讲义四 Text A Slavery On Our Doorstep I.课文内容简介 这篇文章介绍了在英国工作的大约两万多名海外家仆,
这些家仆中有 1/10 正遭受雇主的各种各样的虐待和奴役。尽管英国政府采取了 新的措施,这些佣人的生活和工作条件并没有发生太大的变化。 这种状况得到了媒体的普遍关注。 解决问题的关键办法也许在于允许家佣们自由地选择顾主。 段落大意: Paras.1-2 In Britain, about 10% of the domestic servants are being exploited and abused in various forms. Paras.3-8 The sad condition of domestics received media attention. Para.9 The key to the problem lies in allowing domestic workers the freedom to change employers. II.New Words
  1. slavery n. 奴隶制度,奴役
  2. domestic a./n.家庭的,家务的,本国的/家仆
  3. Briton n. 大不列颠人;英国人
  4. statistics n.统计数字,统计资料
  5. diplomat n.外交家;外交官
  6. abroad ad. 到国外;在国外
  7. exploit vt. 开发,开采;利用
  8. abuse vt./n. 滥用,虐待
  9. campaign n./vi./vt.战役,运动
  10. sexually ad.在性方面
  11.passport n.护照
  12. Filipino n./a.菲律宾人;菲律宾的?
  13. maid n. 少女,侍女,女仆
  14. execute vt. 实行,执行,完成
  15. convict vt./n.证明… 有罪;宣判

  16. despite prep. 尽管,任凭
  17. guilt n. 有罪,内疚

  18. deserving a. 应得的,值得的
  19. Saudi n. 沙特阿拉伯人, 沙特阿拉伯的
  20. breadwinner n. 养家糊口的人
  21. shelf n. 架子
  22.minimum n./a. 最小量;最小的
  23.employee n. 雇员,雇工
  24.leaflet n. 小叶,嫩叶;传单,活页
  25.incidence a./n.影响程度,影响范围
  26.immigrant n.a.(从国外)移民的,侨民的;侨民, 移民
  27.status n. 情形,状况;地位,身份
  28.kingdom n. 王国,领域
  29.concession n. 让步;特许权
  30.immigration n. 移居;外来的移民
  31.foreigner n.外国人
  32.deport vt.驱逐出境 Phrases and Expressions
  1.to bring over 把…带来;使转变
  2.to convict of 证明… 有罪
  3.be deserving of 值得,应得
  4.be supposed to 应该
  5.to distinguish … from 把……与…区别开 Porper Name Singapore
  3.新加坡市 Lydia 莉迪亚。加西亚 The Philippines
  2.菲律宾群岛 Kumari 库马里(人名) Sri Lanka 斯里兰卡
United Kingdom 联合王国 词汇精讲: slave 奴隶 slavery 奴隶制 discover discovery n. 发现 domestic a. 家庭的;国内的,本国的;n. 家仆 反义词:abroad
GDP ( = gross domestic product【国产品, 国货土产】 ) 国内生产总值 Many women feel they cannot apply for the top jobs because of domestic commitments. 很多妇女感觉她们因为家庭责任而不能申请高级工作。 The
president‘s new foreign policy is heavily influenced by domestic factors. 总统的对外政策在很大程度上受到了国内因素的影响。 家仆 domestic ,servant ,maid (女佣) ,female girl Briton 大不列颠人;英国人 Britain 英国,不列颠
英伦三岛:England 、Scotland,Welsh, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国 Briton 英国人; the British; Englishman oversea 海外的,在海外 exploit : vt. 开发,开采;利用,剥削 n. exploition He exploited A
his authority personal gratification . 他利用职权来满足个人的私欲。 mine is exploited for its minerals. 开发矿山是为了采矿。 exploited its workers with long hours and low pay. 低工资的方法来剥削工人。 发资源要适度。 abuse v./ n 虐待,滥用 ‘s early death. abused 肉体受到虐待
The company
Resources should be properly exploited. 开
Drug and alcohol abuse contributed to Brian Be physically
滥用毒品和酗酒导致了布莱恩的早逝。 the Iraqi prisoner abuse
abuse one‘s power
campaign :n.战役, 运动; v.参加运动
The Huai-Hai Campaign was essential 淮海战役对解放战争的胜利至
to the victory of the War of Liberation. 关重要。
We are launching a campaign against waste. 我们正发起一场反
He announced that he would campaign for the senate. 他宣
布他将参加议员竞选。 sex 性别; visa 签证 execute vt. 将…处死,执行,实行 executive a. 执行的,执政的 The
criminal was executed after the trial . 审判后罪犯被处死。 were immediately executed .所有的命令将尽早执行。 Officer 首席执行官
All orders
CEO = Chief Executive
EMBA= Executive Master of Business Administration
高级管理人员工商管理硕士 convict: vt. 证明… 有罪, 宣判…有罪; 罪犯 n. smuggling . 他被判犯有走私罪。 罪; He was convicted of
相关词汇:accuse sb. of … 指控某人有
charge sb of …… 指控某人有罪 despite : prep. 尽管,任凭 Despite the fact that there was almost
no hope of finding the missing boy ,the search party still went on looking. 尽管找到失踪男孩几乎无望,搜寻的人群仍然在继续寻找。 Despite the
shortage of raw materials, industrial output has increased by ten percent. 尽管原材料短缺,工业产量仍增长百分之十。 Despite what he said, I didn 相关词汇:
‘t believe the news. 不论她如何说,我也不相信这个消息。 in spite of 尽管,任凭 deserving : a. 应得,值得 用名词、动名词、或不定式) / to do sth. 当然值得表扬。
派生词:deserve v. 应得,值得(宾语可
用法:be deserving of ; deserve + n./ doing
His efforts are certainly deserving of praise. 他的努力 The question deserves consideration. 这个问题值得考虑。 The project Saudi Arabia
He deserves to lose because he cheated. 他该输, 因为他作弊。 deserves further investigation. 这个项目值得进一步调查。 沙特阿拉伯 breadwinner 同义词:provider shelf 复数:变 f 为 i+ves 类似地,life, leaf minimum:a./ n.最小量; 最低限制
派生词: minimize v. 使最小化

义词:maximum n. 最大量,最大限制(手写板)
用法: Wage increases are 由
being kept to a minimum in many companies because of the depression. 于经济不景气, 很多公司的工资增长都被限制在最小幅度。
We need a minimum We have
of ten people to play this game. 玩这个游戏我们至少需要 10 个人。 reduced the costs to the minimum . 我们已将费用减至最低额。 employee 雇员 employer 雇主 incidence 发生率 status n.
  2.地位,身份 同义词:situation of world affairs 世界形势 status 移民身份 status as a scholar 学者身份
the status immigrant the the
status of women in society 妇女的社会地位 the domestic situation 国内形式
political situation 政治面貌 international situation 国际形式 to kick out 驱逐出境 词组:

  1.to bring over:把… 带来;使转变
You might bring your girlfriend What she said Can this
over tomorrow evening. 明天晚上你不妨把你的女朋友带来。
brought me over to her opinion. 她的话使我转而同意她的意见。 small boat bring them over to this side of the river ? 他们运到河的那边吗? 起,带来,产生
  2.be deserving of 值得,应得 work.鉴于他的工作应受到这表扬。 punishment . 这个强盗应处极刑。
  3.be supposed to : 应该, 理应 here. 你不应在这里吸烟。
相关词汇:bring up 养育,抚育; bring about 引
He is deserving of the praise for his The robber is deserving of capital
You are not supposed to smoke in
Employees are supposed to be here at eight
every day. 雇员们应该每天 8 点钟到这里。 III.课文精讲 第一部分: paras.
There are estimated【v.估计, 估价, 评估 n.估计, 估价, 评估【动】估
计,估算】 to be more than
  20,000 overseas domestic【adj.家庭的, 国内 的, 与人共处的, 驯服的【修】家用;国内】 servants【n.仆人】 working in Britain (the exact【精确的】 figure【数字】 is not known because the Home Office, the Government department that deals with this, does not keep statistics【n.统计学, 统计表 统计学;统计数字[信息]】。 Usually, they ) have been brought over by foreign businessmen, diplomats【n.外交官, 有 外交手腕的人, 有权谋的人】 or Britons returning from abroad. ,Of these
  20, 0
  00,just under
  2, are being exploited and abused by their employers, 000 according to a London-based campaigning group which helps overseas servants working in Britain.
  1.本句为 there be 句型的变体,working in Britain 为现在分词短语作定 语,修饰 servants.译文: 据统计,在英国工作的外籍家庭佣人有两万多人
  2.括号里内容: (由于处理该项事务的政府部门-内政部-没有做过统计, 精确 数字不得而知) 原因状语从句中主语“内政部”有一个同位语。

  3.句中“are being exploited and abused”为现在进行时被动语态,表示 “正在被…剥削和凌辱” 。 “under”的意思是“低于,不到” 。 “- based” 例如:
意为“设(驻)在…的,以…为基础的,以… 为主要手段的” 。 shore-based aircraft 岸基飞机 该机构驻巴黎的新闻发布官。 外籍家庭佣人的政治组织说, 雇主的剥削和虐待。
the agency‘s Paris-based press officer 本句意思:根据设在伦敦的帮助在伦敦工作的 在两万多外籍家庭佣人中几乎有 2000 人正遭受
The abuse can take several forms. Often the domestics are not allowed to go out,and they do not receive any payment 报酬】 They can be physically 【 . 【adv.身体上地】 sexually , 【adv.心理上地, 心理学地】 and psychologically 【adv.心理上地, 心理学地】 abused. And they can have their passports removed, making leaving or “escaping” virtually【adv.事实上, 实质上】 impossible.
  4.“have their passports removed”是 have+宾语+过去分词的结构。 “removed” 是过去分词作宾补,表示被动,意为“使得护照被拿走” 。 例如:
have my wallet stolen, have the radio repaired 为现在分词短语作结果状语。
making … impossible
辱。他们还会被收去护照,使得出走或“逃跑”根本不可能。 第二部分: paras.
The sad condition of women working as domestics around the world received much media attention earlier this year in several highly publicised cases. In one of them, a Filipino maid 【少女, 女仆】 was executed 【执行, 处死】 in Singapore after being convicted 【vt.证明...有罪, 宣告... 有罪 n.罪犯】 of murder, despite protests【n.主张, 断言, 抗议 v.主张, 断 言抗议, 拒付】 from various quarters【n.住处, 岗位】 that her guilt【n. 罪行, 内疚】 had not been adequately【adv.充分地】 established【adj.已 制定的, 确定的【修】确定;既定】. Groups like Anti-Slavery【n.反对奴隶 制度 adj.反对奴隶制度的】 International say other, less dramatic【adj. 戏剧性的, 生动的】 cases are equally deserving of attention, such as that , of Lydia Garcia, a Filipino maid working in London:
  5.The sad condition of women working as domestics around the world 在 句中作主语,谓语是 received 受到, “in several highly publicized cases” 的意思是“在几个被高度曝光的案例中” 。 本句意思:今年年初,几个透明度
颇高的案例中有关世界各地的家庭女佣的悲惨状况受到新闻媒体的关注。 “I was hired【n.租金, 工钱, 租用, 雇用 vt.雇请, 出租 vi.受雇】 by a Saudi diplomat【n.外交官, 有外交手腕的人, 有权谋的人】 directly from the Philippines to work in London in 19
  89. I was supposed to be paid £ 120 but I never received that amount. They always threatened that they would send me back to my country.”
  6.句中“being convicted of murder”为动名词被动式作介词 “after”的 宾语,表示“被判为谋杀罪”“that”引导 protests 的同位语从句,表示抗议 。 的内容。本句意思:其中一个案例是讲一位菲律宾女佣因被指控犯有谋杀罪在新 加坡被处死,尽管有来自各地的抗议认为她的罪名不足以成立。 Para.5
Then there is the case of Kumari from Sri Lanka. The main breadwinner 【n.养家活口的人, 负担家计的人】 in her family, she used to work for a very low wage【n.工资 v.发动】 at a tea factory in Sri Lanka. Because she found it difficult to feed her four children, she accepted a job working as a domestic in London. She says she felt like a prisoner at the London house where she worked.
  7.The main breadwinner in her family, she used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory in Sri Lanka. She 是同位语 used to do sth. 过去经 常的动作 “No days off - ever, no breaks at all, no proper food. I didn‘t have my own room; I slept on a shelf with a space of only three feet above me. I wasn’t allowed to talk to anybody. I wasn‘t even allowed to open the window. My employers always threatened to report me to the Home Office or the polic


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   讲义四 Text A Slavery On Our Doorstep I.课文内容简介 这篇文章介绍了在英国工作的大约两万多名海外家仆, 这些家仆中有 1/10 正遭受雇主的各种各样的虐待和奴役。尽管英国政府采取了 新的措施,这些佣人的生活和工作条件并没有发生太大的变化。 这种状况得到了媒体的普遍关注。 解决问题的关键办法也许在于允许家佣们自由地选择顾主。 段落大意: Paras.1-2 In Britain, about 10% of the domestic servants are b ...


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