1.The interview wants somebody who is hard-working with a pleasant personality and a real . A. interesting job B. interested job C. job of interests D. interest in the job
  2.A student may be able to choose among a number of different courses in order to implement the decision to obtain a college. A. level B. grade C. degree D. order
  3.The tendency blinds managers to other alternatives. A. to simplify B. simplified C. simplifying D. of simplify
  4.The interviewer will probably have a table . A. in front of him B. in his front C. in the front of him D. at his front
  5.It may rain; you’d better take an raincoat . A. in case B. in no case C. on case D. in his case
  6.It was to go out. A. at our disadvantage B. to our disadvantage C. under disadvantage D. with disadvantage
  7.The bed was ready for the night. A. turned on B. turned out C. turned down D. turned away
  8.Decision makers must have some way of determining several alternative is best. A. which B. what C. of which D. which of
  9.Some of the objectives are more important than other , but the order and degree of important often from person to person and from department to department. A. vary B. are varied C. are various D. are vary
  10.Aim to arrive five or ten minutes early for the actual interview, then you will have a little time in and will not panic if you are delayed. A. work B. hand C. mind D. short 二、综合题。
  1.Word Form
  1. If no alternatives (see) , often it means that a thorough job of examining the problems has not been done.
  2. For managers, every decision has constraints (base) on policies, procedures, laws, precedents, and the like.
  3. A decision is a choice (make) from among
alternative courses of action that are available.
  4. When (present) with a common case, sales managers tend to see sales problems, production managers see production problems, and so on .
  5. People often assume that a decision is an (isolate) phenomenon.
  6. Increased funding for research to improve the products might be more (benefit) to the organization.
  7. It is easy to become (confuse) if you have applied for many jobs in a short time.
  1. 决策的目的是为了实现组织的目标。
  2. 决策过程对经营管理至关重要。
  3. 经理所做的任何事情几乎都与决策有关。
  4. 虽然我们不能预见未来,但应当尽量减少偶然性发生。
  5. 不同的管理者对同一问题的解释不同。 答案部分 一、单项选择题。
  1.【正确答案】 D
  2.【正确答案】 C
  3.【正确答案】 A
  4.【正确答案】 A
  5.【正确答案】 A
  6.【正确答案】 B
  7.【正确答案】 C
  8.【正确答案】 D
  9.【正确答案】 A
  10.【正确答案】 B 二、综合题。
  1.【正确答案】 Word Form
  1. are seen
  2. based
  3. made
  4. presented
  5. isolated
  6. beneficial
  7. confused
  2.【正确答案】 Translation
  1. The purpose of making a decision is to achieve organizational goals.
  2. The decision-making process is fundamental to business management.
  3. Almost everything a manager does involves decision-making.
  4. Although we cannot predict the future, we must try to leave as little as possible to chance.
  5. Different manager define the same problem in
different terms. 一、单项选择题。
  1.Astronomers and scientists think that a black hole is a region of space (not a thing) which matter has fallen and which nothing can escape ? not even light. A. into , into B. into , from C. from , into D. from, from
  2.This process of shrinking may be so intense a black hole results. A. as B. that C. what D. if
  3.Binary stars, their name suggests, are twin stars whose position in space affects each other. A. as B. that C. what D. if
  4.In some binary systems, astronomers have shown that there is an invisible companion star, a partner to which can see in the sky . A. the one B. that C. the ones D. those
  5.On the other hand, scientists have suggested that very advanced technology could one day the energy of black holes for mankind. A. make fun of B. make sure of C. make use of D. make sense of
  6.Astronomers have evidence of a few other stars too, which might have black holes as . A. companies B. comparisons C. compounds D. companions
  7.The earth is one of nine planets which move in round the sun. A. track B. orbit C. tour D. route
  8.In August 1977, a satellite was to gather data about the black holes in the Milky way. A. posted B. delivered C. launched D. transmitted
  9.The terms we would normally use to describe a scientific phenomenon are here. A. inadequate B. invisible C. intense D. individual
  10.We know nothing about events which happen once objects pass this boundary. But , matter must behave very differently inside the hole. A. in addition B. in person C. in detail D. in theory 二、综合题。
  1. Word form
  1. Let us consider the earth as a planet (revolve) round the
  2. Scientists have suggested that very (advance) technology could one day make use of the energy of black holes for mankind.
  3. The most (convince) evidence of black holes comes from research into binary stars systems.
  4. There might be a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy(swallow) up stars at a very rapid rate.
  5. The audience (be ) returning to their seats at that time.
  6. My friend and classmate Paul often (race) motorcycles in his spare time.
  7. Astronomers are planning a new observatory to study the individual exploding stars (believe) to be black holes.
  8. One hundred and sixty US dollars (be) what he wants.
  9. It is true to say that the more we learn about other people, the better we understand their ideas and , as a rule, the (well) we like those people themselves.
  1. 星体的密度增大到一定程度时就会发生爆炸。
  2. 你能想象黑洞的引力有多大吗?
  3. 假如有人掉进黑洞,他会认为很快能到达黑洞的中心。
  4. 早在17世纪天文学家便对超新星有过报道。
  5. 他已尽了全力以达到自己的目标。 答案部分 一、单项选择题。
  1.【正确答案】 B
  2.【正确答案】 B
  3.【正确答案】 A
  4.【正确答案】 A
  5.【正确答案】 C
  6.【正确答案】 D
  7.【正确答案】 B
  8.【正确答案】 C
  9.【正确答案】 A
  10.【正确答案】 D 二、综合题。
  1.【正确答案】 Word Form
  1. revolving
  2. advanced
  3. convincing
  4. swallowing
  5. were
  6. races
  7. believed
  8. is
  9. better
  2.【正确答案】 Translation
  1. The star will explode when its density increases to
some extent.
  2. Can you imagine how strong the gravitational pull of a black hole is ?
  3. If a man fell into a black hole, he would think that he reached the center of it very quickly.
  4. Supernovae were reported by astronomers as early as in the seventeenth century.
  5. He has exerted all his strength to attain his goal. 一、单项选择题。
  1.Euthanasia doesn’t take into that there are ways of caring for the dying. A. account B. amount C. access D. attention
  2.She is concerned that allowing euthanasia would the need for care and consideration of a wide range of people. A. undertake B. underlie C. underestimate D. undermine
  3.Some would argue that would be dangerous to use this particular example to support the case for euthanasia. A. it B. those C. they D. others
  4.You may find yourself facing one interviewer or a panel. The latter is far more , but do not let it worry you too much . A. sensitive B. intimidating C. elusive D. originating
  5.Oxbridge graduates make up only two percent of the total of students who graduate from Britain’s universities. A. member B. members C. number D. numbers
  6.These speculations like science fiction. A. sound B. look C. feel D. do not
  7.Over British pupils are educated in state schools. A. three quarter B. three quarters C. three-quarters D. three-quarters of
  8.Anything that you find out about the prospective employer can be used to your during the interview to show that you have bothered to master some facts about the people whom you hope to work for. A. satisfaction B. reference C. advantage D. completion
  9.The total water area is about three times the land area. A. so large for B. of large of C. large than D. as large
  10.In most of the oceans and seas is found to be flowing in a particular direction. A. the some of water B. some of the water C. some the water D. the some water 二、综合题。
  1.Word Form
  1. The patient has made (repeat) requests for euthanasia .
  2. It may be worth (remember) that while John Major didn’t himself go to Oxbridge, most of his ministers did.
  3. (affect) with a serious disease, Van Wendel was no longer able to speak clearly .
  4. Van Wendel’s last three months of life before (give ) a final , lethal injection by his doctor were filmed and first shown on television last year in the Netherlands.
  5. What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that (die) people haven’t the right.
  6. The film showing Cees van Wendel’s death was both (move) and sensitive.
  7. His research revealed that the top professions all continue (dominate) by Oxbridge graduates.
  8. Oxbridge graduates start with an unfair advantage in the (employ) market.
  9. He claims that at Oxford and Cambridge universities a few select people start on an escalator ride which , over the years, (carry ) them to the tops of British privilege and power.
  1. 每次这个节目演出,都引发全国对这个问题的辩论。
  2. 荷兰是欧洲唯一允许安乐死的国家。
  3. 我关心病人,尽量确保他们少受折磨。
  4. 人们有基本的权利为自己选择。
  5. 一再要求安乐死的正是这些病人。 答案部分 一、单项选择题。
  1.【正确答案】 A
  2.【正确答案】 D
  3.【正确答案】 A
  4.【正确答案】 B
  5.【正确答案】 C
  6.【正确答案】 A

  7.【正确答案】 D
  8.【正确答案】 C
  9.【正确答案】 D
  10.【正确答案】 B 二、综合题。
  2. remembering
  3. affected
  4. being given
  5. dying
  6. moving
  7. to be dominated
  8. employment
  9. carries
  2.【正确答案】 Translation
  1. Each time the program is shown, it starts a nationwide debate on this subject.
  2. The Netherlands is the only country in Europe that permits enthanasia.
  3. I care for patients and I try to ensure that they don’t suffer too much.
  4. People have the fundamental right to choose for themselves.
  5. It was these patients who have made repeated requests for euthanasia. 一、单项选择题。
  1.The abuse can several forms. A. take B. make C. get D. carry
  2.The British Government introduced new measures to help protect domestic workers from by their employers. A. use B. abuse C. misuse D. usage
  3.A Filipino maid was executed in Singapore after being convicted of murder, protests from various quarters. A. despite B. besides C. without D. beyond
  4.This is the main problem overseas maids and domestics. A. face B. to face C. facing D. faced
  5.Because she found her four children , she accepted a job working as a domestic in London. A. hard to feed B. it hard to feed C. hard feeding D. it hard feeding
  6.However, many people doubt whether this will successfully reduce the of abuse. A. instance B. indication C incidence D. inference
  7.Overseas maids and domestics do not have independent immigrant and so cannot change employer. A. statistics B. status C. statue D. statement
  8. they are working on the gang, they’ll also live in some of the harshest prison conditions in the United states.
A. If B. As C. unless D. While
  9.They reacted sharply the treatment they are given. A. to B. for C. on D. at
  10.Study after study shown that you cannot prevent people from committing crimes by punishment or the threat of punishment. A. is B. are C. has D. have 二、综合题。
  1.Word Form
  1. Because she found it difficult to feed her four children , she accepted a job (work) as a domestic in London.
  2. My employers always threatened (report) me to the Home Office or the Police.
  3. They allow domestic workers the freedom (seek) the same type of work but with a different employer.
  4. In the law, a recently (publish) report showed that out of 26 senior judges appointed to the High Court last year, all of them went to private schools and 21 of them went to Oxbridge.
  5. The old in our country (care) for by their grown-up children .
  6. They can have their passport (remove) , making leaving or "escaping" virtually impossible.
  7. The sad condition of women (work) as domestics around the world received much media attention.
  8. She used (work) for a very low wage at a tea factory in Sri Lanka.
  9. The new measures included (increase) the minimum age of employees to
  10. If they do complain , they risk (deport) .
  11. A Filipino maid was executed in Singapore after ( convict ) of murder, despite protests form various quarters that her guilt had not been adequately established.
  12. You cannot prevent people from (commit) crimes by punishment .
  2. Translation
  1. 许多家庭佣



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