56. There is no way to escape (do) the work today.
  57. We will have a visit to the seaside (provide) the weather remains clear. provided
  58. Had I left a little earlier, I (catch) the train. would have caught
  59. The last train (go), we had to walk home. gone
  60. A few years later she came home only (find) that her hometown had greatly changed. to find

  61. The more she thought about it, (angry) she grew. the angrier
  62. I'm sure he (leave) Tokyo by this time tomorrow. will have left
  63. We become used to (see) blood on the news on television, or in full color in newspaper and magazines. having taken

  64. It is (interesting) novel I have ever read. the most interesting
  65. I can't find the recorder in the room. It must (take) by someone else. have been taken

他走都不会,更不用说跑了。 不管赞成还是反对,我都将继续下去。 生产商应该对自己的产品质量负全部责任。 老人继续说着,根本不顾我在此事上的感情。 毋庸置疑,很多人受益于心脏手术。

  66. 他走都不会,更不用说跑了。 He can't even walk, let alone run.
  67. 不管赞成还是反对,我都将继续下去。 Pro or con, I shall continue.
  68. 生产商应该对自己的产品质量负全部责任。 The manufacturers should take full responsibility for the quality of their products.

  69. 老人继续说着,根本不顾我在此事上的感情。 The old man continued speaking, regardless of my feelings on the matter.
  70. 毋庸置疑,很多人受益于心脏手术。 There is no doubt that a large number of people benefit from heart surgery.

  56.Women (look) down upon in the past. were looked
  57.The number of animals used in laboratory tests (decline) over the last 20 years. has declined
  58.It is essential that all the facts (examine) first. be examined

  59. (compare) with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all. compared
  60.In 1991, Bush’s approval rating reached 91 percent, the (high) level recorded since polling began in 1930's. highest
  61. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I (follow) your advice. had followed

  62. A Dream of the Red Chamber is said (translate) into dozens of languages in the last decade. to have been translated
  63.He had no other choice but (sit) there killing time . to sit
  64.It’s no use (discuss) the problem any further now. discussing

  65.Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy (prepare) for her examination. preparing

  68.他对我们所说的在很大程度上是一种幻觉而不是真 实的东西。

  66.她感到难以适应国外的生活。 She found it difficult to adapt herself to the life in a foreign country.
  67.我更喜欢乡村,因为它更接近自然。 I like the country better in that it is closer to nature.
  68.他对我们所说的在很大程度上是一种幻觉而不是真 实的东西。 What he told us was more of an illusion than a reality.

  69.他没说一声就走了,真是让人没法相信。 It's unbelievable that he has left without telling us.
  70.没有什么能使我这样烦恼。 There is nothing that troubles me so much.

  56.How much study time you schedule for each classroom hour (depend) on four factors. depends
  57.The more seriously this is sought, the (likely) positive attitudes towards leisure as well as academic work will be encouraged. more likely
  58.Engineers (skill) in microelectronics and computer technology are developing artificial vision for robots. skilled

  59.Robots are beginning (see) in other industries as well. to be seen
  60.You can almost tell this type of composer by his (fruit) output. fruitful
  61.A Filipino maid was executed in Singapore after ( convict ) of murder, despite protests from various quarters that her guilt had not been adequately established. being convicted

  62.The new measures included (increase) the minimum age of employees to

  63.When (present) with a common case, sales managers tend to see sales problems, production managers see production problems, and so on .

  64.A life (live) without fantasy daydreaming is a really poor life indeed. and

  65.( not understand) the directions clearly, I couldn’t find way in the darkness. Having not understood

  66. 她感到难以适应国外的生活。
  67.现在还不知道机器人能否有朝一日控制我们人类的 活动。
  69.一个人如果被社会强迫去做他不乐意的事情,他就 不可能真正快乐。

  66. 她感到难以适应国外的生活。 She found it difficult to adapt herself to the life in a foreign country.
  67.现在还不知道机器人能否有朝一日控制我们人类的 活动。 It is not yet known whether robots will one day control our human activities.
  68.我们所接触的人可能对我们休闲态度产生某种影响. The people with whom we come into contact may exert some influence on our attitudes toward leisure.

  69.一个人如果被社会强迫去做他不乐意的事情,他就 不可能真正快乐。 A man cannot be really happy if he is compelled by society to do what he does not enjoy doing.
  70.总有一些以梦想替代现实生活的人。 There are always people who replace real life with dreams



   根据所给中文完成句子翻译。 根据所给中文完成句子翻译。 1.下次你应该早点儿来这儿。 .下次你应该早点儿来这儿。 Next time 2.你最好不要单独去游泳。 .你最好不要单独去游泳。 You'd 3.让我们开始讨论这个难题吧。 .让我们开始讨论这个难题吧。 Let's 4.这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动。 .这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动。 The box is . 5.每天我父亲去上班需要一个半小时。 . 天我父亲去上班需要一个半小时。 Every day it . . . . 6.瞧!树下有一位 ...


   (II)关于花费时间的几种句型: Sb. spend some time doing sth. It takes sb some time to do sth. Sb. spend some time on sth. 1. 那个护士把她所有的时间都花在照顾老人身上了. 2. 我用了两个小时做家庭作业. 3. 昨天 Sandy 看了半天的电视. (III)关于花费金钱的几种句型: Sb spend some money doing sth. Sb pay some money for sth. ...


   (II)关于花费时间的几种句型: Sb. spend some time doing sth. It takes sb some time to do sth. 1. 2. 3. Sb. spend some time on sth. 那个护士把她所有的时间都花在照顾老人身上了. 我用了两个小时做家庭作业. 昨天 Sandy 看了半天的电视. (III)关于花费金钱的几种句型: Sb spend some money doing sth. Sb pay some money for sth. ...


   1.他会成功是肯定的。 1.他会成功是肯定的。 他会成功是肯定的 That he will succeed is certain. 2.还不知道她是否去那里。 2.还不知道她是否去那里 还不知道她是否去那里。 Whether she will go there is not known. 3.她说的话不真实。 3.她说的话不真实。 她说的话不真实 What she said is not true. 4.谁打破了窗还没有查明。 4.谁打破了窗还没有查明。 谁打破了窗还没有查明 Who bro ...


   英 语 基 本 句 型 I. 主谓 结构 ( lie lay lain, rise rose risen, increase, drop happen, take place, occur ) 主谓结构此结构是由主语加不及物的谓语动词构成, 常表示主语的动作.如,The 主谓结构 sun rises. 主语可有修饰语定语,如,The red sun rises. 谓语可有修饰语状语, 主语可有修饰语定语, 定语 谓语可有修饰语状语, 状语 如,The red sun rises in the ...


   牛津英语 9A 课本句子翻译练习 Unit 1 1. 今天我有很多吃的和喝地。I will have lots to eat and drink today. 2. 那么你就不会为不吃早饭而担心了。Well, you shouldn’t worry about not havin breakfast then having 3. Millie 已经对的 12 生肖很熟悉了。Millie is already familiar with the 12 animal signs in Chine ...


   牛津英语 9A 课本句子翻译练习 Unit 1 1. 今天我有很多吃的和喝的。I will have lots to eat and drink today. 2. 那么你就不会为不吃早饭而担心了。 Well, you shouldn’t worry about not having breakfast then 3. Millie 已经对的 12 生肖很熟悉了。 Millie is already familiar with the 12 animal signs of the Chine ...


   Description: Unit 1 1. In the eyes of some people, Picasso’s paintings would seem rather foolish 在有些人眼里,毕加索的绘画显得十分荒谬。 2. The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy. 他们利润增长,部分的原因是由于采用了新的市场策略。 3. The man told his wife to ...


   基本句子翻译 1.下次你应该早点儿来这儿。 2.你最好不要单独去游泳。 3.让以以开始讨论这个难题吧。 4.这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动。 5.每天以父刘去上班需要一个半小时。 6.瞧!树下有一刘刘人正在观看孩子以玩游戏。 7.以感到这个问题很难回答。 8.虽然他以个子不太高,人也不太强壮,但他以刘一支很好刘队伍。 9.你刘英语学习情况怎样? 10.以以以到达火车站时,火车已开走了。 11.这刘刘人已以了 30 多年英语刘刘了。 12.以脸色显得很焦急,因为以妈妈已病了些时候了。 13.中华人民 ...


   中考英语句子翻译题专练?附详解 一、根据所给中文,完成相应的英语句子,每空限填一词: 1. 多喝水,这对你的健康有好处。 Drink more water. It your health. 2. 昨天直到雨停了孩子们才离开学校。 The children leave school the rain stopped yesterday. 3. 非常感谢邀请我参加你的聚会。 asking me to your party. 4. 钥匙是金属做的,用来锁门。 The key metal a ...



   高考基础语法复习 构词法 在英语中,词的构成法主要有三种 在英语中 词的构成法主要有三种: 词的构成法主要有三种 合成、转化、 合成、转化、派生 一、合成 由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号“ 由两个或更多的词合成一个词,有的用连词符号“-” 连接,有的直接连写在一起, 连接,有的直接连写在一起,还有的由分开的两个 词构成。 词构成。 1.合成名词 合成名词 名词+名词 名词 名词 cowboy newspaper 名词+ing handwriting sunbathing 名词 i ...


   年石景山区中考二模英语试题答案 2010 年石景山区中考二模英语试题答案 一,听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片(共 4 分,每小题 1 分) 1. B 5. A 11. A 2. A 6. C 12. B 3. C 7. B 13. C 4. A 8. A 14. B 9. C 15. C 10. A 16. A 二,听对话和独白,根据对话和独白的内容,选择正确答案(共 12 分,每小题 1 分) 三,听对话,记录关键信息(共 8 分,每小题 2 分) 17. on 26th October ...

英语试题 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! 小学英语毕业模拟试卷( 小学英语毕业模拟试卷(一) ( ( ( ( ( I.指出每组单词中与其他三个不同一类的单词,并把它的编号写在相应的括号内: 分) (5 ) 1, A. river B. eat C. worry D. stay ) 2, A . pear B. apple C. flower D. banana ) 3, A. bread B. milk C. table D. egg ) 4, A. one B. two ...


   一 二 倒装 虚拟语气 倒装句分为全部倒装(将整个谓语置于主语之前)和部分倒 倒装句分为全部倒装(将整个谓语置于主语之前) 把谓语的一部分, be,have,助动词、 装(把谓语的一部分,如be,have,助动词、情态动词等置 于主语之前) 于主语之前)。 一、使用全部倒装的情况 1.therebe/lie/stand/live/seem/appear/exist/come/go/see m句型中。 There will be a sports meet in our school next ...


   教学内容分析(Analysis of the teaching contents): 本单元由 12 部分组成: 1.Listen.Can you find out what time it is? 2.Listen and draw 3.Match and colour 4.A story?The clock 5.listen and sing the song 6.Match and write the numbers. 7..Read and draw 8.Read and draw ...