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UNIT 1 重点单词和短语 objective accomplish predict accompany attain scheme skilled argue define interview prospect course of action in the way(by the way, in no way, in a way) make a guess at contribute to and the like (and so on) seek to do sth. in part point of view vary from…to … apply for (to) have no idea bring about take the trouble to do put oneself in one’s place to one’s advantage at a disadvantage ask for in hand turn down (up, on, off, out, over, back) 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1.A decision is a choice made from among alternative courses of action that are available. 解析: courses of action 意思是行动方案、 做事步骤; made 是过去分词; from among 为二重介词 例:We’ll inform you as soon as tickets become . (06-
  4) A. valuable B. capable C. acceptable D. available (D)
  2. … some suggest that the management process is decision making. 解析:suggest 表示认为、提出、暗示意思,后面不用虚拟语气,表示建议意思, 后面用虚拟语气。 例:It is suggested that the meeting (should) be held (hold)at some other time.
  3. … decision making includes limiting alternatives as well as identifying them. 解析:as well as 意思是既…又…
  4. In fact, I did have several questions, but you have already answered them all. 解析:助动词 do 在肯定句中用在动词之前表示强调,意思是确实。
  5. … but do not let it worry you too much. 解析:动词 let, make, have, hear, see, observe 等词之后的宾语补足语为省略 to 的 不定式结构。
  6. There is little likelihood that … 对比:There is a/ every/no likelihood that/of 例:The two sisters are in many ways, not only in appearance but also in temperament.(06-
  4) A. like B. likely C. alike D. lively (C)
? ? ?
UNIT2 重点单词和短语 exert collapse shrink basis launch convince operate revolve glitter unlikely (be likely to) whereas concerned (be concerned about) plateau in theory apply to depend on research into swallow up make use of together with in every respect in other words consist of a great many under the circumstances make a difference above all as a rule seek to do sth. in part point of view vary from…to … 例:I hope my boy friend will be handsome, strong and kind. (06-
  4) A. above all B. in all C. at all D. after all (A) 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. Einstein claimed that matter and energy are interchangeable… 例:爱因斯坦声称物质和能量是可以相互转化的,因此没有绝对的时间和空间。 (05-4-
  2. It is only recently that astronomers have begun specific research into black holes. 例
  1:It is on Friday we will hold the meeting. A. that B. when C. in that time D. what (A) 例 2: As a painter, Ted was very about the colors he used. (03-
  10) A. specific B. special C. peculiar D. particular (D)
  3. The earth is one of mine planets which move in orbit round the sun. 对比:The earth is the only one of the nine planets which has life on it.
  4. The total water area is about three times as large as the land area. 解析:数词+times + as +形容词+as 是表示倍数的表达法。 例:It is important to note that a reading of 4 indicates an earthquake ten times as strong as one with a reading of
  3. (unit 6 text B)
  5. The more we learn about other people, the better we understand their ideas, and, as a rule, the better we like those people themselves. 解析:the+比较级,the+比较级结构,意思是越…越…,第一个从句中谓语动词不 用倒装,第二个从句谓语动词可以用倒装,也可以用正装语气。 例: we are, we become. A. the oldest; the wiser B. older; wiser C. the older, the more wise D. the older; the wiser (D)
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UNIT 3 重点单词和短语 deteriorate debate (on/upon) request ensure opposed to) burden sensitive privilege appoint accessible recruit be affected with carry out in addition to in this case care for take into account have …at heart be sensitive to for short amount to on (the) average compete with blame sb. for sth. by nature comes to be related to be worth doing
oppose(be bias
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open up opt out of when it
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重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. It is very easy in society now for the elderly, the disabled and the dependent to feel that they are burdens. 例:It is important there in time. A. for you to get B. to you to get C. your getting D. of you getting (A)
  2. And it may be worth remembering that … 解析:be worth 意思是值得,后面接名词、代词以及主动形式的动名词。
  3. Many people, though, are totally against the practice of euthanasia. 解析:Though 是一个起连结性作用的副词,意思相当于 however, but.
  4. “Well, it’s not as if I’m planning to murder a crowd of people with a machine gun.” 解析:As if 引出的从句,谓语动词根据实际情况选择用虚拟语气形式还是一般陈 述语气。 例:It seems as if it were spring now. 使用虚拟语气
? ? ? ?
UNIT 4 重点单词和短语 domestic exploit campaign execute deserve despite deport minimum maintenance weed deny degrade inhumane civil argument circus
convict guilt liberty
incidence immigrant disaffection
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
bring over watch over in unison call up pay back up to a great deal of be supposed to convict … of feel like protect …from risk doing sth. deal with according to be deserving of threaten to do sth. agree to do sth. distinguish from react to clean up 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. And they can have their passports removed, making leaving or “escaping” virtually impossible. 解析:making…是分词短语,表示结果,impossible 做宾补。removed 是过去分词 作宾补,表示有完成和被动的含义。
  2. It is, they say, the right to change employers which distinguishes employment from slavery. 解析:they say 是插入语,本句是一个强调句式,which 可以改成 that,句子会更正 式。
  3. Six out of every ten prisoners in chains are black, which is why the chain gangs call up images of slavery in centuries gone by. 解析:数字+out of every+数字,意思是每…个中就有…个;which 引导非限定性 的定语从句修饰前面整个句子;gone by 是分词短语修饰 centuries 表示已经完成。
  4. What they will do is make prisoners more angry, more hostile… 解析:what 引导的主语从句中带有实义动词 do,表语不定式可以带 to,也可以省略 to.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
UNIT 5 重点单词和短语 folk transformation distinct sentiment originate spontaneous synthesis readily amplifier electronics studio penetrating thereby participate multimedia live inspire invariably improvise constructive creative preliminary painstaking conception temper mold diversified conventional harmony evident take over take on take up take over take place build out of in existence in a sense at a stretch serve as in advance for the sake of be born in fashion begin with it goes without saying that 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. What happened, as well as it can be put into words, was this. 解析: 第一个 as 是副词, 第二个 as 是连词, well 是副词修饰 put,注意区别 as well as; 例: Those stories, as well as this boring one, have been told almost hundreds of times.
  2. Electronics did, in fact, make possible sounds that no instrument up to that time could produce. 解析:make 是谓语动词,sounds that no instrument up to that time could produce 是 宾语,possible 是宾补前置了,英语中有时为了句子结构的平衡,可对句子结构进行 调整。
  3. It is difficult to summarize the composing methods of so diversified a group. 解析:so/too+形容词+a/an +名词以及 such+a/an+形容词+名词是固定搭配,例如: He was not so big a fool as he looked.
  4. The creative act with Palestrina is not thematic conception so much as the personal treatment of well-established pattern. 解析:not …so much as …意思是与其说…不如说…,不像…那么…
? ? ? ?
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UNIT 6 重点单词和短语 efficiency appliance specific shade prevalent increasingly switch defective spray personnel completion assemble cast reduction critical intensify warning precede speculate partial reliability forecast decay subside analyze shift expose sth./sb. to to a degree convert …to/into prevent…from in between be responsible for in question differ from work on in that plenty of be capable of too …to be on the alert set up associate with be involved in 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. Thus, people who need to exert much energy in their work will find relaxation most desirable in leisure. 解析:exert oneself to do sth.意思是努力做某事;find+宾语+补语(adj, -ing, -ed, 不 定式,介词短语) 。
  2. Hence, it can be argued that the people with whom we come into contact in these various contexts are… 解析: can be argued that…是以 it 作形式主语的被动语态结构, It 类似的还有: is It said that, It is believed that, It is reported that, It is thought that; with whom …是介词+关 系代词的限定性定语从句,修饰 people. Come into contact with 与…接触
  3.It is not how much time you allocate for study that counts but how much you learn when you do study. 解析:这是一个强调句式,被强调的部分可以是主语、宾语、状语以及从句,可 用 that,which,who 引导。
  4.This will not only keep the study habit alive but also keep you up to date on your class assignments and projects. 解析:keep +宾语+adj.意思是使…保持某种状态;up to date 意思是最新的,切合 目前情况的。
? ? ? ? ?
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UNIT 8 重点单词和短语 internal external overcome destination reset neutral feasible proceeding alarm promote interact fade duration moderate distraction exceptional remedy productivity appreciate mislead typical effect on blame sth. on sb.= blame sb. for sth. as fresh as paint now that leave alone out of step in time a short cut come across due to attend to fall apart be true of lack of at hand at once play a role in be faced with account for to date= so far = up to now 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. Confused? So was John Foster Dulles, the American Secretary of State. 解析:confused 是 are you confused?的省略句;当以 So 开头表示与前边情况类似 的句子时,要用倒装语序。例如:My brother can speak French, so can my sister.
  2. It is not feasible to wait four days until the body is used to the new time zone. 解析: 是形式主语, it 真正的主语是不定式结构, until 与 not 连用, 翻译为直到… 才,例如:Don’t open the door until the train stops.
  3. There is evidence , of course, that motivation plays an important role in overcoming the effects of distractors and that there are considerable differences in … 解析:两个 that 引导的同位语从句,说明 evidence;
? ? ?
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? ? ?
UNIT 9 重点单词和短语 dependency upwards liability revision lengthen alter proportion appreciation acknowledge neglect esteem handle appropriate withdraw worthless approximate to be classified as rather than in one’s thirties in terms of take advantage of cope with no other …than look down on view as exchange …for 例:It would be better to make a decision now, leave it until next week. (06-
  4) A. other than B. rather than C. less than D. more than B 重点、 重点、难点句子详解
  1. …because lots of dependent babies are more of a liability than numbers of the inactive aged. 解析:be+of+名词,表示具有与该名词同源的形容词的性质。例: The girl is of beauty.= The girl is beautiful. A number of = numbers of 表示一些、若干,谓语动词用 复数 the number of 表示…的数目,谓语动词用单数。
  2. There is often resistance to the idea that it is because the birthrate fell earlier in Western and Northwestern Europe than elsewhere, rather than because of any change in the death rate, that we have grown so old. 解析:the idea 后的 that 引导同位语从句,同位语从句部分是一个 it is …that …结 构的强调句型,强调部分是原因状语从句;rather than 意思是“而不是”。
  3. Children need help understanding that their self-esteem and the self-esteem of those they interact with have a direct effect on each other. 解析:that 引导的宾语从句,包含一个省略 that 的定语从句,they interact with 修 饰 those; have an effect on/upon …对…有影响。
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UNIT10 重点单词和短语 strategy representative democratic nominee certainty decline congress loyalty provision election stir pursue dominate competitor opposition



   " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " UNIT 1 重点单词和短语 objective accomplish predict accompany attain scheme skilled argue define interview prospect course of action in the way(by the way, in no way, in a way) make a guess at cont ...


   英语二串讲 (自考乐园版 自考乐园版) 自考乐园版 主讲:李佳其 李佳其 更多优质自考资料尽在百度贴吧自考乐园俱乐部( http://tieba.baidu.com/club/5346389) 欢迎'd加入...欢迎'd交流...止不住的惊喜等着你......... 目录 " 第一讲 " 第二讲 " 第三讲 课程说明 重点知识讲解回顾 题型精析,答题策略 题型精析, " 与千万自考生同行,你准备好了吗? " 自考乐园http://tieba.baidu.com/club/5346389 ...


   Unit 1 " 重点单词和短语 " objective accomplish predict accompany attain scheme skilled argue define " interview prospect " course of action in the way(by the way, in no way, in a way) make a guess at contribute to and the like (and so on) " seek to do st ...


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   Chapter 4 Word Formation II 一、 【考情分析】 本章主要考核的知识点为:词缀法,复合法,转类法,拼缀法,截短法,首字母缩略 法,逆生法,专有名词普通化。通过对本章的学习,考生应该了解现代英语的主要构词法, 这些构词法在英语词汇发展中的地位,提高构词能力,自觉扩大词汇量。在历年考试中:常 常以选择题,名词解释,填空题的形式对本章知识点进行考核。 二、 【知识串讲】 重点知识锦集: 1. The expansion of vocabulary in modern En ...


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   Lesson Six Culture Shock 文化休克 * 重点词汇 1. concern vt. 涉及,影响;使担心;使关心;使关注 【例句】The environmental problem concerns us all. 环境问题关系到我们每个人。 The boy’s poor health concerned his parents. 这孩子的健康不佳使父母担心。 Foreign language students should concern themselves with ...


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book11 六年级第一学期英语质量抽查

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   BEC 简介 BEC 其英文全称为 BUSINESS ENGLISH CERTIFICATE,中文名称为:剑桥商务英语 资格考试。 教育部考试中心和英国剑桥大学考试委员会合作,于 1993 年起举办商务英语证书考试。 该系列考试是一项水平考试,根据商务工作的实际需要,对考生在商务和一般生活环境下使用 英语的能力从听说读写四个方面进行全面考查, 对成绩及格者提供由英国剑桥大学考试委员会 颁发的标准统一的成绩证书。 商务英语是一种在工作环境中使用的、世界通用的语言,适用于政府机关、事业单位、企 ...


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