大学英语(二)历年考点 Unit One 历年考题
  1. Almost everything a manager does (involve) decisions, indeed, some suggest that the management process is decision making . (
  4)。 考点: 为谓语动词,应该用一般现在时。 答案是 involves . 考点 involve 为谓语动词,应该用一般现在时。
  2.If there is no choice, there is no decision (make). (
  4) 考点: 答案是 to be made 。考点:to be made 是动词不定式作定语修饰 decision.
  3. If you are nowyour thirties, you can expect to live nearly one third of the rest of your life after the age of
  60. (
  4) A. in 答案是 B. at A. C. between D. among

  4. Almost everything a manager doesdecisions; indeed, some suggest that the management process is decision making. (
  4) A. imposes 答案为 C .
  5. When(present) with a common case, sales managers tend to see sales problems and production managers see production problems. 考点: 是过去分词作状语。 答案为 presented . 考点: present 是过去分词作状语。
  6. An organization is a group of people, and a decision(make) today may have consequences far into the future. 考点: 是过去分词作定语 答案是 made . 考点:make 是过去分词作定语, 修饰 decision .
  7. 汉译英:通常管理者必须对未来的情况作出最佳的预测。 答案: 答案:Often managers must make a best guess at what the future will be.
  1. 决策的目的是为了实现组织的目标。 答:The purpose of making a decision is to achieve organizational goals.
  2. 决策过程对经营管理至关重要。 答: The decision-making process is fundamental to business management.
  3. 经理所做的任何事情几乎都与决策有关。 答:Almost everything a manager does involves decision-making.
  4. 虽然我们不能预见未来,但应当尽量减少偶然性发生。 答: Although we cannot predict the future, we must try t leave as little as possible to chance.
  5. 不同的管理者对同一问题的解释不同。 答: Different manager define the same problem in different terms. Unit Two Black Holes
  1. 星体的密度增大到一定程度时就会发生爆炸。 答: The star will explode when its density increases to some extent.
  2. 你能想象黑洞的引力有多大吗? 答: Can you imagine how strong the gravitational pull of a black hole is ?
  3. 假如有人掉进黑洞,他会认为很快能到达黑洞的中心。 答:If a man fell into a black hole, he would think that he reached the center of it very quickly.
  4. 早在 17 世纪天文学家便对超新星有过报道。 答: Supernovae were reported by astronomers as early as in the seventeenth century.
  5. 他已尽了全力以达到自己的目标。 答: He has exerted all his strength to attain his goal. Unit Three B. improvise C. involves D. indicates

  1) Affected with a serious disease, van Wendal was no longer able to speak clearly and he knew there was no hope of recovery and that his condition was rapidly deteriorating.
  2) Van Wendel's last three months of life before being given a final, lethal injection by his doctor were filmed and first shown on television last year in the Netherlands.
  3) The programme has since been bought by 20 countries and each time it is shown, it starts a nationwide debate on the subject.
  4) What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that dying people haven't the right. Unit Four 历年考题
  1. When they get out of prison, they (increase) the level of their criminal behavior. 答案: 考点:时间状语从句中主句用将来时,从句用一般现在时表示将来。 答案:will increase . 考点:时间状语从句中主句用将来时,从句用一般现在时表示将来。从句谓语 一般现在时, 动词是 get 一般现在时,所以从句用 will increase 。
  2.At the end of 1994 the British Government introduced new measure to helpdomestic workers helpdomestic from abuse by their employers. A. protect B. suspect C. expect D. inspect 答案是: 考点是: 保护… 答案是:A . 考点是:protect … from 保护… 免受 …
  3. their differences, they fell passionately in love with each other. A. As for 方。 Translation 许多家庭佣人受到雇主的剥削和虐待。
  1. 许多家庭佣人受到雇主的剥削和虐待。 答:Many domestic servants are exploited and abused by their employers. 自去年以来,女佣们的悲惨境况已受到媒体密切关注。
  2. 自去年以来,女佣们的悲惨境况已受到媒体密切关注。 has 答:The bad condition of the woman servants has received much media attention since last year. 他经常威胁我,说要将我遣送回国。
  3. 他经常威胁我,说要将我遣送回国。 答: He always threatened that he would send me back to my country. 她曾在一家茶叶厂工作,工资很低。
  4. 她曾在一家茶叶厂工作,工资很低。 答: She used to work for a very low wage at a tea factory. 据估计有两万多名外国家佣在英国工作。
  5. 据估计有两万多名外国家佣在英国工作。 estimated 答: It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 overseas domestic servants working in Britain. Unit Five 历年考题 isn’
  1. In the process of composition , it isn’t easy to be inspired in a spontaneous way for long periodsa stretch.. A. at B. for C. over D. in 考点: 一口气, 答案是 a 。 考点:词组 at a stretch 一口气,连续不断的
  2.汉译英 新音乐是由业已存在的材料构建出来的。
  2.汉译英 新音乐是由业已存在的材料构建出来的。 答案: 答案:The new music was built out of material already in existence. 汉译英:那时在大学生中流行的正是民间音乐。
  3. 汉译英:那时在大学生中流行的正是民间音乐。 答案: 答案:It was folk music that was popular among college students at that time. 汉译英:不用说我们现在已不是生活在传统社会 活在传统社会。
  4. 汉译英:不用说我们现在已不是生活在传统社会。 答案: 答案: It goes without saying that we are not living in a traditional society. 新音乐起源于布鲁斯、摇滚乐和民间音乐。
  1. 新音乐起源于布鲁斯、摇滚乐和民间音乐。 答: The new music originated from blues, rock and roll and folk music. B. Owing to Despite C. Despite D. Through 答案: 考点: 表示让步的关系。本句的意思是:尽管他们之间有分歧, 答案:C . 考点:despite 表示让步的关系。本句的意思是:尽管他们之间有分歧,但他们彼此深爱对
  2. 民间音乐表现和平、友谊和希望。 答: Folk music expresses peace, friendship and hope. 他们已不再是被动的听众而是积极的参与者。
  3. 他们已不再是被动的听众而是积极的参与者。 答: Instead of passive audience, they have become active participants. 他们自由地从不同的音乐来源中吸取元素。
  4. 他们自由地从不同的音乐来源中吸取元素。 答: They freely took over elements form diverse music sources. 新音乐采取多种形式,几乎具有无限的表现力。
  5. 新音乐采取多种形式,几乎具有无限的表现力。 答:The new music may take on various forms and be capable of expressing an almost limitless range. Unit Six
历年考题 today’
  1. Most today’s robots are employed in the automotive industry, they are programmed to take over such jobs as welding and spray painting . (
  4) A. as B. which C. when D. where 答案: 考点: 引导的非限定定语从句, industry。 答案:D. 考点:where 引导的非限定定语从句,修饰 automotive industry。
  2. Robots differ from automatic machines inafter completion of one specific task, they can be reprogrammed to be another one. (
  4) A. which B. that C. how D. whether 答案: 考点: that 复合连词引导原因状语从句,表示“在于” 答案:B. 考点:in that 复合连词引导原因状语从句,表示“在于”。
  3. Robots , already taking over human tasks in the automotive field, are beginning(see) in other industries as well. (
  4) (
  10) 答案: 考点: 所以用动词不定式,而且用被动式。 答案:to be seen 考点:begin to do sth. 所以用动词不定式,而且用被动式。
  4. Anyone(want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know about robotics. (
  4) (
  4) 答案: 考点: anyone。 答案: wanting 考点:动词现在分词作定语修饰 anyone。
  5.The nations thatactively(involve) in earthquake prediction programs include Japan, China, Russia, and the United States. 答案: involved 考点: 词组: 答案:are involved 考点: 词组:be involved in sth. 汉译英:机器人将要在哪些领域替代人的工作呢?(
  10) ?(
  6. 汉译英:机器人将要在哪些领域替代人的工作呢?(
  10) 答案: 答案: In what field will robots take over human tasks?
  7. It is not yet knowncomputers will one day have vision as good as human vision . A. whether B. if C. that D. how 答案: 考点: 引导的主语从句。 答案:A . 考点: whether 引导的主语从句。
  8. Robots, (become) increasingly prevalent in factories and industrial plants throughout the developed world, are programmed and engineered to perform industrial tasks without human intervention. 答案: 考点:现在分词作状语。 答案:becoming 考点:现在分词作状语。 Robots 9 . Robots , becoming(increase) prevalent in factories , are programmed and engineered 答案: 答案: increasingly 汉译英:今年来,计算机在各个领域的应用越来越广泛。
  10. 汉译英:今年来,计算机在各个领域的应用越来越广泛。 答案: 答案:In recent years, the computer is finding wider and wider application in all fields. Unit Seven
  1. A good schedule must have a little give so that special projects can(take) care of properly. (
  4) 答案:be taken 。 考点: 情态动词的被动语态。
  2. Since leisure is basically self-determined, one should get involvedan activity in ways that will bring enjoyment and satisfaction . (
  4) A. in B. of C. towards D. with 答案: A . 考点:词组 get /be involved in 参与… ;卷入…
  3. The importance of these(vary ) according to the nature of one’s job and one’s lifestyle. (
  10) 答案:varies 考点:一般现在时单数第三人称形式。
  4. This will not only keep the study habit alive but also (keep ) you up to date on your class assignments and projects. 答案 答案:keep 。 考点:not only 与 but also 后的词的形式应一致。
  5. The specific use of leisurefrom individual to individual. (
  4) A. ranges B. distinguishes C. varies D. covers 答案 :C。分析:此题考查不及物动词 vary 的用法。搭配为:vary … from … to 各不相同。
  6. The more time you waste, the(easy) it is to continue wasting time.(
  4) 答案:easier 。 考点:the more … the more 句型,表示“越… 越…”。
  7. Such attitudes amount to a beliefleisure can and should be put to good use. (
  4) A. which B. if C. whether D. that 答案:that 。 考点:that 引导同位语从句修饰 belief 。
  8. This will not only keep the study habit alive but also keep you up to on your class assignments and projects. (
  4) A. day B. date C. number D. time 答案:B。 考点: 词组 up to date 最新的,keep you up to date 表示跟得上…. 9 . 汉译英:人们越来越关注休闲的机会。(
  4) 答案: People are increasingly concerned with opportunities for leisure.
  10. 汉译英:众所周知,即使同样的休闲活动,不同的人使用的方式也不同。(
  4) 答案: It is well known that even the same leisure activity may be used different by different individuals.
  1. 在工业化国家人们越来越关心休闲的机会。 答:People in the industrialized countries are increasingly concerned with opportunities for leisure.
  2. 为什么他们对带薪休假那么重视呢? 答: Why do they attach so much importance to paid holidays?
  3. 对休闲的具体利用是因人而异的。 答: The specific use of leisure varies from individual to individual.
  4. 我们所接触的人可能对我们休闲态度产生某种影响。 答: The people with whom we come into contact may exert some influence on our attitudes toward leisure.
  5. 学校教育的目的之一是使学生得到均衡发展。 答: One of the educational objectives of school is to attain a balanced development of students. Unit Eight 历年考题
  1.In practical application, concentration is notthe definition may imply. (
A. as simple to deal successfully with as B. so simple to deal successfully with that C. simpler to deal successfully with as that D. as same simple to deal successfully with as 答案:A。 考点:本题主要考查 as … as 搭配表示“和…. 一样”。而选项 D 中 as 的后面还有一个词 same 。 因为 same 表示的意思也是同样,与…同样的意思与 as … as 意义重复,因此不选 D。
  2. Understand what Jet Lag is , and how a careful



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