自考英语教育试题 Ⅰ.Multiple choice.(15%)
  1.Just as poignant, the arrivals at the airport fold into the mix of people as if they have been the missing. A. ingredient B. daydream C. mixture D. touch
  2. The traditional grocer's shops are becoming less and less common now that there are so many supermarkets. What does the underlined part mean? A. turning up B. dying out C. keeping away D. dying off
  3. When it was disturbed, the deer and disappeared in the forest. A. broke into a gallop B. frightened C. showed up D. rushes away
  4. Taxi drivers passengers who are hailing on the roadside. A. pick out B. get into C. pick up D. took away
  5. An English farmer's may differ in size, but it generally includes broad fields, an orchard, a garden, and a nice cottage by trees. A. home, buried B. room, covered C. house, hidden D. homestead, sheltered
  6. ?The beauty magazine says the ideal human body is slim. Fat people are unattractive. ?Oh, come on, do you believe that? A. rice B. meat C. rubbish D. rages
  7. I don't think there's any real in looking back at all these quaint old customs.
A. point B. good C. means D. luck
  8. The company was caught up in some business. A. busy B. healthy C. dirty D. sleepy
  9. In writing her novel Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte her personal experiences as a governess. A. used up B. drew on C. made up D. tried on
  10. Some famous and successful people don't like to be the focus of the . A. newspapers B. magazines C. televisions
  11. The between the two boys is so great that no one can tell one from the other. A. familiarity B. resemblance C. knowing D. similar
  12. We were dreadfully late. It was very . A. shame B. embarrassing C. embarrassed D. painful
  13. Mr. Smith is looking for an experienced secretary who is of organizing a busy sales office. A. capable B. able C. possible D. responsible
  14. There is in front of the house. A. horse and cart B. a horse and a cart C. a horse and cart D. a horse and the cart
  15. In the early twentieth century, the "Model T" automobile was mass produced and sold at a price could afford. A. the average person who B. that the average person who C. and the average person D. the average person Ⅱ. Match the words in column A with the words or phrases in column B(15%)

  30.ridiculous Ⅲ. Reading comprehension Passage One Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage. A is for always getting to work on time. B is for being extremely busy. C is for the conscientious ( 勤勤恳恳的 ) way you do your job. You may be all these things at the office, and more. But when it comes to getting ahead, experts say, the ABCs of business should include a P, for politics, as in office politics. Dale Carnegie suggested as much more than 50 years ago: Hard work alone doesn't ensure career advancement. You have to be able to sell yourself and your ideas, both
B a. top b. regard c. ruin d. previous e. fear and worry f. develop g. unfriendly h. digest i. permit of j. evidence k. terrible l. constantly chase m. explain n. foolish and reasonable o. home
publicly and behind the scenes. Yet, despite the obvious rewards of engaging in office politics?a better job, a raise, praise ? many people are still unable ? or unwilling?to "play the game." "People assume that office politics involves some manipulative (工于心计的) behavior," says Deborah Comer, an assistant professor of management at Hofstra University. "But politics derives from the word 'polite'. It can mean lobbying and forming associations. It can mean being kind and helpful, or even trying to please your superior, and then expecting something in return." In fact, today, experts define office politics as proper behavior used to pursue one's own self-interest in the workplace. In many cases, this involves some form of socializing within the office environment?not just in large companies, but in small workplaces as well. "The first thing people are usually judged on is their ability to perform well on a consistent basis," says Neil P. Lewis, a management psychologist. "But if two or three candidates are up for a promotion, each of whom has reasonably similar ability, a manager is going to promote the person he or she likes best. It's simple human nature." Yet, psychologists say, many employees and employers have trouble with the concept of politics in the office. Some people, they say, have an idealistic vision of work and what it takes to succeed. Still others associate politics with flattery(奉承), fearful that, if they speak up for themselves, they may appear to be flattering their boss for favors. Experts suggest altering this negative picture by recognizing the need for some self-promotion.

  1. "Office politics" (Line 2, Para.
  4) is used in the passage to refer to . A) the code of behavior for company staff B) the political views and beliefs of office workers C) the interpersonal relationships within a company D) the various qualities required for a successful career
  2. To get promoted, one must not only be competent but . A) give his boss a good impression B) honest and loyal to his company C) get along well with his colleagues D) avoid being too outstanding
  3. Why are many people unwilling to "play the game" (Line 4, Para.
  5)? A) They believe that doing so is impractical. B) They feel that such behavior is unprincipled. C) They are not good at manipulating colleagues. D) They think the effort will get them nowhere.
  4. The author considers office politics to be . A) unwelcome at the workplace B) bad for interpersonal relationships C) indispensable to the development of company culture D) an important factor for personal advancement
  5. It is the author's view that . A) speaking up for oneself is part of human nature B) self-promotion does not necessarily mean flattery C) hard work contributes very little to one's promotion D) many employees fail to recognize the need of flattery Passage Two Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage. As soon as it was revealed that a reporter for
Progressive magazine had discovered how to make a hydrogen bomb, a group of firearm (火器) fans formed the National Hydrogen Bomb Association, and they are now lobbying against any legislation to stop Americans from owning one. "The Constitution," said the association's spokesman, "gives everyone the right to own arms. It doesn't spell out what kind of arms. But since anyone can now make a hydrogen bomb, the public should be able to buy it to protect themselves." "Don't you think it's dangerous to have one in the house, particularly where there are children around?" "The National Hydrogen Bomb Association hopes to educate people in the safe handling of this type of weapon. We are instructing owners to keep the bomb in a locked cabinet and the fuse (导火索) separately in a drawer." "Some people consider the hydrogen bomb a very fatal weapon which could kill somebody." The spokesman said, "Hydrogen bombs don't kill people ?people kill people. The bomb is for self-protection and it also has a deterrent effect. If somebody knows you have a nuclear weapon in your house, they're going to think twice about breaking in." "But those who want to ban the bomb for American citizens claim that if you have one locked in the cabinet, with the fuse in a drawer, you would never be able to assemble it in time to stop an intruder (侵入者)." "Another argument against allowing people to own a bomb is that at the moment it is very expensive to build one. So what your association is backing is a program which would allow the middle and upper classes to acquire a bomb while poor people will be left defenseless with just
  6. According to the passage, some people started a national association so as to . A) block any legislation to ban the private possession of the bomb B) coordinate the mass production of the destructive weapon C) instruct people how to keep the bomb safe at home D) promote the large-scale sale of this newly invented weapon
  7. Some people oppose the ownership of H-bombs by individuals on the grounds that . A) the size of the bomb makes it difficult to keep in a drawer B) most people don't know how to handle the weapon C) people's lives will be threatened by the weapon D) they may fall into the hands of criminals
  8. By saying that the bomb also has a deterrent effect the spokesman means that it . A) will frighten away any possible intruders B) can show the special status of its owners C) will threaten the safety of the owners as well D) can kill those entering others' houses by force 11 According to the passage, opponents of the private ownership of H-bombs are very much worried that . A) the influence of the association is too powerful for the less privileged to overcome B) poorly-educated Americans will find it difficult to make use of the weapon C) the wide use of the weapon will push up living expenses tremendously D) the cost of the weapon will put citizens on an unequal
  10. From the tone of the passage we know that the author is . A) doubtful about the necessity of keeping H-bombs at home for safety B) unhappy with those who vote against the ownership of H-bombs C) not serious about the private ownership of H-bombs D) concerned about the spread of nuclear weapons Passage Three Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage. It came as something of a surprise when Diana, Princess of Wales, made a trip co Angola in 1997, to support the Red Cross's campaign for a total ban on all anti-personnel landmines. Within hours of arriving in Angola, television screens around the world were filled with images of her comforting victims injured in explosions caused by landmines. "I knew the statistics," she said. "But putting a face to those figures brought the reality home to me; like when I met Sandra, a 13year-old girl who had lost her leg, and people like her." The Princess concluded with a simple message: "We must stop landmines". And she used every opportunity during her visit to repeat this message. But, back in London, her views were not shared by some members of the British government, which refused to support a ban on these weapons. Angry politicians launched an attack on the Princess in the press. They described her as "very ill-informed" and a "loose cannon (乱放炮的人)." The Princess responded by brushing aside the criticisms:
"This is a distraction (干扰) we do not need. All I'm trying to do is help." Opposition parties, the media and the public immediately voiced their support for the Princess. To make matters worse for the government, it soon emerged that the Princess's trip had been approved by the Foreign Office, and that she was in fact very well-informed about both the situation in Angola and the British government's policy regarding landmines. The result was a severe embarrassment for the government. To try and limit the damage, the Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkidnd, claimed that the Princess's views on landmines were not very different from government policy, and that it was "working towards" a worldwide ban. The Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo, claimed the matter was "a misinterpretation or misunderstanding." For the Princess, the trip to this war-torn country was an excellent opportunity to use her popularity to show the world how much destruction and suffering landmines can cause. She said that the experience had also given her the chance to get closer to people and their problems. A) to voice her support for a total ban of landmines B) to clarify the British government's stand on landmines C) to investigate the sufferings of landmine victims there
  11. Princess Diana paid a visit to Angola in 1997 . D) to establish her image as a friend of landmine victims
  12. What did Diana mean when she said "... putting a face to those figures brought the reality home to me" (Line
5, Para.
  1)? A) She just couldn't bear to meet the landmine victims face to face. B) The actual situation in Angola made her feel like going back home. C) Meeting the landmine victims in person made her believe the statistics. D) Seeing the pain of the victims made her realize the seriousness of the situation.
  13. Some members of the British government criticized Diana because . A) she was ill-informed of the government's policy B) they were actually opposed to banning landmines C) she had not consulted the government before the visit D) they believed that she had misinterpreted the situation in Angola
  14. How did Diana respond to the criticisms? A) She paid no attention to them. B) She made more appearances on TV. C) She met the 13-year-old girl as planned. D) She rose to argue with her opponents.
  15. What did Princess Diana think of her visit to Angola? A) It had caused embarrassment to the British government. B) It had brought he



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   有效的少儿英语教育是关键 如今,少儿学习外语非常普遍,已经成为客观事实存在,这给少 儿英语培训机构的有所作为提供了可能性,也给家长带来了更多选 择。然而,选择好的少儿英语培训机构并不容易,首先要看是否是针 对少儿,符合其年龄的特点。儿童英语主要是培养兴趣,提高语言学 习的敏感性,而不是把它作为一门工具。教师从孩子们的兴趣入手, 让孩子在快乐中学习,多采用一些游戏化,生活化的方式来说一些口 语,鼓励幼儿用口语交谈,发展他们运用语言交往的能力。下面是朗 训教育专家介绍的几种有效的少儿英语教育方法 ...


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