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Text B It Never Rains but It Pours!
New Words
  1.带有前缀单词: midnight 午夜 enrich en + (a.)→(v.) (a.)+ en→(v.) widen 拓宽 带有后缀单词:
  2. relevance (n.)贴切,关联 relevant (a.)中肯的 compensation (n.)补偿,赔偿 compensate (v.)补偿:make up for wisdom (n.)明智 wise (a.)明智的 believer (n.)信徒 reminder (n.)提醒的人 colo(u)rful (a.)艳丽的,丰富多彩的 colorful days 丰富多彩的日子 colorful life 丰富多彩的生活 homely (a.)家庭的,简单的
  3.合成词: halfway (a/ad.)
  4. proverb (n.)谚语
Text B It Never Rains but It Pours! 本句翻译: 谚语趣谈:不雨则已,一雨倾盆 An hour before midnight is worth two after or so my mother used to tell me as I sat down to breakfast after a particularly late night. 本句翻译: 每当在头一天晚上我睡得特别晚,第二天早晨坐下来吃早餐时,我母亲过去总是会对我说"上半夜 睡一个小时胜过下半夜睡两小时"之类的话. worth 值得 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  1. used to do 过去常常做某事 be/become used to doing 习惯于做某事 For example: I become used to drinking a warm water before breakfast. 我习惯于在早餐前喝一杯温水. But is it really true that sleep before 12 p.m. is twice as good for you as sleep after that hour? 本句翻译:但是半夜 12 点以前的睡眠质量真的会比半夜 12 点以后的睡眠要好一倍吗?
  2. A is … times + as … as B 倍数表达法 For example: My room is three times as large as his. 我的房间是他的房间的三倍大. A is … times + 比较级 + than B For example: This building is three times higher than that one. 这栋楼比另外一栋楼高三倍. At the time, like most young people, I regarded this proverb as an old wive's tale with no relevance to my own life. 本句翻译:当时,我像绝大多数年轻人一样,认为这句谚语是跟我自己的生活毫无关系的,这是一句老太婆们 瞎编的愚蠢的话.
  3. regard … as … 把…看成;把…当作(be regarded as) For example: My old man always regards me as a fool. 我们家老爷子总把我当成个傻瓜. →I am always regarded as a fool.
  4. with (no) relevance to 与…有(无)关 For example: What you said is not the answer with relevance to my question. 你所说的同我的问题的答案无关. have(no) relevance to What you said has no relevance to my question. →have something to do with 与…有关 have nothing to do with 与…无关 I mean, an hour is an hour … it's 60 minutes, a.m. or p.m. However, now older and wiser, I remember my mother's words as I scramble into bed at 11 o'clock. 本句翻译:我认为,一小时就是一小时,不管是上半夜还是下半夜,反正都是 60 分钟.可是现在,因为年龄大 了,也比以前更懂事了,每当我在晚上 11 点钟爬进被子里时,我就想起了妈妈说的话. I am now a firm believer in the value of getting at least one hour's sleep before midnight! 本句翻译:现在我坚信在半夜零点以前至少睡一个小时,的确大有好处. Advice about how to live a healthy life is one example of the type of received wisdom which is condensed and passed on to the next generation in the form of proverbs. 本句翻译:关于如何才能活得健康的忠告就是公认的智慧的一个典型例子,而且这些智慧被浓缩成谚语的形式 代代相传.
  5. pass … on to 把…交给…… ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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For example: Please pass the money on to him. 请把钱交给他. Proverbs also serve to express general truths in a short and colourful way, for example, There's no smoke without fire, meaning that there is generally some truth in even the wildest rumours. 本句翻译: 条条谚语都能用简明生动丰富多彩的方式表达普遍的真理.例如:"无火不生烟,无风不起浪."说 的就是,即使是言过其实的流言蜚语,一般说来也总会有点真实的成分在里面的. general truths 普遍真理 wildest 杂乱的,不切实际的 Another type of proverb acts as a reminder of the correct way to behave, for example, Don't wash your dirty linen in public. 本句翻译:还有一种类型的谚语,它所起的作用就是提醒人们举止行为要得体.例如,"别在公众面前洗你的脏 衣服-家丑不可外扬."
  6. act as: work as 担任,充当,起…作用 For example: It is said that his father will act as the mayor of the city. 据说他爸爸要当这个市的市长了. This means don't discuss personal or family problems in front of strangers or in public. 本句翻译:这意思就是说,不要在陌生人群中或当着大家的面来讨论个人隐私或者家务事. Other proverbs are offered to people as means of comfort in times of trouble, for example, It's no use crying over spilt milk. 本句翻译: 还有一些谚语在人们处于困境时给人以安慰, 例如: "牛奶洒了, 哭也没用. -覆水难收, 悲有何益?" This proverb advises that it really is a waste of time to weep over mistakes that have already been made. 本句翻译:这条谚语劝告人们,既然已经做错了事情,痛哭流泪,唉声叹气实际上都是在浪费时间. Instead, it is much better to Make the best of a bad job - to do your best whatever the situation. 本句翻译:与此相反,"要尽最大的努力把坏事干成好事."这种态度要好得多-不论遇到什么情况总要用最大 的努力把事情做好.
  7. It's never too late to mend.亡羊补牢,为时未晚. (只要修理,什么时候都不是太晚. ) Some English proverbs are native to Britain, for example, It never rains but it pours, a reference to the joys of the British weather! 本句翻译:有些英文谚语来自英国.例如,"不雨则已,一雨倾盆-福无双至,祸不单行."这说明英国人都喜 欢谈天气.
  8. be native to(指动植物等)原属于…的/源于…的 For example: Panda is native to the west of China. 大熊猫原产于中国西部. reference 参考,出处 This proverb means that when one thing goes wrong, many other things go wrong as well. 本句翻译:这条谚语的意思是如果一件事出了差错,接连着很多其它事也都出了差错. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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  9. go wrong 走错路;失败,出毛病 For example: The two-faced people will go wrong early or late. 两面派们迟早是要失败的. Another home-grown proverb is Every dog is allowed one bite. 本句翻译:还有一条出自英国本土的谚语是"每条狗初次咬人都是可以原谅的-人非圣贤,孰能无过." home-grown 土生土长的 This proverb is based on an old English law dating back to the 17th century. 本句翻译:这条谚语是以 17 世纪时的一条古老的英国法律为基础发展来的.
  10. be based on 以…为基础
  11. date back to 追溯至/自…时代存在至今 For example: The building dates back to the 14th century. 这座建筑物建于 14 世纪. The law said that the first time a dog bit somebody, its owner did not have to pay compensation to the victim because one bite did not prove that the dog was vicious. 本句翻译:这条法律规定,狗初次咬人,狗的主人不必向受害人支付赔偿金,因为仅咬一口并不能证明这条狗 就是一条恶狗. the law said 法律规定 victim 受害者,受害人 Hence the idea carried in the proverb, that everyone should be allowed to make a mistake without being punished for it. 本句翻译:因此,这种想法??允许任何人犯一次错误而不必受惩罚,就包含在这条谚语当中了. hence: so 因此 Other proverbs have come into the language from Latin or Greek. 本句翻译:还有一些谚语是从拉丁文或希腊文移植到英语里面的. Lucretius, a classical Roman author, created the proverb One man's meat is another man's poison, meaning that what is good for one person can be harmful to another. 本句翻译:一位古典时期的罗马作家卢克莱修创造了下面这条谚语:"同一块肉,吃肥了张三却毒死了李四-穿 衣戴帽各好一套,萝卜白菜各有所爱."意思是对某一个人有好处的可能对另一个人有害. And the proverb let sleeping dogs lie meaning don't cause trouble when it can be avoided, came into English from the French in the 14th century. 本句翻译:而这一条谚语:"让睡觉的那群狗继续躺着睡吧――别捅马蜂窝."意思是能避免就尽量避免,不要 去惹麻烦.这条谚语是从 14 世纪的法语移植到英语中来的. As Britain came into contact with other countries and cultures, English became enriched with the words and wisdom of different languages. 本句翻译:由于英国逐渐同其他一些国家和其他一些文化打交道,不同语言的词汇和智慧使英语逐渐丰富起来.
  12. come into contact with 与…接触/交往 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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For example: After graduation, he has hardly came into contact with his classmates. 毕业后,他跟同学很少来往. From the Chinese, we borrowed the colourful proverb He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount, meaning that if you start on a dangerous enterprise, it is often easier to carry it through to the end than to stop halfway. 本句翻译:从汉语中我们借用了这条活灵活现的谚语"骑虎难下",意思就是如果你开创了一项危险而又艰巨复 杂的事业,与其半途而废,倒不如进行到底会更容易一些.
  13. start on 开始做某事;着手做某事 For example: He started on the practice after the experiment. 实验过后,他就着手进行实践. carry it through 坚持下去 Some proverbs have been in the language for 1,000 years, for example, A friend in need is a friend indeed. 本句翻译:有些谚语在语言中流传了 1000 多年,例如,"患难中相助的朋友才是真正的朋友.-患难见真情". The message here is that someone who stays with you and helps you in times of trouble, rather than turning their back, is a true friend. 本句翻译:这条谚语是说,你在患难时这位朋友仍然不离开你,仍然帮助你,而不是掉转脊背跑开了,这样的 朋友才是真正的朋友.
  14. turn one's back (on)转过脸去不理睬某人 For example: It is impolite to turn your back on others. 你把脸转过去不理别人是不礼貌的. Other proverbs, however, are much more recent, and reflect changes in the way that we live. 本句翻译:但是,也有些谚语相当现代,这些新时兴的谚语反映出我们的生活方式的一些变化. recent 最近 From the United States come the following two pieces of new wisdom, Garbage in - garbage out, from the computer world, reminds people that computers are only as good as their programs. 本句翻译:从美国传来了下列两句绝妙的好词:"无用信息输入-无用信息输出,-废料进,废料出."这是出 自电子计算机的用语.它提示人们只有输入计算机的程序编制得好,电子计算机才能输出得好. garbage: rubbish 垃圾 remind 提醒 From big business we have There's no such thing as a free lunch, meaning nothing is free. 本句翻译:从干大事业的人那里,我们学到一句话"根本就不会有白白请你吃顿饭那回事."意思是没有任何事 是可以不付出代价的. If someone buys you lunch, they will expect a favour in return. 本句翻译:如果有人给你买了一份午餐,那个人肯定想从你那里得到好处以作为报答.
  15. in return (for)报答,回报 For example: I can do anything in return for your great help. 我可以为你做任何事情来报答你的大力帮助. Some English people are reluctant to use proverbs in their every day conversation because they see them as vehicles of ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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too much used wisdom.
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  16. be reluctant to + v 不愿意 reluctant: unwilling For example: He is reluctant to be called "four eyes". 他不愿被别人叫做"四只眼". Nevertheless, proverbs are still quite common in both written and spoken English and contin



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