自考英语( 自考英语(二)常考词组汇总
2009-2-18 13:44:00 来源:环球网校 频道:自学考试

  1.in the way 挡路,阻碍,妨碍

  2.to make a guess at 对...进行猜测

  3.to blind sb.to sth. 使某人看不到某物,使某人对某物丧失判断力

  4.to contribute to sth.(

  5.to seek to do sth.设法做某事

  6.in part 部分地;在某种程度上

  7.vary from...to... 从...变为...;在...与...之间变化

  8.and the like 等等,诸如此类

  9.point of view 观点,看法

  10.to apply for 申请,请求

  11.day-to-day (

  12.to have no idea 不知道;无能力

  13.to take the trouble to do sth.费力做某事,不辞劳苦做某事

  14.to put oneself in sb's place 设身处地替某人着想

  15.to one's advantage 处于不利地位

  16.to ask for 要求,请求,要价,讨价

  17.in hand (

  18.to make sure(of/that)(

  19.to turn down (
  1)to turn sb./down 顶回,拒不理会,拒绝(
  2)to turn sth.down 调节(炉具, 收音机等)使热量,音量温度等降低(

  20.as soon as 一...就...,不迟于

  21.aim to do sth.或 aim at doing sth 计划;打算;以...为目标

  22.experiment with 进行实验(试验)

  23.in case 免得,以防万一,说不定

  24.in theory 理论上,理论上讲

  25.to apply to sth. (

  26.research into 研究,探讨,调查

  27.to swallow up (

  28.to make use of 利用

  29.depend on 依靠,指望

  30.together with 和,连同

  31.in every respect 在各个方面

  32.in other words 换句话说,也就是说

  33.to consist of 由...组成,由...构成

  34.a great many 许多,很多

  35.to consist of 对...有影响

  36.above all 最重要的,尤其,首先

  37.as a rule 在多数情况下,通常,一般而言

  38.to be affected with 感染(疾病),患有...病

  39.to carry out (

  40.in addition to 加之,除...以外

  41.in this(that)case 这(那)样的话,既然这(那)样

  42.to open up (

  43.to care for (

  44.to take into account(consideration) 考虑,体谅,包括

  45.to have...at heart 很关心某事物,极欲支持或维护

  46.to opt out(of) 决定不参加,退出

  47.for short 简称,简写

  48.to amount to (

  49.on(the)average 平均来讲,按平均数计算

  50.to compete with 与...竞争,对抗

  51.to blame sb.for 为...责备某人,责怪某人

  52.by nature 从天性上讲,本性上

  53.to be related to 与...有关

  54.to be worth(doing)sth. 值得

  55.to bring over 把某人带到,改变思想

  56.to convict sb.of 宣判某人有....罪

  57.be supposed to 认为必须,认为应该

  58.be feel like(doing)sth. 想要(做)某事物

  59.to protect form(against) 保护,保卫

  60.to risk(doing)sth. 冒着.....的危险

  61.to deal with (

  62. 区别,辨别,是...的特征

  63.to agree to(do)sth. 同意,愿意,答应

  64.threaten to do sth 威胁要做某事,扬言要做某事

  65.according to (
  1)根据,据某人所说(2 按照,依照)(

  66. to distinguish from (

  67.to watch over (

  68.in unison (

  69.up to (

  70.call up 打电话,使想起,使忆起

  71.pay back 偿还,回报,惩罚,报复

  72.a good/great deal of 很多,大量

  73.to clean up (

  74.to react to sb.(sth) 对....作出反应,回应

  75.to make one's way to 走,行走,前进,去

  76.to take over 接管,接任,雇用

  77.to take on 披上,戴上,呈现,具有

  78.to take place 发生,举行

  79.in other words 换句话说

  80.in a sense 从某种意义说

  81.to serve as 起....的作用,被用作,充当

  82.to belong in 在....中有适当的地位,处于正确的地位

  83.in advance 事先,预先,提前

  84.it goes without saying that... 不言而喻

  85.for the sake of (
  1)为了....起见,看在....的份上 (

  86.to expose sth.暴露,使面临,遭受.

  87.plenty of 大量的,丰富的

  88.in that 在于,因为

  89.in between 在中间,每间隔,在...期间

  90.in question 正被谈论的,正被考虑的

  91.to work on 从事....致力于.....

  92.to set up 设立,建立,提出

  93.to be on the alert against/for sth. 警惕

  94.to be concerned with (
  1)关于,涉及 (

  95.to attach importance to sth.认为..重要

  96.to take to sth/doing sth (

  97.to put sth.to use 使用,利用

  98.to be relevant to sth 与....有关的

  99.on the part of sb 就....而言,在....方面
100to set.....as objective 把....作为目标
101to look ahead to 向前看,展望未来
102to allocate...for....to 分配....给配合....
103to hang up 把....挂起来;延迟,拖延
104to throw off 扔掉,摆脱
105to work out 作出,制定出
106up to date 最新的,新式的
107to kid...into doing 欺骗....去做
108to stick with 坚持,继续
109effect on 对.....的作用
110to blame sth. 把......归咎于
111now(that) 既然,由于
112to leave/let...alone/be (
113out of step 步伐不一致,不协调
114in time (
115to date 把......归咎
116to attend to sth. (
117to fall apart 破裂,崩溃
118to be true of 符合于.....,对....适用
119 to approximate to 与.....接近
120 resistance to sth (
121 to cope with 对付,处理
122 no other...than (
123 to take advantage of (
124 to stand no/little chance of doing 没有可能,没有希望
125 to identify....as.... 把....看成;证明/确认...为.....
126 impact on .... 对......的影响
127 to break up 打碎;(被)分解;散开,驱散;结束;期终放假,崩溃
128 in the running 参赛,参加竞选
129 in power 掌权的,执政的
130 out of power 丧失权力的,在野的
131 in favor of (
132 to come into power 上台,开始掌权
133 to carry on (
134 to sacrifice to 向....献祭;为...而牺牲;为.....而失去
135 be central to 对....极为重要的
136 be irrelevant to 与....不相干,不切题
137 be aim for 瞄准,以....为目标
138 in bring out (
139 to attach to 使....与....相关,把....附加到
140 to take for granted 认为真实,视为当然
141 at ease 自在的,舒适的
142 plea for 恳求,请求
143 not that.....并不是,不是因为
144 not(never)for a moment 决不,从来没有
145 to break in on(upon) 打扰,打断,闯进
146 to seize/catch hold of 抓住,占有
147 to excess 过分,过度,过量
148 to substitute.....for 用.....代替
149 be contrary to 与.....相反
150 in reality 实际上,事实上
151 to put off 延期,消除
152 be confronted with 面临,面对
153 to draw on (
  1)用.....做来源,依靠(2 临近
154 to gaze at 凝视,注视
155 be unaware of 不知道.....没觉察到....
156 to dream of 梦见,梦想
157 in one's mind's eye 在脑海里
158 to go over (
159 to impress.....on 使......铭记,牢记
160 be free from 没有......的,不受.....的
161 to go over (
162 to impress....on 使......铭记,牢记
163 to put aside (
164 be beneficial to 对......有利
165 to add up to (
166 influence on 对......的影响
167 to break into 分成(部分)
168 so far as sb.knows 就某人所知
169 of....value 有......价值
170 of....importance 重要,有意义
171 of....interest 有趣,有意思
172to coincide with 相符,一致
173 to go in for (
174year in and year out 一年一年地,年复一年
175 to take.....easy 轻松一点;勿太紧张
176to put an end to 结束或废除某事务
177to do one's best 尽全力;尽量
178to do with sth. 处理;忍受
179 in return 作为回报
180 to do without 没有....也行;将就,设法应付过去
自学考试公共英语(二)课程不规则动词表 自学考试公共英语 二 课程不规则动词表
2009-3-10 14:45:00 来源:环球网校 频道:自学考试 中文 1 2 3 出现,升起 开始 吹 原形动词 arise begin blow 过去式 arose began blew 过去分词 arisen begun blown
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
打断 选择 做 画 喝 开车,驾驶 吃 落下 飞 冻结 给 去 长大 知道 误解, 弄错 成长速度超 骑 响铃 上升 看 摇 唱 下沉,沉没 说 偷 发誓 游泳 拿 撕,扯破 扔 穿 写
break choose do draw drink drive eat fall fly freeze give go grow know mistake outgrow ride ring rise see shake sing sink speak steal swear swim take tear throw wear write
broke chose did drew drank drove ate fell flew froze gave went grew knew mistook outgrew rode rang rose saw shook sang sank spoke stole swore swam took tore threw wore wrote 现在分词为:writing 以下各词过去式与过去分词相同
broken chosen done drawn drunk driven eaten fallen flown frozen given gone grown known mistaken outgrown ridden rung risen seen shaken sung sunk spoken stolen sworn swum taken torn thrown worn written
37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71
捆 带来 建造 买 抓住 挖 喂 觉得 找到 打仗 有 听 抓 拿 保持 放 领导 离开 借出 丢失 制做 意思是 遇见 误解,误会 恐慌 付钱 说 寻求 卖 送 射击 坐 睡 花费 站 扫
bind bring build buy catch dig feed feel find
bound brought built bought caught dug fed felt found fought had heard held kept laid led left lent lost made meant met misunderstood panicked paid said sought sold sent shot sat slept spent stood swept
bound brought built bought caught dug fed felt found fought had heard held kept laid led left lent lost made meant met misunderstood panicked paid said sought sold sent shot sat slept spent stood swept
have hear hold keep lay lead leave lend lose make mean meet misunderstand panic pay say seek sell send shoot sit sleep spend stand sweep
72 73 74 75 76 77 78
教 告诉 想 知道 哭泣 赢 吹风,绕
teach tell think understand weep win wind
taught told thought understood wept won wound
taught told thought understood wept won wound
下列各词的原形,过去式,过去分词都一样 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 爆炸 投 扔 价值 花费 切 打击 伤害 让 放 读 流出 关闭 分离 伸开 插 刺 弄翻 心烦 burst cast cost cut hit hurt let put read shed shut split spread thrust upset burst cast cost cut hit hurt let put read shed shut split spread thrust upset 下列各词的原形和过去分词相同 94 95 96 变得 成为 来 跑 become come run became came ran 97,98 是特殊变化 97 98 击打 忍受 出生 beat bear beat bore beaten born / borne become come run burst cast cost cut hit hurt let put read shed shut split spread thrust upset
98 以后各词的过去式或过去分词为两可型 99 100 101 102 咬 忘记 得到 躲藏 bite forget get hide bit forgot got hid bit / bitten forgot/ forgotten got / gotten hid / hidden
103 104 105 106 107
证实 缝 出示 展示 打击 唤醒 打赌 广播 燃烧 做梦 适合 * 处死 悬挂 倾斜 学习 * 撒谎 躺 摆脱 发光 嗅 , 闻 加速 拼写 溢出 醒 弄湿
prove sew show strike awake bet broadcast burn dream fit hang hang lean learn lie lie rid shine smell speed spell spill wake wet
proved sewed showed struck awoke / awaked bet / betted broadcast/broadcasted burnt / burned dreamt/dreamed fit /fitted hanged hung leant / leaned learnt / learned lied lay rid / ridded shined / shone smelled / smelt sped /speeded spelt / spelled spilt / spilled woke / waked wet / wetted
proved / proven sewed / sewn showed / shown struck / stricken awoke / awaked bet / betted broadcast/broadcasted burnt / burned dreamt / dreamed fit / fitted hanged hung leant / leaned learnt / learned lied lain rid / ridded shined / shone smelled / smelt sped / speeded spelt / spelled spilt / spilled woke /waked / woken wet / wetted
108 109 110 111 112 113 113 114 115 116 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124
自考综合英语( 自考综合英语(一)下册词汇与短语
2009-2-18 13:42:00 来源:环球网校 频道:自学考试
Lesson One The Story of an Hour
Word list
break v. (向……)透露,传达(不好的消息);突然说出
gently adv. 和缓地
quietly adv. 轻声地;悄悄地
broken adj. 不连贯的,中断的
loudly adv. 大声地
armchair n. 扶手椅
physically adv. 身体上,肉体上
exhausted adj. 极其疲倦的
stare n. 凝视,注视
subtle adj. 难以



   17.in hand (1)在手中(持有);在手头(随时 自考英语( 自考英语(二)常考词组汇总 1.in the way 挡路,阻碍,妨碍 可用)(2)在控制下(3)正在办理、处理之中 18.to make sure(of/that)(1)弄清楚,核实 查明(2)设法确保,最好 2.to make a guess at 对...进行猜测 19.to turn down (1)to turn sb./down 顶 回, 拒不理会, 拒绝(2)to turn sth.down 调节(炉 具、收 ...


    第一单元   1.常考单词:   goal,objective,accomplish,predict,accompany,implement,tendency,achievement,argue,budget,define,entity   2. 常考词组:   in the way,in part,point of view,contribute to,to apply for,in hand,to turn down   3. 常考句子:   1)A decision is a choi ...


   年自学考试英语( 2009 年自学考试英语(二)常考词组汇总 1.in the way 挡路,阻碍,妨碍 2.to make a guess at 对...进行猜测 3.to blind sb.to sth. 使某人看不到某物,使某人对某物丧失判断力 4.to contribute to sth.(1)促成,导致(2)有助于,增添(3)捐助,贡献(4)撰稿,投稿 5.to seek to do sth.设法做某事 6.in part 部分地;在某种程度上 7.vary from...to.. ...


   第一单元 1.常考单词: Goal n..目标,objective n./a 目标目的/客观的,真实的,accomplish vt. 完成(任 vt. 实现; 务等),predict vt./vi. 预言;预示,accompany vt. 伴随,陪同,implement budget n./vt. 预算,define vt. 解释,给…下定义,entity n. 存在,实体 2. 常考词组: 完成,tendency n. 趋势,倾向,achievement n. 趋势,倾向,argue vt ...


   短对话的常见场景 freshman 大一新生 sophomore 大二学生 junior 大三学生 senior 大四学生 图书馆 借书 lend / borrow / check out 参考书 reference book 续借 renew 过期 overdue 还书 return 罚金 fine attend / have a lecture 上课 cut a class 逃课 miss a class 错过了课 scholarship 荣誉奖学金 assistantship 助教奖学 ...


   高考英语听力听取信息常考词汇 1、星期 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2、月份 January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 3、普通人名/姓 Mary, John, Tom, George, Susan, David, James, Jack, Jan ...


   英??常用短?? …(money) worth of sth. ……价值……(接数词) …has a population of… ……人口数量是…… …times as big as ……是……几倍大 …times the size of ……是……几倍大 a (great/large/small) number of 许多(接可数名词复数;谓语动词用复数) A (together) with B ……A与B一样,……(谓语动词与A一致) A as well as B ……A跟B一样,…… ...

自考英语二 单词

   A   1.a few 几个   2.a good deal 许多   3.a good many 许多   4.a great amount of 大量的   5.a great deal 大量的   6.a great many 很多   7.a little 一些,一点点   8.a lot of 许多,大量的    9.a number of 若干,许多   10.a variety of 种种,若干不同的   11.above all 首先,首要   12.according to ...


   自考英语二复习资料之第一章 重点单词扩充讲解: 1. organizational: a 组织上的 由此我们可以联想到:organize: v 组织; organization: n 组织; organizer: n 组织者 请看下列习题,选择该组词里恰当的词填空: 1). Last week, our school a spring outing. 2). The task calls for the highest skill. 3). China has joined World Tr ...


   高等教育自学考试网上辅导 《英语(二) 英语( 》 二、短 语 at large(普遍地;自由地,逍遥自在地) / at times (有时候) 1.about 的相关短语 (1)形容词短语 be concerned about 担忧…,烦恼… / be crazy about 狂热于…; Nowadays, many young people are crazy about big stars. 如今,许多年轻人对巨星非常痴迷。 (2)动词短语 bring about 导致、引起 / ca ...



   跟单信用证英语条款翻译及短语 (1)special additional risk 特别附加险 (2)failure to delivery 交货不到险 (3)import duty 进口关税险 (4)on deck 仓面险 (5)rejection 拒收险 (6)aflatoxin 黄曲霉素险 (7)fire risk extension clause-for storage of cargo at destination Hongkong, including Kowloon, or M ...


   2008 年试题(翻译见 P203) 年试题 翻译见 Directions: Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (10 points) In his autobiography, Darwin himself speaks ...


   2010年12月英语四级答案完整版 一.新东方版 Help Children to Be Independent Thanks to the “family plan”policy,today in China many families have one child.Loving and caring for children is an old Chinese tradition that has remained for thousands of years.But the child ...


   09 中考英语动词复习试题 中考英语专项突破??动词 1. You’re your time trying to persuade him, he’ll never join us. A. spending B. wasting C. losing D. missing 2. "What did you think of her speech?" "She for an hour but didn’t _ much." A. spoke; speak ...


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