综合英语二(课堂笔记) 综合英语二(课堂笔记)
  1、主语+find/think+it+形容词+to do (it 为形式宾语,to do 是真正的主语) We find it no easy to master two foreign language in the same time.
  2、in、at 不译为“上、里”时,译为“用、以”
  3、下列动词要用动名词做宾语。 practice/finish/stop/delay/suggest/consider/can’t help(禁不住)
  4、It is+形容词+to do(for…to)
  1) 、It is very important to do more exercise.
  1) 、It is very important for us to study English well.
  5、抽象名词(may、chance、power、decision)+ to do 不定式做抽象名词的 定语。
  7、不定式放在句尾,译为“以便” ,目的状语。
  8、主语+系动+to do(将要) 主语+系动+about to do(即将) 主语+系动+going to do(打算做某事) 课后练习翻译答案: P10
  1、Research shows the successful language learners are similar in many ways.
  2、Language learning is active learning learners should look for every chance to use the language.
  3、Learning language should be independent active and purposeful.
  4、Learning a language is different from learning math.
  5、Teachers often communicate the successful experience in language. P12
  1、They find it hard to master a foreign language.
  2、The research shows that the successful language learners are similar in many ways.
  4、We are willing to help our friends. Unit2
  1、lead…with 以…领先 The company leads the city with the best services.
  2、形容词本身有其他词修饰时,常放在名词后做后置定语。 He lives in a house remote from the city. Mr. Tom on the wall digs a hole large enough for a cat to pass through.
  3、addition a tax 附加税 exchange tax 外汇税 export tax 出口税 Import tax 进口税 property tax 财产税 excise tax 国产税 sales tax 销售税
  4、take charge of 负责
Mr. Brown promised to take charge of the task. in charge of 负责 He is in charge of the company.
  5、inf.??want/decide/tend/start/begin + to do
  7、时间意义的名词,day、age、time+when 引出定语从句。 Unit3
  1、provide sb. with sth. provide sth. for sb. The school provides us with all the materials we need. The school provides all the books for us.
  2、keep…from 阻止、抑止 prevent…from 阻止 prefect…from 保护 shield…from 防护,不受
  3、现在分词常放在有生命名词及 water、air、computer、sun、moon、machine 等后面做后置定语。 (能发出动作的词也是有生命)过去分词放在无生命名词后 做定语,被动意义。
  4、数+as+形+as half as big as … It takes…to do (花多少时间做某事) much + 比较级??“得多” so…that 如此,以至于 so+adj./adv. such…that 如此,以至于 such + n. Unit4
  1、consist of 由…组成 be composed of 由…组成
  2、感知动词,know/understand/think/support 后可有可无定语代词。
  3、group…into/colorize…into/classify…into/divide…into 组成
  4、with + n. +过去分词??分词独立结构 主语一般过去式,宾语从句用过去完成式或过去将来时 主从??It is +adj. + that It +过去分词
  5、课本 P539 虚拟语气表格 Unit5
  1) 、感观动词:see /hear /find /notice /observe /consider consider find
  2) 、使役动词:let(让) /have(让) /get(让) /cause(使) /make(使) get( cause( get cause 有下划线的用不定式做宾语补足语要加 to
  2、as 引导让步状语从句,句子要倒装。 Young as he is, he knows a lot of things. Difficult as the work was, it was finished.
  3、强调结构与主语从句的区别 主语从句两个句型:
  1) 、It is + adj. + that 从句 It is important that we study English harder.
It is said that air has weight.
  2) 、It is +过去分词 It is said/thought/reported/behaved/supposed that 强调结构 It is + 名词、代词、副词、介词短语(强调部分)+ that/who It is recently that we begin to do the experiment. Unit6
  1、The + 拾或其倍数的复数称年代 the fifties 50 年代 the eighties 80 年代
  2、in stream beds 在…河床
  3、be popular with/among 受…欢迎
  4、Today, most diamonds used in industry come from Russia.这个句子有主 语、谓语,则填现在、过去分词,主语后有介词短语,介词短语通常表示地点意 义,常用作后置定语。
  5、since 有完成式译为“以为” ,无完成式译为“由于”
  6、tell 只有 1 个宾语译为“识别” ,tell sb. sth.两个宾语译为“告诉”



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