》 《英语(一) 英语(
语法 介词和介词短语
  1.简单介词 in/on/under/near/against
  2.复合介词 into/outside/without
  3.二重介词 from behind/until after
  4.短语介词 due to / because of / in addition to
  5.分词介词 including/concerning/considering
二,介词和其它词的搭配 与动词/名词/形容词的固定搭配 belong to/rely on/similar to/ contribution to/ responsible for/ familiar with
  1.介词+名词 along the road 沿着这条路 before lunch 午饭前
  2.介词+代词 beside us 在我们旁边 for them 为了他们
  3.介词+数词 on 21st,May5 月 21 日/at six 6 点钟
  4.介词+动名词 without paying any taxes 没有交税 upon hearing the news 一听到消息
  5.介词+代词(副词)引导的从句或不定式短语 about how he worked at the company 关于他在该公司的工作情况
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
  1.定语 通常放在被修饰的名词或代词后 You must know the meaning of every word you learn. 你必须知道你所学的每个词的词义
  2.状语 用来修饰动词,形容词,副词或句子 Ships are built for sea transport.人们制造轮船供海上运输 Soon flying in the air became a fact.不久,在空中飞行便成为现实
  3.表语 These goods are of perfect quality.这些商品品质优良. Mary seems in high spirits today.玛丽今天看起来情绪高涨.
  4.宾语补足语 Once a cold kept her in bed for three days.有一次她感冒,三天卧床不起. Pure iron is considered of little use.纯铁被认为用处不大. 举例说明:
  1.The farmer is leaning against a big tree.这个农夫靠在大树上.
  2.He does not dare to say that he had been fond of her. 他不敢说他喜欢她.
  3.My little brother persisted in making living by himself.我的弟弟坚持自己谋生.
  4.As a leader, he should be responsible for what people need and require. 作为一个领导他应当对人们的需求进行负 责.
五,介词和介词副词 介词副词是小品词,在形式上与介词相同,但是句法功能不同.在句中有时是介词,有时是副词. A truck drove past the gold mine. past 为介词 A truck drove past. past 为副词
Grammar Exercises Ⅲ
  1.Unlike people in some other countries, Americans generally pay the price of a product C 美国人不像其他国家的人.他们买东西通常不讨价还价,而是按价付款. A.beyond B.behind C.without D.except inexpensive to very expensive. question.

  2. The shop offers products that range B
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
C.among D.along the help of their fingers.
这个商店提供的商品从便宜到昂贵不等. A.between B.from

  3.People who can neither hear nor speak talk to each other D 聋哑人通过打手势进行交谈. A.by B.through C. for D. with

  4. Death and taxes are two things in life that every American can be sure A . 死亡和纳税是每个美国人肯定会面临的两件事. A.of B.for C.at D.with

  5.Culture and art are added A our teaching to develop the children's imagination. 我们在教学中加进文化和艺术课是为了培养孩子们的想象力. A.to B.by C.for D.against

  6.In theory, every person will have access A an unlimited amount of information in the United States. 从理论上说,在美国每个人都有机会得到无穷的信息. A.to B.from C.at D.through

  7.She complained that her husband never helped her D the housework or meal preparation. 她报怨她的丈夫从不帮她做家务,也不帮她做饭. A.for B.over C.into D.with

  8. Many qualities of the animal are said to have much to do A the food it eats. 据说动物的许多习性都与它们所吃的食物有关. A.with B.about C.for D.by

  9.A bird knows A instinct how to build a nest. 鸟儿生来就知道如何筑巢. A.by
  10. B B.with C.from D.through
the water, a plant takes up such parts of the soil as are dissolved in the water.
除了水,植物还吸收了溶在水里的那些土壤中的养分. A.Beside B. Besides C. Inside D.Outside
比较:I kept dictionary beside me when to study.当我学习的时候手边总放着一本词典. There are five of all us for dinner besides Tom.除了汤姆其他的 5 个人都要去吃饭.
  1.单词 dispute /occupy/ reveal/ influence/emphasis/concentrate
  2.词组 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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》 《英语(一) 英语(
bring up/ to the best of/keep up with/concentrate on/be familiar with
  3.结构 (
  1)It is believed/said that… (
  2)与过去事实相反的虚拟语气 (
  3)the +形容词比较级;the +形容词比较级+(s+v) (
  4)more than 超出……的 not more than 至多,不越过: at most (no more than)
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