考试预测试卷 (一)
试题 Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each item)从下列 I. 各句四个选项中选出最佳的答案。
  1. China is not it used to be. A. which B. that C.what D.where
  2. Here she received more attention the salespeople. A.to B.from C.for D.in
  3.He’ll go to Shenzhen by . A.air B.the air C.a air D.an air
  4.If I it,I would do it in a different way. A.were to do B were doing C was doing D.am to do
  5.No sooner she fell ill. A.has Anne arrived there than B.had Anne arrived there than C.Anne had arrived there when D.had Anne arrived there when
  6.He worked as as a skilled worker. A.fast B quick C.quicker D.faster
  7.he tries,he never seems able to do the work satisfactorily. A.What hard B.How hard C.Whatever hard D.However hard
  8.You start if you arrive worried and ten minutes late . A.to an advantage B at an advantage C.at a advantage D.to a disadvantage
  9.The mostevidence of black holes comes from research into binary star systems. A.convince B.convincing C.convinced D.convinces
  10.He insisted that we the follwing week. A.shall leave B.should leave C.must leave D.left II.Cloze Test(10 points,1 point for each item)下列短文中有十个空白,每 个空白有四个选项。根据上下文要求选出最佳答案。 The book is the best research machine __11__since mass printing began a few __12__years ago ,it has given hundreds of millions of people information they could not have found anywhere__13__. But many readers don’t know __14__a book is organized to help them.They see the different __15__of a book .However ,the __16__for such organization escapes __17__.The first thing to __18__is the title .Every now and then ,the__19__doesn’t tell you very much about __20__is inside,but usually it does .Sometimes a subtitle gives you more information than the main title .
  11.A.invent B.invented C.discover D.discovered

B.hundreds of B.early B.how B.factors B.cause B.she B.look at B.worker B.which
C.hundredes C.yet C.whether C.parts C.factor C.them C.search C.writer C.that
D.hundred of D.else D.why D.portions D.excuse D.you D.find D.how D.how
III.Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each item)从下列每篇 短文的问题后所给的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案。 Passage One Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage . I began teaching at the James School twenty-two years ago when I was twenty-six.In those days the place was very different .But time changesm,and of course educational theory changes,too.Methods and material change.Even the classroom looks different. Twenty years ago ,our classroom was a lot less pleasant .Very old-fashioned.We had fewer windows ,for example. There were five rows of desks in a row . Since everything was nailed to the floor ,a student sat in the same place all day long .Oh ,we had to be very strict.Now students move all over the room .They go to different areas for different subjects,and they write at these movable desks.The students are more mobile ,and because they’re less restless ,they are more attentive .At least that’s the theory.And as a matter of fact,we really don’t have many behavior problems here . We use a modified open classroom system here at the James .I’ll try to explain with what that means .Each student makes a work contract with his teacher ,Basically,he agrees to a certain amount of work on a certain project.He hands the woke in when he gets it done.He works at his own speed and plans his own time .If he is particularly motivated in one subject ?math,for instance?he can explore the subject more thoroughly than the others.But he must also complete his contract in arts or reading or social science .Freedom within a structured system:that’t what we are trying to offer.
  21.Now,the author of this passage must be in his . A.20’s B.30’s C.40’s D.50’s
  22.Now we really do not have many behavior problems in the classroom because. A.the students are more mobile and attentive B.the teachers are more strict C.the teachers are less strict D.the students are less attentive and restless

  23.The main idea of the third paragraph is about . A.the characteristic of the modified open classroom system B.the characteristic of the work contract C.the freedom of the students D.the generosity of the teachers
  24.In a modified open classroom system,. A,the student needn’t do any home work B.the student can get more freedom in their study C.the subject that the student should learn in decided by the teacher D.there is not any discipline that the student should obey
  25.According to the author ,the educational system today is . A.more strict and attentive B.more pleasant and efficient C.is similar to the educational system twenty years age D.is satisfied by every teacher and student Passage Two Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage . A breakthrough in the provision of energy from the sun for the European Economic Community (EEC)could be brought forward by up to two decades,if a ,odest increase could be provided in the EEC’s research effort in this field ,according to the senior EEC scientists engaged in experiments in solar energy at EEC’s scientific laboratories at Ispra,near Milan. The senior West German scientist in charge of the Community’s solar energy programme ,Mr.Joachim Gretz,told journalists that at present levels of research spending it was most unlikely that solar energy would provide as much as three percent of the Community’s energy requirements even after the year 20
  00.But he said that with a modest increase in the present sums devoted by the EEC to this work it was possible that the breakthrough could be achieved by the end of the next decade.
  26.The phrase “modest increase”in the first sentence means. A.increase in the need of energy B.increase in the money spent on energy C.increase in the effort to make the research D.increase in the number of scientists in the programme
  27.The phrase “engaged in”in the first sentence most probably means . A.taking part in B.taking in C.interested in D.attracted by
  28.Some scientists believe that the most important thing for a breakthrough in the use of solar energy is . A.advanced technology and learned scientists B.more experiments and advertisement
C.research spending D.well-equipped laboratories
  29.According to Mr.Gretz,the present research spending will enable the scientists to provide. A.less than 3% of the EEC’s needs before the year 2000 B.3% of the EEC’s needs before the 21st century C.a little more than 3% of the EEC’s needs afrere the year 2000 D.Only 3% of the EEC’s needs in the future
  30.We can infer from this passage . A.just like many other people ,scientists also like money B.modest increase in the money for the programme will make sure for a breakthrough C.the scientists’ hard work is the deciding factor for the success of the progamme D.a breakthrough in the research needs not only the effort of the scientists but also necessary research spending . Passage Three Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage . A long-range health study in Framingham,Massachusetts, which began in 1948 and continues to this day,involves checking the survivors among the same 5200 men and women every two years and carefully deterring the causes of any deaths occurring in the group .A rather surprising conclusion that emerged in 1980 was that the lightest men had the shortest life expectancy ,while the only others for whom weight seemed to who weighed more than 25% above the national average .Much the same was true of women,with those in the lightest and heaviest groups dying earliest .These results certainly cast considerable doubts on the validity of the “Ideal Weights”tables in use since the forties which recommend weight to height ratios such ideal exists,it is slightly above the average ,whatever fashion may dictate.
  31.The best title for this passage would be . A.Health Study B.Life Expectancy C.Weight to Height Ratios D.Weight and Life Expectancy:Unexpected Evidence
  32.About the Framingham study ,which of the following is ture? A.It still examines 5200men and women every two years. B.It began in 1948 and was completed in 19
  80. C.It has been going for more than 40 years . D.It focused exclusively on life-expectancy of rhe heaviest and lightest people
  33.The meaning of the word “negative”in the second sentence most closely related to .
A.bad B.active C.useful D.constructive
  34.Accooding to the study ,men and women in the medium weight ranges. A.have the usual life expecrancy B.have weight to height ratios below the national average C.can live longer D.can die early
  35.What can you infer from reading this passage? A.Most people should put on more weight for long life . B.The “Ideal Weight”tables may not be very accurate. C.Most people should lose weight for good health. D.The weight men had the longest life expectancy。 四.Word Spelling (10points ,1point for two item)将下列汉语单词译成英 语。作为提示,每个单词的词类、首写字母及字母数目均已给出。
  36.征服、战胜 v. c_ _ _ _ _ _
  37.仪器、乐器 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  38.保健 n. h_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  39.预报、预示 v. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  40.有罪、内疚 n. g_ _ _ _
  41.最初的、开始的 a. i_ _ _ _ _ _
  42.致死的 a. l_ _ _ _ _
  43.面试、面谈 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  44.行星 n. p_ _ _ _ _
  45.调查、研究 v. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  46.诡计、恶作剧 n. t_ _ _ _
  47.城市的、都市的 a. u_ _ _ _
  48.冷漠、不感兴趣 n. i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  49.外国人 n. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  50.使暴露、揭露 v. e_ _ _ _ _
  51.愚蠢、可笑 n. f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  52.定位、位置 n. l_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  53.最小量、最低限度 n. m_ _ _ _ _ _
  54.再生产、繁殖 v. r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  55.战略、策略 n. s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 五、Word foms (10 points ,1 point for each item)将括号中的各词变为适当 的形式填入空白。
  56.We regard him as a (shine)example for us to learn from .
  57. It (already find ) that the moon has no life or vegetation .
  58. My son has no intention of (spend)a vocation with me .
  59. Each actor and actress (be)invited.
  60. The conditions that existed ten years ago(reproduce)today .
  61. Each of us ,it (turn out),has a special dream character.

  62. He left in such a big hurry that he forget (take )the documents with him.
  63. I was very tired when you saw me yesterday because I (work).
  64.Thepanel,which (consist)of ten members, supported the decision with one voice.
  65. If you (take)my advice ,you wouldn’t have made such a terrible mistake. 六、Translation from Chinese into English (15points .3points for each item) 将下列各句译成英语。
  70.科学家们正致力于研究预报地震何时何地发生的计划。 七、Translation from English into Chinese(10points)将下列短文译成汉语。 It is obvious that television has both advantages and disadvantages.In the first place ,television is not only a convenient source of pleasure,but also a quite cheap one .For a family of four ,for example,it is ,ore convenient as well as cheaper to sit comfortably at home ,with so many interesting programmes available ,than to go out for something slse.There is no transport to arrange .They do not have to pay for expensive seats at the theatre, or the like ,only to discover,perhaps ,that the show is disappointing .All they have to do is to mention the latest current events .Some people ,however ,maintain that this is just where the danger lies .Those who watch television need do nothing .They are completely passive and have everything presented to them without any effort on their part.
参考答案 I.
  1~5CBAAB 6~10ADCBB II.
  11~15BADBC 16~20ACBDA III.Passage One
  21~25 CAABB Passage Two
  26~30 CACAD Passage Three
  31~35 DCACB 四、
  57.has already been found
  59.was 或 is
  60.are reproduced
  61.turns out
  62.to take
  63.had beeb working
  65.had taken 六、
  66.Ofen managers must make a best guess at what the future will be .
  67. Can this be said to amount to a conspiracy?
  68. The new music was built out of the three forms of music already in existence.
  69. Robots differ greatly from automatic machines .
  70.Scientists ate working on programs to prodict where and when an earthquake will occur. 七、很清楚,电视有利也有弊。首先,电视不仅是一种方便的娱乐之源,而 且价格也十分便宜。比如,一个四口之家,足不出户,就能舒舒服服地看到许多 有趣的节目,这要比外出消遣方便的多,便宜的多;不用安排交通工具,他们也



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