2007-2008-1 Ⅰ. Vocabulary (词汇) i) Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese. (写出下列英文词组的汉语)
  1.central processing unit(CPU)
  2.operating system
  4.management information system
  5.electronic commerce
  7.software engineering
  8.software crisis
  9.network security
  10. computer virus
ii) Fill in the blanks with the corresponding English abbreviations. (写出下列汉语的英文缩写) 缩写 ..
  10. 企业之间电子商务交易方式
Ⅱ. Comprehension (阅读理解) Tell whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) according to the
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passage. (根据短文判断句子正误,正确填 T,错误填 F) The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of the computer systems. Among other things, its configuration determines whether a computer is fast or slow in relation to other computers. The CPU is the most complex computer system component, responsible for directing most of the computer system activities based on the instructions provided. As one computer generation has evolved to the next, the physical size of the CPU has often become smaller and smaller, while its speed and capacity have increased tremendously. Indeed, these changes have resulted in microcomputers that are small enough to fit on your desk or your lap. The CPU comprises the control unit and the arithmetic/logic unit (ALU). The control unit is responsible for directing and coordinating most of the computer systems activities. It determines the movement of electronic signals between main memory and the arithmetic/logic unit, as well as the control signals between the CPU and input/output devices. The ALU performs all the arithmetic and logical (comparison) functions ? that is, it adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, and does comparisons. These comparisons, which are basically “less than”, “greater than”, and “equal to”, can be combined into several common expressions, such as “greater than or equal to”. The objective of most instructions that use comparisons is to determine which instruction should be executed next.
  1. ( ) With the development of computer, the physical size of the CPU has
often become bigger and bigger.
  2. ( ) The movement of electronic signals between main memory and the
ALU as well as the control signal between the CPU and input /output devices are controlled by the control unit of the CPU.
  3. (
  4. ( ) The CPU comprises the control unit and memory. ) The control unit performs all the arithmetic and logical (comparison)
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  5. (
) The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of the computer
Ⅲ. Translation (翻译) i) Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (将下列句子译成汉语)
  1.SQL Server is designed to allow thousands of users to access the database at the same time and is a true client/server database system.
  2.An application software is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program.
  3.A small network may only connect two computers inside a home to share a single printer and Internet connection.
  4.There is free firewall software available that can run on your computer and provide a good level of protection to your network. ii) Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. (将以下两篇短文译成汉语)
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2008-2009-1 Ⅰ. Vocabulary (词汇) i) Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese. (写出下列英文词组的汉语)
  9. computer architecture machine language primary memory application software packet swithing software engineering Ethernet operating system relational database

  10. management information system
ii) Fill in the blanks with the corresponding English abbreviations. (写出下列汉语的英文缩写) ..
  10. 电气电子工程师协会
Ⅱ. Translation (句子翻译) Translate the following sentences into Chinese.
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  1.Class defines the abstract characteristics of a thing, including the thing's characteristics and the thing's behaviors.
  2.An application software is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program.
  3.Discrete mathematics has become popular in recent decades because of its applications to computer science. Concepts and notations from discrete mathematics are useful to study or describe objects or problems in computer algorithms and programming languages.
  4.Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses "objects" and their interactions to design applications and computer programs. Programming techniques may include features such as encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance.
Ⅲ. Translation (段落翻译) Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. (将以下段落译成汉语) i) A high-level language is an artificial language with which we can write various instructions. This is possible not because computer processors are now so technologically advanced that they can ‘understand’ these languages. You should translate from programming languages into machine language which can be understood by the computer processors. Compilers can accomplish this task. This does mean that a high-level language program is not directly executable: it must be compiled to produce processor program, which is executable.
ii) Encapsulation conceals the functional details of a class from objects that send messages to it. Members are often specified as public, protected or private,
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determining whether they are available to all classes, sub-classes or only the defining class. Some languages go further: Java uses the default access modifier to restrict access also to classes in the same package, C# and VB.NET reserve some members to classes in the same assembly using keywords internal (C#) or Friend (VB.NET), and Eiffel and C++ allow one to specify which classes may access any member.
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2009-2010-2 Ⅰ. Translate the following expressions from English into Chinese and vice versa. (英 汉短语互译)
  2. integrated circuits(IC)
  3. assembly language
  4. system call
  5. database management system
  6. Web site
  7. domain name
  8. electronic commerce
  9. 中央处理器(CPU)
  15. 指令集 设备驱动程序 只读存储器(ROM) 局域网(LAN) 需求分析 基本输入输出系统
  16. 二维数组
Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding English words. (英文词汇填空)
  1) According to the mode of processing, computers are either analog or .
  2) The first electronic computers used vacuum tubes, which later gave place to in the second generation.
  3) A language is a low-level language in binary code that a computer can understand and execute directly.
  4) The smallest unit of information handled by a computer is , eight of which makes up a .
  5) The portion of an operating system that handles communication with users is
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often called the , and the internal part of an OS which perform basic functions is called the .
  6) A connection transfers only piece of data at a time while a connection transfers blocks of information at the same time.
  7) A translates all the source code of a program written in a high-level language into object code prior to the execution of the program.
Ⅲ. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. (将以下短文译成汉语)
  1) A Computer is an electronic device that can receive a set of instructions, or program, and then carry out this program by performing calculations on numerical data or by compiling and correlating other forms of information. The modern world of high technology could not have come about except for the development of the computer. Different types and sizes of computers find uses throughout society in the storage and handling of data, from secret governmental files to banking transactions to private household accounts. Computers have opened up a new era in manufacturing through the techniques of automation, and they have enhanced modern communication systems.

  2) Computer science can be divided into four main fields: software development, computer architecture (hardware), human-computer interfacing (the design of the most efficient ways for humans to use computers), and artificial intelligence (the attempt to make computers behave intelligently). Software development is concerned with creating computer programs that perform efficiently. Computer architecture is concerned with developing optimal hardware for specific computational needs. The areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and
human-computer interfacing often involve the development of both software and hardware to solve specific problems.

  3) The procedure of changing from one process to another is called a process switch (or a context switch). Each time the dispatcher awards a time slice to a
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process, it initiates a timer circuit that will indicate the end of the slice by generating a signal called an interrupt. When the CPU receives an interrupt signal, it completes its current machine cycle, saves its position in the current process and begins executing a program, called an interrupt handler, which is stored at a predetermined location in main memory.

  4) Software engineering is an area of software development in which computer scientists and engineers study methods and tools that facilitate the efficient development of correct and reliable computer programs. Research in this branch of computer science considers all the phases of the software life cycle, which begins with a formal problem specification, and progresses to the design of a solution, its implementation as a program, testing of the program, and program maintenance. Software engineers develop software tools and collections of tools called programming environments to improve the development process.

  5) Most personal computers communicate with each other and with larger networks, such as the Internet, by using the ordinary telephone network. Since the telephone network functions by converting sound into electronic signals, the computer must first convert its digital data into sound. Computers do this with a device called a modem, which is short for modulator/demodulator. A modem converts the stream of 1s and 0s from a computer into an analog signal that can then be transmitted over the telephone network, as a speaker's voice would. The modem of the receiving computer demodulates the analog sound signal back into a digital form that the computer can understand.
IV. Translate the introductions of VB6 IDE into Chinese. (以下是某开发环境简介, 将其译成汉语)
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The VB6 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is simple and fully featured. As a general rule: learn it by using it. So just explore and experiment, and you’ll learn more. Here is a short guidance. Creating A project: Start VB
  6. when presented with a “New Project” dialog, pick “Standard EXE” and press “OK”. You now see the IDE, which contains an empty form called “Form 1”. That is your program. Description of the IDE: In the middle of the program is a window which contains another window called “Form 1”. This is called the GUI designer window. That window inside of there with the title “Form 1” is your program. On the left is the toolbox, which stores the p



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