重点句 Unit1
  1、决策是在现有的可选做法中所做的选择。P1 A decision is a choice made from among alternative courses of action that are available.
  2、管理者经常必须对未来的情况下做出最佳的猜测,尽量不存侥幸。P2 Often managers must make a best guess at what the future will be and try to leave as little as possible to chance.
  3、如果没有选择,就无决策可言。P3 If there is no choice, there is no decision to be made.
  4、对于管理者而言,每次决策都受到政策、程序、法律、惯例等待因素的制约。P3 For managers, every decision has constraints based on policies, procedures, laws, precedents, and the like.
  5、例如,管理者有时以非此即彼的方式来处理问题。P4 For example, managers sometimes treat problems in an either/or fashion.
  6、决策者们必须有办法决定数个可选项中的哪一个是最好的哪一个对组织目标的实现起 作用最大。P6 Decision makers must have some way of determining which of several alternatives is best?that is, which contributes the most to the achievement of organizational goals.
  7、就更大的系统来说,增加研究经费以便改进产品,对该组织更有益。P6 In the larger scheme of things, however, increased funding for research to improve the products might be more beneficial to the organization.
  8、有些目标比另一些目标更重要,但其排序和重要性则因人和部门而异。P7 Some of these objectives are more important than others, but the order and degree of importance often vary form person to person and from department to department. Unit2
  1.Well, it's difficult to answer this question, since the terms we would normally use to describe a scientific phenomenon are inadequate here. (第一段)
  2.Astronomers and scientists think that a black hole is a region of space (not a thing ) into which matter has fallen and from which nothing can escape - not even light. So we can't see a black hole. (第一段)
  3.The theory is that some stars explode when their density increases to a particular point; they collapse and sometimes a supernova occurs. (第二段)
  4.Some people think that the Star of Bethlehem could have been a supernova. (第二段)
  5.The collapse of a star may produce a White Dwarf or a neutron star - a star, whose matter is so dense that it continually shrinks by the force of its own gravity. (第二段)
  6.Imagine the earth reduced to the size of a marble, but still having the same mass and a stronger gravitational pull, and you have some idea of the force of a black hole. (第二段)
  7.For example, if a man fell into a black hole, he would think that he reached the center of it very quickly. (第三段)
  8.but it is interesting that Einstein's theory provided a basis for the idea of black holes before astronomers started to find some evidence for their existence. (第三段)
  9.It is only recently that astronomers have begun specific research into black holes. (第三 段)

  10.And astronomers are planning a new observatory to study the individual exploding stars believed to be black holes. (第三段)
  11.Binary stars, as their name suggests, are twin stars whose position in space affects each other. (第四段)
  12.There might be a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy swallowing up stars at a very rapid rate. (第五段)
  13.They show us a world which operates in a totally different way from our own and they question our most basic experience of space and time. (第五段) Unit3
  1、范万德尔重病在身,再也不能说清楚话,他知道他没有康复的希望,身体状况正在急剧 恶化。P2 Affected with a serious disease, van Wendal was no longer able to speak clearly and he knew there was no hope of recovery and that his condition was rapidly deteriorating.
  2、在让自己的医生注射最后结束生命的那一针之前,范万德尔生命中的最后三个月被拍摄 了下来,去年在荷兰电视上首次播出。P3 Van Wendel’s last three months of life before being given a final, lethal injection by his doctor were filmed and first shown on television last year in the Netherlands.
  3、从那时开始,已有 20 多个国家买下了这个节目,每次播放都引起了对这一话题的全国性 大辩论。P3 The programme has since been bought by 20 countries and each time it is shown, it starts a nationwide debate on the subject.
  4、那些反对安乐死的人实际在告诉我,临终者没有这个权利。P9 What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that dying people haven’t the right.
  5. The Netherlands is the only country in Europe which permits euthanasia, although it is not technically legal there. 尽管它根据法律是不合法的,但是荷兰是欧洲唯一允许安乐死的国家。
  6.The guidelines demand that the patient is experiencing extreme suffering , that there is no chance of a cure, and that the patient has made repeated requests for euthanasia . 这些准则要求, 病人必须正在经受极大的痛苦, 没有制愈的可能, 并且病人一再恳求安乐死。
  7. 安乐死没有考虑到总会有办法照顾临终病人。 Euthanasia doesn‘t take into account that there are ways of caring for the dying.
  8. What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that dying people haven’t the right. 那些反对安乐死的人告诉我的是临终之人没有这个权利。
  9. Not all patients would receive such a high level of individual care and attention. 并不是所有的病人都能得到如此高水平的个别护理和关照。 Unit 4
  1.There are estimated to be more than
  20, overseas domestic servants working in Britain (the 000 exact figure is not known because the Home Office, the Government department that deals with this, does not keep statistics) There be 表“存在”的句型。 。
  2.Of these
  00, just under
  2,000 are being exploited and abused by their employers, according to a London-based campaigning group which helps overseas servants working in Britain.

  3.And they can have their passports removed, making leaving or “escaping”virtually impossible.
  4.The sad condition of women working as domestics around the world received much media attention earlier this year in several highly publicised cases.
  5.In one of them, a Filipino maid was executed in Singapore after being convicted of murder, despite protests from various quarters that her guilt had not been adequately established.
  6.Then there is the case of Kumari from Sri Lanka. The main breadwinner in her family, she used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory in Sri Lanka.
  7.This included increasing the minimum age of employees to
  18, getting employees to read and understand an advice leaflet, getting employers to agree to provide adequate maintenance and conditions, and to put in writing the main terms and conditions of the job (of which the employees should see a copy) 。
  8.For the main problem facing overseas maids and domestics who try to complain about cruel living and working conditions is that they do not have independent immigrant status and so cannot change employer.
  9.It is, they say, the right to change employers which distinguishes employment from slavery. Unit 5
  1.The new music was built out of materials already in existence: bules, rock‘n’roll, folk music.
  2.But although the forms remained, something completely new and original was made out of these older elements - more original, perhaps, than even the new musicians themselves yet realize.
  3.Up to that time, the blues had been an essentially black medium.
  4.The three forms remained musically and culturally distinct, and even as late as 19
  65, none of them were expressing any radically new states of consciousness.
  5.In England, it was led by the Beatles, who were already established as an extremely fine and highly individual rock group.
  6.What happened, as well as it can be put into words, was this. They freely took over elements from jazz, from America country music, and as time went on from even more diverse sources .What developed was a music readily taking on various forms and capable of an almost limitless range of expression.
  7.The second thing that happened was that all the musical groups began using the full range of electric instruments and the technology of electronic amplifiers. The electric guitar was an old instrument, but the new electronic effects were altogether different - so different that a new listener in 1967 might well feel that there had never been any sounds like that in the world before. Electronics did, in fact, make possible sounds that no instrument up to that time could produce.And in studio recordings, new techniques made possible effects that not even an electronic band could produce live.Electronic amplifiers also made possible a fantastic increase in volume, the music becoming as loud and penetrating as the human ear could stand, and thereby achieving a “total” effect, so that instead of an audience of passive listeners, there were now audiences of total participants, feeling the music in all of their senses and all of their bones.
  8.With records at home, listeners imitated these lighting effects as best they could, and heightened the whole experience by using drugs.
Unit 6
  1.Robots, becoming increasingly prevalent in factories and industrial plants throughout the developed world, are programmed and engineered to perform industrial tasks without human intervention.
  2.Most of today‘s robots are employed in the automotive industry,where they are programmed to take over such jobs as welding and spray painting automobile and truck bodies.
  3.They also load and unload hot, heavy metal forms used in machines casting automobile and truck frames.
  4.Robots, already taking over human tasks in the automotive field, are beginning to be seen,
  5.The robots used in nuclear power plants handle the radioactive materials, preventing human personnel from being exposed to radiation.
  6.Robots differ from automatic machines in that after completion of one specific task, they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.
  7.As an example, a robot doing spot welding one month can be reprogrammed and switched to spray painting the next.
  8.With the ability to “see”, robots can identify and inspect one specific class of objects out of a stack of different kinds of materials.
  9.When light from an object such as a machine part strikes the camera, the sensitive materials measure the intensity of light and convert the light rays into a range of numbers.
  10.It is not yet known whether robots will one day have vision as good as human vision.
  11.Engineers working on other advances are designing and experimenting with new types of metal hands and fingers, giving robots a sense of touch.
  12.These future robots, assembled with a sense of touch and ability to see and make decisions, will have plenty of work to do.
  13.They can be used to explore for minerals on the ocean floor or deep areas of mines too dangerous for humans to enter. Unit 7
  1.The importance people attach to paid holidays and the rapid development of service for mass entertainment and recreation are signs of this increasing concern.
  2.Generally speaking, the quality of life, especial as seen by the individual, is meaningful in terms of the degree to which these various areas of life are available or provide satisfaction to the individual.
  3.As activity carried out as one thinks fit during one‘s spare time leisure has the following functions: relaxation, recreation and entertainment, and personal development.
  4.Thus, the following are possible uses of television watching, a popular leisure activity: a change of experience to provide “escape” from the stress and strain of work; to learn more about what is happening in one‘s environment; to provide an opportunity for understanding oneself by comparing other people’s life experiences as portrayed in the programmes.
  5.In an urban society in which highly structured, fast-paced and stressful work looms large in life, experiences of a different nature, be it television watching or bird-watching, can lead to a self-renewal and a more “balanced” way of life
  6.Our likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences that underlie our choices of such activities as reading books, going to the cinema, camping, or certain cultural pursuits, are all related to
social contexts and learning experiences.
  7.Basically, such attitudes amount to a recognition that leisure is an important area of life and of a belief that leisure can and should be put to good use.
  8.Professional workers in recreation services, too, will find that to impart positive leisure attitudes to the general public is essential for motivating them to use their leisure in creative and satisfying ways.
  9.Hence, it can be argued that the people with whom we come into contact in these various contexts are all likely to have exerted some influence in shaping our attitudes, interests and even skills relevant to how we handle leisure.
  10.Parents, teachers in schools, work associates and communicator in or using the mass media are all capable of arousing our p



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