1.in the way 挡路,阻碍,妨碍
  2.to make a guess at 对...进行猜测
  3.to blind sb.to sth. 使某人看不到某物,使某人对某物丧失判断力
  4.to contribute to sth.(
  5.to seek to do sth.设法做某事
  6.in part 部分地;在某种程度上
  7.vary from...to... 从...变为...;在...与...之间变化
  8.and the like 等等,诸如此类
  9.point of view 观点,看法
  10.to apply for 申请,请求
  11.day-to-day (
  12.to have no idea 不知道;无能力
  13.to take the trouble to do sth.费力做某事,不辞劳苦做某事
  14.to put oneself in sb’s place 设身处地替某人着想
  15.to one’s advantage 处于不利地位
  16.to ask for 要求,请求,要价,讨价
  17.in hand (
  18.to make sure(of/that)(
  19.to turn down (
  1)to turn sb./down 顶回,拒不理会,拒绝(
  2)to turn sth.down 调节(炉具、收音机等)使热量、 音量温度等降低(
  20.as soon as 一...就...,不迟于
  21.aim to do sth.或 aim at doing sth 计划;打算;以...为目标
  22.experiment with 进行实验(试验)
  23.in case 免得,以防万一,说不定
  24.in theory 理论上,理论上讲
  25.to apply to sth. (
  26.research into 研究、探讨、调查
  27.to swallow up (
  28.to make use of 利用
  29.depend on 依靠,指望
  30.together with 和,连同
  31.in every respect 在各个方面
  32.in other words 换句话说,也就是说
  33.to consist of 由...组成,由...构成
  34.a great many 许多,很多
  35.to consist of 对...有影响
  36.above all 最重要的,尤其,首先
  37.as a rule 在多数情况下,通常,一般而言
  38.to be affected with 感染(疾病),患有...病
  39.to carry out (
  40.in addition to 加之,除...以外
  41.in this(that)case 这(那)样的话,既然这(那)样

  42.to open up (
  43.to care for (
  44.to take into account(consideration) 考虑,体谅,包括
  45.to have...at heart 很关心某事物,极欲支持或维护
  46.to opt out(of) 决定不参加,退出
  47.for short 简称,简写
  48.to amount to (
  49.on(the)average 平均来讲,按平均数计算
  50.to compete with 与...竞争,对抗
  51.to blame sb.for 为...责备某人,责怪某人
  52.by nature 从天性上讲,本性上
  53.to be related to 与...有关
  54.to be worth(doing)sth. 值得
  55.to bring over 把某人带到,改变思想
  56.to convict sb.of 宣判某人有....罪
  57.be supposed to 认为必须,认为应该
  58.be feel like(doing)sth. 想要(做)某事物
  59.to protect form(against) 保护,保卫
  60.to risk(doing)sth. 冒着.....的危险
  61.to deal with (
  62. 区别,辨别,是...的特征
  63.to agree to(do)sth. 同意,愿意,答应
  64.threaten to do sth 威胁要做某事,扬言要做某事
  65.according to (
  1)根据,据某人所说(2 按照,依照)(
  66. to distinguish from (
  67.to watch over (
  68.in unison (
  69.up to (
  70.call up 打电话,使想起,使忆起
  71.pay back 偿还,回报,惩罚,报复
  72.a good/great deal of 很多,大量
  73.to clean up (
  74.to react to sb.(sth) 对....作出反应,回应
  75.to make one’s way to 走,行走,前进,去
  76.to take over 接管,接任,雇用
  77.to take on 披上,戴上,呈现,具有
  78.to take place 发生,举行
  79.in other words 换句话说
  80.in a sense 从某种意义说
  81.to serve as 起....的作用,被用作,充当
  82.to belong in 在....中有适当的地位,处于正确的地位
  83.in advance 事先,预先,提前
  84.it goes without saying that... 不言而喻
  85.for the sake of (
  1)为了....起见,看在....的份上 (
  86.to expose sth.暴露,使面临,遭受.
  87.plenty of 大量的,丰富的
  88.in that 在于,因为
  89.in between 在中间,每间隔,在...期间
  90.in question 正被谈论的,正被考虑的
  91.to work on 从事....致力于.....
  92.to set up 设立,建立,提出
  93.to be on the alert against/for sth. 警惕
  94.to be concerned with (
  1)关于,涉及 (
  95.to attach importance to sth.认为..重要
  96.to take to sth/doing sth (
  97.to put sth.to use 使用,利用
  98.to be relevant to sth 与....有关的
  99.on the part of sb 就....而言,在....方面 100to set.....as objective 把....作为目标 101to look ahead to 向前看,展望未来 102to allocate...for....to 分配....给配合.... 103to hang up 把....挂起来;延迟,拖延 104to throw off 扔掉,摆脱 105to work out 作出,制定出 106up to date 最新的,新式的 107to kid...into doing 欺骗....去做 108to stick with 坚持,继续 109effect on 对.....的作用 110to blame sth. 把......归咎于 111now(that) 既然,由于 112to leave/let...alone/be (
  2)顺其自然,听任...... 113out of step 步伐不一致,不协调 114in time (
  2)终于,迟早 115to date 把......归咎 116to attend to sth. (
  2)照顾,关照 117to fall apart 破裂,崩溃 118to be true of 符合于.....,对....适用 119 to approximate to 与.....接近 120 resistance to sth (
  2)照顾,关照 121 to cope with 对付,处理 122 no other...than (
  2)正是,就是 123 to take advantage of (
  2)占...的便宜 124 to stand no/little chance of doing 没有可能,没有希望 125 to identify....as.... 把....看成;证明/确认...为..... 126 impact on .... 对......的影响
127 to break up 打碎;(被)分解;散开,驱散;结束;期终放假,崩溃 128 in the running 参赛,参加竞选 129 in power 掌权的,执政的 130 out of power 丧失权力的,在野的 131 in favor of (
  3)为了;对....有利 132 to come into power 上台,开始掌权 133 to carry on (
  2)继续 134 to sacrifice to 向....献祭;为...而牺牲;为.....而失去 135 be central to 对....极为重要的 136 be irrelevant to 与....不相干,不切题 137 be aim for 瞄准,以....为目标 138 in bring out (
  2)生产,使产生 139 to attach to 使....与....相关,把....附加到 140 to take for granted 认为真实,视为当然 141 at ease 自在的,舒适的 142 plea for 恳求,请求 143 not that.....并不是,不是因为 144 not(never)for a moment 决不,从来没有 145 to break in on(upon) 打扰,打断,闯进 146 to seize/catch hold of 抓住,占有 147 to excess 过分,过度,过量 148 to substitute.....for 用.....代替 149 be contrary to 与.....相反 150 in reality 实际上,事实上 151 to put off 延期,消除 152 be confronted with 面临,面对 153 to draw on (
  1)用.....做来源,依靠(2 临近 154 to gaze at 凝视,注视 155 be unaware of 不知道.....没觉察到.... 156 to dream of 梦见,梦想 157 in one’s mind’s eye 在脑海里 158 to go over (
  2)仔细检查 159 to impress.....on 使......铭记,牢记 160 be free from 没有......的,不受.....的 161 to go over (
  2)仔细检查 162 to impress....on 使......铭记,牢记 163 to put aside (
  2)储存 164 be beneficial to 对......有利 165 to add up to (
  2)总起来意味着 166 influence on 对......的影响 167 to break into 分成(部分) 168 so far as sb.knows 就某人所知 169 of....value 有......价值
170 of....importance 重要,有意义 171 of....interest 有趣,有意思 172to coincide with 相符,一致 173 to go in for (
  2)以.....为兴趣,爱好 174year in and year out 一年一年地,年复一年 175 to take.....easy 轻松一点;勿太紧张 176to put an end to 结束或废除某事务 177to do one’s best 尽全力;尽量 178to do with sth. 处理;忍受 179 in return 作为回报 180 to do without 没有....也行;将就,设法应付过去 2009 年自考英语重点句型总结 年自考英语重点句型总结
  1. 强调句 It was lightening that caused the forest fire last year.正是闪电引起了去年的那场火灾。
  2. 虚拟语气 We hurried back to school lest/ for fear that it (should) rain. 我们匆匆忙忙地赶回学校,生怕天会 下雨。
  3. 比较级 the more…the more The more time a person spends on his work, the less time he has to play. 一个人 花在工作上的时间越多,花在玩耍上的时间就越少。
  4. This subject is far more difficult than everybody has previously expected. 这门课程比每个人以前预料的还要 难得多。
  5. more than…/rather than… A political figure‘s success depends more on external factors than his own characteristics. 一个政治人物的成功与其取决于他个人的特点,不如说取决于外部因素。
  6. 让步状语 Whether you believe him or not, you have to make the decision. 无论你是否相信他,你都必须 做出决定。
  7. no matter what/ who/when/how…, No matter how hard he tried, he couldn‘t persuade his friends to give up the adventure. 无论他怎么努力,都不能说服他的朋友们放弃冒险。
  8. despite/in spite of …, He decided to carry out the plan in spite of the protest from his parents. 他决定不顾父 母的反对执行他的计划。
  9. 结果状语 I broke my glasses so that I couldn‘t see clearly what happened. 我打破了眼镜,以至于看不清当 时发生了什么事。
  10. The density of the star has become so great that it may explode at some time. 这颗恒星的密度如此之大,以 至于它会在某一时刻爆炸。
  11. 非限定性定语从句 As we expected 正如我们所预料的那样/ As is well known 众所周知, the project was finished successfully on time. 项目成功地提前完成。
  12. 形式主语 It‘s no doubt that correct decisions made today will have a good effect on future. 毫无疑问,今天 做出的正确决策将对未来有很好的影响。
  13. 形式宾语 Many people find it important to keep a good living habit. 很多人认为保持一个良好的生活习惯 非常重要。
  14. 宾语补足语 The new electronic techniques make possible the effect that has never been created before. 新 的电子技术使得一种从未有过的音响效果成为可能。
  15. 倒装句 Not until recently did we realize that language was closely related to culture. 直到最近我们才意识 到语言与文化密切相关。

  16. Under no circumstances should you hesitate to offer your opinion as it is. 在任何情况下你都应毫不犹豫地 说出你真实的想法。
  17. 比较状语 such … as … Such people as you described can hardly succeed in nowadays. 像你描述的那种人 在当今社会很难取得成功。
  18. 原因状语 be different/ similar … in that…Robots are different from automatic machines in that they can be reprogrammed to do another job. 机器人和自动化机器的不同之处在于它能被重新编程完成其它的任务。
  19. 宾语从句 people hold different attitudes as to… 人们对于是否应该用动物做实验持不同的态度。people hold different attitudes as to whether animals should be used in experiments.
  20. 并列句 …not only…but also… Sports can not only benefit our body, but also contribute immensely to mental health. 运动不仅对我们的身体有益,而且还极大地有助于精神健康。



   a host of 大量 a test for 检测目的 a test on 对……进行测试 a test with 检测手段 above all 最重要的; along with 和┄一道,和┄一起; alternate (with)交替; amount to 合计,共计; an equal to 与……相当的人/物,(地位)相 同的人 and yet 然而 according to 根据 anything but 一点也不; achieve equilibrium 取得平衡 anythi ...


   考试吧(Exam8.com)-第一个极力推崇人性化服务的专业考试培训网站! -第一个极力推崇人性化服务的专业考试培训网站! 考试吧 务的专业考试培训网站 提供历年试题,模拟试题,模拟盘,教程,专业课试题下载,考试培训等.每日更新!!! a host of 大量 a test for 检测目的 a test on 对……进行测试 a test with 检测手段 above all 最重要的; according to 根据 achieve equilibrium 取得平衡 achieve o ...


   英语四级常考词组 一想到… 1. at the thought of 一想到… 2. as a whole (=in general) 就整体而论 3. at will 随心所欲 富于, 4. (be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有 (不可数名词 能接近,进入, 不可数名词) 5. access(to) (不可数名词) 能接近,进入,了解 chance, accidentally)偶然地 意外. 偶然地, 安全地, ...


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   高考资源网(ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 高考英语常用词组汇总 A a big headache 令人头痛的事情 a fraction of 一部分 a matter of concern 焦点 a series of 一系列,一连串 above all 首先,尤其是 absent from 不在,缺席 abundant in 富于 account for 解释 accuse sb. of sth.控告 add to 增加(add up to) after all 毕竟,究竟 agr ...


   大学英语六级常考词组 of 词组 accuse…of…指控,控告 近义词组:charge…with; blame sb. for sth.; blame sth. on sb.; complain about be ashamed of 以… 为羞耻 assure sb. of sth. 向…保证, 使… 确信 get the better of 打 败 , 胜 过 (=defeat sb.) on behalf of 以…名 义 (=as the representative of) ta ...


   高考英语常考词组汇总 by accident 偶然 on account of 因为,由于,为了......的缘故 in addition to 另外,加之 in addition 除...之外(还) in the air 流传中 on (the/an) average 按平均值,通常 on the basis of 根据,在...的基础上 at best 充其量,至多 for the better 好转,向好的方向发展 on board 在船(车或飞机)上 ...


   历年考研英语翻译词组汇总 1990年 1. be determined by 由…所决定 2. have something to do with 与…有关 3. be central to sth. 是…的核心 4. in contrast/by contrast与此相反 5. be due to 由于(常做表语) 6. be deprived of 被剥夺 7. respond to 对…作出反应 8. as ...


   高三英语各种教材词组汇总 ?a short cut 近路/捷径 ?abandon oneself to sth 沉湎于… ?be able to do sth. 有能力做某事 =be capable of doing sth. 有能力做某事 ?do sth. to the best of one’s ability 尽某人全力做某事 ?abnormal behavior 反常的行为 ?above all 最为重要的是 ?after all 毕竟 ?in all 总共 ?not at all ...


   1.in the way 挡路,阻碍,妨碍 2.to make a guess at 对...进行猜测 3.to blind sb.to sth. 使某人看不到某物,使某人对某物丧失判断力 4.to contribute to sth.(1)促成,导致(2)有助于,增添(3)捐助,贡献(4)撰稿,投稿 5.to seek to do sth.设法做某事 6.in part 部分地;在某种程度上 7.vary from...to... 从...变为...;在...与...之间变化 8.and ...



   全新版大学英语综合教程 2 课后翻译 UNIT 1 我认为总结一下英语学习的经验是值得一试的。这里,我想谈谈三个相 关的问题。 首先,大量阅读应被视作学习过程中的重点,因为我们是通过阅读获取 最大量语言输入(language input)的。其次,尽可能多背一些好文章也十分重 要。一方面,死记硬背(rote learning)确实无甚裨益,但另一方面,在真正理 解基础上的熟记肯定对我们有好处。大脑中存储了大量很好的文章,我们在 用英语表达自己思想的时候,就会觉得容易多了。最后,我们应该把所学 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 2007 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(陕西卷) 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(陕西卷) 英语试卷 一,英语知识运用(共三大题,满分 50 分, 英语知识运用(共三大题, ) (一)语音知识(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 从每小题的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,找出其划线部分与所给单词的划线部分读音相同 的选项,并在答题卡上将该选项涂黑. 1.success A.official B.excuse C ...


   PEP 英语三年级(上册)三会单词 Unit 1:pen (钢笔) pencil (铅笔) pencil-case ( 铅笔盒) ruler(尺) Eraser(橡皮)crayon(蜡笔)book (书)bag (书包) sharpener (卷笔刀) school (学校) Unit 2: head (头) face( 脸) nose (鼻子)mouth (嘴) eye (眼睛) ear (耳朵) arm (胳膊) finger (手指) leg (腿) foot (脚) body (身体 ...


   1.经济的快速发展 the rapid development of economy 2.人民生活水平的显著提高/ 稳步增长 the remarkable improvement/ steady growt h of people's living standard 3.先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology 4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges 5.人们普遍认为 It i ...


   1 阳光家教网 http://bj.ygjj.com/ he opportunity. Jump 还有一些有趣的用法报给大家知道, 像是 jump someone 就是殴打 某人的意思, 例如, "We all hate him. So we jumped at him last night." (我们都很 恨他, 所以昨晚把他扁了一顿) 而 jump in 则是说借用一下马下归还, 例如 "Are you using that copier? Can I ju ...