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》 《英语(一) 英语(
Text A Telecommunication via Satellite
New Words
  1.含有前缀的单词 telecommunication unlimited 电信,远距离通信
无界限的,无边无际的;无限制的,无约束的; 无数的

  2.含有后缀的单词 visual 视觉的,看得见的 capable 有能力的,有才能的;能…的(of) educational 教育的,教育方面的;有教育意义的 personal 个人的,私人的;亲自的 transportation 运输;运输系统,运输工具 instruction 教学,指导;[常 pl.]命令,指示,用法说明 application 申请,申请表;应用,实施 simultaneously 同时发生地,同时进行地
  3.复合 photography 摄影,照相;摄影术 broadcast 广播,播音
Cruces words 重点词汇:
  1.telecommunication 电信,远距离通信,
  2.via 经由,经过,通过 satellite 卫星,人造卫星 planet 行星
  3.transmit 播送,发射;传送,传递;输送 For example: The news program will be transmitted at 7:00 p.m. (新闻节目将在晚上 7:00 开播. )
  4.photography 摄影,照相;摄影术 black and white photography 黑白照
  5.telegraph 电报机,电报
  6.establish 建立,创办,设立;确立 For example: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
The university was established more than one hundred years ago. (这所大学建于一百多年前. ) For example:He established his credit with honesty. (他用诚实确立了信誉. )
  7.signal 信号,暗号; (向…)发信号 For example:A red light is usually a signal of danger. (红灯通常是危险的信号. ) He signaled the waiter to bring him a cup of tea. (他做手势要侍者端杯茶来. )
  8.capable 有能力的,有才能的;能…的(of) For example:I am capable of running a mile in four minutes. (我四分钟能跑一英里. )
  9.theory 理论,原理;学说 in theory:理论上/in practice:在实践中,实际上
  10.access 通道,入口;接近(或进入)的机会,享用机会
  11.unlimited 无界限的,无边无际的;无限制的,无约束的;无数的,无限量的
  12.demonstrate 说明,演示;论证,证实;示威游行 For example:The teacher demonstrated the experiment to the class. (老师给学生演示了这项实验. ) His experiment sufficiently demonstrated that psychological theory. (他的实验充分论证了那条心理学原理. ) The workers demonstrated for better working conditions. (工人们示威要求改善工作条件. )
  13.instruction n. 教学,指导;[常 pl.]命令,指示,用法说明 follow sb's instruction 遵照某人的指示
  14.educational 教育的,教育方面的;有教育意义的
  15.remote 遥远的,偏僻的; (可能性)很小的
  16.isolate(vt) 使孤立;使隔离; isolated (a) 隔离的,孤立的 For example:Don't isolate yourself. Come out and play with us. (别孤立自己.出来和我们一起玩吧. ) The small town was isolated by floods. (那座小镇因洪水与外界隔绝. ) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  17.conversation 谈话,会话
》 《英语(一) 英语(

  18. channel 频道;水道,航道;渠道;海峡 For example:What channel did you watch on television last night? (昨晚你看的是哪个频道的电视?)
  19.risk ( vt) 冒…的危险 (n) 冒险,风险 have/run/take a risk You can't get rich without taking risks. (人不冒险不会富. ) He risked his life to help the boy who had fallen into the river. (他冒着生命危险去救那个掉入河中的男孩. )
  20.privacy 私事,私生活;隐私;独处
  21.personal 个人的,私人的;亲自的 22 movie 电影
  23.contact (n) 接触;联系 (vt) 与…接触,使联系 For example:His hand came into contact with a hot surface. (他的手触到了一个热物体的表面. ) Where can I contact you tomorrow? (明天我在哪里能跟你联系?)
  24.technology 工艺,技术
  25.harm (n/vt) 伤害;损害;危害 harm (sb/sth )/ do harm to / be harmful to For example:A few late nights never did anyone any harm. (熬几个晚上对任何人都无害处. ) The matter has harmed relations between the two countries. (那件事危及了两国的关系. )
  23.expert n. 专家,能手 adj. 熟练的,内行的
  24.application 申请,申请表;应用,实施
Phrases and Expressions Be capable of (指人)有某种能力或倾向的 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
have access to 可接近,可进入 For example:Students must have access to good books. (学生必须有机会读到好书. ) lead to 导致;通向 For example:It is the modern technology that leads us to success.(是现代技术使我们走向成功. )
Text A Telecommunication via Satellite At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were four powerful means of transmitting and receiving information over long distances: print, photography, telegraph and telephone. By the middle of the century, both radio and television had become established means of transmitting sounds and/or pictures. In 1964, the Olympic Games in Tokyo became the first program to be transmitted via satellite. 短语:at the beginning of:在…初/ by the middle of:到…的中期/at the end of 在…结尾,在…末端 Means n.手段,方法 Power n.权力,能力,力量 Powerful adj.强大的,有力的 Over 越过(既可以表示空间概念也可以表示时间概念) 单词:and/or: A 和 B 都…或 A 或 B 二者之一 For example:Please bring me some wine and/or beer. (请给我一些白酒和(或)啤酒. ) 在 20 世纪初,远距离发出和接收信息的有效手段有四种:印刷,照相,电报和电话.到了 20 世纪中期,无线 电和电视成了传送声音和(或)图像的主要手段.1964 年东京奥运会首次通过卫星传送节目. In order to transmit an event such as the Olympics via satellite, television signals are first changed into radio waves, which are then sent from a station on earth to an orbiting satellite. The satellite receives the radio waves and sends them back to earth, where another station picks them up and changes them back into television signals. Event n.事件 短语:change into 转变 For example:The witch changed the prince into a frog.(巫婆把王子变成了青蛙. ) 短语:on earth 在世上,在人间;到底,究竟 For example:What on earth are you doing? 要通过卫星把诸如奥运会之类的事件传输出去,首先得把电视信号转变成无线电波,然后再把无线电波从地球 上的发射台传送到在轨道上与地球同步运行的卫星.这颗卫星收到无线电波以后再把无线电波传回到地球上.地球 上的另外一个接收台收到无线电波以后再把无线电波还原成电视信号. Because any form of sound or visual information can be changed into radio waves, satellites are capable of transmitting ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
not only television broadcasts, but telephone calls and printed materials such as books and magazines. 因为任何一种形式的声音或图像信息都可以转换成无线电波,所以卫星不但能传输电视广播也能传输电话以及 书刊杂志之类的印刷材料. 短语:pick up sb/sth 或 pick sb/sth up ①用汽车搭载某人 I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock. 我 7 点钟开车来接你. ②举起,抬起/拿起,拾起 He picked up the book from the floor. 他从地板上拾起那本书. ③见到,收听到 The equipment picked up the signal from the satellite. 这个设备收到了卫星发出的信号. ④取或收集某物. We can pick up the tickets an hour before the play begins. 我们可以在话剧开演前一小时去取票. 结构:not only…but..=not only…but also…不但……而且…… He not only studies English, but studies French. 他不但学习英语,而且学习法语. The combination of satellites, which transmit information, computers, which store information, and television, which displays information, will change every home into an education and entertainment center. In theory, every person will have access to an unlimited amount of information. 单词:display (vt/n) 展示,陈列;表现; For example:He displayed his true feelings. 他表露出了自己的真实感情. This soldier displayed courage. 这位士兵表现出了勇气. The children's works were displayed on the wall. 孩子们的作品在墙上进行展览. 短语:In theory:理论上 have access to 可以得到…,可以利用… For example:Everyone has the opportunity to have access to education. 每个人都有接受教育的机会. 卫星可以传输信息,电脑可以储存信息,电视可以显示信息,把这三者结合起来就可以把家家户户都变成教育 中心和娱乐中心.从理论上讲,每个人都可以接收到没有任何数量限制的信息. Another important use of telecommunication satellites was demonstrated in 1974 when the "Teacher in Sky" satellite transmitted educational programs to classes in remote areas of the United States. In 1975, many people in India saw television for the first time as they watched programs about agriculture and health. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
在 1974 年,"空中教师"卫星把教学节目传送到了美国边远地区的课堂上,这就展现出了通讯卫星的又一个重 要用途.1975 年,在印度有很多人初次在电视上观看了有关农业和卫生保健方面的节目. The satellite also demonstrated how it could provide help to people living in isolated areas where transportation is difficult. For example, a health worker in an isolated area was able to transmit pictures of a patient's wound to a doctor far away. He was then able to follow the doctor's instructions on how to care for the patient. 句式:provide sth to sb 短语:follow sb's instruction 听从某人的指示 卫星展现出另一种用途,即帮助那些生活在交通困难又闭塞的地区的人们.例如:在闭塞地区的一位卫生工作 人员可以把一个患者的伤病图像传送给远方的医生,这个卫生工作人员就可以按着医生的指示来护理伤病员. The most common use of telecommunication satellites, however, has been for transmitting telephone calls. Most of them travel 40,000 miles to a satellite and then back to earth. Ten years ago, a satellite was capable of receiving and transmitting more than 33,000 telephone conversations simultaneously. Now a single satellite is able to transmit over 100,000 conversations as well as several hundred television channels-all at the same time. 短语:as well as 也,又 / as well For example:He has read this novel in Chinese as well as English.(他读过这本小说的中文版和英文版. ) He grows flowers and grows vegetables as well.(他种花也种菜. ) 然而,通讯卫星的最普遍用途是传送电话.绝大部分电话要发射给四万英里外的高空卫星然后再传回到地球. 10 年前,一颗卫星只能在同一时间内接收并传送三万三千次电话上的谈话.现在一颗卫星同一时间内不但可以传送 十万次电话还可以同时传送几百个电视频道的节目. Telecommunication can make information from around the world available to use quickly and easily, but some people worry that this may be a risk to our privacy. If personal information is stored in computers, then it may be easily transmitted via satellite to anyone who can pay for the service. 短语:make… available 使…被获得/pay for:为…支付 远程通讯可以使世界各地的信息方便快捷地供人们使用.但这也使有些人担心自己的个人隐私权受到威胁.如 果我们把个人的一切信息资料都储存到电脑里,那么任何一个人,只要支付了一定费用,就很容易通过卫星把我们 的个人信息资料传送给那个人. Another worry is that telecommunication systems may isolate people from each other. When people are able to shop from their homes, do their banking without leaving the house, watch any movie they want on their television, as well as get any information they need, then there will not be as much contact between people. 另一种让人担心的事情就是这些通讯系统很可能把人



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