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二、短 语 at large(普遍地;自由地,逍遥自在地) / at times (有时候)
  1.about 的相关短语 (
  1)形容词短语 be concerned about 担忧…,烦恼… / be crazy about 狂热于…; Nowadays, many young people are crazy about big stars. 如今,许多年轻人对巨星非常痴迷。 (
  2)动词短语 bring about 导致、引起 / care about 对…关心或忧 虑 / worry about 担心… The heavy fog brought about many car accidents.大雾 导致了很多交通事故。
  2.as 的相关短语 (
  1)as a matter of fact 事实上 / as a result(插入语) (作为)结果 / as a whole 总的来说 He stayed up late into the night to play computer games. As a result, he is falling asleep in the class. 昨天他玩电脑游戏直到深夜,结果他在课堂上睡着 了。 (
  2)as for / as to 至于;关于 as well 也,又;同样地/as well as 既...又,除...之处 (还) as if 好像,仿佛/ as yet 到目前为止,到那时为止 I remember the whole thing as if it happened yesterday. 我记得整个事情,似乎它就发生在昨天。 The project hasn't been approved by the government as yet. 这个工程直到现在还未得到政府的批准。 (
  3) act as 担任、充当 be known as 以…而闻名 refer to …as… 称…为 regard … as … 把…看成 think of … as …把…当/看成…
  3. at 的相关短语 at best(至多、充其量) / at least(至少、起码) laugh at(嘲笑…) The tiger escaped from a zoo and ran around at large. 老虎从动物园里跑出来,四处乱窜。 He has been away from home for several months. Therefore, he is homesick at times. 他离家有几个月了,因此有时候会想家。
  4.for 的相关短语 (
  1)固定搭配 for instance 例如 / for short 简称、缩写 / for the most part 在很大程度上、多半 (
  2)相关搭配 ①名词短语: preparation for 为…做的准备 reason for …的原因(理由等) respect for 尊重 substitute for …的替代物 Students should show respect for their teachers.学生要 尊重老师。 The material is a poor substitute for leather.这种材料 代替皮革很勉强。 ②形容词短语 be known for 因…而为人所知 be responsible for 对…负责任 hold good for 适用于… The principle doesn't hold good for all cases.这个原理 并不适用于所有情况。 ③动词短语 care for 喜欢;为…操心;照顾 provide for 赡养;为…提供必需品 search for 搜寻、搜查 Would you care for a cup of coffee?想喝杯咖啡吗?
  5.from 的相关短语 (
  1) derive from 从…得到;源于… suffer from (受苦、受害;患病) turn aside from 离开
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高等教育自学考试网上辅导 《英语(二) 英语( 》
Most of his pleasure in life derives from study. 他的生活乐趣主要来自学习。 People in the flood area are suffering from lack of food and clothes. 灾区人民面临着缺衣少食的困境。 (
  2)die from 因…死亡 / result from 因…引起… The quarrel resulted from a joke. 那次吵架是由开玩笑引起的。 (
  3) distinguish … from … 把…同…区分开 isolate…from… 使…与…隔离 separate … from 使…从…中分离 prevent … from 防止;阻止 protect … from 保护…(使…免于…) stop … from 阻止…(使…不能…) The twins are so much alike that no one can distinguish one from the other. 这对双胞胎长得很像,没有人能把他们区分开。 You need warm clothes to protect you from getting a cold.你需要穿得暖和些,以免着凉。
  6.in 的相关短语 (
  1)in 构成的介宾短语 in accordance with 与…一致 in addition to 除…之外 in addition 另外 in advance 预先 in case 假如;以防(万一) ,免得 in conclusion 最后 in contrast 对比 in effect 实际上 in fact 事实上 in front of 在…前面 in need of 需要 in order to 为了 in other words 换句话说 in place of 代替 in pursuit of 追求,寻求 in return 报答,回报… in search of 寻找 in terms of 从/在…方面;根据,按照 in the face of 在…前面 in the final analysis 归根结底 in the first place 首先 in the least 一点、丝毫 in the light of 按照 in the meantime 与此同时 in turn 依次、轮流 We should make good preparations for the final examination in advance. 我们应该在期末考试前预先做好准备。 In case tomorrow is a good day; I will come to visit you.如果明天天气不错,我会去看你。 Maggie often helps me with my housework and I give her some money in return. 马吉经常帮我做家务。 为了回报, 我给了她一些钱。 In terms of the rule students are not allowed to go to pubs. 根据规定,学生是不能去酒吧的。 (
  2)in 的相关(v)搭配 be interested in 对…感兴趣 engage in 从事;忙于 be involved in 与…有关联,参与 lack in 在…方面缺乏… result in 导致;产生 lie in 在于;存在于 believe in 相信,信任 specialize in 专门研究/专营 take in 吸收/接纳,接受 In order to live a better life, he has to engage in work all day. 为了更好地生活,他不得不整天忙于工作。 His disease lies in smoking a lot. 他的病是由于抽烟太多引起的。 Air pollution results in many serious problems. 空气污染导致了很多严重的问题。 This type of paper can take in water well.
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高等教育自学考试网上辅导 《英语(二) 英语( 》
  7.of 的相关短语 (
  1)与 n.的相关短语 a variety of 各种各样的 at the rate of 以…的速度/比率 in need of 需要 in place of 代替 in pursuit of 追求,寻求 in search of 寻找 in terms of 按照 in the face of 当着…的面 in the light of 按照,根据 regardless of 不顾,不管 When he makes some mistakes, the boy always has a variety of reasons. 当这个男孩犯错误时,他总是有各种各样的理由。 I don't think that robot can be in place of human beings. 我认为机器人不会取代人类。 Regardless of the danger, the soldier dived into water to save a child. 这个士兵不顾生命危险,跳下水,去救一个孩子。 (
  2)与 a.相关的短语 be aware of 意识到、知道 be capable of 有…能力(或倾向)的 be certain of 确信,对…有把握 be characteristic of 是…的特征 be conscious of 察觉到,意识到 be sure of 确信,确定 be tolerant of 对…容忍,宽容 be true of 符合,对…适用 When he was young, the old man was capable of eating three bowls of rice. 这个老人年轻时,能吃三大碗米饭。 Why are you always tolerant of his ignorance? 你为什么总容忍他的无知? Some animals are very lively in their sports, and it is true of ants. 有些动物在运动的时候非常活泼, 蚂蚁也是这样的。 的。 When the old get together, they like talking of the past. 当老年人聚到一起时,他们喜欢谈论过去。 (
  4)其它搭配 ahead of 在…前面/instead of 代替, 而不是/because of 因为 The manager didn't attend the meeting because of his illness. 经理因为生病没有参加会议。
  8. on 的相关短语 (
  1)与 V. 相关的短语 (这是介词 on 的主要搭配方式, 而且在与很多 V. 搭 配时介词 on 都可与介词 upon 互换使用) act on 按照…行事;影响 border on 接壤;接近(表程度) concentrate on 全神贯注于… decide on 决定、选定 depend on 依赖、依靠 focus on 集中 have effect on 对…有影响 keep an eye on 照看,留神 live on 靠…生活 rest upon /on 依靠、依赖 start on 开始做某事,着手 (
  3)与 V.相关的短语 be made of 由…构成 be made up of 由…组成 clear…of …把……从……中清除 complain of 抱怨,发牢骚 consist of 由…组成 disapprove of 不同意… get rid of 摆脱,除去 remind…of 使…想起 take care of 爱护,照顾 take note of 注意,留意 talk of 谈到、谈起 The research team is made up of three scientists and two government officials. 这个调查小组是由三个科学家和两个政府官员组成
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turn on 开;接通(水、电、煤气等) China borders on Japan.中国和日本临近。 (事实性错 误) What he said borders on fallacy.他说的话简直是谬 论。 She decided on a blue dress at last.她最终选定了一条 蓝裙子。 The book has great effect on students.这本书对学生 有很大的影响。 We have to rest upon ourselves most of the time.大部 分的时间里,我们都得依靠自己。 The new term begins. I'm starting on making a study plan.新的学期开始了,我正着手制定新的计划。 (
  2)其它搭配 and so on 等等 commentary on 对…的评论(n 短语)
  9.out 的相关短语 carry out 进行;贯彻,执行; root out 把…排除 run out 用尽,用完 set out 出发;宣布;展示 sort out 分类,整理 turn out 生产;结果是 The doctors are carrying out an operation.医生们正在 做手术。 They set out on the last stage of their journey.他们开 始了旅行的最后一程。 He set out his objections to the scheme.他说他反对这 项计划。 The job turned out to be harder than we thought.这份 工作结果比我们想的要难。
  10.to 的相关短语 (
  1)介词 to 的搭配 according to 根据 approach to 对…的态度/方法 as to 至于、关于 be alert to 对…警惕 be due to 因为,由于 be native to(指动植物等)源于…的 become used to 习惯于 in addition to 除…外 similar to 与…类似 solution to 解决…的方法 adapt…to 使…适应… belong to 属于 come to 共计,达到 contribute to 有助于 date back to 追溯至… hang on to 紧紧握住 have access to 可接近,可进入 lead to 导致 commitment to 承诺/献身于 pass…on to 把…交给某人 pay attention to 注意 react to 对…做出反应 refer to 提到;查阅 relate…to 与…有关系 respond to 回答;对…作出反应 stick to 粘着,附在 take a liking to 爱好,喜欢 with regard to 关于;对于 with relevance to 与…有关 I have a new approach to language teaching 我有一种新的语言教学方法。 The team's success was largely due to her efforts. 该队的成功在很大程度上是由于她的努力。 The old man becomes used to getting up early and going to bed early. 这个老年人习惯了早睡早起。 People who attended the meeting come to 1,0
  00. 参加会议的人有 1000 人。 Students should have access to good books. 学生们应当有机会读到一些好书。 No communication leads to their divorce. 他们的离异是由于缺乏沟通。 We are looking for someone who can make
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高等教育自学考试网上辅导 《英语(二) 英语( 》
commitment to the job. 我们在寻找一个能对此工作尽职尽责的人。 His father takes a liking to coin collecting. 他的父亲喜欢收集货币。 This is a humor with relevance to school life. 这是一个与学校生活有关的幽默。 (
  2)不定式 to 的搭配 be bound to 一定;必须 be eager to 渴望做… be reluctant to 不愿意… be unable to 不能做某事 be willing to 愿意做某事 / unwilling to 不愿意做某 事 in order to 为了… (in)capacity to/in(ability) to (没)有…的能力 tend to 倾向于… intend to 想要,打算 be likely to 可能要… She is very likely to ring me tonight. 她今晚很有可能给我打电话。
  11.up 的相关短语(V 短语) bring up 教育,培养 build up 增长;逐渐积聚 come up 出现 give up 让出、放弃 light up 使明亮、发亮 look up 在字典/参考书中查找 make up 组成/弥补/虚构 pile up 累积 put up 举起,提出 speed up 加速 split up 分裂,离婚;分解;把…划分 suck up 吸收 take up 拿起,吸收,占(地方、时间等) use up 消耗、用尽 wake up 醒来、觉醒 He was brought up by his uncle.他是被他的叔叔抚养 大的。 It's necessary for a language learning student to build up vocabulary. 对于学习语言的人来说,积累词汇是非常必要的。 I'm afraid something urgent has come up; I won't be able to see you tonight. 很抱歉,有些急事。今晚不能来看你了。 When you come across a new word in reading, you can l



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   高等教育自学考试网上辅导 《英语(二) 英语( 》 一、词 汇 考点词汇 1.agree→disagree +(with sb/sth)同意某人(事)/ to sth 同意某事/on sth 就某事达成一致 They agree on/They agreed on what time they would set out. 他们就什么时间动身出发达成了一致。 2.similar be ~ to 与…相似 The two plans are similar but not the same. ...



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   Unit 4 Amazing things 南京五十中初一英语 单元整体目标 1. 学生通过了解一些不寻常的现象 和事件,学会用某些特定的形容词 来表达自己的感受和见解. 2. 学习表述不同程度的喜爱,旨在 生活中描述并表达自己的爱好 更多资源xiti123.taobao.com 知识目标 单词: 四会 66个;三会28个 词组、句型:描述令人惊讶的事物; 表达不同程度的喜爱 语法:1.了解一般过去时的构成及 用法 2.学习动词to be的一般过 去时肯定句 、否定句、疑问句及 其肯定、否定 ...


   英语构词法 英语构词法种类 英语构词法主要有三 英语构词法主要有三种: 转化、合成与派生。 转化、合成与派生。 另外还有截短、缩合等 另外还有截短、缩合等。 截短 1. 转化 : 是指有一种词类转化为另一种词类。 是指有一种词类转化为另一种词类。 water n. 水 water vt. 浇水 常见的转化形式两种: 常见的转化形式两种: 动词 名词 名词 动词 动词名词 动词名词 n.车站 stop vt. 停止 n.车站 love vt. 爱 n. 爱 Watch vt. 观看 n. 手表 ...