in sth。”意 后面不能带宾语,只能用介词,如:Man 专八模拟试题( 专八模拟试题(改错篇
  8) 为“导致某结果”。
英语专业八级 differs from animals in that man possesses language。
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__9__president of CBS television. Atcreative power. It also takes rise to a hearing before the Federal blurring of the distinction between Communications Commission, this science and 7 phrase escaped from him under
  5. inquire 改为 acquire“习得语言” 应该是 acquire language,名词短语是questioning: “One man’s technology. Lots of people don’t language acquisition。 Inquire 是 mediocrity __10__is another man’s differ between the two. Science is good program”. “询问”的意思。 the production of 8
  6. we 前面加上 do 副词 nor 放在句首 new knowledge that can be applied or 表示强调,应用倒装句,一般现在时强 答案: not, and technology is the 1 将 have 改为 has。该句的主语 the application of knowledge to the 调句是在主语前面加助动词 do。 fashion 是单数. production of some products, 2 将 like 改为 as。such as 是固定搭 machinery or the like. The two are
  7. combination 改为 relationships. 配. 语言和思维的关系,不是结合;语言和 3 将 late 改为 later。later 和上文 really different, and people who have the faculty for one very seldom 思维的关系是当代语言学研究的重要领 first 对应. have a faculty for the others. 9 域。 4 将 by 改为 of 或者 from。 relieve sb of/ from sth 是固定搭配, 意思为 Science in itself is harmless, more
  8. like 改为 as。根据上下文,要表达“减轻某人(的负担等)” 的意思是“作为语言的使用者”,不是 5 将 him 改为 them。因为其先行词为 or less. But as soon as it can provide technology,it’s not necessarily the empty-minded,而 “像语言的使用者”。 “the+adj/p.p” 表示一类人时,通常 harmful. No society has yet earned to forecast the consequences of new 表示复数概念.
  9. a 去掉 这里是否定的意思:“我们 6 在 same 前加 the。the same 表示 technology, which can be 没有多少人……”而不是“我们一些 “唯一,独一无二”的概念,因此必须加 enormous.10 人.….”。 定冠词. 7 将 decide 改为 decides。该句的主语
  1. 在 which 前加 in,或将 which 改
  10. assured 改为 assumed. 这句的后 the public 表示的是单数概念.,这一 为 where 半部分意思是“研究语言的必要性比我 点从后面的代词 it 可以看得出来. 们想象的要大得多”。Assure 译为“确8 将 pure 改为 purely。在这里 purely 在这里 which 引导限制性从句,修饰先 保”;assume 译为“假设”或者“想 作状语,修饰谓语动词,因此应使用副词. 行词 the society。in which 在从句中 象”的意思。 9 将 most 改为 more。more than 搭配, 作状语,当然也可以用关系副词 where 引导出比较状语从句. 引导定语从句,并在从句中作状语,例 10 将 from 去掉。escape 在作 “被某 人情不自禁地说出来”讲时,是及物动 如:Money is a bottomless sea, in 词,而只在作 “逃跑”讲时,才时不及 which honor, conscience, and truth may be drowned. 专八模拟试题( 专八模拟试题(改错篇
  7) 物动词.
  2. 将 as 改为 than For the last fifteen or twenty years the fashion in criticism or appreciation of the arts have been to
  3. 将 So 改为 But 或者 However 或 deny the existence of any valid 者 Nevertheless criteria and to make the __1__words 专八模拟试题( 专八模拟试题(改错篇
  5) “good” or “bad” irrelevant, 因为这里上下文是转折关系。 immaterial, and inapplicable. There is no such thing, we are told, likeWe live in a society which there is a set of standards first acquired a lot of talk about science, but I
  4. 将 about 去掉 through experience and would say 1 __2__knowledge and late imposed on 因为 explain 是及物动词。 the subject under discussion. This that there are not 5 percent of the has been a __3__popular approach, people who are equipped with school, for it relieves the critic of the including college, to understand
  5. 将 you 改为 they responsibility of judgment and the scientific reasoning. We are more public by the necessity of knowledge. ignorant of science as people
  26. 将 like 改为 as It pleases those resentful of disciplines, it __4__flatters the with comparable education in Western因为 such as 是固定搭配。 empty-minded by calling him Europe.There are a lot of kids who open-minded, it comforts the __5__confused. Under the banner of know everything about
  7. 将 takes 改为 gives democracy and the kind of quality computers?how to build which our forefathers did no mean, itthem, how to take them apart, and howgive rise to 表示“引起,导致”之意。 says, in effect, “Who are you to to write programs for games. So if tell us what is good or bad?” Thisyou ask 3
  8. 将 differ 改为 distinguish is same cry used so long and so effectively by the producers of massthem to explain about the rinciples __6__media who insist that it is theof physics that have gone into 牵着表示“有区别”。 后者表示“区分, public, not they, who decide what itcreating the 4 找出……的差别”。 wants to hear __7__and to see, and that for a critic to say that this program is bad and that program is computer, you don’t have faintest
  9. 将 others 改为 other good is pure a reflection of personalidea. 5 taste. Nobody recently has expressed 这样 the other 就和上文的 one 构成固 this __8__ philosophy most The failure to understand science 定搭配,表示在两个中“一个……;另 succinctly than Dr. Frank Stanton, leads to such things like the neglect外一个……” the highly intelligent of human 6
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  10. 将 harmful 改为 harmless,只有 place 是可数名词,作“地方”讲,而 The report indicates that
  5.6 这样才可以表达上下文的对比关系。 land 意为“土地,田地”是不可数名 million infant deaths and 2,000,000 词。例如: maternal Deaths could be prevented this year if women chose to have Solitude is a good place to visit buttheirs children 3 a poor place to stay. 当你偶尔光顾时,独处是一个美妙的境 within the safest years with 地,但是如果久留,它却是一个糟糕的 adequate intervals among births and 专八模拟试题( 专八模拟试题(改错篇
  4) 地方。 limited their 4 Home, sweet home" is a phrase that There is a vacant piece of land nearfamilies to moderate size. express an essential attitude in th



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